Unarmed Man Casually Shot and Double Tapped on Street

Unarmed Man Casually Shot and Double Tapped on Street

Unarmed Man Casually Shot and Double Tapped on Street

I don’t have any backinfo about this video, but I think it’s an older footage from Africa. Or maybe Haiti? No idea.

It shows a shirtless, unarmed man running helplessly down a street when a man armed with a rifle and wearing military fatigues first shoots him to take him down, then double taps his body with another close range shot.

There is then a different angle video of a headshot that opens up the victim’s skull and spills out a bit of his brain matter.

If you know more about this video, please share the background in the comment.

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154 thoughts on “Unarmed Man Casually Shot and Double Tapped on Street”

          1. I wouldn’t know shit about guns because my criminal Government basically outlawed them 24 years ago. Maybe Vlad is in the same boat?

          2. The fal shoots a 7.62×51 round which is also known as a british .280. They started making them way back in ‘53 therefore them motherfuckers are all over the world.

        1. Malvinas argentinas: “The man who shoots is not a military man, he is a rebel, dressed in a military” – So was this an intentional “false flag” kind of thing done in order to get the people on the rebel’s side or something? You know, have some of your guys dressed as the enemy and filmed murdering innocent people to demonize their opponent? Or am I just reading too much into your description here?

        1. Yup,eye for an eye could solve a bunch of unnecessary bullshit in our justice system and save billions of dollars as well. But we’re pussy-whipped Americans, always in our feelings about shit. We have no balls, just a bunch of dicks!

          1. Oh god. If you’re gonna bring statistics in to it, you should examine the insane spike in murder/organized crime/narcotic sales among blacks and Hispanics in America. Mass murders are so statistically fucking rare. That’s literally the dumbest fucking comment that I’ve seen floating around social media. But nice try. Idiot.

  1. The crime rates in London England would drop by around 70% if they were to co-opt and use such a strategy against the din du tribe.

    Equally though. There would be a large reported drop, by around 70%, of aspiring architects and promising footballers.

    1. These black filth are slowly (quickly?) taking over every white country in
      Goto London, Paris, Berlin all you will see is 1oo million black tar babies.
      All on Govt. handouts
      All having 3-5 kids, ’cause they just lay around and fuck all day
      “Slowly but surely, they drew their plans against us …” – HG Wells:
      War of the Worlds

      1. It’s disgusting, if people don’t start taking back their country soon and sending these mongrels to the grave as well as their satanic puppet masters. The mud rivers will drown us all…a lot of blood must be shed, guilty and innocent

      1. Vlad I am going to need you to calm the fuck down. I usually do not comment to you bastards about anything. But you hit a nerve with me so I felt the need to address you. If you can’t comment in a professional way then do not comment at all and for the record my dear I am not fat.

    1. More like crazy idiot gets himself killed. There are armed soldiers there who clearly aren’t messing around, and his predicament is running almost nude right by them while engaging and clearly agitating them. Anyone with any good sense would have stayed clear of them, but no…, retards gonna retard.

    2. More like crazy idiot gets himself killed. There are armed soldiers there who clearly aren’t messing around, and his predicament is running almost nude right by them while engaging and clearly agitating them. Anyone with any good sense would have stayed clear of them, but no…, retards gonna retard.

  2. May well be wrong but I’m sure this clip is from the disastrous ECOMOG intervention in Liberia in the 90s. If I am right then the goons are almost certainly Nigerian and were as corrupt as fuck.

    The soldiers were so well respected it was said ECOMOG stood for Every Car Or Movable Object Gone.

  3. That hip shot was fucking brutal. Most beneficial thing that could have possibly happened was that last sleeping pill to the skullguts.

    Perhaps that battle monkey assumed that he was wearing bullet resistant underwear.
    His assumption, assuming he assumed, clearly wasn’t backed with reality.

    RIP smelly, dirty AIDS infected Ebola having valueless Fleshy Virus

    1. @lord-wankdust

      Rab C Nesbitt’s wife‘s doppelganger, Nicola Sturgeon, has been saying that Scotland needs a constant flow of immigrants to survive and that she wants Scotland to become the place where all immigrants will come to live and work.

      She also said the Scottish people were very welcoming towards such migrants and would greet them with open arms.

      As a Scot yourself what are your thoughts about Nicola Sturgeon’s desire to turn Scotland into London(twinned with Lagos) part 2.

      1. Anyone who thinks the only way to keep their country going, is by replacing the indigenous population with primates, has some serious cognitive deficiencies. Having a bunch of rapid chimpanzees running around, is not a recipe for improvement.

        1. @coffindodger

          Its not their country they want to keep going. Its their profit margins.
          This of course calls for a lowering in expenditure, i.e. The worker.

