Vaginal Hysterectomy Video with Commentary

Vaginal Hysterectomy Video with Commentary

We already have a video of Vaginal Hysterectomy on Best Gore, but there can never be enough of close-ups of shaven pussies spread wide open with a monster speculum while white, fleshy alien looking things are pulled out with creepy looking tenaculum forceps. Unlike the previous video, this one contains audio commentary by the surgeon who performed the operation. The commentary is in English, but it’s English with an Indian accent. Decoding Indian English can be a bit of a challenge – see if you can do better than me, cause I couldn’t understand fuck all.

Vaginal Hysterectomy is a surgical removal of the cervix and uterus through the vagina. It is performed to treat gynecologic conditions which may include endometriosis (cells that usually line the womb grow outside the womb), prolapse (the womb drops into the vagina), fibroids (non-cancerous growths of the womb), cancer of the uterus, cervix or ovary, and irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding uncontrollable by other treatment methods.

In this video, it seems like there’s no end to how much the doc is going to pull out through the patient’s vagina and cut off. Each time a chunk of white, fleshy alien looking substance is pulled out and cut off, he pulls out more and cuts it off. And then more yet and cuts it off. And then again more and more. Like what the fuck? You’re gonna leave that woman empty on the inside, which is something that usually works the other way around.

Props to Nicole for the video:

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55 thoughts on “Vaginal Hysterectomy Video with Commentary”

  1. so that was a tumor attached to the uterus which is probably why she needed the hysterectomy. my mom had one old school style across the stomach. and then her stitches busted open while she was at home. good times.

    1. the Demon Seed insidious call is hardcoded into every normal human male at conception. Only a handful of exceptional individuals managed to get rid of its torment as a result of long years of solitude, meditation and introspection into their own Fleshy Virus nature

      1. very good analysis tulio. you have great insight into the psychology of the human male and his desire to impregnate and skeet DEMON SEED inside human female. what other use is there for them except to make sandwiches and bring you a beer.

      2. I’ve been trying to best the SEED since 2009 and focus on intellectual pursuits and introspection, but, sadly, I think Iam currently at the verge of failure, and the return to my old ways of relentless trying to pick up everything with tits and a snatch seem to be inminent.

  2. Some weird noises were coming out of some medical contraption at the 12 minute point… Like some fucking old Atari!

    I know surgeons like a laugh… They ain’t stuffy old buggers with grey beards and brown shoes. They would rather be out playing rugby and getting wankered!

    On another note… That lady has a spotty bottom.

  3. Without her womb, my bratwurst would be free to arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive inside her without a pesky pregnancy.

    1. Best Gore is not that sort of site.

      Many of us like this site so much due to the fact that we don’t have to see this silly sort of ‘humour’ that is prevalent on other sites.

      We appreciate everybody’s comments. Just not when they openly take the piss.

  4. I can feel my penis no longer lusting for vagina now that I have watched this video. There should be a warning for straight guys and guys who really love black women — this.. could take away some of that feeling.

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