Video of Drug Addict Overdosing on Heroin

Video of Drug Addict Overdosing on Heroin

This video is from a documentary by Konstantin Bojanov (Константин Божанов) called Invisible. It’s about drug addicts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

So this is what OD-ing on heroin looks like? I think I’ll give it a pass, just as I have my whole life. Although from the perspective of the overdosed dude (named Remi in the video), it doesn’t look too bad. He was probably flying with rainbow colored toads while his pals forced his gums open to pull the tongue out of the throat.

You can tell that this clique of drug addicts has dealt with their fair share of overdoses cause none of them freaks the fuck out. Sure they’re acting to help the friend out, but none is running around screaming and panicking like the end of the world just happened. Despite being doped out, the druggies were very collected and reasonably familiar with the effects of heroin overdoses.

Smoking weed is one thing, but puncturing one’s vein to inject shit straight into the bloodstream – that’s where I draw the line.

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89 thoughts on “Video of Drug Addict Overdosing on Heroin”

    1. That fucker is as content as can be…for one thing he’s able to be the highest he’s ever been and the best part is he doesn’t have to worry about dying because his friends are there to save his stupid ass. I use to hate buzzkills like him who would get so high that they would need to be babysitted and the process fuck your entire high up.

      1. I was a dopefjend shithead for a long time, and I’ve “fallen out” six or seven times. It is humiliating to me today. But in my experiences, I only fell asleep. Felt like a blink – and hours went in that long blink. I’ve resuscitated friends n family alike, one being my own twin sister, another my older brother. I’m alive today because I have a son and ill never ever go back. I only wrote this to share with those who were smarter, and better people, than I am, whomever touched the shit. That’s what it is, might as well stick shit into yourself. Its probably be better for you than smack lol

    2. Heart breaking to see I know people make their own beds so to say but its not cut and dry in my opinion there’s two different categories of addicts.. One being our typical I just wanna get high party because I am a spoiled brat with money to burn and its fun makes everything better.. Then you have the one who started drugs to get high and mask whatever pain there going through and some don’t even realize that’s what lead them there to begin with..both get addicted to where its no longer just about getting high now its I need that to function normally and not be in excruciating pain and a lot of times it runs in a circle..need to fiction gotta get something..gotta go to work but I psychially can’t make it far less fake I am OK n be pleasant..if I don’t go I lose my income and means for “my medicine” it takes your life over makes a decent person into something else and see here’s another difference with the hates themselves and despises what they became and tries to change even if they the friend said in video remind cares he keeps me alive is there when I am sick and would never screw you..that is sometimes the case and its sad because despite everything they at least stay loyal and care about someone else’s pain. The other one would Robb you blind..set you up if it gained them something.. You could be litterly in pain and sick knowing a hospital will just watch you withdrawal and keep u alive that’s at least in america. Even with that the other one would leave you to die and Robb you on the way out. I know this because I’ve witnessed both. I never did heroin but an ex of mine got me started with pain killers. For years it was hell n I wanted to stop it became a nessity to function but having been through withdrawal I was terrified of that pain.. The worst was hurting but also shaking and despite being exusted I couldn’t sleep it was like having restless leg syndrome but in every limb..that’s not including other symptoms.. By accident one day I discovered suboxone to get off opiates it helped was medically monitored suposto taper down. And eventually I started but it’s expensive the pills were 13 dollars a piece I didn’t always have insurance and when I did it saved maybe 200 that’s it not to mention most suboxone Dr’s don’t take insurance it’s cash only anywhere from 200 a month to 800. They take a course and get licensed to prescribe it..its litterly legal drug dealers and no shit the first time your even twenty bucks short they drop you and let you withdrawal its horrible and in ethical but it happened. My old doctor last year got arrested for laundering money from his office and selling pain killers and zanax stupid ass did this with an under cover cop poseing as a patient. And I didn’t mention that suboxone withdrawal isn’t as strong as straight up opiates but it lasts for one too two months getting worse by day. I am sharing this with you to show you dont always judge and think the worst because of being hooked and living the life of a addict. I understand we all make choices and we all make mistakes..ya never know what can happen it doesn’t take much to get there and when your down that low it feels like all you see is darkness and no way out sometimes a hand held out by a stranger or a non judgmental ear to listen can make the situation seem hopeful and bring change. I hope this brings understanding to some or at least a moment of pause to really see the person behind the drugs before dismissing them all as a lost cause. Thank you for taking a moment to read this.. I hope you all never have to experience anything like that for yourself and your loved ones

      1. I hear you, been there too. Withdrawal is the worst hell imaginable. I’m prescribed opiate patches from my doctor now, but it’s scary thinking I could ever run out of them for whatever reason. I don’t want to ever go through that shit again.

