Video Appears to Show Human Traffickers Preparing Child for Organ Harvesting

Video Appears to Show Human Traffickers Preparing Child for Organ Harvesting

There is no reliable backinfo about this video, but it appears to show some sort of organ harvesting “facility” where this distressed little girl is being “prepared” to be cut open for her organs by human traffickers.

That Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader has been well documented and admitted even by Jews themselves. Jewish Rabbis are often in the forefront of organ trafficking. With Israel waging war on Syria via their proxies, Damascus university medical doctor Dr. Hussein Nofal, head of the Medical Forensics department, estimates that at least 18,000 Syrians have had organs removed by traffickers during the war thus far.

Props to Best Gore member @infected-stitch for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Alright so I love this site and the community here… but I think that it’s pretty ridiculous to somehow correlate every wrongdoing or misgiving of all of humanity to the jews and their improprieties. It’s delusional in fact to believe that everything terrible act/circumstance in the world (or every negative video or picture on this site, since that is what is being referred to most often) is somehow the fault of the Jews, as though there is some overarching supreme power that they hold that causes every bad deed in the world.

        1. This website exposes wrongdoings that happen around the world. That’s all there is to it. There is demonstrable evidence provided, such as links to multiple sources confirming that Jews are behind human and organ trafficking in the world. Just because there is demonstrable evidence that Jews are behind most wrongdoing in the world, it doesn’t mean it will be downplayed so precious snowflakes don’t get their feelings hurt.

          As I said, this website exposes wrongdoings. So if Jews appear exposed more often than any other group, it is because they are behind more wrongdoings that any other group. Whether you like it or not, wrongdoings will continue being exposed, and wrongdoers named on Best Gore. If Jews continue being behind the lion share of wrongdoings, they will continue being named more often than anyone else. We just expose wrongdoers. They are the ones committing wrongdoings.

          1. “There is demonstrable evidence provided, such as links to multiple sources…”

            The Swedish government has refused to apologise for the article, saying the country’s press freedom prevents it from intervening.

            “If I devoted myself to correcting all the strange claims in the media, I would probably not have time to devote to very much else,” Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister, said.

            The newspaper commented on its story on Sunday, acknowledging that it had no proof of any organ theft but argued that the story deserved publication because of the issues it raised.

            Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

          2. This is why I love this site so much you guys doing amazing work here…you will never see the truth exposed like that somewhere else and this is why bg is under attack so many times

          3. I thought that China was the leader in organ harvesting. Political prisoners as well as prisoners of conscience and religious ideologies such as practitioners of Falun Gong (which is more of a meditation ritual) are subject to harvesting by the thousands. As well as more mainstream types of prisoners. Basically anyone subject to the death penalty. China also has the most facilities in the world that cater to organ harvesting and some of the best hospitals that carry out the transplant procedure.

          4. I love BG for it’s freedom of press and be able to see here what I can’t see elsewhere, but there is a big difference between claiming some random crazy driver is a female and the claims of this post.
            @ContraX The link is on the article under [[ well documented]] , and the other links are weak as well.
            I may be wrong, but this video isn’t convincing at all. It would make a lot more sense to say Israel bombed the crap out of this people, her mother is dead, and this guys are doing what they can to help around, but I would be talking out of my arse. I have not a clue what is going on.

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      1. Agreed… maybe they are healing her cancer stricken body. She could have been in chernobyl for too long… or maybe they are taking her organs… Just because the post gives you context in the form of a prologue, it doesn’t mean that it is factual.

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  1. why would anyone film this, if this is really the crime described? the last thing you want are documented images of a crime. it does not make sense.
    Also, if they would remove organs from anyone, first thing they would do is to sedate the patient. This whole situation seems fake to me.

      1. The plate they put underneath is to capture X-rays so this child was being prepped for a chest / abdo X-ray. Still does not confirm if this organ trafficking is planned for this kid. However I would tend to think a tiny toddler is way too small to be a good donor. Her arteries / veins are tiny and would be difficult to graft to an adult – but children also need organs so who knows.
        One thing is 100% dodgy is taking that poor girl into a room with corpses and body parts. Horrendous.

    1. I think from what I have read, the use of anesthetics in illegal organ harvesting is not done so as not to raise suspicion with the organ in question.

      I also gather that blood and oxygen need to be actively flowing through the organs for the organs to be of worth anything. So they need to be harvested as soon as possible before the body expires.

      I could be wrong. I could be right. I could also be a banana. Who knows.

        1. @Bobby yeah I know that but I just thought the documented information of willing donors might make illegal anesthetizing of individuals pronounced. It’s easier to write off an individual as an expired patient rather than the latter.

