Video of Grand Mal Seizure – Looks More Terrifying Than I Thought

Video of Grand Mal Seizure - Looks More Terrifying Than I Thought

I have never had a seizure myself nor have I ever seen anyone suffer one with my own eyes so this was the first for me and I have to say seizures are more terrifying than I thought. When you see actors faking seizures in movies – that’s nothing compared to the real life.

I know there was a girl I went to school with who had epilepsy and other kids saw her have seizures but it never happened when I was around. I did feel sorry for her though because everybody knew she had occasional, unprovoked seizures so she had to live knowing that everybody knew she was epileptic.

Scary thing is – back a few centuries ago, someone who’d been observed to have had a Grand Mal would likely be suspected of having been possessed by the devil so on top of having had a shit hand served to them in life, they would also be burned at stake.

This video shows a young man suffering a Grand Mal, or Tonic鈥揅lonic as they call it now, seizure at home. The intense part starts at around the 6:20 mark, gets really bad at around 6:45 and lasts until about 7:25 at which point it eases down a little.

Do you know someone who has seizures? Have you been present during a bad one? How would you describe it? Do we perhaps have people among us who suffered a Grand Mal in the past?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. cheer up @brokeback
            you are not the only one on your own = lots of people are – but they dont have as many people loving them like you do on here 馃檪 so smile sunshine

          2. @ali, I would’nt say people here love me…tolerate. Yes but love? It’s a nice jesture but the fact is I live alone, eat alone, sleep alone (most of the time) and one day I’ll die alone. Those are the facts about my life.

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            sometimes you drive me crazy! uggh! yes be happy for what you have..

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        1. Love is not a feeling. Love is not an action. Love is motivation. When a child acts out and the parents ground the child, the child probably doesn’t feel loved. Love however does motivate the parents to take action, which can also, not look like love.

    1. Its a sad world we live in that people have to experience shit like this and its even more frustrating that the 1 plant that would not just help him with illnesses like this but people with a HUGE range of other diseases and illnesses live a happier and more fulfilled life! Yet we live in a world were just being affiliated with the plant can pose many legal problems on many levels and a stigma that has lasted since the Reefer Madness of the 1930`s and not to mention the 1 Trillion Dollars spent enforcing, prosecuting, and jailing close to a Million people a year. ( just in the US) and the majority of them for the non-violent crime of grow, selling, or ingesting of cannabis.

      1. I totally agree man, a gift of nature that can make people feel so good is frowned upon because we are evil for wanting to feel good yet I am dealing with an addiction to pain killers thanks to the health care system.

    2. This is hands down the worse video I’ve seen on here. Obviously for personal reasons. If anyone knows someone who has seisures, try and make sure someone is ALWAYS around that person. Or else ;'(

  1. During a seizure, you lose control of bodily movements and all your muscles tense extremely tightly. You may also foam at the mouth. You would probably know if you had one, but you CAN take tests… goes on . . 馃檪

  2. My sister-in-law has seizures, and let me tell you, in real life it is scary as fuck. Especially when they bite their cheek or tongue, then blood pours out of their mouth in addition to the seizure. It really freaked me out the first time I saw her have one, it was very similar to what the poor guy in the video suffers.

    1. They are fucking creepy in person. A guy I worked with has epilepsy and I saw and assisted him a few times over the years. Not pretty… You don’t realize how strong people are until they have zero control. He was in his sixties and he’d literally throw people off that we’re trying to make sure he didn’t smack his head on anything. Never forget those episodes.

  3. As I was around 14, i had took part at a youth camp in Eastern France. One girl of a family around who helped us for some stuff had this problem. She just had a crisis after a dance with me (a slow) :). It was really impressive as she sat on a bench near a window. Her head hit spradically against the glass of this one. But if I remember well, the crisis was shorter than this one.

    Another case was the one of a labrador my parents had and who died quite young (about 9) as he suffered from a brain cancer. This illness provoked epilepsy crisis to him. He remained lying on the ground while his body was trembling.

  4. In south London there are a lot of black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean and there are many examples of these immigrants taking their epileptic children to a witch doctor, (yes we’re still in England just in case your wondering, some would argue otherwise), and these witch doctors conclude that the child is possessed by demons or bewitched by a Juju man, just like any self respecting witch doctor would, and the cure is to beat the child with wooden bats until the demons leave the body.

