Videos Related to Corona Virus Outbreak in Wuhan, China

Study Done Three Months Before Current Outbreak Suggests Coronavirus Could Kill 65 Million People

Videos Related to Corona Virus Outbreak in Wuhan, China

People have been sharing videos on coronavirus on Jewish social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), but these are being removed as soon as found. I managed to save some before they got removed.

When Jew and his shills work around the clock to prevent public’s access to information, I work around the clock to restore public’s access to said information. I consider the right to have access to information a fundamental human right, necessary for the public to make educated decisions which may potentially affect their life.

According to some Jew press, coronavirus has been confirmed in Chicago. The U.S. is still receiving mail from Wuhan. China extended quarantine to 13 cities.

The Patent

THIS is the patent for the Canine Respiratory Coronavirus. It was patented in 1984, and the patent’s validity expired on January 24th, 2020. What happens when patent expires is that anyone can produce the virus without paying royalties to the original inventor. Here come the billions of dollars from the sale of vaccines after the populace has been spooked and enough people died.

The canine respiratory coronavirus was able to spread from dogs to bovine and to pigs. It was also able to cross over to humans. Much as all viruses, the coronavirus can mutate naturally or by human manipulation.

Other coronavirus patents HERE and HERE. Also of interest is European Patent EP1634590 – Coronavirus-inactivating agent.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is a big shill for population control and reduction by way of vaccinations. Much as Dear Leader Trump and other crooks, Bill Gates too is connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

~ Bill Gates

In 2015, the Pirbright Institute filed a patent for a live attenuated coronavirus to be used in the production of vaccines. The Pirbright Institute is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They were “chosen” to create the vaccine in response to the current outbreak.

To create said vaccine, the Pirbright Institute will be partnering with Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Inovio Pharmaceuticals is the company that brought you the Zika vaccine in a record-breaking 7 months time!

Inovio Pharmaceuticals will be partnering with Wistar (funded by Bill and Melinda Gates), GeneOne (funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and sponsored by the US FDA) and Twist Biosciences (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Wistar Institute is the company that produced the WI-38 cell line derived from the “too many to count” aborted fetuses in the vaccines injected into your children.

In October of 2019, the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health held “Event 201,” which was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a theoretical coronavirus that looks much like what’s playing out right now.

Netflix also just dropped their new show “Pandemic” which heavily features none other than Bill and Melinda Gates. It’s a major vaxx propaganda piece, in which vaccines are being glorified and put on a pedestal.

Meanwhile, Jew press uses fear of Coronavirus to push flu vaccine.

Here’s a compilation of some of the vertical videos claiming to be related to coronavirus I was able to save. I will add more content to update the post when something new becomes available.

This video shows a person believed to have been infected with coronavirus being carted out of an airport in a sealed box:

The woman in the video below alleges to be medical staff in Wuhan. She says the number of the infected is closer to 90,000 and that each infected person spreads the virus to on average 14 other people:


Family and friends, I am Jin Wei. I am currently inside the Wuhan outbreak region, Han Hou area. I would like to describe the condition inside the Hubei province, as well as the outbreak situation in the entire China. Currently there are already 90,000 cases of pneumonia contraction. What is the rate of contraction? If one person contracted this disease and is not properly quarantined and treated, this individual will infect 14 people that came in contact with him. That is a significant multiplier. During the spring festival, in our culture, families like to get together, dine together. But this is unlike any other years. I hope that people can stay home, do not gather, and do not visit families. There is a spring festival every year. If everyone can stay safe, you can always get together later.

Now let me report the situation and the amount of medical supplies condition at our front line hospitals. At this moment, our condition is beyond the control of our supervisors, health department, other organizations, city officials, and state officials. Through the media we are asking for donation of supplies from the outside world. These are medical supplies, such as, protective eye goggles, disposable surgical face masks, disposable gloves, bio-hazard suits, and bio-hazard pants. These supplies are in great shortages. Our medical team who just got off their shift are deployed to the front line again. The reason that I am practically making this video at the front line is to alert you all and to raise your awareness. Let me emphasize once again, during the spring festival, do not go out! Stay home! Otherwise, why are we risking our lives? ! It is for my family, my love ones, and their health. I hope you can understand. I also understand that my family members do not access social media. So if you receive this information, please pick up the phones and call around, notify each other. This is something you must do! You must do your best to educate yourselves regarding this disease. This is a political assignment.