          Cast your mind to the third world sweatshop worker. Now. We all know why first world businesses create and operate sweatshops in the third world, its so they can lower expenditure at the worker level thus boosting the mark-up. Well, mass uncontrolled immigration into the first world is exactly the same kind of thing by the same people and for the exact same reasons.

          There is no altruistic motive behind it. No moral obligation. Just greed. Just profit.

          1. Exactly right. The capitalist, traitor class in the west have detached themselves from reality and ‘what may come’ as result of their arrogance and stupidity. French in Haiti ring a bell? When white workers eventually unite, and say enough is enough, it will be a war by postcodes and the affluent slobs will get their dose.

      2. As a part-time archaeologist, I was part of the team which found Scotland’s earliest people. They crossed what is now the North Sea, dryshod following, hunting and living off massive herds of reindeer seasonally migrating over to what is now Scotland from Northern Germany and the Baltic area. Scotland had just emerged from under a mile of ice during the last Ice Age. That was 14, 000 BCE.
        The next wave of settlers were from Central Europe and the Eurasian Steppe around 4, 000 BCE. Many of those ancestors originally from around Turkey and they made lovely pottery.

        2,000 years ago what is now Scotland was invaded by the Roman Legions under Cerealis then under Agricola during the 1st Century expansion of the Roman Empire. What later became Scotland never really took to the Romans and we were less than co-operative with the Homo-Roman Legionaries. We fought back. The first “hard frontier” in the entire Roman Empire was built from Dunblane to Perth. Known as the Gask Ridge it was a military frontier which was later firmed up across the Forth-Clyde isthmus as The Antonine Wall. The frontier was then moved further South and the wall known as Hadrian’s Wall was built.

        Under Septimus Severus Scotland was invaded yet again, brutal population culling was undertaken. Southern Scotland and the East coast plains as far North as Aberdeen were subjected to a genocide and clearance of people by Rome. Throughout this period of hundereds of years of Roman Campaigns, Caledonia saw not “Italian” Roman Armies, but legions, and cohorts drawn from North Africa, Syria, Turkey, what is now Czech republic. The remains of Moroccan tagines (distinctive style of cooking pot still used today) were found at a Roman fortlet near Clydebank, the Roman Soldiers stationed there were from Morocco!

        Once the Roman Empire fell in the 4th Century, the East coast of England and Southern Scotland were harried by Goths, Angles, Visigoths, Saxons and all manner of European, axe-wielding invaders. England accepted them all. Scotland resisted.

        Scotland was unified from four distinct kingdoms and thus invented in AD 843 by Kenneth MacAlpine. No sooner had this fine state of affairs come to be than the motherfucking Vikings started raiding, invading and generally fannying about. As well as blood-eagling monks for pleasure, the Vikings took over Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles (they stayed under Norwegian rule until the 15th Century).

        The Normans who had by now (1066 and all that) taken over England and Wales decided to invade Scotland chunk by chunk, lands were given and bought. Resistance in Scotland to the alien Norman way of life reached a peak in the late 13th Century under William Wallace. Wallace’s work was continued by Robert the Bruce (himself of Norman descent) who eventually totally fucked the English army at Bannockburn. Scotland had won back it’s independence.

        Throughout the medieval period Scotland was closely allied with European France and French was the language of the Royal Court in Edinburgh. Two major population invasions at the end of the 19th Century were the Irish and Italian waves of immigration. After World War Two many Polish People remained here as their own country had been annexed by the Soviets. The nearest town to me has a Polish Club which has been there for 70 years. I speak a basic Polish as some of the pupils at the school I work in, have come over from Poland.

        History is all the stuff that has already happened and we can do nothing about. Scotland was a clean slate immediately after the Ice Age. Everyone in Scotland is descended from people who immigrated here since then in some of those population shifts I’ve mentioned.
        The day after the “Leave” vote, Nicola flew to Germany to try and give away Scotland’s fishing rights to the Hun. Why she should try to do that I have no idea. Once it became public, there was a huge outcry, Nicola shut up and has never mentioned it again. Nicola is a “Europeanist” and not a sub-saharan Africanist though when it comes to immigration. She is Teutonic and actually looks like Angela Merkel after liposuction.

        1. @lord-wankdust

          The difference this time though is that immigration isn’t a gradual, it’s a large constant movement and a never ending one at that. It is also by design and being used to undermine the living standards the working class have fought hard for and gained over the last 80 years because it has created an employers market whereby supply far exceeds demand so wages can be lowered and conditions diminished.

          The rise of the gig economy. Zero hour contracts etc. All the result of supply exceeding demand. Cause and effect.