    There is a problem however with beating a child senseless with wooden bats in that the demons may not come out but the child’s insides might, the latter results in a spell in prison and a humorous newspaper listing.

    I wish the above was just a figment of my imagination but sadly it is all true.

  5. When I was in high school, a girl had a ‘epileptic’ seizure in the street in front of the school and the only people around were me and the principal. The principal freaked out and yelled at me “Do something, she is swallowing her own tongue and may choke to death! Try to open her mouth and her windpipe so she can breath!”
    And I was like “Hell, no. I ain’t touching this bitch. What if she dies, and they try to blame me?”. Luckily, another teacher, who as also a doctor, showed up, gave her first aid and drove her to a hospital.

    1. She wouldn’t swallow her tongue.

      One veterinarian I knew had a seizure at work and one of the techs put tongue depressors in his mouth. Woke up with a mouthfull of splinters!

      If dogs or cats have a seizure for so many minutes they are at risk! of brain damage from the increase in body temp.

    1. @BB- I’m often guilty of forgetting this from time to time. I know you generally remind me and i thank you for that. Someone always does have it worse, i just can’t help but wonder who is at the very top of that. Like who has it the absolute worst. Ah, hell- there goes me thinking too much again. Maybe time to take that advice of yours and “smoke a fat one and chill”. Haha

  6. I had a girlfriend once who had a seizure, she never told me she gets them cause she had not had them since a little girl. She was sittin’ in my recliner, I got up to get somethin’ from the kitchen then I heard some kind of zzzzzzzzz sound, turned around and she was stiff as a board and shaking her way off the chair. Never seen one before so I freaked the fuck out, I thought she was dying, also her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. I told her if she ever felt one coming on (although they don’t know) to tell me so I could stick my dick in her so I just have to lay on top of her while she vibrates on my dick! Hahaha , true story!

      1. If your’e insinuating she left me cause of my vibrate joke,no, she had a sense of humor, I left her cause her crack habit got too bad and she wouldn’t let me help her stop or slow down.

  7. I’ve only had a seizure once in my life, when I was playing the pass-out game “you crouch breath fast, then stand up hold your nose and blow through your nose.” My friends told me that I was shaking and twiching real bad. Though the only thing I remember was feeling at peace and in this amazing dream that felt like forever. Even though I was out for 4-5 seconds they said.

  8. I used to work with the severly handicapped and I will always remember this one fella who wasnt much younger than I was at the time and he would have about 15 grand mals a day, and mixed amongst the grand mals were many petit mals (smaller seizures usually involving eye twitching, body freezing, or small repetitive ticks). He eventually passed away during a seizure. He was 17 at the time. It is a very scary thing to witness and, of course, endure. See, there is alot more than just cancer out there that needs cures – a hell of alot more. Rest in peace pat xo

    1. I agree, though seizures are very rarely fatal. I’m sorry to hear about your patients passing, he was unfortunately the exception, not the rule. For any seizure witness “rookies”, try to keep a cool head and keep an optimistic view that you can see the seized through this.

  9. This guy is obviously used to having seizures and the person with him has seen it all before and knows what to do. There are many medications and treatments out there now that help to control the seizures. I have a friend who had seizures similar in intensity to this and it took quite a while to find a combination of medicines that worked for her.

  10. I just watched the video and this guy said he felt it coming on, I guess it’s different for some people cause my ex said she never knew when they were going to happen, sorry guess I was wrong when I said they don’t know.

    1. I once saw a dog masterbate with both front paws while standing on his hind legs. He did this amongst a bunch of people at a local park where several people had brought their dogs to play. It was pretty fucking funny to see.

  11. My wife has type 1 diabetes so unfortunately I have to see this kinda thing about 1-2 times a year when she drops to a nasty 15-20 blood sugar. I’ve used Glucogone 3 times on her now. It’s scary shit ill tell ya…..!

