Two Cardiac Arrests in the ER – One Survives, One Dies

Two Cardiac Arrests in the ER - One Survives, One Dies

Since Open Thoracotomy video was generally well received, here’s another video from the same team of ER professionals, although this one is nowhere near as intense or graphic. In this video, the ER received two patients with cardiac arrests at the same time. One was 45 year old male, the other one was 65 year old female.

An interesting bit to see is the decompression of chest with a needle as can be observed at around 7:52, as well as the insertion of a plastic tube to the side of the chest as observed toward the end of the video.

The female patient had been down for a while when the ER got her so her chances of making it were low. And indeed, she’s the one who died. Male patient survived:

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13 thoughts on “Two Cardiac Arrests in the ER – One Survives, One Dies”

  1. The man narrating and making the video is a guy called Dr. Larry Mellick. He posts a lot of videos on youtube ranging from minor skin conditions to life and death videos like we’ve seen. I know some people have commented why isnt he helping? The reason is because he’s teaching them – when they are fully qualified there won’t be anyone to hold their hands or take over, it will be down to them. I’ve seen quite a few of his videos and he has helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of patients throughout his career.

  2. Was I the only one knowing she was going to die but still yelling at the screen “C’mon you can make it!” Really it makes you think about how much people neglect their bodies and from that neglect we can pay the ultimate price. I mean… I watch all the videos here on Bestgore and have for many years now… but that one, even so simplistic, had a profound effect. It made me realize why I eat healthy and exercise and now when I feel I am being to lazy to workout I will remember this and hit the gym.

  3. The guy doing compressions on the 2nd patient was going WAY too fast. He didn’t allow for proper chest recoil so the heart could never fully refill with blood. Poor CPR technique probably wasn’t the cause of her downfall in the end, but it certainly didn’t help either.

  4. This video makes Me feel more paranoid than usual.
    I suffer from extreme anxiety of heart attacks.
    Last year at the age of 22 I had a heart attack, it was bad enough that I had to be airlifted to the Hospital.
    My doctors said its no longer if, its when.

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