Synthol Abuser Death Video

Synthol Abuser Death Video

Remember the twinkey who pumped so much synthol in his arms, it exploded with a massive gush? It looks like he’s died as a result of his synthol abuse. The video above expands a little bit on a video we had posted earlier and contains the abuser’s death. Coroner report states that he died as a result of massive penis shrinkage (made this one up, yo!).

I got to agree with the notion that morons who are so self obsessed they think they need to artificially enhance their muscles with synthol are better off dead so they can’t reproduce. There’s enough stupidity in the world as it is, but taking it to a whole new level by making your upper arms look like bowels of an elephant suffering from diarrhea is a clear vote for Mr. Darwin to win. To be objective, though – women who artificially enlarge their breasts are as moronic as this twink.

I’m sure maggots appreciated extra fat after your body was laid under, Mr. Big Muscle Man. Om nom nom nom!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Synthol Abuser Death Video”

  1. Had a wack’o ex-girl friend who starved herself to death, but she was that way before I met her.
    Stupid bitch would take 60 laxative pills a day! The store stopped selling them to her.

  2. those arms look so bad – you would think he would do something to the rest of his body to sort of balance it out or something, so that he didn’t look like a massive turd on the top half and a fifteen year old kid on the bottom half.
    oh well… too late now….

  3. I remember watching a special on TV called “The Man Who’s Arms Exploded”..I think that was what it was called anyway. I thought those were the hugest, most retarded arms I’ve ever seen. This guy has him beat..I mean christ..why would you want that? His arms were just freakish. Just..why?

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