Victims of Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack in Irbin, Syria

Victims of Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack in Irbin, Syria

Newly released videos from Syria allege to show victims of a chemicals weapons attack in Irbin and Ghouta. It’s hard for me to draw any conclusions from the videos as I’ve never dealt with victims of chemical weapons attacks, but I have my doubts – especially after videos like this one. But then again, maybe this is precisely how survivors of any such attack would behave.

I have two videos. First shows an alleged victim being washed with water from a bucket. He appears to feel sick and throws up toward the end of the video:

This video shows sedated victims of the alleged chemical weapons attack resting calmly in hospital beds:

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  1. Never understood the moral distinction between using a chemical weapon on the enemy or just blowing them to paste with shrapnel fragments which need a chemical reqction to occur to explode……… ……. ……….

    1. It’s all just sickening hypocrisy. Also what is the difference between being shot with a bullet to your chest, causing a collapsed lung and not being able to breathe and inhaling chemicals and not being able to breathe. You either die or your body manages to hold on and you survive in both scenarios.

      1. I believe copious amounts of water are required to rinse the victim down in such an attack . But , here , there appear to be no skin burns or blotches , which one would expect to see , not forgetting the fact that these guys appear much less sick than would be the norm for chemical inhilation and contact .

        A stiff broom would have been funny though @bobcat .

  2. I don’t understand why you would doubt this happened?

    Sometimes with some of the things people believe are fugazis on this site, you would have to rename the capital Damascus-wood. This country apparently has hundreds upon thousands of Grammy award winning actors that also actually disappear for eternity just to make the performance more real after they bulldoze their own neighborhoods and pretend it was bombed and they were killed. When do those actors get to finally come home and say ‘surprise I didn’t really get killed in the bombing, the bombings and the whole God forsaken war was all a big act….

  3. Houmis is gorg with celery an carrots … haunani just close your eyes lol …I am a nurse…. i wud be terrified if all they had was a bucket of water for any medical intervention … its very bad this day in age … :O

  4. The prescribed method for treating a victim of chemical attack in Syria is to lie the patient down and water board him. Repeat as necessary until victim recovers, dies or jumps off the table and confesses that he doesn’t want to be a part of this video any longer.

  5. This is not a chemical attack. Sarin gas is a nerve agent and would leave them with nerve damage.duhh.. mustard gas would leave large yellow blisters all over the skin and would also burn the eyes, nose and lungs. They look like children in the school nurses office trying to get out of p.e.

  6. Oh yea almost forgot about chlorine gas because I’ve heard reports that, that has been used as well.. its not chlorine for sure because if you are exposed and you try to wash it off with water guess what happens? You make hydrochloric acid, not really good for the skin.

  7. Guy in the first video reminds me of myself after a night binge-drinking. I’m with the crowd; if this were true chemical reactions we would see the “doctors” in hazmat suits and gloves because they would want to be protected from exposure. These guys just got busted for huffing on gas.

  8. I’m going to come down on the ‘it’s not a chemical agent’ side of the fence.

    The only supporting factor for a chemical agent is the very pathetic attempt at decontamination and, if it was water in the bucket, it’s not that effective, anyway, and removing the vest.

    Although it’s not a very clever idea to do this without wearing gloves etc.

    Symptom-wise, a bit of retching could be anything ,but I would expect more of an effect if some toilet cleaners had been mixed in a lavatory bowl.

  9. I’ve seen a lot more footage of these attacks, it’s chlorine gas. I’ve seen little kids suffering the effects, I reallly don’t think they were faking it. It’s not actually banned though the Syrian forces are getting away with it at the moment.

  10. Read accounts of gas exposure from World War I, there would be intense irritation of the mucous membranes and blood being coughed up. Swollen eyes, etc…. This guy might have gotten a slight dose.

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