Surgical Removal of Intestinal Worms from a 3 Year Old

Surgical Removal of Intestinal Worms from a 3 Year Old

Spaghetti anyone? Oddly enough, voices of people in the video also sound Italian to me. Couldn’t be any more ironic.

Bloody intestinal tapeworms. No respect, not even for a kid. The patient in this video is mere 3 year old. The kiddo needed to have the worms removed with an emergency surgery cause them buggers wreaked serious havoc in his tummy.

Many thanks to RLS0812 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I am form Italy and I can tell those people are not speaking Italian. The people in the video are speaking a pretty clear Spanish, only someone out of the world wouldn’t recognize the language spoken but the major number of immigrants in the US. However, go fuck yourself.

      A Guido

  1. that’s spanish, not italian, so no, they are not guidos…listening to the accent i can say they are either from puerto rico, honduras, colombia or maybe peru. I’m absolutely sure that they are not from chile (or we have listen a “hueoooon el medio gusano”, con esto cacho altiro quien es chileno aca)

      1. i’m absolutely sure this is not from argentina or spain…i’m chilean, so i know their accents very well, also spanish is my natural language, that’s why i said its more like central america (the entonation and sounds are more “caribbean, musical” kind) one tip: argentineans use the word “che” pretty often, and they entonation its like going up and down with your tone. spanish tend to pronounce the “s” with a lot of power.

        1. This guys are from Venezuela, the one with the most annoying voice (seems to be the Doctor) who keeps spewing all kind of comments is a Zuliano from a region/state called Zulia, west of Venezuela bordering Colombia. By his strong accent I’ll say his possibly a Maracucho from the Zulian capital Maracaibo.
          People from this region have a very distinctive accent manners and behavior, they are sometimes mockingly called the Argentinians of Venezuela because of this.

          Some translation to the comments are:
          “Esta viva de verga”=
          It’s a miracle she’s alive
          “vergaci?n”=similar to the “f” word
          “guacatela” = gross
          “est?n vivitas las co?o e’ madres” = the mo’ f$#% are alive.

  2. translation:

    some babbling as ambiental music…

    cameraman: that things doesn’t walk right? (like pooping them out)
    doc: nah, i have to open
    cameraman: but i see something white there, omg. its a little girl, just 3 years old. you will show them?
    doc: of course everyone will see this
    cameraman: be careful not to cut a poor little worm
    doc: yeah, yeah

    (then some medical stuff like give me tweezers or something like that…screwdrivers, the usual stuff)

    pulls the first worm

    crowd: aaaaahh that’s disgusting!!!
    cameraman: hey look how they move…i will show this to my family on my 62″ tv. She is alive just by luck. we arrived too late, we should have arrive earlier. do you want some spaghetti doc? while i’m filming…

    pulls the big stuff

    crowd: GOOOOD NOOO BLAAARGH (lol)
    some girl in the background: it’s a boooy!
    cameraman: look how they pull up their heads! holy shit looks like pasta with eggs…
    same girl: don’t say that! i will never eat that again
    cameraman: they are alive look how they move! OH MY GOD (very “clearly” at 2:16 lol)
    doc: this one is big
    cameraman: will you bring me my ketchup? they are alive those motherfuckers…and with a load of eggs
    some girl: it’s that a head?
    cameraman: nop, they are eggs…little eggs…

    some babbling i don’t understand at 3:05…

    cameraman: the only one that get pregnant are the womans, they just put eggs (lol what a douche) worms just put some eggs, do you imagine the girl had gone to the bathroom and figure this out looking at her ass? look at those two, straight up and standing…she’s grabbing the intestine..
    doc: don’t worry i will cut it, doesn’t matter if it dies (the worm)
    cameraman: but it will have childs? GOOOD look at that! doc, could that migrate to the lungs? look that’s a male, it has a dick, its a male!

    then some more babbling of the background and we are done… hope it helps, the cameraman is funny as hell

    1. Another attribute to Best Gore (like The Angry Brazillian (or as I like to call him… The Angry da Silva)

      Thank You for bring a sense of “oh, so THAT’S what they fuck the’re talking about” to otherwise COMPLETLY muted footage like this…..You Rock.

  3. Wow….just wow.
    I will never look at spaghetti the same way. Kid musta been bloated as hell, and I’ll be surprised if she lived. I would think the doc would want a bigger hole…I mean, how does he know he got them all?

    Disgusting video…think I’ll go watch Pedro get his junk severed again. That should make me feel better.

  4. I saw this before on YouTube, but they don’t say it’s a three year old child. That’s a lot of worms for such a little person. Yes, it is Spanish. Those people needed to have a sense of humor pulling out all that horrid shit. I hope that child survived. I’m wondering how she got all those worms in the first place. Shit!!

    1. they start off as eggs, like someone else said – under fingernails, sometimes they can be inhaled (mowing the lawn etc), unwashed food, then they feed off the food that you eat! but all worms are different, we have a saying in Australia – after a big feed you say “that’ll stop the worms from biting”

  5. Poor baby. He must have been miserable. I wonder if he could feel them…
    Just that thought alone is making me sick. Sitting there and feeling those lil bastards wiggling around where they have no business being, Bleh. Poor thing…

  6. that’s why you always make sure it is wot it say’s on the packet. don’t these people know anything. surley someone would have noticed the little screams coming from the boiling water

  7. Yeah me and my friend was glued to the screan, and coundnt belive the while intestine was bloated with thoes worms like that. and then we went to the next video, “Nasal maggots”. pretty grusome shit.

  8. The thing that gets me about this footage (besides the fact that they looked more like snakes than worms) is ony one small incision was made in the intestine.
    There are dozens of feet of intestine…upwards of 30′ if I’m not mistaken.
    So, HOW FUCKING MANY did she really have growing inside?
    Pretty fucking intresting.

    1. I wondered about that small incision too, rotten. Then the doc goes maybe a foot down the intestine and squeezes up toward the cut like its a toothpaste tube…I was like, DAAAAAAMN!!! If he tried to get them all he must have been doing that for hours, squeezing the toothpaste tube and digging out the slimies…

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