Now I would like to inform you with a very bad news. The corona-virus has mutated. It is now a second generation virus. When it was still in its first generation, we were still able to treat this… However, after the last mutation, it became deadly. That is because the pneumonia is no longer one patient infected one other person. In this generation, one patient will infect 14 others. The rate of infection are now increasing exponentially. So please remember, do not go out, do not visit people, do not gather in a group, do not have dinner party. Thank you everyone.

Images relevant to the coronavirus outbreak:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. And people wonder why I don’t go out into public places. They give me funny looks at the doctor’s surgery when I sit in the hallway, much preferring the isolated chair, and refuse, quite vocally sometimes, to sit in the waiting room with the infected masses; funny looks are also given when I hand the doctor an antibacterial wipes’ pack before he examines me; more looks follow as I stand outside cleaning my own hands after visiting the surgery. People don’t realise that the vast majority of diseases are passed on through hand contact and then people putting their hand in the region of their mouth, eyes nose etc. This is why I no longer shake hands with anyone. If anyone insists I tell them I’m currently fighting an infection and my body sweat is highly infectious. That usually stops them in their tracks.

          1. I agree with you 99 percent, dont get into contact with other people. but the thing about antibacterial stuff is that due to natural selection of the fittest it creates super bacteria, better not use that stuff.

        2. I guarantee to you that it was a Military medical Research Facility in Wuhan, and they were probably going to try to release it here…I believe what goes around, come around. Karma in action !!! The chinks never, ever play fair. They play in their own sandbox…

          1. They are not exactly friends of the USA. For decades they screwed with our economy until Prez Trump made them stop. They have been stealing Intellectual Property from us as well as military secrets. They have been waging Chemical Warfare against us in the sense that they continually send us tons of products with dangerous levels of different substances and chemicals, endangering children and others and killing countless pets such as dogs and cats because of the toxins in the food and toys they sell to us here…Lead, Chromium, etc. They are not our friends…

      1. The virus has now spread worldwide. Let’s see if you still make such ignorant cocky remarks if either you or one of your relatives fall victim to this man made virus. I pray to God that doesn’t happen.

      2. @mewlingclotpole whoopsie how do you feel now?

        See theres the problem with viruses, they dont generally discriminate!

        Now what im interested to see is how ‘MURICAS private healthcare, in otherwords no public health care, deals with this.

        No wonder trump finally today looking nervous. Yep, your going to suffer the same infection rates as china, italy, uk….but some huge number of you dont qualify for medicaid or have private healthvare

        I see a lot of private hospitals being requisitioned aka. Nationalised!

        1. Trump has this as under control as anyone could have. His arch rival and consumate hater, the Governor of New York State -Cuomo- has praised Trump’s actions and Trump’s support of NYC. Trump has ordered one of the U.S.Navy’s Hospital Ships to NYC and the other to California. You might want to check your info before you get shits of the mouth…

          1. Well done for biting cunt, easy reel in that was, cheers. As i said though, no socialised healthcare, so lets see how your AMAZING fragmented private healthcare copes!

          2. @mewlingclotpole

            So your 2 lil ships are going to save your entire country? Im laughing so hard right now.
            Your healthcare system is worst than dogshit, if you have half a million dollars its not, but what percentage of you people have that?

            Man I wish none of this shit was happening, but you guys got beaten at your own fucking game.

            Yeah guns are legal and you spend trillions in nukes and ships and drones and shit, but the “chinks” know you cant shoot a virus and they fucked you up nicely bc you spent about 0 creating an healthcare system.

    1. Here’s hoping Coronavirus snuffs out the lives of every fleshy virus on Earth…….this planet would be an amazing and beautiful place without the malignant human race……..(except Aussies coz we’re cool)…….

      1. I couldn’t agree more : this planet would be an amazing and beautiful place without the malignant human race ..

        But as for the Aussie/cool thing .. we’re not that cool . I mean look at:

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        1. Haha. Now that was funny , i disliked most of them as well . I’d fuck a Leigh Sales of a few years ago. I heard she may be one that gets rip- roariously drunk on the floor. Brains and sex appeal. I like it. That red hair ,mate!

          Kylie? Didn’t know she was a skinflint ! Fuck!
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            So do I, she’s not bad ..
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            As for Hinch, he’s got good policies, but yeah, he ruined his liver all by himself, so shoulda stepped up like Chopper Read did and taken the hit
            As for Wilkins, yeah, he’s harmless. Just likes to fuck hot young women (cause he thinks he’s a rock star too) and look after his disabled kid ..

