12 thoughts on “It All Started with This Small Cut on Middle Finger”

  1. Honestly this shit right here (necrotizing fasciitis [sp?]) worries me more than just about anything, certainly more than this covid19 shit. I work in a shop where if I don’t get at least one or two cuts like that on a daily basis something just isn’t right, and most of the shit I have to get cut on is nasty, dirty, rusty old metal some of which has been in continuous use in a refinery for almost 100 years. Nope. This here is the real scary shit.

    1. What I don’t understand is why it took this guy so long to get Medical Help. This could have killed him. Must be some sort of mental deficient…As soon as I would see an infection on my person, I would treat it immediately. If that wasn’t successful, I’d be running to the Doctor so fast my hair would catch fire…

  2. I had this in 2015. I had a small cut on my back and went swimming. Next thing I know I was in UCLA fresh off life support. All the doctors said they dont seem how I made it. Boom! Not only did I beat necro fas..I got my life support cut off and beat that too. Three weeks later when I got home I came home with MRSA. Apparently I got it from poor wound care from the skilled nursing I was sent to after my 3 week stint in UCLA. You cant keep a good woman down!!!!

  3. meh… this pic is bullshit, or the others pics are not linked.

    look at the placement of this cut.
    now look at the necro pics.

    noticed ?

    the place where this cut is is not affected AT ALL by the necro, wich is not normal… a necro will spread where the cut is. but here , its not.
    this is suspicious as fuck.
    i never seen a necro starting to eat a feet if you cut yourself on your knee. same shit here, cut is on the finger, beside fingers arent affected by the necro.

    come on ! this pic is bullshit and not linked to the others one. no way a necro will spread anywhere else but on the initial cut.

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