  1. Yeah that’s pretty much it. It’s nothing like in the movies, well occasionally is. God watching that makes me want to use again tonight, but I like to keep shots as far away from each other as much as I can stand to increase my chances of dodging a bullet so to speak . That feeling of your head going back and going out of it is a rush you just can’t explain.. But the feeling of an od is doom is impIt looks unappealing to you non users, but to me it’s like a fat dude staring at a buffet. Makes your mouth water. I probably sound crazy.

      1. Fuck that. My brother did acid in front of me when I was 14 and he full on thought he was a smerf. He was trying to get under some paint on the ground (zebra xing) and it lasted about 6 hours. So creepy!

    1. Nope i no what you mean, i had a habbit when i was 13 years old and that was all i knew till early 20s in my late 20s now and life is great but i no exactly what you are trying to say though hun.
      P.s anyone wants to judge they can go a head as i was young stupid and didnt no what i was actually taking which is even worse but its made me a stronger person though.

          1. False. We all have our own problems and no one is perfect. There are a few good people on here who have had an issue with being addicts and they have fought it and are still fighting. Those people have also posted about it and they aren’t losers. They are still great people. They are still loved. You all should quit being asses and quit being judgemental.

          1. Coffee isn’t so distrucrable as heroin. You can’t compare alcohol and coffee with heroin. Just don’t start with using that shit. Even if you got problems in your life. There is NO excuse for doing it!

      1. Kind of like saying only losers drink coffee, everything food/substance is a “drug” because all foods and substances cause physiological and mental changes in the body and everyone has an addiction to something.

        And the arguement that you can’t compare caffeine to illicit drugs, there are no recorded cases of death by Marijuana, yet caffeine in energy drinks have caused plenty of deaths. Funny that the latter is a legal substance. So there really is no point in making comparisons.

    1. some people are addicted and didnt plan to be. So I don’t consider them losers. We all face our own trials. A few good BG members are/were drug users/addicts and I commend those who have beat it and are really trying to beat it. But they are not losers and you should all quit being asses.

      1. Personally, as an ex addict I have to agree with the squares, a herion addict is a loser, when your using your at your lowest point in life, of course once you get clean and sober your the farthest thing from loser considering what you have to go thru and the will power it takes. It’s easy for these dumbass to judge when they don’t know but in reality they aren’t far from the truth, there is nothing cool or glamorous about shooting up and being a junkie. in reality when your shooting up you don’t care about shit or social status you just care about scoring either way most addict were some of the coolest people you could ever meet but that was before they started using. It’s easy for most to judge and say that’s wrong or your this or that but in reality unless you’ve walked a mile in someones hoes who are you to judge…most addicts would probably look at some square like Stone Cold or Dutch Witch and call them losers or maybe pussies…I know when I was using that’s how I would view everyone who didn’t use as losers. Either way everyones entitled to their opinions but a guy that looks like Stone Cold and a girl that looks like Dutch Witch really shouldn’t be calling anyone losers especially when they look like a couple of nerds themselves lol.

        1. I hope you know that I agree with you and also I am pretty sure you knew that you were one of the people I was talking about. 🙂
          I do my best to not judge and try to be a better person but I am most definitely not perfect.
          But as I said before I am glad you are strong and it may sound gay but I am proud of you. You did what my father and step-father (both died from drugs) could not. So I may feel cheesy saying it but it is true.

  2. I love it when the apprentice junkie explain how Remi is his inspiration, then the camera screens across to Remi who is unconscious with his eyes open and mouth drooping…

    Not sure what the whole deal was with his tongue, you can’t swallow your fucking tongue.

    1. 110% correct!! I have officially died twice and a third time wasn’t. The last time was in 2010 and I had been using all day long. I was OC 40mg’s. I had reached end stage and just couldn’t get high much so I started doing massive amounts. The only 2 things I remember and it is VERY hazy was waking up in the floor of a business I owned and just maybe 3-4 seconds before. I was on a stool and fell straight back like dead weight.(choice of words I couldn’t resist). I had a huge knot on my head. Had I stayed dead I wouldn’t have known anything. The bad side to that (for me anyway) was now I became even more reckless because I had died and it wasn’t as bad as you may think. Most junkies will tell you that they expect death in the short while.

