Surgery Performed on Syrian Child Shot in Leg

Surgery Performed on Syrian Child Shot in Leg

I have very little in the way of info on this particular case other than the fact that it is a Syrian child who was shot in the leg. He is in the middle of surgery in this set of images. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that he was caught in a crossfire and he is very lucky to still be breathing. We’ve all seen the violence taking place in the Middle East and whether or not you believe it to be over religion or over the greed of foreign governments, it is always the innocents who will suffer the most.

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      1. As a kid I got severely hurt and have the scars to look at and wonder what happened to me I’ll never know.hope this Lil man won’t remember much ..or maybe he will..still when I look at my scars I often can anyone hurt me I’m just a Lil kid,it makes me sad a bit…..I guess.

    1. Amen, i can watch it all without batting an eye, except for the kids. It doesnt matter if they are a snackbar, chinese or whatever. They are innocent, they deserve the chance to live through their innonence and thn become the monsters we all are deserving of horrible mutilation. Until then leave the fucking kids alone people

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          1. Yeah and guess what?! Those are most likely Israeli surgeons and the operation is most likely being performed in an Israeli hospital.

            Like other Syrians who were air rescued by… Israel…

            Boy, those effen dirty Jews . Right Mr zion?


          2. @justin love

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  1. Growing up in Syria must be a fucking nightmare.
    These kids didn’t ask for any of it!
    Fully grown men acting like kids, are now the ones killing them.
    They should be ashamed of what they have reduced the world to!

  2. It’s so not fair for the kids!! They deserve a environment where they grow up peacefully and choose what they believe in, what is just and right. But now, with a scar in their innocent heart, they will probably grow up with hatred, and become those shooting kids again. The cycle will never end….when will the world find true peace??

  3. Dont be quick to glorify surgeons. My friend in high school had a dad who was a veterinarian and made a nice 6 figure income. We used to walk over after school and “assist’ with “surgeries”. The dog would be gassed out where he would cut a tumor or cancer growth out of the liver or intestines or whatever. Our job would be to pile the organs back in and sew them up. The dogs(goats, cows, cats,etc) would always recover. The organs just work themselves out. Its the same for humans, just know the heart from the gizzard and cut the black lump out. Slop the organs back in, sew them up and in a couple weeks good as new. Anyone of us could be a surgeon. The more you know…

      1. I agree with @wicked mama on this one. I especially liked the ‘The more you know’ part.

        Besides, I think that comment is made for the sole purpose of enticing an argument.

        1. Exactly, saying ‘the more you know ‘ only does one thing and that is to indicate that strict education and years of training is required to be surgeon.

          99.9998% of surgery is more complicated than cutting off a sus looking mole buddy…………..

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