Surgical Extraction of Fishhook from Hand

Surgical Extraction of Fishhook from Hand

Surgical Extraction of Fishhook from Hand

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @frankiebaker, who had to have a fishhook surgically extracted from his hand after it got embedded there by freak accident:

I was cleaning out my backpack and there was a loose hook in it. When I pulled my hand out of the bag I felt a slight sting and some pressure. The loose hook was stuck in the material of the bag and I hooked myself pulling my hand out. I had to cut the hook from the bag to get my hand out. I tried to shove it the rest of the way but it was deep and under thick knuckle skin.

This happened just as my girl was coming over for dick. You can thank her for the vertical shot (psh…women) and I didn’t get laid because it was 2am when we got out of there. Small price for big wild brown trout.

Many thanks for the pic and video, @frankiebaker. Get your girl a taste of a hook as well.

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65 thoughts on “Surgical Extraction of Fishhook from Hand”

    1. Makes sense. Without an anesthetic it would’ve been agony the way that Dr was doing it. The hooks very design is to keep it from coming out that way. You can see the skin being stretched to it’s limit ready to tear the tissue it’s imbedded in.
      That’s gotta be ER 101, it’s so common surely he’s done this procedure before.

      1. @DilDoe
        Yea,,, you are right brother, as that was this Doctor’s very first hook retrieval/removal in his entire life i’m sure
        I Could have done a better job myself, having Novocaine in my medical supplies.

    2. Exactly. In the summer, we had a lot of these types of accidents come into the ER. They would numb it up near where the point as located, push it through, clip the barb, and then back out the body of the hook, and then bandage it up. The only thing after that was a tetanus shot.

        1. It can happen because from the wrist on down, the hand is one of the most densely innervated areas of the body. When you consider what the hand and fingers can do, you understand.

          There are eight bones in the wrist alone that allow for blood vessels and the multitude of nerves to run through the most complicated joint in your body. That said, the nerves in the wrist and hand are very thin, much like the hair on your head… or other places. They can move a bit to avoid such things.

          The lower spinal cord has the same situation. It goes from being a solid cord to fine threads and is named the ‘cauda equina,’ which literally means, ‘horses tail.’

          1. @Hoping for Nemesis A.K.A Abraham Van Helsing is my hero…

            So every time that a bunch of us fly to northern Ontario to our favorite trout lake Dr. Dre always has his medical supplies on hand in case anybody needs medical attention for one reason or another. In my lifetime i have stitched-up 7 people who got injured hours away from any hospital. This includes my family, friends and strangers that got injured two cabins away from ours on his second day of a 2 week trip they were on with their friends.
            If not for my help, he would have either have to leave, or tough it out with a huge hook in his head for two weeks, which would of sucked.

            And how have you and yours been Nemes all good me hopes, ???

      1. @Frankie
        Well, at least you tried brother. Was it frozen?? Was there some Novocaine used to dull the pain. I ask this because the pain itself would stop anyone from pushing hard in order to pierce it through. Cause if you can push the hook through a big fish,,, then you can push it through human flesh.

      1. Hey I only ever catch Pisces. They’re a bit on the dumb side but that’s what makes them keepers unlike mean and horrible scorpio.

        P.S a little birdie told me your birthday is a day before mine. I fully expect you to bake me a cake with lots of bud in it. In return, I’ll let Dano out of the basement for a day.


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  2. I think most fishermen here will know what a Rapala fishing lure is. If not you can google it. I was in a boat with 2 friends and one of them casting a rapala hooked my other friend right in the earlobe. This was in the 70’s so no phones with cameras like we have now. I cut all the hooks off of it and he wore it for about a week until it got infected and I had to finish the job by removing the barb and taking it off his ear.

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