          2. Post Scriptum (Post Dicktum):

            Scott (don’t bother me I’m in Hawaii) Morrison
            Alan (boy lovin’) Jones
            John (I think I love banks now) Laws
            Karl (the human headline) Stefanovic
            Malcolm (I’m too rich to live at Kirrabilli) Turnbull
            Kevin (I will super-tax mining) Rudd
            Julia (no Carbon TAx) Gillard

            Hats off to these Aussie Scum !!!

            Hope they get the Chingy Virus 1st
            (what’s the copyright, Mr Gates?)

      2. Unfortunately us “Humans” have already made our deadmans switch, there’s currently 450 active nuclear reactors on earth, if we dissapear tommorow, they will go super critical when pumps fail eventually, will be earth ending event.
        Can’t wait.

      3. Most Australians have that annoying whiny high pitched voice.

        For that reason alone I think Oz should be wiped out. Australia is also allowing their government to set fire to their country and kill most of their wildlife. Retards of the highest order the vast majority.

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        1. China was going to unleash a biological weapon in Hong Kong to stop protest, the
          weapon back fires and infects most of their cities and territories,
          virus spreads to other countries making them pissed
          Mission accomplished?

    2. I am Chinese, this user’s comments are all rumors! There are only about a thousand people infected, and you’re going too far to say anything out of context just based on these two videos, right? I am very angry that you foreigners should spread rumors like this! You have no conscience!! ??

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    1. Jews are the parasites of those fleshy viruses. Mark’s TIRELESS efforts to fight the kikes here at BG are awe inspiring.
      Almost makes ya think the fleshy viruses are worth “saving” instead of all this nihilistic retardedness that the Jew system forces on us without our will.

      1. The world’s problems are not solely tied to jews or niggers or one race, religion or gender. They are tied to humans. Yes the Jews are conniving parasites who act all innocent while wearing shit eating grins but even if they all disappeared off the face of the planet at the same time, there would still be a bunch of other problems. You can’t fix them all. People will always fuck each other over. It’s human nature.

        1. It seems that now, more than ever, it is time to blame those Jews. Hating “the human race” sounds like you have been affected by the infamous Jewish mind tricks. The Jew (according to the scribbled chicken scratch on that giant roll of buttwipe they’re always obsessing over), believe that the non-jew is less than human. Why not trick the weaker-minded goyim into hating themselves? Brilliant. Good one, the Jews! Since those Jews believe they are the only humans, why, it would be an effective use of your time to hate them with the utmost aplomb. That way, technically, you would be hating the whole human race. See? Hating Jews is not only good…it’s good for you.
          You’re welcome.

          1. Oh I do hate Jews… but I also happen to hate everyone else as well. I personally don’t even know any Jews. You’ve never been fucked over by a non jew? Ever? Or never fucked over or hurt anyone yourself in any way? Like I said, even if they all went extinct, it won’t stop people from hurting each other in some way, shape or form. Cheating partners, thieves, murderers, people who hurt other people or creatures just because they can and anything else you can think of… the only thing these people have in common is being human.

          2. You seem like a well rounded, intelligent dude. Well said. I mearly was trying to cheer you up and remind everyone of their duty to remain vigilant and distrustful of the Jewish menace. But you are right. Humans, as a whole, are just as bad as Jews. Maybe even worse. I despise cruelty. But moreover, I despise those who enjoy the application of cruelty. It seems this foul trait is shared by most of humanity, as proven by the content of this splendid site. With a whimper indeed.

    2. I like your style Jack – I’ve said before : Just imagine what a peaceful
      World it would be without that shit-stain we call the human race.
      There would be trees, not fracking wells.
      And animals in those trees.
      Waves, not oil rigs.
      And animals in those waves.
      Instead a modern continent or island is simply :
      A uranium mine, surrounded by an oil slick
      Everyone should listen to Jack, & learn .. he knows what he’s talking about ..

      1. Lol actually I was thinking more along the lines of destroying the entire planet. Engulfing it in flames till there is no life form of any kind and nothing but ash left. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?? 😀

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  1. I remember the pig flu bullshit of 2009. MSM predicted it to be 10x worse than the Spanish flu. They said there would be empty sport stadiums and curfews enforced by the military, but nothing happened. Only a few old geezers kicked the bucket, and nobody filmed those deaths…cunts!

