Surgeons Use Gigli Saw to Amputate Leg Infected with Necrotizing Fasciitis

Surgeons Use Gigli Saw to Amputate Leg Infected with Necrotizing Fasciitis

According to the info I got, this was filmed last week in Mexico. The video shows surgeons amputating a leg severely infected with the flesh eating disease known as . The surgeons use a gigli saw, which is a standard piece of equipment used for limb amputations.

Necrotizing Fasciitis is caused by flesh eating bacteria. It spreads fast and is considered a life-threatening disease. We’ve seen the effects Necrotizing Fasciitis can have on people at Best Gore before.

Props to Best Gore member @soldlitebeer for the pic and video:

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98 thoughts on “Surgeons Use Gigli Saw to Amputate Leg Infected with Necrotizing Fasciitis”

        1. Yea, it’s fucked-up you guys. What happens is that they miss their veins, and this shit made out of codeine, and Gas, among other things, eats away at your flesh. The gas i think is what makes this mixture so bad, & toxic.

        1. That dude is lucky to not have smashed that kneecap in his face while forcing to hold kis leg up, cause after it dropped most of the weight fell with it, lol. This would have been Epic.
          Sorry to hear about your fingers dude, hope your doing well today, and that you getting use to doing things, and coping without them.

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  2. I’m sorry, but a person just doesn’t get this out of the clear blue sky, unless they abuse their body with questionable substances like uh-umm, KROKODIL. OR even a Chilean recluse spider could cause this

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