Trepanation in Child – Surgical Opening of Skull

Trepanation in Child - Surgical Opening of Skull

Trepanation is a surgical procedure that involves making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain. There is archeological evidence that the practice of trepanation has been around since at least the Stone Age, which makes it the oldest known surgery. Many modern surgeons consider trepanation to be some a superstitious or outdated practice and believe that there is no scientific basis to justify it. There are however others who have results to show that it does work.

According to practitioners of trepanation, making an opening in the skull favorably alters movement of blood through the brain and improves most brain functions. Dutch researcher and a medical school graduate who has never gone into practice by the name of Bart Huges promotes trepanation with an idea that when babies are born, their skulls are soft, allowing their brains to breathe and grow. But with age, human skulls harden, keeping the brain locked in and thus prevented from further expansion and better oxygenation. Trepanation is argued to give the people the ability to expand their brain back.

Perhaps the most prominent proponent of trepanation is Amanda Fielding of Oxford, England who self drilled a hole in her head because no surgeons wanted to do it for her and not only did she live through it, later she became a candidate for Parliament – twice. Amanda Fielding was running on a pro-trepanation platform. She wanted trepanation to be on offered free by the National Health Service and got 49 votes the first time she ran and 139 the second time.

Below is a video of trepanation performed on a child. I think the video is from Ukraine. Propsto Best Gore member yschenko for the tip:

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    2. this is actually a craniotomy done for a defect in the kid’s skull. the doc’s drill ‘burr holes’ then connect the dots, as it were, and remove the section of skull. before they make their incision, you can see him palpating the soft area right under the skin. in the pre-op x-ray, you can see the defect as well. this surgery was done to correct the defect in the bone, not to make his brain grow larger. this film also looks very old, considering the instruments and drill they used. not trepanation at all.

  1. Much akin to removal of foreskin, pointless, actual needed medical intervention aside, absolutely pointless.

    The chances of complication and infection are always present but If done by yourself like Amanda Fielding did, or by a third rate doctor the chances of complication and infection are massive.

    I am also extremely sceptical as to the supposed benefits, the idea that the size of the brain, hence the drilled holes to allow expansion, equates to intelligence is laughable. The notion that it increases blood flow is daft, it does relieve pressure from brain swelling and allow for the draining of blood but in the absence of brain swelling it is pointless.

    The best way to increase blood flow is diet and exercise, therefore my conclusion is that those who say that drilling holes in their skulls helps them to feel better are merely reacting to the high of any self harm, it’s akin to how people used to bleed themselves to release stress and pressure.

    Therefore if an adult wants to drill holes in their skull fine but do not force it upon infants, a bit like circumcision really.

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      Regarding the enhancement of intelligence through brain expansion is bullshit, because what counts is the amount of neuronal connections.

    2. agree. brain size does not equate intelligence in the least. on average women have smaller brains than men but the female brain has been shown to be far more active than the male brain and while it is believed that Africans have thicker skulls there is some debate on whether or not they have smaller brains than whites. according to anthropologist Phillip Tobias, blacks have an undoubtedly larger brain than white Europeans, on average. yet despite this, they only seem to be about half as intelligent as white Europeans and Asians. they also rely on base functions as opposed to things like imagination and creativity. also their problem solving skills and ability to work together in groups are sorely lacking. their main focuses are baser, more primal: eat, sleep, fuck, kill, get high, collect unemployment….
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  2. This scar will be awesome, looks a like a horse kick.

    Trepanation (french – tr?pan, driller/) was already known since 10000 BC. It was performed to ease the pressure from the liquor or a haematoma through a drainage or to remove bone fragments from the brain after a injury. Further there were attempts undertaken to heal Epilepsia, Neuralgia or several mental diseases, even certain pain conditions could experience a relief through that method. Religious motives like releasing the demons and letting the aperture open so that positive spirits could get in or the liberation from evil odours were also common. The survival rate of 60% – 70% was remarkable back then, proven by archeological scull findings which have shown healing signs on the bone.

  3. I never really put any faith in primitive medical practices just because of the argument that people were doing it thousands of years ago. In fact because it was done by stone age people makes me have even less faith in.

    1. yeah, like how today people kill each other over a hallucination someone had in the desert two thousand years ago.
      heat stroke plus opium equals a book that will eventually be responsible for mass murder. and we’re the most intelligent creatures on the planet. :3

  4. In all fairness, logically speaking, the fact that this procedure is still being conducted today over the course of thousands of years ago has at least some practical benefit to those undergo it. Who the hell would actually keep something that has no benefit up and alive for that long? If this procedure was indeed guaranteed to be pointless; I’m pretty sure the practice would have stopped a good 50-100 years into it’s initial use….but that’s me and I don’t really care; I don’t plan on getting a hole in my head although I do want to see someone else get one.

  5. I,M sorry , but that is fucked-up if you ask me ! Poor kid has no say in what experiments these fuck-tarts, yea tarts , not tards (they are worse) perform on him. Was is dad or mom that gave DR. Moreau the permission to screw with this poor kids head ? I can only hope that when mom & dad are old & incapacitated he will sign them up for some sick experiments of their own. 🙁

  6. People just love useless crap. Look how many people pay good money to have water squirted up their arses at pseudo clinics. The worst is when they try and tell you all that ridiculous nonsense about how it’s good for you. I just have to avoid listening I find that sort of gobledegook really insulting to my intelligence.

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  7. i was just having this conversation last night with a friend who had a major head injury around the age of ten. his head was cracked open with brain exposed. once he healed his family and school teachers noticed he got better grades and was more articulate than before. i could not remember what this practice was called but mentioned it to him. he says it was the head injury that changed him for the better and he even recalls feeling like a different person once he came too after the accident. it is a small world. thanks for the cool and timely post, mark. as always you are the best.

  8. I think in this case on the video, the kid seems to have a depressed skull fracture, you can see the swelling before the op is started, marked by the central dot drawn on the head. Then when the skull is exposed, you can see the fracture, at one point (3.26) the impact fracture is clearly shown, with a concussional fracture appearing in a semi circle (like a backwards C) .this is traced out by a surgeon at 4.38, you can see the peice of skull removed is concaved, due to the depression in the skull caused by an impact, also at 4.56 the surgeon actually hammers out the skull back into the correct shape before being replaced. A bit like knocking out dented bodywork on a car. I think they did a bloody good job of it too, considering the lack of outstanding technology they seemed to have…..

  9. isn’t trepanation the process when you make a hole in the head by removing the calvaria bone tissue and leave it that way, by healing when that place of brain is not covered by bone?

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