Suturing of Tongue Torn with Accidental Bite

Suturing of Tongue Torn with Accidental Bite

I can’t tell if the patient is a boy or a girl, I just know I want to punch the guy overwhelming the video’s audio track with loud breathing. Fucking mammoth.

The youth was apparently goofing around and bit into their tongue, causing a nasty tear that required suturing. Must have sucked to have to sit there with mouth wide open and tongue stuck out the whole time. Somebody also assists the suturing doctor without gloves – pretty unhygienic however little they do. I believe the video is from Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Suturing of Tongue Torn with Accidental Bite”

  1. My sister was sticking her tongue when she was in her early teens and someone gave her a upper hit to her chin (not to be mean just goofing) and she bit straight through her own tongue.She’s got a big scar to this day.Once in a while she’ll still stick her tongue out at me and I slap her across (teasingly) the face once in a while and it catches her off guard and she gets the stupidest look on her face and then we both laugh about it.

  2. This happened to me when i was 5. I was roller-skating, and wanted to try a 180 degree jump. I landed off balance, fell backward and split my tongue down the middle with a bite. It wasn’t very traumatizing at all.

  3. i have a chunk of my tongue missing but that happened when i was in diapers still so i really have no memory at all but rumor has it that i cried for over a day(which i think is bullshit) and took out the stitches. i would send a picture but i dont think its bestgore-worthy but it is noticeable.

  4. Bit right through my tongue once. The hole closed over in a day and was totally healed after a week. Tongue can heal super fast! They probably caused more harm and pain sowing it up like that. Poor kid.

  5. Poor girl/boy. I bet that hurt like hell. My daughter fell on one of the playground toys at McDonalds when she was two and bit her tongue almost in half. They were so rough with her while sewing it up she still remembers it now and sometimes had nightmares about it.

      1. Haha, no. But it might as well have been. The doctor was an idiot. They were scared for months I’d sue them because there was something wrong with the toy she was on and they knew it beforehand, but I let it go. Stupid now that I look back.

  6. This reminds me of when I had my tongue pierced. I can only imagine how swollen this tongue was afterwards! Mine was swollen for a week and I talked like Howard the duck! Lol. I took it out many years ago, but this reminded me of it, sitting there with my tongue hanging out like that..

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