          Can I be a banana?

      1. In some cases, organ donation between a child and adult are possible. A match between the two individuals must be in place. Children also are in need of donations, not just adults.

        In regards to your link, I did come across that as well a couple hours ago. Sometimes the best investigators are found threaded within this site. It’s own members. It has been proven. That’s why I like it here.

      2. is a Zionist propaganda portal financed by Zionists to whitewash Zionist crimes and falsely twist facts so the Syrians end up framed as the bad guys, and the people committing genocide in Syria as some humanitarians. Fuck right off with that bullshit.

    1. Agreed, this really sickened me to see an innocent child alive and knowing what they were about to do to her. So frightened, calling for her mother. Helpless, and I couldn’t do anything but turn it off.

  2. Looks fake to me, It appears the people in the video are from some Arab country and the last time I checked the Arabs hate the Jews, So I doubt they would be slicing up their own children and giving the organs to their arch-enemies.

    1. It could be fake…i will say that to a hammer…everything looks like a nail…the very fact that this is on BG makes it “seem” that this is in fact a video of an organ harvest preparation…the want to be shocked n sickened by depraved acts simply makes us more apt to believing the story…But this could be a video of anything…n it COULD very well be what we dread…n by the same token it could be anything else upon further observation.

  3. Why was the organ “harvesting” not (presumably) filmed? I can only see/hear a crying child… Not too eventful:(
    In any case… if only there was a vide0 of the harvesting. Why only film the waterworks lol – I feel I am missing out

  4. They pull that little girl into the room where dead are lying and whatever is going on there, its probably nothing good!
    As i use to say, money brings out the worst in people. Its just that never ending greed.

    1. That was exactly my reaction. If this isn’t organ harvesting prep, WTF is going on in this shitty building with dead bodies? If this going to be an xray, why the tray under this baby’s body, instead of something covering the front of her? It’s likely a wartorn country somewhere where sanitation is nil and medical practices are bottom of the barrel but better than nothing? It’s a VERY strange and horrible setup, whatever is happening here. It doesn’t help that the child looks healthy, so you do wonder why she is being “examined” in this environment. Wow.

  5. Dammit it’s a portable xray machine , look carefully they slip the xray film case under her that funny looking comptraction next to her will put a red x on her belly , its a make shift operating room , thats why they are operating on one child while they try and see whats wrong with the lil girl , sometimes if they dont xray ,the kids might look normal till internal bleeding takes them out !

    1. Agreed. It’s pretty obvious if you know how x-ray machines work.
      This video is from the Middle East and almost certainly shows a makeshift hospital to treat the victims of a bombing.

      1. Doctors dig through bodies all the time. And in a warzone, or natural disaster, doctors have been known to pile corpses like firewood. So it is possible that this is a makeshift hospital.

  6. even if this video is edited to make it look like the girl is about to be harvested it at least plants the seed and the images in your mind about what these vermin do and the sheer terror a child like that might face just before she is drugged then harvested. this shit obviously happens all you have to do is look online just to see how depraved humans are so this is going on and thats fact. its quite a chilling video in that sense.

  7. I am downloading this video and whenever some sick fuck Christian tries to convert me I will show this to them and ask them, where is God when this child, an innocent kid that’ll be dead in seconds for they will take out her organs???!!! Fuck you if you think that God is with you to help you convert me, but allow this child to be killed for some organ harvesting.

  8. The kid being blond and a girl is a nice touch…. There is so much bullshit here, it’s tough to tell where to begin but I’ll start with the fact that a blond toddler is worth WAY more for adoption than for organ harvesting. Second, a child that young usually has organs discarded on death – although this is changing. Think of the load of adult metabolic wastes on a kidney 1/5 the size it should be. Heart, useless unless for another child.

    The Child spoke English. Why risk a first world kidnapping when you can go to Indonesia or Bombay and pick up a kid for a few thousand if not a few hundred dollars.

    This is unmitigated bullshit. Nevertheless.. It’s disturbing as hell.

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    1. The video with Smart Agency logo on it and it is Syrian agency covering news in Syrian opposition held areas, publishers claimed it shows Turkey and opposition using Syrian kids by killing them and harvesting their organs.
      Verify-Sy searched for the real info of the video and found the original one on Smart Agency official channel on YouTube on 11/12/2015 under the headline “Russian warplanes committed massacre in Qasabyie village in Idlib southern countryside”.

  9. just dirty streets, dirty people in dirty rooms and couple of tiny corpses on the floor

    you say harvesting. so show me the harvesting and then maybe i will blame jews with you or whoever you want to blame

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