Surgical Removal of Mandibular Cyst – Video

Surgical Removal of Mandibular Cyst - Video

This is easily the best video of a surgery I’ve seen. Picture quality is great, everything is in focus, no shakey camera and proper zoom-in offer detailed view of the procedure. The video is of mandibular cyst removal.

The orthodontist first removes piece of jaw bone to reveal the cyst under it. The cyst is then punctured and pus squeezed out. Oozing pus is collected with suction hose. The membrane of the mandibular cyst is then carefully detached from the cavity in which it formed and pulled out through the hole left after removal of tooth.

The teeth of the patient suggested that he/she may need to consider visits to the dentist more often and rediscover tooth brush. I wonder whether the decaying teeth and the formation of the cyst had anything to do with drug abuse – like meth or something. And… even though quite an invasive surgery was necessary to remove that mandibular cyst, it’s still not as bad as oral cancer.

Props to Disgusting from Sweden for the vid 🙂

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52 thoughts on “Surgical Removal of Mandibular Cyst – Video”

  1. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
    The MOTHER of ALL toothaches.
    That’s a new one, having an achey jaw so bad that they have to slice bone off to pop a huge cysty-zit that is the size of a cat’s foot.
    This is, um, some pretty unique shit.
    Decent odds that this mother fucker would have been dead from blood poisining if it had ruptured on it’s own.
    Great “oh-shit” video Mark.

      1. Yeah, That’s what I was thinking. What a relief to not have the cyst anymore. I had a horrible abscess that deformed my face a long time ago. The pain was so bad I thought I was dying. It literally felt like I was being stabbed in the head. The pain after surgery was a piece of cake.

        1. I had all four of my wisdom teeth come in sideways and impacted when I was like 20. They recommended that I had them out two at a time because of the pain, but I couldnt take that much time off of work so I made them take out all 4 at once. I actually asked the doctor if I could have a copy of the video of them taking them out because I pictured the doc with his foot on chest, fucking just cranking them out but they told me I couldnt have it because of legal terms. I call bullshit cause it would have been worse that this vid, just alot less puss.

          1. Bummer. I had to stay awake and use locals, I was pregnant with my son so systemic medicine wasn’t a real good idea. Fortunately I only had the top ones, the lower ones never developed.

  2. That was nasty. The receding gums is from brushing too hard with a hard bristle toothbrush. I’d also bet the patient is a smoker from the stains on the teeth. Who ever it is will be eating soup for at least a month while this heals. It would have caused blood poisoning if it had been left there. It looks like it hurt a lot. Sure was a lot of pus in such a small area, fucking nasty.

      1. Nope. He’s just an old patient. If you see the roots of tooth, it’s because of “normal evolution” if you get old, and more, because in order to do an surgery act like that, you have to cut the gum. Tooth roots are not full in bone, there is a little part (about 3-4 mm) just covered by gum (in the normal situation).

        1. Some stuff like that can happen even with no tooth decay, but it’s very rare. The patient don’t feel it every time, if it’s not infected. A lot of times, it’s the dentist who discover that. The dark stuff on the tooth can be some old infiltrated restaurations (composits). And, last point, for a surgery like that, no full anesthesia is required. You can do that only with local anesthesia. (I’m dentist).

          1. I would think that some patients would need to be put under because they would squirm. I try not to squirm but every part of my body is tensed so I’ll stay still.

            Thankfully I still have decent teeth. I’m one of those people that brushes for 20 minutes once or twice a day. Now all I need is to have my jaw re broken and set correctly….. It was broken twice and never set. I’ll want to be under for that, the sound would get to me.

  3. Now that had to be hurting for a long time. Why do people wait so long to get something done?

    If it is due to money, they pay more the longer they wait because it gets all the worse with time.

  4. I go to the orthodontist every 6 weeks(braces), and Ive seen worse. I think this person has a gum disease. I can’t remember the name but its actually not uncommon. I’m probably the only 40 year old with braces though.Lmao.

      1. I don’t quite know where this myth about brits having bad teeth comes from as I don’t know anyone who has manky teeth!
        Perhaps most yanks have great teeth because they’re not actually real!
        From my experience, its the japs who have the most disgusting teeth going!

  5. Ok.. I can handle some guys brains being splattered on the pavement, I can handle guts spilling out, heck I can handle bloaters. But one thing I absolutely abhor is pus. I watched simply for the curiosity of the surgery and the good quality video. I felt like spewing when I saw that pus come out and I usually have a strong constitution. lol sorry, rambling.

  6. sorry if I didn’t read all the comments.Did you guys see the conditions of those teeth. Just GROSS. no wonder he has that shit up to his bones. Damn patched up and full of cavities. He will be back for sure. He needs a new jaw. he could get the one that the kid in Syria lost….lol

  7. Meth mouth or just abysmal hygiene? Either way, that was quite gnarly.
    I remember an episode of Dr. G where the victim died from an abscessed tooth when the infection spread to his brain. Made me a little bit paranoid. Take care of your teeth or they might kill you.

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