  12. I had left temporal lobe epilepsy from the age of 9 to 19. (I’m 28 now and haven’t had a seizure since 19 and the doctors say I have most likely “outgrown” it. That it was caused due to puberty and highly erratic hormone levels normal with that age period). The actual seizure is more traumatic for the person viewing it than the person having it. Usually you (or at least I) don’t remember anything. You remember the feeling of a seizure coming on which is very distinct and nothing I can explain. The bad part is how confused you do get. Many times I would get the urge to pee and head to the bathroom but get confused only to start seizing and fall and sometimes hit my head on the counter or tub or floor, etc. The time after the seizure was the worst for me. Migraines so bad I would physically throw up. I’d lost control of my bladder, bitten my tongue which had swollen up to the point I could not speak and had TERRIBLE muscle pain like I’d done 45 minutes on an elliptical. I felt the worst for my Mom. She was always there for it and had to administer the valium anally which she never claimed was an issue but I’d imagine it probably traumatized her severely TBH. I took all sorts of medications which for a kid sucks more than you can imagine. Just right off the top of my head I remember; tegretol, topamax, valium, phenergan, tylenol 3 with codeine. I’m sure there are others I’m missing. I also had neurologist appointments every three months where I had to get my med levels checked, sleep studies, I was very depressed and at times suicidal. Not to mention all the downers I was on has left me very immune to pain medicines as an adult as well as leaving me with insomnia. I was so drugged up during my childhood my brain adjusted and now that I no longer have seizures and am not on medications it does not realize that. So while what you see in the video may appear to be bad on the person having it, it really isn’t. It is everything else that accompanies a seizure disorder. Hopefully I will never have to experience one again but I have been told time and time again that it could come back at any time. If I ever get pregnant I will have to monitor it very closely and same with menopause because they believe so strongly it is related to hormones somehow. I know talking to people during a seizure can at times pull them out of it…I never had that luxury. It was just drop, thrash about, be unconscious for a while, awaken feeling like I’d been a baby in a boxing match with Mike Tyson, rinse and repeat!

  13. Scary stuff. One of my friends Dad suffers from epilepsy. He didn’t have seizures a lot, but when he did- they were always bad! One of the last ones he had was while driving his company work truck. He crashed it of course on a very busy street. He didn’t hurt anyone but he could’ve. At that point, his career was pretty much over. DMV took his drivers license away too. He’s gone downhill since then. Scary stuff indeed!

  14. My friend Dale, has Epilepsy and on more than one occasion i have witnessed him have these grand-Mal Seizure, and let me tell you guys , it scares the living shit out of you thinking your good friend is dying. Iput a wooden spoon in his mouth & press gently down on his tongue as for him not to swallow it , turn him on his side and let it pass. Once after a night of partying, drinking& smokin hash he had a massive one . He shit himself, twice, pucked his guts-out & shit again. He finally fell asleep 2 hrs later. I cleaned him up , in the tub. Put him in bed & cleaned shit and puke all fuckin night. Fuck of all fucks it stunk & I was high as a kite. But you know what , i love my buddy and would kick his ass but do it all over again in a heart-beat if i had to. But that stink FUCKKK 馃檨

          1. @thedre,Juicy’s right your the kind of true friend everybody wishes they had.So true blue through thick and thin.I person just can’t help but love someone like you.True hubby material!!!

          2. @juicy d,ont worry girl , there is a lot of good Canadian boys waiting for the right gal you know. Never give up sweety. Do ya want to hear something funny ? everytime i hear that song California Girl by Canadian band Chilliwack, i now think of you and laugh to myself he, he , 馃檪

          3. thank-you @ Sagemoon & Juicy, you girls are the one,s that are sweet . Any man would be lucky to have lady,s like yourselves. As for me ,i,m just your average gool -ol Canadian boy .

      1. @juicy, you are sooo sweet, if i was not already engaged , i would definately fly down to California for a couple of cocktails with you . Also i would spend a couple of weeks & you could show me around My Treat. After 4 yrs of being engaged , i am still scared to take that next step , ya know marriage whoa… just the word sometimes gives me a chill. 馃檪

        1. @canadadre- you’re a sweetie! Although marriage isn’t for me, I know a lot who are successful in it. I wish you nothing but the best and happiness ahead. From the little I know of you- you’re a sweet guy!! If I can leave ya with one piece of advice on the subject, it’d be- always and forever treat her as you did the second you realized you wanted to marry her! Also never forget the 3 A’s. Attention, Affection and Appreciation! Much love to ya both! <3