  2. 41 dead
    1000 + confirmed cases
    In ten countries
    2 in u.s.
    1 in Australia
    30 million Chinese under restricted movement*?
    And they are building a new
    One thousand bed hospital near Wuhan.
    To be completed feb 5
    Stay away from anyone who has been at any* international airport!!
    “But don’t panic it’s only 3% fatal if you catch it *””
    Have a wonderful “chinky* new looner* year.

    HAPPY days are here again!!

          1. Stop being a hypocrite. Unless you are vegan, you are also consuming animals killed by the cruelty of humans. Go googletransl:母狗 你这个死母亲的婊子

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            How are those sizzling wombats doing down there?
            I don’t get online much anymore and I can’t watch the news on tv because it’s all impeachment shit. Adam Schiff’s impersonation of Rodney Dangerfield is getting a little better.
            Anyway, It seems like these wild fires happen in nature as a cleansing process. Humans may have acted as a catalyst in this case, but, it was gonna happen anyway.
            California burns every year and somehow skirts around Hollywood.

          2. Haha. True ,Australia-as a continent- was certainly shaped by fire . No doubt . We did have arsonists ,we did have superhot weather ,we did have unburnt fuel due to gov and libtard interventions. A perfect storm if you will.I knew it would be bad , as they started in Queensland,where bushfires are never really bad due to it being desert or dripping-wet tropical bush!

            Air quality is much better mate ,at least in Melb. I no longer wake up in the morn licking my lips and tasting of sulphuric acid. Like living next to Mt Vesuvius!

            It has burnt an area as big as Korea. A whole country ,well three x Wales as well. Pretty fucken big!

            I know …that Chuck Shumer and Shiff! Who are those Marx Bros impersonators! They aren’t even any good. Where did they come from , I never heard of them . Cushy …those Senate? seats. All piss and wind. They are not even going after the real excesses of Drumpf and his coterie. Just politicking…fucken Liberal Interventionists ,a disgrace to true Progressives.

      1. 还有,稀有\濒危物种在中国保护的很好,用不着你操心,现在的人都喜欢胡说八道吗?还是说只有你会?当然,我也不想改变你的看法,也不屑于改变你的看法。

          1. No I am not a short dick Asian and due to where I live in a remote part of the country will not get sick from your virus. All you see is excavators and nothing else at the build site. They are making mass graves. They know how bad this is gonna get. Now fuck off, your bat soup is getting colder.

  3. Good that the international community is reacting appropriately. However, so far only people who were elderly/not healthy have been killed or got really sick. Most people who have/had this bug either didn’t notice it or thought they had some kind of cold/flu thing.
    The really dangerous killers like the 1918 flu or hantavirus back in ’94 killed because the infection provoked an extreme immune response from younger and healthy people who had never been exposed to a similar pathogen. That intense immune reaction was what actually killed the victims. They drowned in their own pulmonary secretions. Some in less than 24 hrs.
    A friend of mine who was a nurse had a patient who was the first hanta victim to be diagnosed. She said the ICU had people on ventilators and with chest tubes draining fluid from their lungs to keep them alive long enough for the virus to run its course.
    This corona virus, so far, doesn’t seem to hit younger and healthier people all that hard. The virus could mutate of course…Wash hands, eat a decent diet. Get some sleep. Be clean/healthy and even if you’re exposed you will probably just fight it off without noticing you ever had it.

        1. Yup, too late. Instead, we should just drop many a virus of many time, on Africa, Mexico, and China for starters… viruses that kill within days. AIDS takes too long.

  4. If this starts spreading like crazy all over the place, go to the store and buy some alcohol based hand sanitizer. Try not to touch anything with your hands. If you touch something out in public, clean your hands with the sanitizer. Don’t touch your face with your hands. If it gets really out of control, the best thing to do is isolate yourself at home. It might be a good time to stock up on a lot of food and water so you can stay at home for a prolonged period of time without leaving if you have to.

          1. Did they ever catch that asshole that ran over all those kangaroos a few months back? Off subject I know, just popped into my mind.

          2. I think they did . You mean before all the bushfires right? Yes ,it was some vacuous loser with a big ” ute”(utility flat bed truck in Murican. Real lunk-head,all tatts, beer and mullet and no pussy . He was crying his way out of it on TV trying to make us feel sorry for him living in Shitsville with oh …so nothing to do! Idiot!
            What you guys would call a hayseed or cracker?

