Total Resurfacing of Penile Glans for Premalignant and Malignant Lesions

Total Resurfacing of Penile Glans for Premalignant and Malignant Lesions

I can’t say I have any words to describe this video with. There have been many instances of me clenching my thighs together as I posted videos of painful looking things, but you wouldn’t fit a sharpened hair up my ass while I watched this one. What the actual fucking fuck (you’d have to be a member for a while to get this one)?

The video contains captions which explain what is happening. In general, it’s a video documenting total resurfacing of penile glans. Since no one could possibly comprehend the severity of this statement after the first take, let me rephrase it – the video documents surgical removal of total surface of the penile glans which is then replaces with new surface from tissue recovered from another part of patient’s body. Are you asking with me? What the actual fucking fuck?

As the video explains, this resurfacing is performed for pre-malignant and malignant lesions of the penis. Lesions are pathological changes in the tissue. Malignant lesions would be lesions with a tendency to become more severe and end in death if not treated (malignant tumors, as opposed to benign tumors have the tendency to grow uncontrollably and can kill the person).

The video starts with images of conditions which may require total resurfacing of penile glans. One of them if a lesion caused by application of positive 5% acetic acid to the penis. Why would anyone do that? I hope it was accidental, not intentional.

The actual surgery begins with marking of the incision lines on the head of the penis. The glans along with coronal epithelial and subepithelial tissues are then excised in four quadrants. That’s where it starts getting painful to watch. Yet, that’s only the beginning.

As the surgeon trims the inner tissues of the glans to separate it from the sensitive surface area, the pain level of the video jumps right up a few notches. This is done for the whole surface of the glans after which the surgeon inserts a tube up patient’s urethra the 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver way.

Stripped of its total surface area, the penis’ head looks mighty beat. Trimming and spatulation of the external urethral meatus follows. That’s when the surgeon starts stuffing the tools in and around the urethra and brings in a suturing needle and a thread.

I could not make out which part of the body the split skin graft was harvested from, but the last image of the video seems to suggest that it was the front of the thigh. Reconstruction of the denuded glans looked far less painful than anything done previously, possibly because the sensitive parts were now covered with new layer of skin.

The patient will have to pee through a hose after this surgery, but at least the malignant lesions are gone. I think after seeing this video, no matter what you think could be wrong with your pecker, you can put it to rest and thank your favorite divinity that you don’t have to go through total resurfacing like the guy in the video did. I mean… ouch!

The operation was performed by doctors Alnajjar, Ayres, Rees, Perry and Watkin from St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, Penile Cancer Center, London, UK.

Many thanks to ButterBatter for this video, though I’m sure I could appreciate living the rest of my life without ever seeing it. At this point, it cannot be unseen. Cheers:

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  1. I grabbed my cock in my hand, rocked back and forth and repeated no no no no over and over. Then I lied down in the fetal position, cried, and told told my cock everything is alright it was just a nightmare and he will not need to ever have that done to him. He looked up at me lovingly,said thank you and that he loves me.

    1. I have to say I’m with you, Jesus. I just could not bring myself to hit that play button, which is strange because I can watch people being killed and maimed…. lol
      I am all woman, but just reading Mark’s description had me clenching my legs together…I’ll pass on the video…lol

  2. I thought it would be the cutting that would be the worst, but suprisingly it didn’t look that bad. The insertion of the tube on the other hand… thats when I began to clinch. When they’re all done the penis looked like they took half the mass out of the head. No more mushroom will not make the wife happy…

      1. Hell no! @NeedALight When I go down and do the business, I want it to be as hard and firm as it can get. Stretching my lips, forcing every inch down my throat until ejaculation. Sausage is the last thing on my mind!

  3. Anyone else think its funny that there’s actually a placed called the “penile cancer center?” Haha. Really? “What do you do for a living?” “Oh not much. I just work at the PENILE CANCER CENTER peeling precious skin off of dude’s cocks!!” :O awful.

  4. As you can see at the end of the video the skin graft was taken from his upper right leg.
    Many years ago my Mum had to have skin grafted to her upper and lower gums as years of wearing dentures had worn the skin away.
    One day I found Mum with tweezers in her mouth… I was like “what the heck are you doing Mum?!” She said that the skin they had grafted from her arm was growing hair and she was plucking it out.
    Let’s hope this poor fella doesn’t have to do any future tweezing.

      1. Stiches itch like a mother, the guy slept thru the whole thing and will most likely get prescribed pain pills so discomfort and “stich itch” will be the worst thing he has to deal with aside from a hideously scarred up winky

  5. when it says 5% acetic acid it means that the tumor has reached levels of 5% acetic acid which indicates a malignant tumor, as tumors have no real structure they have poor oxygen supply needed for respiration (energy) so other forms of respiration are favoured which includes leaving acetic acid as a product, there is a drug called trichloroacetic acid which causes cancerous growths to switch back to normal respiration and kill themselves although stupid bullshit pharmaceutical company’s overlook it as its already proven safe and does not contain expensive platinum complexes that makes anti cancer drugs so lucrative, oh and also it is unpatentable so pharmaceuticals would lose alot of money the day this treatment is proven effective

  6. This is by far the most brutal video I have seen on BestGore so far. It’s the only video I’ve ever really had a reaction to. But I managed to watch all of it, through the cracks between my fingers, and my legs squeezed together as tightly as possible. Once was enough however, I have no intention to watch it again.
    Great post!

  7. That video was amazingly interesting… The skinned red little picker head was the most pitiful looking thing ever…sad Red Rocket is sad 🙁 But I’m most amused by how many squeamish people frequent this site :-/

  8. Actually, if the character “Leatherface” was a dick, then this dick is what he would look like. I confess I almost choaked to death laughing when I got a look at the skinned weenier. I kept imagining the surgeon holding a hand mirror up and, like a skilled barber saying “whadda ya think?”

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