  15. Its a sad world we live in that people have to experience shit like this and its even more frustrating that the 1 plant that would not just help him with illnesses like this but people with a HUGE range of other diseases and illnesses live a happier and more fulfilled life! Yet we live in a world were just being affiliated with the plant can pose many legal problems on many levels and a stigma that has lasted since the Reefer Madness of the 1930`s and not to mention the 1 Trillion Dollars spent enforcing, prosecuting, and jailing close to a Million people a year. ( just in the US) and the majority of them for the non-violent crime of grow, selling, or ingesting of cannabis.

  16. My dad has epilepsy. He had one behind the wheel when I was a baby and apparently I screamed when I saw him, since he was covered in blood. He had hit a tree. He went 18 years without one, and then had one when I was 19. Again, he was behind the wheel, but my stepmom and myself were in the car that time. We were in St. Paul, on a busy street. By some good karma the only thing damaged was a snowbank, and the worst injury was my dad bit his tongue. But my dad is six six, so seeing him seizing was the scariest thing in the world. He was the person who took care of me and made everything go away, and I couldn’t help him. He’s been seizure free since that day, but it’s still scary knowing that he could be driving with my two younger brothers and could have another seizure.

  17. I was an ALS Paramedic for 11 years. (Now a Funeral Director, patients are a lot quieter now!) He’s very active after his seizure.

    The reason they’re referred to as ‘tonic/clonic seizures’ is the ‘tonic’ part is the active seizure activity, whereas the ‘clonic’ part is the normally sleepy, unresponsive, confused stage directly afterwards.

    The reason they’re left in this condition is the body burns a LOT of glucose during the tonic phase of the seizure. So, essentially, you run out of gas.

    I can always remember a call in a Shoppers Drug Mart for a young girl that had suffered a seizure. Unfortunately, she had urinated and was embarrassed.

    But, then hit the ‘confused’ state and sat straight up, took both her hands and clenched them into a little ‘mallet’ and took a mighty walloping swing at me. Hit me in the side, knocking me right OVER her and into the shelf. I was not impressed.

    But, again, not her fault. After that, she was right out for a while, then came to in tears and very ashamed. Told her it was cool, and certainly not her fault.

    There’s absolutely nothing that can be done during the clonic phase. Do not try to insert anything in their mouth, (against the age old urban legend of them swallowing their tongues), the only thing you’ll succeed in doing is either losing a finger if they clamp down or, breaking their teeth.

    The only time we ‘step in’ is if the seizures continue one after another, without a break. This is referred to as ‘status epilepticus’ and is treated by an injection of Valium. Works very quickly but increases the ‘clonic’ phase.

    Hope this helps Mark! 馃檪

  18. Dude seizures are no joke, im on 500mg of Keppra because of these Grand Mal seizures. I think it had a lot to do with this LSD I took back in 2008. They are horrible, you clench your teeth and bite your cheeks and tongue so hard that they bleed and you wake up dazed, dizzy, confused, and your speech is slurred. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  19. Interesting, and scary how you can lose total control of your body. All steps through the Tonic-Clonic are prevalent and distinguishable, with the video beginning in the Aura phase with abdominal discomfort. The aura is a familiar sign to the individual that they’re about to suffer a seizure and he’s placed himself on the bed where he can seize without hitting any real hard surfaces. His LOC gradually levels out and he enters the Tonic phase and Hypertonic phase where the muscles begin to become rigid, contracted and tense and possible hypertension… Right around the mark of 6:20 begins the Clonic phase with convulsions and muscle spasms. Once it ends the video goes on through the Postictal State where he’s weak from convulsing and disoriented and altered, and this could last a long while… Half an hour or longer. Some supplemental oxygen could help oxygenate the brain and lessen the length of the Postictal State, though of course this is a home video and it ends with him still in the Postictal phase.

  20. I worked with a guy once who had seizures and was on anti-convulsive meds for them. These worked well while he was taking them, but on the weekends he’d stop his meds because he wanted to go out drinking. So, most Mondays for him were spent recovering from the seizure he’d have after coming to work suffering from a hangover.

