Surgical Removal of Intestinal Roundworms

Surgical Removal of Intestinal Roundworms

You know you let it go too far when your intestinal roundworm infestation gets to a stage that it requires surgical removal. The person in this video had to go under because their digestive tract was completely obstructed by the roundworms. The surgeons cut the guts open and squeezed out a bucket full of worms. But… there was MOAR! Cook your meat thoroughly before consuming it for crying out loud.

BTW, these I believe were giant roundworms known by their Latin name Ascaris Lumbricoides. They can grow up to 35cm in length and it is estimated that 1/4 of the world’s population are bearers of the parasites. The rates of infection are higher in Latin America (up to 45%) and Sub Saharan Africa (95%) though. Ascaris Lumbricoides cause a diseases called Ascariasis that can result in serious respiratory complications because the worms can chew their way up to the lungs from intestines. How’s that for yummy?

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