          3. You should see Melbourne at night, they’re everywhere. One came at me in a lane way when I was walking my dog last year. It’s wingspan was nearly the width of the lane, had to drop on my stomach to avoid it. Horrible fucking things they are.

  5. I don’t know about this virus but… the last couple of days my ball sack has been itching worse than an ass full of flaming hemorrhoids and glowing red more than Rudolf’ s nose on Christmas eve.
    Yesterday some guy came up to me in front of my building and said I should use a mix of turpentine and olive oil to get rid of the itch… I threw him into a snowbank and told him to mind his own business.
    My fucking balls are still itching like crazy.

      1. Why do you keep scaring me with that C word? I don’t have a tumor! I’ve got a bleeding lump where my scrotum goes into my ass and now it’s all inflamed and itchy. I bang a lot of fat chicks so I was thinking it might somehow be related. STD perhaps?

        1. @brokeback

          It doesn’t sound like cancer and haemorrhoids and anal fissures tend to stay within the shit box. I have also never heard of a STD that attacks the taint so it sounds like you have a boil to me and boils can develop from the constant chafing and rubbing of an area, which I expect you no doubt do a lot of.

          Do you perhaps have longish nails and scratch that area a lot?. It would explain the infections and bleeding.

          Anyway. I was under the impression that Canada has a free healthcare system like Britain does so you might as well grit your teeth and go get checked out. I hate doctors and bad news too but that’s what the booze is for, to help you through those difficult times.

          Go receive your check up. A man who sets his mind at ease wanks again with confidence.

          1. @Empty Soul,
            You’re right (as usual) as embarrassing and awkward as it will be I’m gonna have to get it checked out. Once a guy turns 50 there’s a lot of bad shit that can come from the ass. I was due for a colonoscopy anyway… time to clench my teeth and loosen my butt cheeks so the Assman can have a looksee.

          2. @brokeback

            I’m in my early 40’s and getting there so I know where you‘re coming from.

            I suffer from constant, never-ending depression and have done since I was 12. I have also been a heavy drinker since I was 20. I know suffering, pain, fear and paranoia very well then since I have been forced to live and experience all many times throughout the years.

            Life fucking sucks for most of us and luck tends to avoid us as well. Life sure is a pile of shit for the vast majority of us that’s for sure.

            Go get checked out then and buy enough booze to correct the suffering it caused.

            Like I said though, sounds like a boil. So don’t worry too much. Unless you have seen the movie “How to get ahead in advertising” in which case panic. Panic a lot.

    1. NO! It’s turpentine and AVOCADO oil. Plus, you want to drink a fifth of hard liquor (your choice – I recommend anything above 80 proof) until your “sack itch” goes away. You can also dip your nut sack into a vat of vodka to help ease the pain. Get well.

      1. Thanks to those who took my problem seriously and offered advice in their replies… to the rest of you
        “Suck my flaming red cock and lick my bleeding scrotum!”
        It’s actually much better today. I mixed a concocktion of baby powder, Preparation H, Vaseline and Jack Daniels (Which is what I was drinking at the time.)
        Not really sure what it did to my ball sack but when it was all gone I felt no pain mon.

  6. I heard this shit originated from some fucking disgusting bat soup the Chinese have been eating. You can even see the bat’s face on top of the soup and it looks like the bat died a fucking excruciating death. They literally eat the whole fucking bat not sure if they fried it first or not. Maybe just lightly steamed. Wtf

    1. Bats are quite literally the worst thing you can eat. They carry lyssavirus amongst other things. It would be safer to eat the soil at Chernobyl – seriously. Asians are filthy fucking animals themselves, so they wouldn’t know any better I suppose.

      1. Yeah that’s what I thought. There have been cases here in Australia of people just getting scratched by bats and dying 3 days later from lyssavirus. Mmmmmm let’s fucken eat some Rabies soup! Fucking wizards

      2. any wild game protein is dangerous . Humans have no natural immunity to pathogens they might harbour, as opposed to domestic animals , agaisnt whose pathogens we have developed a good level of immunity during thousands of years of domestication.

    1. What makes me laugh about these vaccines is when people cry out “You lot refusing to get vaccinated are killing our loved ones who get infected by you!”
      Now just wait a fucking cotton-pickin’ minute. How are they dying if they’ve been vaccinated? Doesn’t seem like a very effective vaccine to me. Either that or these people are just brainwashed libtards. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like the latter explanation; it makes more sense.

