Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head

Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head

Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head

Wanna see something cool? How about a man with a huge knife jammed into his skull? I thought the dude was dead at first, but his wrinkled, raisan face starts grimacing in pain.

This happened in the Sudan, North Africa. But I don’t know the circumstances of the attack…but I think that it’s safe to say this was an attempted murder.

I wonder if it actually hit his brain? Either way, mad props to MrsPink.

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  1. Looks like someone tried te reset that lazy cotton picking turd… probably didnt work though.

    There are a few good things that came out of it:

    – this prevents him from getting on any plane to reach my country so he can leach of my tax money…
    – And at least he has a nice key hanger!

  2. He was stabbed in the left brain hemisphere, the part of the brain that deals with logic and reasoning. However, since this part of the brain is non functioning in niggers there will not be any noticeable changes.

  3. True that…but admit it if he was a local in your community you guys would all be calling him Black and cracking on how dark he is.
    Or Red if he looked red….or White Boy if he looked….you get the picture.

  4. im sorry, how much money have you donated to Marks cause or to the site itself? i forget. how many hours of research and writing have you poured into Best Gore to give you the right to tell us what this site is or is not? BHBBs are no longer tolerated.

    1. Nice @obli. I missed what was said but judging by your response, I’m assuming someone took issue with the content and had a case of the “butt-hurt Blues”. Fucking wankers man…keep up the good work and the naysayers can eat a dick.

      1. @DeadOhioSky,

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        1. @empty
          Pretty accurate and insightful shit man. Just to prove your point even more, take a look when the rioting in Ferguson was going on and they were destroying and looting their own neighborhoods and businesses; then subsequently turning around and complaining that they had limited services available to them. In any “white” neighborhood I’ve ever lived in, if people decided to try to loot we would have been standing at the doors with guns in hand, defending from any type of shenanigans.

          Also, like you mentioned, the biggest joke is “#blacklivesmatter”. If black lives matter so much, get control of your people and stop running your neighborhoods into the ground with drugs and violence. If black lives matter so much, take a peak at the amount of black fetuses your “women” are aborting every year.

          The sad truth is basically what you said, blacks like to perpetually play the victim card while simultaneously doing jack shit to improve or better their situations.

          1. #BlackLivesMatter is a Jewish Divide and Conquer. You would never see mainstream press pushing “AllLivesMatter, because that’s not divisive. It’s the same with “Stop Violence Against Women”, even though men are victims of violence far more often. But “Stop Violence Against Everyone” just isn’t divisive enough to be of use.

          2. That’s what i say. If they have lots of time doing nuffin, why not use it to educate their kids? I mean, the single mothers work only 4 hours a day, 5 days a week to qualify help government. Taking off 8 hours of sleeping, there are left 12 useful hours to improve their kids’s performance/behavior/manners/intelligence, etc. Instead they teach them ghetto “culture”, to grow up as sluts or thugs hating everyone else for their own fails.

          1. It’s fine, I understand. Well the original picture doesn’t look so professional , you probably would think the same if you could see it. I messed around with an editor and it turned out pretty nice haha. But it’s me, I can assure you that

          2. Fuck me! It sure did come out pretty good. I think you’re officially the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen in anyone’s avi… Even if you did cheat by editing it 😉

  5. I’m going to save this picture and put it in on my screen saver, I know it’s going to cheer me up every morning when I wake up. @ empty and @ deadohio you both said is wonderfully true. Black lives matter do they fuck, always playing the fuckin race card dirty niggers

  6. I wish I knew what they were saying. I’ll bet that he lived and didn’t have any big side effects from this.

    I wish that there weren’t so many racists on this site, and in general for that matter. You see nigger so often that it gets really annoying, like the fucking Kardashians. Also, because I’m not racist. I do think there are people in some areas that should disappear, though.

    I’m sure there are lots of people on here who will call me a moron for my beliefs. One told me to go get HIV the other day just because I said the guy recording the cop was asking for trouble. People can comment as they wish and hate on me if they want. I can at least know that I am not a so-called sheep because I take the information and draw my own conclusions.

    1. You do you, and fuck everybody else @iris. Don’t let anybody shitting on your opinions bother you because opinions are very subjective and if they are not accepted they should at least be respected. You seem like an intelligent and (judging by your Avi) pretty girl so the last thing you should be worried about is what other people think. Besides, most community members around here will at least humor your point of view, even if they don’t necessarily share it. Hope to keep seeing you around 🙂

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