Toothless Freak Projectile Shoots Pus Out of Huge Zit on Chin

Toothless Freak Projectile Shoots Pus Out of Huge Zit on Chin

This video wins on many fronts. For one, it features an odd looking, toothless freak whose looks are either totally bad ass, or totally moronic. I can’t decide. Secondly – he has this huge zit on his chin which shoots out projectiles of pus when squeezed. You don’t want to get in the path of a projectile pus…

Bad teeth could be the outcome of substance abuse. Pus filled boil could also have something to do with bad lifestyle choices. New Zealand always used to strike me as this clean land where no one did crack. Junkies always talk funny so it’s hard to pinpoint accents but it sounds Kiwi to me. Anyone else?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Toothless Freak Projectile Shoots Pus Out of Huge Zit on Chin”

  1. Man I can watch 1,000 beheading ..2,000 men being burned at the stake and 5,000 torture videos..but this shit makes me sick . I can’t watch it .Even though I love to pop pimples on my own body ..watching some one Else’s makes me cringe.

    1. call me a fucking whinner but I would to the doctor and get something to clear that shit up before it that big. that made me sick and I watch sick Shit on here and enjoy it people in the video were enjoying this shit.

  2. Fantastic post. I would’ve thought it was a boil. Of course, I would probably hit the doc’s for drainage, but that’s money that could be spent on dope, right? I’m sure this guy was high as a kite, cause that would’ve hurt like a bitch. I’ve known some kiwi’s and I would have to agree this is New Zealand.

      1. “En Zed”?
        It is true that, generally, Aussi’s and New Z’s don’t get along, right?
        Or am I just being a fucking stupid son of a bitch by assumming that everything that I have ever heard people say is true.

        My REAL question in the first place was, what the hell is En Zed?

        1. En Zed is NZ, New Zealand! you can pronounce ‘Z’ as zed not just ‘zee’ you with me? and generally we get on, with the usual ribbing from both sides, lets just say our countries are competitive!

          1. Gotcha.
            That makes me feel kinda happy to know for some reason.
            I just really like to learn about the things I’m intrested in from people who know what the hell they’re talking about, like yourself.

            Tell me wahtever else comes to mind.
            It’ll cause me to smile.

  3. 8 new articles since i last checked yesterday. Mark has been busy looking for gore and other fucked up shit for our amusement. we should all kiss his ass and BG ho’s need to give him some of dat pussy. pus guy does not upset me as that shit comes out of my cock along with the usual love juice when i fap, fap, fap. . it makes for quite a mess in the morning. i’m calling out all you BG ho’s to come get some! tiger, angry chicken, frankie strange, reikoko, amber antagonist, no fucking way, obnoxious bitch, etc., etc.. step up and show me how much women you are.

    1. I’d totally put out for Mark xD <3
      What with him being so fucking amazing and all.
      Seriously, I heart ya, Mark. Thanks for all the awesome stories and pictures and videos. Best Gore has given me something to look forward to everyday. And I really sincerely thank you, Mark.

      1. Hell yea girl! Mark is hot as fuck!! -I’ve seen so many pics of him since everything happened, and continues to go on, with the Canadian Authorities. – He is just so damn sexy. Oh how I’d love to just accidentally run into him someday, have some drinks, go back to where ever he’s staying and show him exactly why he wont ever want… OR need anyone else to fulfill his manly needs and desires. haha aw, only in my dreams

  4. Well, when he robs people, he’ll get away with it. Chances are police will be looking for “a tattooed black guy” not “a tattooed black eye”
    9+ minutes of pus “waterhoseing” from that crackheads’ neck.
    That must have been a liquified tooth deposit.

  5. Is it me, or does it seem in these zit videos, that people who pop them and don’t wear latex gloves have dirty hands and fingernails (and then bitch about the smell of the pus, even though they’ve been scratching their assholes all day, which is one of the reasons their fingernails are dirty) and that poor people (including those in Brazil) seem to have cheap pink dime store drapes in their homes? Just sayin’ ….

  6. I swear, I had broken down on my way to Manchester a few weeks ago, and this was the bloke who towed my truck. I wanted to pay him in teeth, clearly he doesn’t have enough of those. And that damn second Adam’s apple explodes like Davy Jones’ nipples did when he found out he had arthritis. Sick bastard.

  7. That is one stupid bitch. She could have had that shit evacuated in no time flat and spent a fucking hour. Gesus, you squeeze from the base. Your supposed to get all that juice under your skin behind the puss to push it out. fucking stupid drugged up whore

  8. Yup! That’s definitely a crack head Crocodile Dundee fucker. That was some nasty shit! I was wondering the whole time why isn’t that bitch wearing surgical gloves??? That puss I’m sure stink like ass too!

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