Video of Conjoined Twins Performing Their Daily Chores

Video of Conjoined Twins Performing Their Daily Chores

Sometimes called Siamese Twins, after famous Chang and Eng Bunker from Thailand (formerly known as Siam), conjoined twins re born with skin and organs fused together. On average, conjoined twins occur approximately once every 100,000 live births, but only about 5 percent and 25 percent survive past the first day of life.

As with virtually all aspects of life, female conjoined twins have a three times higher rate of survival, and male twins are more likely to be born conjoined.

Video below shows male conjoined twins performing their daily chores. They each have their own set of hands, which they each individually control, but there is only one set of legs. I wonder which one controls those.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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118 thoughts on “Video of Conjoined Twins Performing Their Daily Chores”

    1. And if Hitler had his way, anyone who isn’t “normal” wouldn’t be here.
      These 2 boys (1.5?) are amazing and inspiring.
      I think this video would be better if the song was changed to Angel Of Death by Slayer.

      1. That would be so bad in some situations. Your having a wonderful dream about not been killed on a motorcycle only to be woken up by your Siamese twin wacking you off or trying to jam something up your arse, he finally blows your wad, slumps backwards and goes to sleep leaving you with cleanup….. I think you would have to have a little chat!

  1. Hmm, could there be a practical application for brothers like these? I mean, evolution is all about working with your handicaps. Is there a particular job only THEY could excel at, given their condition?

    “Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It is how we have evolved from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, usually taking thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.” (Jean Grey, X2)

    “But sometimes, it takes two steps back and falls into a tar pit.” (Cadejito)

      1. I’ve seen vintage photos of conjoined brothers, each of whom had their own wife. It kind of boggles the mind. I’m being completely serious now, but back in those days, the idea of having a foursome was inconceivable. Sex between a man and his wife was expected to be a private, intimate affair. How can you be private, and intimate, when you are physically attached to another person, and both of you have spouses? It must have tested the morals of the time.

        As for Abby and Brittany…wow…that one REALLY boggles the mind. I mean, they are two distinct personalities who share the same body, the same pussy. It would be fine if they both fell in love with the same person, but what happens if they fall in love with different men? Will both men have to participate in lovemaking sessions? One sister will have to tolerate sex with a man she might not find attractive, who she might even find repulsive. Maybe they will adopt anal intercourse as a way for both men to get off at the same time. And they said they plan on having children…it’s gonna suck having to go through all the quirks of pregnancy for the child of your sister with the man she loves. And what if one sister suddenly decides she doesn’t want to have children, but the other one does?

        “Catdog. Catdog. Alone in the world was a little catdog.”

          1. That’s macabre (you know, I’ve always liked that word “macabre”? I so rarely get an opportunity to use it in a sentence). Having to live the rest of your life with the stump where your sister’s head used to be, because they will obviously have to remove it to prevent any complications.

          2. @dethbyplaster

            “What if one dies?”

            The circulatory systems are usually interwoven and often require the work of both hearts in order to handle the extra volume.

            With time to assemble a top-notch surgical team there’s a slim possibility of survival, but if it was too difficult to separate them while alive, I doubt things will go well separating them with one dying/dead.

            As far as the end of Chang and Eng Bunker, Eng woke one morning to find his brother dead beside him and he, himself, passed away three hours later. Random trivia, the two of them fathered 21 children, having married two sisters (not conjoined).

          3. That Chang and Eng story reminded me of that Tales from the Crypt episode, the one where Kyle Maclachlan plays an outlaw who ends up being handcuffed to a dead police officer in the middle of the desert. If Eng had lived in modern times, there might have been a way to save him, but all he could do back then was feel his heart take up the burden of pumping blood through two bodies; as if he had suddenly gained 130 pounds.

          4. If one dies, the other dies too. That’s what happened to the Thai twins who lived in the southern US in the 19th century. One of them died then there was nothing for it, the other guy died a few hours later.

    1. @cadejito

      “Is there a particular job only THEY could excel at?”

      They could be linesmen. They wouldn’t even need safety harnesses, one hugs the utility pole while the other works, then they switch off when there’s work to be done on the opposite side. They’d make a mint in any of those countries where wires drunkenly crisscross the sky like demented spiderwebs and employee safety is unheard of.

      “But sometimes, it takes two steps back and falls into a tar pit.” (Cadejito)

      Henceforth, I shall imagine the physical incarnation of evolution to be a cross-eyed, clueless, embarrassingly clumsy stegosaurus that habitually lolls its tongue out of the side of its mouth and derps constantly.

          1. Well, it’s not a practical application, I recognize. But with the Kardashians still on and Big Brother on its 17th edition here in Brazil, I guess that you could show them in different ways repeatedly, if you get me. Modify a little bit here and there every now and then, create a different character sometimes, and you could then have them going for years on end in the show business. That would depend on the level of their natural talent, of course, and if they have, or make, some good jewish friends, if you get what I mean.

    2. Evolution is only about mutations. It does not necessarily mean that the mutations are beneficial or not. If the mutations get well adapted to the environment they are beneficial and may be selected. If they hinder the creature, it will probably be excluded. Nowadays, though, we may argue that as society has an abundance of resources and mentality has changed from the days of Rome and Sparta, many mutations which shouldn’t be selected are maintained, which may progressively result in people that are less healthy.

      1. I’d liken evolution to a blind painter. Most of the time, you’re gonna end up with nothing but a mass of splotches, but every now and then the right combination of splotches might actually be something one can admire.

