The Disorder Known as Neurofibromatosis and It’s Devastating Effects on the Human Form

The Disorder Known as Neurofibromatosis and It's Devastating Effects on the Human Form

Neurofibromatosis is an inherited disorder that attacks the skin, nervous system, skeleton and skin, leading to insane tumorous growths that very little can be done about. This defect becomes apparent during puberty and depending on the affected area can become disabling if affecting the nervous system or skeleton or disfiguring when affecting the skin. These tumors are more often than not benign, they grow out of control and look hideous, but they are otherwise not life threatening. Sometimes, they can become cancerous and become a major problem when the tumors begin to compress the nerve cells,leading to may complications but more often than not Nature just decides to be more of a dick with this defect makes you live as a disfigured mutant rather than kill you.

What causes it is a single defect of a chromosome which causes tumors to grow beneath the nerve cells of the skin. We have seen before just what one fucked up chromosome can do. The faces of the afflicted can become so full of growths that they can barely hold their heads up or feed themselves, let alone talk or even see properly. There is no real cure for this disorder although in the most extreme and disfiguring cases multiple surgeries can be performed to remove as much of the growths as possible although they will most likely continue to grow back as the defective chromosome is telling the body to continue making the tumors.

As you can see below, it can take different kinds of forms with the most common variant being von Recklinghausen Disease. It’s effects are wide ranging doing everything from making you look as if you are covered in little testicles and warts to looking like your face has begun melting. A sad and devastating thing. More than enough proof that we do not own our bodies…Nature does and she does with them as she pleases.

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        I thought the poor sap was wearing a saddle bag, over the shoulder,,,what a fucked up way for me to start off the new year while poking fun at saddle bags ,,lol im
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  1. What choice do these people have but to get on with it ? , not much really.
    Can’t not respect a person who’s living with such an affliction yet still raises a smile.

    Nut neck ! , oh man, that is a pisser. You gotta laugh or you’d cry.

  2. It’s amazing how the body can transform like this.

    I have a relative with a very rare skin disorder…not this severe but had to go through brutal surgeries and treatments. He was tormented constantly in school for his skin and has always hated himself and been insecure. I wish he could smile like these people.

  3. Its only superficial like freckles, so they are able to live their lifes perfectly. But hell… its tempting to go near them with a knife or sissors and try to cut a few of those balls from them… 😆 They just look like they were in boiling water or something…

  4. The will to live is strong in this one. I dont know how the fuck they do it. At this point if i where them i would find any excuse to shoot myself. Kinda reminds me of that one kid who blamed Judas Priest. Took him 3 years to OD after he fucked his face up with a 12 gauge.

  5. I’m a contractor and a couple years ago I did a job for a property management firm. I encountered a black woman of about 65 yrs old at the home I was working one day who suffered from this disorder. I was kind to her and felt at ease around her as well, I treated this woman like I would any person I come into contact with while performing my job. I think she appreciated that I was friendly and talked to her as a person.
    This is one fucked up way to live your life.

      1. I have the same affliction @Broke…
        I’m pretty sure that’s the way all dudes are hangin. One lower prevents both from getting smashed together as you move about.
        That or the two of us are fuckin strange…..!!!

  6. Usually, we’d all be cracking jokes, but these people don’t deserve being laughed at. But the one that gets me is the naked man with that big ol tumor hanging on his upper buttcrack.. How the fuck does he sit down. He’s gotta carry a plastic donut where ever he goes

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      Random, cruel and overall awful is the Virus

    2. @hlam for real. If there was a god, then he is one sadistic motherfucker. Flooding people, giving people cancer and disease over a grudge against humanity. God seems like a whiny attention whore now that i think about it.

  7. You look at these folks, with life changing afflictions, and they smile, and look somewhat happy! I walk around some of our big cities, and see good looking, healthy looking individuals, with sour, ass hole faces on,,, go figure! This should be eye opening for most of us, We have it good, compared to these poor souls, but we continue to bitch, and complain about every little annoyances in life! Speaking for myself, i am ashamed of my bitching about life in general, when i see these people, and what they go through on a daily basis 🙁

  8. Most people go through life putting their appearance first in order to blend in with the herd. These ones with skin disorders don’t have the same kind of pressure. Imagine how much mental space is freed up from worrying about how you look all the time.

  9. I actually have this condition, I got it from my fathers side, there is Neurofibromatosis Type one, Type 2, ad Shwanoma. If I can remember correctly I believe I have type 2 whereas my tumors are not external but internal, lucky for me I guess, Most of my tumors are located in my brain(3 of them, non malignant) and I have one in the back of my eye but that is also non malignant so for now I am good, once a year I get tested to make sure there I no growth. This condition really needs more attention.

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