Surgical Extraction of Safety Pins from Stomach of Youth in India

Surgical Extraction of Safety Pins from Stomach of Youth in India

Surgical Extraction of Safety Pins from Stomach of Youth in India

Somewhere in India, a youth required surgical intervention after a pile of swallowed safety pins caused blockage in the stomach.

As I watched the video, I kept waiting for the surgeon to take a more industrial approach, put down his fancy pincers and extract the pins with a magnet. What the hell was the kid thinking? It’s not just a pin or two. It’s a whole fucking load of them.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Surgical Extraction of Safety Pins from Stomach of Youth in India”

    1. For that they have to cut it much more to let magnet come out with safety pins on it.. Every surgeon try to cut tiny and Small so the patient don’t have blood loss.. Blood loss is the main reason for people to die in the middle of a surgery..
      They are Doctors.. We are some dumb commenters like yeah it can be done like that.. Reality is it ain’t.. They know what to do best for the patient..
      They are there for a Reason..
      No hard feelings 🙂

  1. Her hunger pangs must have been so strong that some of the ingested stuff is seen gotten dissolved by gastric juices and yet the food on her plate was never enough hence the need to appease arose by all that she could lay her hands on to and rightly so, those safety pins found their way in to her guts.
    What a pity it is for a girl of her age to have endured such an ordeal

    (P.S.) ………….Imagine, what the stomach acids are capable of !

  2. I always say if you’re going to do something, then do it with gusto and passion – no half hearted affairs allowed. I can see this psycho teen also lives by that belief. You go girlfriend…….

  3. If only this girl knew her pin eating fetish had been posted on the internet by supposed professionals who vow to maintain her confidentiality – she could sue the arse off that hospital. All the main players were identified and surgically retrieving 500 bobby pins isn’t a daily event so it would be easy to prove they filmed her 2nd pussy being penetrated by a long hard instrument whilst talking about her craziness. Surely that would be millionaire making material especially if she claimed she was even crazier now after discovering her secrets had been revealed………..

    1. I don’t think there’s any confidentiality clause for surgery, esp in Indian hospitals

      I’d be more concerned about all the fuckers with their mobile phones who aren’t scrubbed in

      She’s gunna need some industrial strength antibiotics after that exercise

      1. There has to be – for one, they are confirming the girl is in hospital and two, they are confirming her diagnosis. That’s just in images. God knows what else they said about her whilst talking – they definitely confirmed mental illness and what medication she is on etc – nah this is 100% illegal………..

        1. I’m only an amateur lawyer 😉 but no identifying details of the patient were disclosed ie name, address, face image etc, etc. so how was the patient identified and confidentiality breached?

          Surgery has been routinely recorded and documented for training purposes since barbershop days, and will continue to be so.

          Pretty far from 100% illegal, but in the end, if she objects I’m sure they have lawyers in India to work it out for her…

  4. I can understand the language. Indian here.


    “There are a lot-maybe 1-1.5kg.”

    ” You there take the pictures, after turning off the light above ”

    ( guy exclaims and laughs)

    “Now take a video while taking it out”

    “Start a video recording.”- Lady confirms its on.

    Someone inquiries if its paper clips and they correct him saying that they are safely pins.

    “She must have eaten them over a period of time not in one day.”

    “Yeah she keeps eating them”

    “Thankfully most of the pins are closed. She must have found it easy to swallow them because of the same”

    “There are open ones too”

    (Lady talks about medication)

    “The stomach acid has dissolved some of the pins. This one has melted. Even this one.”

    ” The heads have separated from these pins from the acid”

    “Where does she even get food from”

    “Was she even eating? No she wasn’t, whenever she felt hungry she ate a safety pin” Lady-(lol)

    “Sir will we be weighing this later”

    “Yeah well do it. Do it all”

    “First let it come out”

    “Half of the pins have opened due to stomach acid”

    ” The term OMG is made for moments like these kind of situations”

    “Its important to take sirs picture in this case”

    “As evidence!” (Lol)

    “These pins must have got tangled as she started eating more of them and initially many must have passed further below her system”

    “No we checked in the x-ray there was nothing below it”

    “There must be at least 0.5kg. No there must be at least 1.5kg , bring in the weighing machine for weighing babies we’ll find out now”

    “Its being used now”

    “Just bring it for a minute we’ll keep this and weigh these pins”

    “Now the Caesarean will come, then it will be placed”-(she had mentioned this before i believe it refers to the process)

    “Isn’t she on antipsychotic treatment”

    “Dr. Rajiv (Or maybe Raj) Mehta was talking to me about counseling but i told him how will counseling be effective now”

    “This pack is supposed to go in the corner right”-(more talk about the operation process)

    “The guy who put her on antipsychotic treatment told me that she was eating these day after day like 2-4 each day”

    “The made is 7 minutes long”

    These doctors are having fun basically. All of these surgeons would be an amazing addition to bestgore if you ask me.

  5. Another thought is Due to American tariffs she was muleing safety pins across the border swallowing 10 condoms full…the air pressure during the transatlantic flight burst each condom?

  6. Poor Gal. It was probably done for self-harm. I’ve known a few people who have ingested needles/metal to hurt themselves but not to this extent. Not proud of it, but I’ve also tried swallowing batteries/screws out of my alarm clock to kill/hurt myself (not sure which) when I was on an intensive inpatient mental health unit. They caught me swallowing them before they did lasting damage and were able to remove them with an endoscope, which I am thankful for now looking back on it.

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