      1. Well virii mutate so quickly , but if they mutate so quickly why have vaccines that change year by year?
        Solution; stop travel to and fro China significantly! Fuck this Open Borders shit! China is demonstrably the host of most of these new fucken diseases . So quotas on Chinese travel please!

        For God Sake ,I was sprayed in a plane when travelling to an Asian airport forty years ago and I was coming from a First World Country ! Too many relaxations on quarantining and health regs in the name of Globalisation and Human Rights!

        1. Ahhh, the good, old human-rights act. I have said for a long time: put me in charge of my country and the first thing I’ll do is tear up the human-rights act.
          Not that I’d get rid of human rights, I’d just rewrite that crappy act sensibly. If 1% have a right that adversely affects the other 99%, then that right is going out of the window.

      2. These type of people are wilfully ignorant. Questioning things is too much effort for them and they want to live under the illusion that their government could never do such a thing to their own people.

        There is definitely more to these vaccines than we know. I do think that they put something to lower testosterone levels in males. Then there is the whole LGBT movement. All of this combined would lead to depopulation which is definitely one of their (United Nations) agendas.

        1. “I do think that they put something to lower testosterone levels in males.”

          I’m not sure I agree with this; at least I don’t think it’s done intentionally. However, I do have an alternate theory to what might be happening. Okay, the gay aspect has been around for millennia (Hi Sodom, hi Gomorrah) but in recent years it’s exploded. Now one of the reasons could be that homosexuality is no longer in the closet but I don’t think that will account for the huge amount it’s gone up. There are two other ideas which I’d like to entertain.
          1. Many people aren’t actually gay; it’s a fad and they want to be a part of it. This applies especially to females. In the porn circle, FF is far more acceptable to people than MM and there are some studies that say 60%+ of women are actively involved in bisexuality in some way. This waaaayyyy high than the male equivalent. I guess it’s the attention-seeking factor. 😀
          2. And this one for me is the big one. It’s in the water! So many used, feminine products are dumped (pardon the pun) down the toilet. Used sanitary towels, tampons, crotch liners/pads…they mostly go down the crapper. That’s a LOT of oestrogen (I prefer the older spelling) going down into a sewage system where the water is RECYCLED into tap water! Do they get it all out when purifying it? Who knows? They certainly wouldn’t tell you if they didn’t. Along with this, think about how many medications are thrown down the toilet. People find old meds and instead of returning them to the pharmacy, they lazily flush them down the crapper. Again, who knows what effect it has on people when the water is recycled?

          This is the main reason why I don’t ever drink tap water, along with the fact it tastes awful. Personally, I think all the chronic sicknesses we have around the world are caused by what we eat and drink. – and yes, I include being gay as a sickness, both physical and mental. Most households today have cupboards, fridges and freezers full of processed shit. Not me though, I buy fresh and organic from my local farms where I know they don’t use chemicals and antibiotics. Food tastes much better too!

          1. Yeah, and lack of physical activity also decreases testosterone I believe. I noticed a lot of these gay dudes are kind of chubby/fat and I hear that estrogen can cause chubbiness. I notice a male with a flat stomach would have a much bonier face than a female with a flat stomach because females have estrogen which makes their face a bit more chubby. But that also could be due to the chewing pattern, types of food they eat or the placement of the bones on the face. This is all mostly speculation after all.

  7. Chinamen are always eating any ‘ol thing that comes down the pipe, mostly due to heathen beliefs about boner medication. But I gotta agree that the whole story is completely suspicious. Specially with all the bill gates fuckery. No, I don’t think this was a case of some horny Chinaman washing down a handful of feral cat turds with a tankard of fermented rat piss, or whatever…this has the musky, pungent odor of the Jew.

      1. Goy is a Yiddish word for gentiles(non-jew) it basically means slave. I hate the foul verminous swine plague known as the Jew and can’t wait for the true holocaust to happen and cleanse this wretched disease ( far more deadly than the man made corona virus) from the planet.

