The Caption This Photo Contest #93

The Caption This Photo Contest #93

The Caption This Photo Contest #93

Caption This Photo Contest has officially been resurrected from a cold, bloody death. Special thanks to humble Best Gore member @asskingforanal for sparking interest in the post after a long hiatus.

This contest will start anew and I will make known the member with the winning caption after a few days or so, after @svarg26 picks it. The runners up will receive absolutely nothing of value but a glimpse of the limelight behind the winner of the contest.

254 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #93”

  1. The mortician got quite the shock while sucking the dick of one of the corpses and heard a creepy little voice saying “mmmm I knew you morticians were all dirty little freaks” and looking up to see this face.

        1. Ha! Thanks for the invite but the last toga party I went to was a wetblanket. Too many tubby,drunk guys talking shit in white dresses . Looked like a night at Bohemian Grove or Skulls and Bones!

          If I am coming to a barbeque the only creatures I want to see in white dresses is bitches babeee!


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