Stinky Putrefying Corpse Found After Weeks of Rotting in Apartment

Stinky Putrefying Corpse Found After Weeks of Rotting in Apartment

In Thailand, a man living alone in his apartment died on the bathroom floor. He was rotting there for a few weeks, before a neighbor alarmed by the stink coming out of the apartment notified the authorities.

Imagine being a landlord and your tenant dies in the apartment, permeating the walls and everything inside with the stench of rotten flesh. Good luck trying to rent the place again.

I’m surprised I don’t see a mountain of maggots…

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      1. I called the police over, there was a patrol car across the street in a parking lot. They let me stay and watch them pull her out. The corpse was…well I’m not sure how to describe a shot-in-the-head dead hooker baked in a giant metal dumpster filled with nasty refuse from nasty people in the ghetto. Tons of flies, bloated tongue, smelled like dead skunk, trash, and ‘warm’ rotting meat. she was blindfolded and her hands were bound in front very tightly, bullet hole in the region right above the forehead. Still wearing this cliche spaghetti strap and skirt combination, she was a common sight in town. Sexy feet.

          1. No, I had a shit flip phone and no internet at that time in history. It happened in Three Rivers Michigan, I can maybe try to find the police report for you. Her name was Samantha, she was always passed out on the stairs up to where I had lived. Also I’ve sent Mark a few vids in the past and they don’t get posted.

          2. @bunker I also at that time didn’t know about these sites. In that year I experienced more instances of nasty death, which led me to search for more. Eventually that led me to here. 🙂

        1. @flynn isn’t There Rivers Kalamazoo area? west side? unless you moved


          there’s actually pretty great documentary on putrified housesitters , “certain kind of death” something like that, try and look up when home later @all

    1. That’s a proper Thai bathroom there, stand on toilet, or squat toilet, a hose next to it to wash the rice and corn Kernals off your arse when your done (notice no toilet paper), but this one seems to be missing the electric hot water unit on the wall to heat your shower water. The shitiest things about these dunny’s is that you get water all over the shiter when you have a shower.

      1. Those are great toilets. I have had a bidet for a long time and I have to remember to buy toilet paper for “regular” people who come over and don’t want water up their bum or v-jay. And a squatty potty is really good for your colon.
        I installed by own bidet using the hot water hose from the sink and the regular hose to the toilet. It was easy. It cost around $60US.

        1. @dethbyplaster what’s a squatty potty? Just another name for bidet, or like an actual hole in the floor reminiscent of a shower drain, that you literally squat down to use? I’m being serious, I’m truly curious. I had a girlfriend that spent months in China, and she said they had grates/drains in the floors to use the bathroom.

      2. It’s a shower/toilet combo. In Malaysia, the cheaper hotels have a squat-shitter on the floor. On the wall behind the porcelain squat toilet is a shower head. You can shower immediately after pooing. Remember to wear a pair of flip-flops while in the shower.

  1. Feel a little bad for the guy. No one that cared even a smidge that his presence was absent. Or that he must’ve been a not so sweet smelling guy that it took weeks for a neighbor to inquire about the encroaching odor. Or even the landlord didn’t care he fell behind in rent payments.
    Could’ve been a recluse. Could’ve paid rent in advance.
    Who knows. Shitty way to end one’s existence either way.

    1. I remember reading a story about a woman in the USA having been turned to ashes after 12 years in her rented house. Apparently she set up auto pay on everything and had a very large savings account. Once the money ran out, they were coming to evict her then uncovered her dust corpse. The only evidence that she died naturally was that she died on the couch with all her clothe intact. They couldn’t even determine what caused her death because she was just bones.

  2. In the winter of 1991, I lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia. I came across 2 dead bodies in a matter of 3 weeks. I had to work early as a school teacher and took the bus and subway to work each day. It was bitterly cold that winter….minus 0 in the mornings. First I found a lady that was sitting at a bus stop frozen solid. I sat down next to her at about 6am, greeted her, but then looked at her and there was an icicle hanging down from her chin! The next one was at night around 3am on a weekend after leaving a bar. I was walking down a narrow alley and there was a pile of metal pipes leaning against a wall. I looked over and on top of the pipes was a man again frozen. He evidently fell off his balcony above as it was broken 5 stories up, he was on his back bent over the pipes in shape of a U so his back was totally broken. Even though he was frozen, he still smelled like Vodka! There were no cell phones back then so I found the first Czech person I could, brought them to the bodies and left. Thank god for cold weather as both bodies had no chance to decay. In fact, they would have been preserved until late May that year as it was so cold in 1991.

      1. the only way one would determine there was a smell is if they’d be able to smell it.

        and the smell that they smelled… smelled smelly, a very smelly smell.

        one can only come to this conclusion if one was able to smell.

      1. “Agillia niplabung”.

        Translation from checkyafly:
        “Thankyou so much for responding to my comment. The majority of the time that i do comment is to try and be funny and maybe a little immature too why not? haha. Hope you have an awesome day/night, take care and may the gore be with you. “

    1. True story. A friend of mine died while sitting on the toilet, pushing really hard trying for #2. He was smoking a cigarette too which is irrelevant but nonetheless gives you a visual how relaxed he was doing his business. Anyway, he died suddenly, from the valsalva maneuver (forcibly exhale thru closed mouth and nose, as if trying to pop your ears; as well as helps with constipation allowing to bear down and push). The valsalva maneuver can cause a sudden and dangerous drop in blood pressure (after rising at first from the pressure downward) which if the maneuver didn’t kill him (it did, he had an aneurysm that ruptured), the release of air and standingvtoo quickly can cause dizziness and fainting.
      Kind of the perfect storm has to occur really.

      So yea, this man could’ve been trying for #2.

  3. If the guy died naturally I don’t see why the apartment couldn’t be rented again?

    I’m unsure if people realize but unless the apartment was built in the last decade, chances are a couple of the units suffered death through the years. It’s only natural that someone dies.

  4. If you venture into these situation I would recommend a full body wrap protection wear, not because there would be nasty things you deal with but rather the stench of rotting corpse that will attach itself onto you for weeks after staying nearby one.

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