Toe Nail Ripped Off – Nasty Pic

Toe Nail Ripped Off - Nasty Pic

Toe Nail Ripped Off - Nasty Pic

There is a super high resolution of this pic to make you squeeze your ass cheeks firmly together – just click twice on the photo to get to the full res one. I don’t know the background story, but after some freak accident, dude ended up with his big toe nail completely ripped off his toe. It’s a nasty sight for the eyes as there’s still fresh blood oozing out of the wound where previously was a nail. Ouch 🙁

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15 thoughts on “Toe Nail Ripped Off – Nasty Pic”

  1. It could just be a simple toenail removal procedure. Many people with ingrown toenail have this aftermath when they remove their toenail at the doctor’s. Doesn’t hurt if the doctor numbs you well, and doesn’t hurt when the anesthesia wears off.

  2. dude so i’ve been staring at this picture for about 15 minutes, that looks like the EXACT same picture i took of my husbands toe when he just got the nail removed.. and i swear that foot looks exactly like my husbands haha it was awhile ago when it was removed

  3. Yeah, this is for sure my toe. This was a Ingrown toenail removal, when we took the bandages off, it started bleeding like that. I took the pictures for my boss at work =P

  4. Thats ingrown toenail removal after surgery..The brown stuff is what many hospitals use for injections and anything really its iodine.. Sadly had it done on both big toes i wish they would grow back 🙁

  5. wow same thing just happened to me a few months ago!! i slammed it in the door and it ripped/tore the nail almost off so i had to go to the doc to get the rest/last piece of it attached taken off… i hope it grows back Normal!

  6. Watched a doctor remove 3 of my husbands toe nails like this…. prior to that he had 4 others removed. He only has 3 remaining toe nails. It was pretty intense to watch the doc rip the nails out of the nail bed…. and they came out much more easily than I would have imagined.

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