Ugly Bedsore on Elderly Person from Nursing Home in Germany

Ugly Bedsore on Elderly Person from Nursing Home in Germany

Ugly Bedsore on Elderly Person from Nursing Home in Germany

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mrswednesday, who sent us a picture from a nursing home in Germany, showing a bedsore on an elderly person in their care:

This is the butt of an old person from a nursing home in Germany who has been sore.

Many thanks for sharing the pics with us, @mrswednesday. The sore almost looks like a bodily orifice of a post wall cock carousel rider looking for a beta provider to finance the life of Chad’s kids.

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32 thoughts on “Ugly Bedsore on Elderly Person from Nursing Home in Germany”

    1. @danaconda
      Yes,,, i noticed that as well brother Spock. But Dan,,, or Guys,,, (I Should Say) I do have to say that i thought all this time, that inny’s only came in the form of Belly-Buttons, lol.

    1. It’s hard to tell where, but appears to be bony tissue below. No signs of gangrene which is dead tissue. The wound is very clean and ready to heal if kept homeostatic.
      Pressure sores are almost all preventable with basic nursing and medical care, nothing heroic needed or expense yet they continue to happen by the thousands and thousands.
      The last I checked in the US the average treatment cost the taxpayers $10,000 per ulcer in the 1990’s. I’ve seen patients with 7or8 plus. Do the math.

  1. Total neglect. Probably agency immigrant staff on minimum wage. If we can’t look after our elderly then the country is fucked. Same her in the UK. OAP,s seen as a burden on society rather than being able to be looked after with some dignity in their last few years.

  2. You’re supposed to roll the patient from one side onto another every 3 hours at least. Still some get bed sores. At some point these wounds don’t heal anymore and all you can do is clean it, wrap it. German nursing homes in general are pretty bad. Understaffed, bad wages and they hire anyone.

  3. who in the hell thinks it’s an awesome idea to post a photo like this without consent? jesus, that could be your grandma, or you one day. show some damned respect.

    *seriously, consent matters here.

    poor lady, i hope she heals.

  4. Here in Sweden, nursing homes have always sucked. You’d think it’d be a place for the elderly to peacefully live out their final years as a thanks for breaking their backs for the country.
    However, it has become … so … much … worse since the mass immigration, since while elderly people were never a priority, now they’re even less of one.
    Look at this shit, and tell me honestly …
    Are you going to vote for more immigration and spit in the faces of those who built your country? Or will you vote for your people?
    Don’t get me wrong, controlled immigration with proper assimulation is perfectly fine. It’s not what we’re having in western Europe.
    Speak up and speak louder than the ones that will try to put you down with the R word. Make sure to educate yourself and educate others, and vote on a good party that makes the most sense to you.

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