    1. Feeble Jew weeble if your so glorious why did you kikes get slaughtered( supposedly) in ww2 your pussy ancestors just marched to their death, never fighting, just praying to your false god. The true holocaust is coming I hope your pussy race is ready faggot kike @glorious jew fucking coward horned nose ugly troll

  8. Illuminati scum like Gates & Fuckerburg & Tim Cock are all in on this.
    Donating billions to create, or spread a killer virus
    Rothschilds & Queen Lez too of course
    (Take note of how many Royals/Rothschilds/CEO’s it wipes out or their families)
    (how come the rich/powerful are always safe?)

    There are 2 goals here:

    1. To kill off some vermin like nig nogs or in this case the slant-eye

    2. To introduce it in small quantities to the West, to scare the beJesus out
    of the people, so they will let EVEN MORE of their rights be taken away, a good example was Bush’s Patriot Act, which was so 1984/Evil, it could only be passed by the senate after a major ‘scare’ .. in that case the Jew lead 9/11 tactic ..

    1. The latter is the most likely scenario. If you have a look at International warfare over the last few centuries, how many Heads of State, Royalty or wealthy were actually targeted by their enemies? Not many. Even less were killed. Saddam Hussein was the exception.

    1. 但是那又怎么呢?中国人给他们的印象就是不管什么都会吃,即便不是这样,但是他们又有几个会来看看呢?我向来不想与装睡的人或者觉得自己高高在上什么都懂的人争辩什么,没有任何意义。

  9. Corona means crown. Who wears a crown? A king. And which king is this virus from? The false king, the Antichrist, the rider of the red horse in the Book of Revelations. So this virus which could turn into a pandemic is a gift from the Antichrist – the Jew.

    The source of this coronavirus outbreak was first reported to be snakes! Revelation 12:9: “This great dragon – the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan,..”

    In the vision of the four horsemen, the rider of the white horse goes out “conquering and to conquer” and is given a bow and a crown. The second white horse mentioned in Revelation has a sword and it is revealed that he is Jesus Christ.

    Is this epidemic the start of the ride of the pale horse (death)? Will it turn in to a pandemic, perhaps one of many.

        1. @dumbkunt

          My wife was so fat that, when I carried her across the threshold, I had to make two journeys.

          My wife was so fat she had to lose weight to model maternity frocks.

          My wife’s so fat that when she passes her handbag from hand to hand she has to throw it.

          My wife is so fat she’s got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. But she does have the things most men desire . . . muscles and a moustache.

          My wife is so fat that when she stood on the cliffs at Southend in a bikini , all you could see were illegal immigrants diving in screaming and swimming for home.

          Thank you, Les Dawson….probably the funniest man ever.

  10. No doubt profiteering medical companies want to cash in, here. It also seems that the Chinese culture invites these sorts of outbreaks. There is a reason America doesn’t routinely suffer from disease scares like this; smart people over the years have developed ways to prevent zoophytic and other disease transmission. However, open borders global citizen dummies think America should continue to allow everyone in the world to come and go through the U.S. and developed countries at will. No problem, if infected South and Central Americans pour across the border then infect your children in school, or if ebola-infected Africans come to Europe. Its OK for Asians originating out of corona virus ground zero to visit your neighborhood. You’re a racist, white-supremacist Nazi, Trump supporter if you oppose unlimited foreigners coming to your country for any reason.

  11. these chinese fellas drop like flies, i can’t believe how fragile these people are, one small rock, a brick, hell, even a shoe can kill these people, they seem to be made of butter, that virus is nothing, is a small bird flu nothing to be afraid of, i don’t know what makes these people so weak, if it is all that pig fucking or dog fucking that makes their bodies soft and bones like glass, who knows…

  12. Hong Kong starts going crazy protesting the Communist Chinese government, now all of a sudden there is a deadly virus killing everybody in China and they have to shut down cities with millions of people in them not letting people travel or leave the city. Hmmmmmmm very interesting.

    The Chinese people will forget all about rebelling against the Chinese Communist party. Now they’re too worried about getting the killer virus! Verrryyyy Interestinnnggggg!

  13. This is karma for letting the CCP rape you over the years and standing by, cowards and weak fuckers die first
    The people around recording are the people who are gonna get it next, too scared to record what the government does to its citizens but records next to a guy who died from a widespread deadly virus

    People getting dumber by the day lol

          1. The cheesesteaks and the fact that there are a lot of universities around there, yeah. Everyone is “progressive.” So they’re fat with bright green hair and they wear crop tops. Even the guys.

        1. Damn right. He basically said everyone around him is acting like a pussy. The guy is in his 80s, drinks vodka like water, and refuses to wear a sterile mask in public. I think we can all learn a lesson from angry, senile old men who hate everything.