          You also can’t build enough homes or support infrastructure in general for a constant and indeterminable number of people. Stating that you will build 200,000 new homes within 30 years for example fixes nothing if within that 30 year period you let in another 5 million or so.

          As a result of all the above unemployment increases massively. As does the homeless problem. As does crime in general. Society then breaks down and starts to decay.

          We both know that “controlled” immigration provides the best of immigration but takes away the above stated negatives. Europeanists however don’t believe in controlled immigration. They are all for the constant flow and mass movement of people as per the Freedom of Movement Act. Nicola, Frankenstein’s Mary Doll Nesbitt meets Angela Merkel, Sturgeon is a Europeanist like you say. She therefore believes in and supports uncontrolled migration and all it brings with it.

          To get to my point then. I have no problem with Scotland having their independence. If they want it they should be able to have it. As a Brexit supporter it would be hypocritical of me not to take such a stance.

          However, and here is my worry, Nicola will immediately sell your arse to Europe. Thus giving away your fishing rights and no doubt everything else as well. You will then be forced to pay into their bloated coffers whilst also forced to accept a large amount of cheap imported labour putting your own people out of work not to mention having to take in a sizable proportion of the Islamic rapefugees currently amassing at Hades door.

          1. @empty-soul “I have no problem with Scotland having their independence.”

            That is very kind of you. Scotland thanks you.

            I understand the difference between Scotland’s current level of immigration and the “5 million” you suggest are coming. Scotland currently has a population of 5.4 Million. I don’t think your 5 Million are coming, I think you have just randomly plucked a number out of thin air.

            I didn’t like Nicola trying to give away Scotland Pelagic Fleet and Fishing Rights to the Hun. No-one in the SNP Government at Holyrood (or in any other party) is advocating the “5 Million” immigrants you suggest are arriving in Scotland. Where did you hear this gibberish or what did you base this nonsense on?

          2. @lord-wankdust

            You basically just told me you’re an idiot with your above comment.

            You meant to be a smart arse of course. A “SCOTTISH” smarty arse with a capital “S” of course. A natural born fighter. A Mr Brave Heart if you will.

            However. By your complete blanking of current history(what Europe has forced upon others) and your complete indifference between Scottish made and European made rule law and regulation you consign yourself to the realm of stupidity.

            Enjoy becoming the new London. You will soon learn the folly of your ways just like Greece, France and England did.

            I guess one must suffer before they learn. Such is life.

          3. @empty-soul

            You are forgiven my friend. I understand your frustrations. I even understand you getting drunk and being a little “cunty”. Fear not. Keep your heart light in the face of the crapulousness of society and smell the daffodils while they are in season. Take care buddy.

          4. @lord-wankdust


            In all honesty I am half Scottish myself and have spent many years going back and forth between England and Scotland. I therefore do want to see Scotland staying Scottish unlike many parts of England(London, I am looking at you) which are no longer English.

            I also want to see Scotland and the rest of Britain(those outside of the London bubble) escape the evil twats at Westminster and the European Union and thus become both self focusing and self determining.

            Nicola Sturgeon however wishes to make Scotland European in name, law and order which places her alongside Tony fucking Blair in the grand scheme of things.

            Scotland England and Wales need friends and supporters, not traitors and sell-outs and this is where I stand at the end of the day.

  4. Shit heads appear trigger happy finding excuses in shooting one of their own , subjecting some random guy to Police Abuse, absolutely wayward …………… damn fucking absurd way of wasting ammo on a dickless guy .

    You don’t know what he did before this do you? He could have been a mentally deranged guy who just wanted to prance around like a monkey feeling happy after munching on a bunch of bananas.

  5. More like crazy idiot gets himself killed. There are armed soldiers there who clearly aren’t messing around, and his predicament is running almost nude right by them while engaging and clearly agitating them. Anyone with any good sense would have stayed clear of them, but no…, retards gonna retard.

  6. Hi Mark. The only info i can contribute is to how i first saw it on the net.
    The video as i remember first was seen as a avatar in the ogrish forum.
    The YNC was the site that was recognised at the time as the one that hosted the video.
    take care, go well.

  7. Looks to me like he wanted to provoke those soldiers to shoot him so he can go on and just die rather pitiful if you ask me. This is either Somalia or somewhere in South Africa

  8. This comment is for the admin .. this video was in Sierra Leone , west Africa . The video was taken in the capital city Freetown during the civil war . The man was shot due to suspicion of being a rebel fighter .. however the persons doing the killings could be either a Sierra leonoean goverment soldier , or a Nigerian soldier . The Nigerian army was deployed there to help the Sierra Leone goverment fight the rebels . Hope this helps

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