  3. Yea, I’m cool with drugs, but heroin especially. No thank you to sharing syringes or injecting murky water from somebody’s water bottle, etc. Remi’s teeth scared me more than anything though. He did look like he was nicely on-one! For a second I wondered how good the euphoria would be. Ah- the curiosity left my mind quick. I’m heading to watch the Mexican beheading again. That’ll brighten my day! 😉

  4. Everybody thinks off a syringe when H. is mentioned, fyi no junkie starts with injection, newcomers starts with corex (smoking in a cigarette), sniffing, chasing the dragon ( burning on a aluminum foil) sooner with the reasons as not getting enough high, more economic consuming, addict steps to injection, noone starts as a junkie.Certainly the most fatal way is injection but I lost a friend whom used by sniffing as well.

      1. Depends on the quality as I am sure you already know. I much prefer oxy than BTH anyday! I was using mostly asian dope which tested 80%+ every time. Paki dope seem to hit me like a ton of bricks and the beige afghan #4 is pretty good. The garbage you get off the street that comes from Mexico(as one would expect) is horrid. Some of the most dirty I have ever seen would normally come from there.

        This is NOT a how-to-tutorial. Be realistic and know that people are going to do it no matter what anybody says. I try to educate people as much as possible on harm reduction practices. We are not losers as some like to make themselves above the rest of us who succumbed to the “lure of euphoria” and paid the price. I say this I don’t know how many times each day to those that think they know it all. If you have NEVER been on that side of the fence then you will NEVER fully understand what it is like.

        Simple example is we all have to eat in order to sustain. If you are deprived of food for a few days then your brain goes into a different thought process. If you then have food placed in front of you but have been told NOT to touch it just look and smell. First chance you get consequences set aside you WILL try to eat it. Self control no longer seems possible because you are so hungry you can only think about eating. Even before the food hits your stomach you feel relief BUT now its back to having to get more food because that little you just had won’t last.

        The cycle never stops it only becomes stronger,faster and dangerous. Doctors and counselors hate talking to me because I challenge most of what they want US to believe. Throwing pills at you with some bullshit diagnosis. Notice how everybody is now bi-polar,depressed or been molested as a kid. TV says that the cure is in Lexapro,Effexor,Prozac,Extenze or whatever. Gotta be true if its on TV at 3a.m. right? I’m rambling sorry! Just trying to make an option.

  5. Narcanti…it’s the Anidote…
    times in my life, that’s years ago, i know the overdose…and some of my buddies are gone, because they had no help…
    To all…call the ambulance…because the Death waits nearly…

  6. I never had a problem with needles until I tried heroin. I used to feel physically ill just watching stuff like this bringing me back to that high and low. I’ve lost to many friends who were more than this good for nothing. Preparing for an OD is one thing but to anticipate it is foul.

  7. ODing on coke is damn scary…happen about 7 times…2 times I was sure it was over…nothing like your heart doing 200bpm and then stopping and then 200 bpm again…what was I thinking…..I learned how to do coke responsibly eventually…

    1. I was smoking weed for ten years and it”s really stupid drug. It turns you literally into a plant. I also was doing acid,xtc,mushrooms,speed and in the end cocaine. Final conclusion was that no drug gave me what i was looking for,so i started with meditation and that was the only way to reach permanent and true joy. It”s not easy way,because you must first go through all your shit that is inside of you and to face all reasons that leads you to use drugs and from wich you tried to escape,but after facing that inner demons comes such a relife that no drugs can ever can give you. And also you don”t see Jews in every corner anymore…

  8. Ahh yes the nod.The days of the dippers,doojee and the killer p-dope………………”every junkies like a setting sun” the warm feeling…….all is perfect………a little nausea ….yes that’s good,and the cigarette oh man the cigarette is so fucking good just after ….you that know will never forget…..will we…………………….

  9. Ive seen many people almost just as fucked up as him but on Percocet. Standing up but bent over with their head almost below their waste. I have a friend who passed out from smoking opium once. After me and my cousin smacked him a couple times, he woke up and looked at us all spooked. we told him we thought he was dying and he laughed at us and said he was just enjoying the ride. Lmao

  10. My son has no mother because of Heroin. I despise this drug with every inch of my body. I’m 33, My son 7, his Mom passed away 4 yrs ago by “Supposedly” committing suicide in a jail cell after being arrested on several larceny and theft charges.

  11. Wow, I gotta admit I love heroin. Here in Australia we have amazing shit from the Golden Triad ( triangle) in Thailand. It’s called China White and I do anything to have a shot now……….

  12. People who become addicts do so by choice. I know that won’t sit well with the bleeding hearts but really, everyone by now should know what drugs do to you. If knowing that and they still take them, then their either suicidal, hardheaded or just plain stupid. Or all three. Addicts are addicted by choice.

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