    1. Funny comment @svarg26.
      The first comment on this that I can really grasp.
      -Put these coconut crab lookin stains up a banana tree. -Maybe sell tickets to watch the Waterhead University Twister Champs.
      -How many dicks do they have? One? If Chong likes fat chicks poor Bong gets fuckin’ smashed. -Which one jerks off?
      -Youll never see another buck toothed octopus climbing stairs.

  2. Chang and Eng Bunker from Thailand
    truly deserve pats to their back for taking life as it comes .
    Though its hard for two lives to be conjoined like this but I am hoping they go about their everyday chores smilingly .
    Well Done little ones !
    Enough inspiration for those who give up on life .

    1. @Blucon.
      Inspiration my ass. What eles are they gonna do? Unzip from each other when nobody’s looking and play vidya games all day or get high and make crank calls? Then, when a camera shows up they mount each other, zip up and feed each other rice on the dirt floor.

      1. @Dan-A-Conda
        Hahahaha They don’t seem mounted or do they ?
        but in all hilarity feeding rice to each other remaining zipped up from a dirt floor would be like something out of the extra ordinary with still the word “inspiration” seated right up their arse for those who easily give up on their lives.

  3. sacrifice 1 and save the second. or kill them both.

    why just let them like this as they shouldnt have any life , any futur…. this is unresponsable torture. those boys have no chance to live.

    choice is simple, save one, or kill them both. parents shoud have choice one of these, for the sake of their childs.
    make the choice to let them like that for not lose any of them is pur shit. i prefer sacrifice 1 of my child for get the second one alive with a good life. than letting both live the shit life.

    yeah, call me whatever you want…..

    1. Okay, whatever-you-want, you SAY that, until you look into both boys’ eyes and realize that each has a life, a soul, likes and dislikes, and strong desire to live. They’ve obviously come to terms with their situation.

      How would you, as a mother who loves her children, decide which one to kill? Do you kill the engineer, or do you kill the doctor?

      “Her name IS Um, IDIOT!” (The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland)

      1. But…Dude, they only have one anus! How would you like someone dropping by to take a shit out of your ass every day? Think about it. Life isn’t always fair. When it comes to anuses…(ani?) “To each his own.”

  4. I wonder how they wank? How do they wipe their ass after taking a shit? Who holds the dick if they’re taking a piss?
    Also, they look like a spider when they walk, except a spider has eight legs and they have six, so they are a fucking insect!
    Ugly motherfuckers.

  5. Interesting that they’re joined in such a way that they don’t even need to alter their clothing.

    So… do they flip a coin every time to see who gets to be ‘top’ when bike-riding or do they take turns?

    1. Those are actually some pretty intriguing questions. I’m guessing eventually they will just divide the work and it’ll become routine. It won’t help either to get pouty and REFUSE to wipe until the other one pulls his weight. Jacking off will be pretty intense for these guys. Think of it, you’ve got two hands to actually jack off, and two more, completely sentient, hands to tweak your nipples, play with your balls, etc. Is that gay? I mean, if they share one penis, they both will get pleasure from it. I don’t think gay enters the equation, unless they become infatuated with each other.

      That last question would be a cruel twist of fate. With the revulsion most straight guys express towards gay sex, I’m pretty sure the straight twin would find a way to kill off his gay brother, and THAT would make for an interesting murder case. I mean, if you are being forced to partake in sex you don’t enjoy, that is rape; but every individual also has the right to pursue the love that appeals to them.

  6. I have so many questions… like:
    – How do they shit and piss?
    – If one eats, does the other one gets his stomach full?
    – If one is sleeping and another awake, how does the other control the body?
    – If one dies, does the other still live?
    – Has any horror movie directors tried to hire them? 😆

  7. I am pleased to see so many positive comments. To the rest of them…. Didn’t they teach you in grade school that it was not polite to make fun of the less fortunate?
    I honestly can’t wrap my mind as to why this video is Gore in the first place.
    God bless the less fortunate.

    1. I can’t help my reaction. It’s revolting, to me. I don’t think I actually said that but it does make me queasy. I couldn’t be around them and the same with some kinds of retarded people. I guess it’s wrong for another person to make you feel sick to your stomach but I cannot help it.

      1. @deth.
        Don’t apologize. It’s wrong to claim that shit like this doesn’t make you squirm on the inside. Everyone has a “wtf limit”. Those who say they don’t and say they love all creatures and blah, blah, are fucking liars. It’s the same arrogant, p.c., look down their nose at people mentality that allows mutations the chance, albeit a small chance, to survive and possibly spawn more of these. Lobster boy had a whole family of lobsters. Multiculturalism includes duds and gimps too. We don’t have to like or accept this shit just cuz a movie stars say we should. Let legasaurus here go live with Rosie O’Donnell or Madonna.

      2. my sister’s brand new neighbor began building a ramp off the front porch and my sister was like oh shit whats moving in now, everytime I walk up to my house I gotta see “jimmy” struggling in his chair up the ramp and wave hi (she then of course broke into full imitation) made me both cackle and cringe .

        we bonded that day.

  8. How many seats do they pay for at the theater or ball park?
    Swimming lessons or just keep these cart-floppers away from the water?
    Parkour champs or just cheaters?
    Put them in a ladybug costume on Halloween.
    If they were Mexican they could pick lettuce and tomatoes.
    Bungee jump from a bridge in a spider suit to scare tourists.

  9. Omg that must fucking suck!!! I can’t even imagine what it was like giving birth to these 2! If I was the parent I would have grabbed my gun and immediately put them down. This is mo way to live!!! Everyday must be pure torture especially when the one coughs right in the other ones face!!! Disgusting!!!!!

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