  21. Hey bitch, stop shouting “talk to me” and turn him on one side in order to avoid his tongue suffocate him, in any kind of seizure first thing to do, avoid his tongue go down his throat and onion works in case of epilapsy seizures, make him smell half cut onion, he will come back very soon.

  22. My best friend suffers from epilepsy. She also has CF too. It is really terrifying when your there with them and you feel so helpless because all you can do is hold them and try to stop them smashing there head. She told me before sometimes she feels like she is electrocuted throughout the seizure and has a tingling feeling through her legs and arms. Not nice at all.

  23. Oh my god poor dude, how does that work I’m curious??? Does he go threw that every day or does it trigger once and a while or every half an hour 馃檨 it look like they knew it was gonna happen like he has attacks or something poor poor guy that would suck to have to do that and go threw that 馃檨

  24. Back when I served in the Navy..(about 11 yrs ago) I witnessed a 2nd class Petty Officer have a seizure right in front of me…we were talking one min…and the next, I noticed him staring at the ceiling…at first I thought he was looking at something, so I looked in the direction he was staring, saw nothing, and looked back at him…when I did, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he fell forward, slamming his face into a cabinet, and started shaking….one of the most scariest things I have ever witnessed…we called medical, and they got him….a few days later I found out the Navy discharged him, and I never saw him again…..hope he’s doing ok…

  25. Ive had left temporal lobe seizures since birth (due to a brain injury caused by being a forcep delivery) The worst problem it has caused me was a lot of people in high school would point and whisper about me because I had grand mals in class. Also I have severe memory loss. Im considered to be 80percent disabled but I have my seizures under control now . I take tegretol and keppra. I think seizures are worse for the people watching it. when I would come out of one id usually sleep for 12 hours and wake up exhausted.

  26. When I was studying we actually had a girl come up to the class and explain to everyone that she has random seizures, she then told everyone what to expect and what to do. It was like a fire drill! It’s sad that all you can really do is look on and make sure nothing will harm them as their body violently rocks like this. I actually saw her have a seizure too, the whole class was dismissed and tables as well as chairs were removed as she writhed around on the ground. She was so exhausted when it finally stopped, it didn’t last long but it felt like you were watching her shake forever. Poor girl.

  27. I have an unknown seizure disorder and suffer them. The worst part for me is waking up after it. Every muscle in my body aches and my stomach is in knots. A few years ago, I bit off a piece of my tongue during one. They are not fun and I would not wish them on my worst enemy. Well, maybe the Snackbars . . .

  28. Ok that was scary to watch. I seriously didn’t know it was THAT bad. I am a sufferer of Grand Mal seizures. Like Billboss said, you don’t remember shit about the event (I would merely black out, unlike this dude), but you wake up in agony, every muscle aching and yes I’ve bitten my tongue in half, not pleasant. Also bit off a friend’s knuckle, he was trying to keep me from choking. I have several fractures on my skull from falling head first onto concrete. I recall my dad saying he thought he was watching me die in the emergency room. Needless to say, I went through some intense medical testing and now take epilepsy medication every morning. Things are just peachy ^_^

    1. Sometimes the only way I’ve known that I’ve had a seizure is because of the muscle aches. I’ve never bitten my tongue, but I have slammed my head into my bathroom sink and landed in the ER. FUN FUN

  29. Having had a siezure once (not gran mal. It was caused by wellbutrin) I can say, yes they suck but it’s not that terrifying for the person having it. It’s on set is rather uncomfortable but you black out and come to as if nothing ever happened.

  30. I myself have witnessed someone actually a couple different people have grand mal seizures… My older brother, cousin and boyfriend are epileptic… I pity my brother because he has to wear a helmet because he has a fall hazard… I was trained at an early age how to respond to them… Roll them into their side… It’s the best possible thing to do… If they are on their backs during a seizure they pose the risk of swallowing their tongue and can suffocate on it… I was there when my cousin had one… Luckily I was there… My bf has them very rarely…

  31. There was this boy in my class in grade 5, along time ago and his name was storm and he started having a seizure in front of the school mates and they were freaking out cause they didn’t know what was going on with him but i wasn’t there to see it with my own eyes, and also that’s what i heard when i was an hour late from eating lunch & walking back to school, but the next day he was okay and he came back to school

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