          1. “I think we can all learn a lesson from angry, senile old men who hate everything.”

            Or from brain-addled women who lie like fuck about everything just to get attention.

          1. It would be really impressive to type. I googled “Chinese keyboard” and saw a picture of a computer screen with 6 giant circular keyboards, drumsticks and fucking foot pedals infront of it.

  14. And yet again BG shows that no matter what happens Jews will always try to make profit out of people and hide the truth. Because why media should show the videos of china yet again mistreating their citizens and risking mass deaths on the entire planet in the procces?

  15. If the deaths are gonna be 65 millions chinese, filipinos or indians, then we don’t care, who the fuck cares about that people? they are like a bad plague. That virus is probably a desperate and awful strategy to reduce the chinese population, chemical warfare indeed

  16. I knew it is going to be a matter of time before the world will fall into an pandemic that cant be cured by anti-biotics.
    beware and stay healthy. we are here to receive gore and not becoming one 🙂

    1. Thank you Vincit Omnia Veritas for sharing this information with us. They don’t cover the patent on the MSM. I am curious What your thoughts on the Kobe Bryant alleged helicopter crash are. Are there connections between celebrities deaths around the Grammys, ie Whitney Houston in 2012 on the night before Grammys? Are these some sort if blood sacrifices from the Elite? Are they even realy dead? I am sure there is all kinds of hidden messages in the Grammy awards.

  17. any tree-hugging carbon-sniffer who wants to slow down inevitable climate change needs to first figure a way to rid the planet of at least 4 billion humans and ALL the fucking domestic cats and dogs that filth up the place and waste resources for no other food purpose, just ornamental usage.

    fuck that shit. no domestic animals unless they are eaten. its our planet, do you understand?? other species need our permission to exist here

    1. Retard. Humanity hasn’t earned the right to claim this planet. We cant go a day without a vice. The reason animals will always be superior to us is the fact that they don’t need to substitute happiness.

      1. Humanity hasn’t earned the right to claim this planet…….?

        better look around, fool. We been running the show for a while now, and never asked permission in the first place. god is either dead, or we killed him.,

        Speak for yourself, o pending suicide. the only animals I see are the ones on my dinner plate.

        and the human animals camping on the freeway exits in Fresno. they will soon be extinct as well

        1. Ya because humanity is doing so great right now…………….lmao oh wait. The Doomsday clock is at 2 minutes and the world couldn’t be any shittier. Im genuinely surprised WW3 hasn’t started yet. I thought that the trigger would be that famous sand nigger getting bombed.

          1. the day to clean house is coming. prepare.

            there will be weeping and moaning, a gnashing of teeth.

        2. I’m only gnashing my teeth at the stupidity of some of the comments in this thread. We don’t control shit. We think we do sometimes because we build skyscrapers and shoot animals and each other with guns. Humanity’s ambition and imagination is only matched by its boundless stupidity and inexhaustible sense of delusion. We don’t own the planet though we are bound to its fate. We do not command nature but live under its whims. We are going to be extinct at some point if we don’t learn our place.

    2. @deadvector you are without one of the biggest cunts on this site but i do agree with the odd venomous bile you spew. I was caught in a conversation recently about diet and climate change and said im not personally giving up meat (for purpose of environment) until people stop shovelling millions of cans of dog meat to filthy fucking dogs

      1. now that dogs can get Covid? Its another reason to eradicate their usage. Place a $10,000 a year tax on those with large dogs. Their carbon footprint is STAGGERING. All that meat to feed useless domesticated animals not bred for human consumption, but ornamental objects or placebos for dog fetish sociopaths.

        Plus? All that shit in the city parks, sidewalks eventually ends up in storm drains. Doing away with this archaic cultural practice of using animals as living dolls would have major effects to halt global warming.

        Accordingly, I will eradicate ANY domestic animal used as a “pet” that roams free. Much the same as I wouldn’t think twice about poisoning or trapping a rat.

        1. Get dog. Buy dog meat. Shit dog meat out on street
          Listen to climate change scientists explain why a meat free diet will help the environment
          Feed dog more meat to shit on street. Filthy fucking animals.

          1. man’s best friend?

            not even close. far more likely?
            man’s emergency food source..

            that’s why they were tolerated at the edge of our cavemen camps..and pehaps to function as guards or alarms. but nice to have around in case no other game

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