Video Shows What Bipolar Disorder Looks Like

Video Shows What Bipolar Disorder Looks Like

Bipolar disorder – another social stigma of mental health, previously known as manic depression. An illness that effects people’s mood and state of mind. It can happen at any age, from children, to teenagers and sometimes even to elderly. A person can have mood swings, and feel really depressed. Or on another scale they can be very energetic and happy, unable to control the thoughts in their head. In some cases people can be violent and angry.

Everyone in the world experiences a shift in their moods every day, but for someone with a bipolar disorder, these shifts are to the very extreme. Because bipolar disorder is not fully understood, it is hard to diagnose in a person. This is usually done with a complete medical exam, and a complete psychiatric history and an evaluation, some times from family and friends who can explain in more detail what happens during an episode, as usually the person who is experiencing it is unaware of all what is happening.

The two mood sets people with bipolar disorder experience are called Mania and Hypomania. Both are virtually identical, except for the severity. Mania is more dangerous because people who experience it often put themselves in danger and often require hospitalization.

With Hypomania, people can be very happy, fun, and even creative. But others can find it really irritable and can’t control the thoughts that repeats endlessly in their mind, speak really fast, and can often be disconnected with the world around them.

The video below shows a guy who is experiencing a Hypomania episode while talking into the camera. You can note his reactions – he’s constantly looking around and speaking really fast, he even mentions that he feels like he needs to do something extreme, like speeding really fast in his car. He is clearly very hyper and unable to get rid of the energy.

It’s an interesting look at what people with bipolar experience. I’m sure people in the outside world would just think the guy has lost his mind and judge him straight off as crazy, but that is the attitude today – it’s easier to isolate people and admit them to hospital with a bad case of crazies, because most don’t fully understand mental health problems.

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      1. That’s Big Pharma for you, motivated by money. Causing more problems, so they can try and “fix” those as well. Cannabis would help this man immensely. Not only when he gets in this uncontrollable hyperactive will it calm him down, but in his depressive states, it would help relax his overactive mind.

  1. I have Bipolar Disorder.

    I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was, for a long time, but not so much now.

    There does need to be more awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with Bipolar, or any other mental health condition. People are too closed minded to see beyond the ‘ label ‘ and truly see the person. Bipolar can be frightening, confusing, and can destroy relationships, jobs….. basically your life.

    People who suffer from mental health conditions need help, and understanding, not stigma and ignorance. It is an illness, just like any other.

        1. Well I think you should try marijuana. Best served with one or two friends! You can either talk but that makes you to talk endlessly or just sit around and do nothing but passing the joint! It’s relaxing.

          Best regards CAD_89!

    1. they should stop all medication including the weed

      governments should do like the chinese commies do- they throw crazy people into jail and subject them to hard labor

      and whip them when they make mistakes

      that’ll learn them

    1. Unfortunately the meds can become very addictive. Especially lithium.

      He mentions prozac though, which has to be the s***iest meds available, all they did for me was cause me to gain weight.

      The ‘ cure ‘ can sometimes be worse than the actual illness……

      1. @Hawm & @Keeley, Damn straight. I was on lithium for maybe a month or two, can’t really remember since I was on so many meds. I didn’t get better until I stopped taking everything. I’ve been trying to convince my sister to stop for 10 years but she’s been on her meds for so long she’s become dependant.

        1. I’ve had my meds changed around 10 times in 5 years. Lithium is the only thing that seems to work for me ( I’ve been in a stable state since last christmas ) but I don’t want to be on them forever : (

          Did you ever find you had real withdrawel symptoms when coming off the meds? Like proper physical pains etc?

          It”s frightening how they control you

          1. I was always told to NEVER stop taking my meds, and I if I had to make a list of everything I was on throughout high school I wouldn’t know where to start. All I know is I was turning more and more into a zombie so somewhere within that haze I had the feeling that the only way I’d get better would be to stop taking everything. So I did, cold turkey. I don’t remember any withdrawals but I my memory is shoddy at best from those days. After I came out of what felt like a med-induced dream, my friends told me it was like night and day, from living-dead to living.

            If they work for you that’s great. If you want to get of them eventually I’m sure you can do it. It may not be easy. I still struggle on a daily basis but forcing yourself to do whatever it is you need to do to keep on going (for me, going to work when I felt I couldn’t, going out in public, etc.). It’s all about training your brain to be emotionally stronger and not focusing on all the little things that can drive you crazy. For me, distracting myself was the only way to stay sane. Still is, I guess.

  2. I have to give the guy some major props for having the guts to talk about his mental illness with the hope of helping others to understand what it’s like to live with such a difficult condition! Thank you.

  3. This guy looks like a sympathetic person to me and not mentally ill whatsoever. I so wish this new stigmatizing would stop!!
    To me it seems the guy just has not learnt how to deal with his energy. I would say to him, stay away from medication, learn to manage your breathing – conscious breathing calms you down naturally- and check your diet – taper off the sugar and additives.
    And go dancing. The guy knows what he needs, just hasn’t learnt to trust himself . Dancing is an excellent way of getting rid of excess energy. Dude, go to some rave and dance for an hour or twelve, you’ll feel better then.
    Next step would be change of lifestyle, this dude needs to live a life where he’s doing something active which makes him feel happy and satisfied instead of pent-up frustrated.
    Just a man who does not know yet how to live his life the way is best for him, that’s all.
    And last: don’t listen to any diagnosis.

    Let the ones who stigmatize him, diagnose themselves first… (ever heard of a psychologist who confesses having a mental disorder? Yet it’s a fact that many therapists choose this profession because they have problems themselves.)

    I don’t believe mental disorders are on the rise…I believe social stigmatizing by calling people mentally ill is on the rise.
    It’s yet another way of disempowering individuals, and of course the masses swallow what they hear.
    So, those who are just a bit different from the herd can be socially singled out by this modern witch hunt; pharmaceutical industry is happy selling potentially harmful psychopharmaca to people who don’t need it at all; mental health care trade has good business; and he unlucky individual can have him/herself brainwashed into thinking (s)he’s really ill in the head.

    Come on… ‘mentally ill’ … the mind isn’t even a substantial thing, how can it be ill in the first place.

    Just common sense and a healthy lifestyle cure a lot of problems.

    Ten years ago, ‘disorders’ like ADHD and autism, to name a few, weren’t half as common as they are now. Because the herd hadn’t learnt to brand people with these terms yet. Now, so many kids and adults are ‘diagnosed’ with these disorders , it’s like a new fashion. Probably more imaginery disorders will be invented. It serves as a distraction from having people do what is right for them in order to be free, strong and independant individuals.

    1. It is a very complex disorder. I saw a documentary about it. People who are bipolar can get extremely pissed off for almost nothing, which they get in trouble for. And in many cases they get so depressed they commit suicide as soon as they see the opportunity present itself. A guy talked about his father and he was bipolar, his father saw a cliff one day and just ran towards it and jumped, no reason at all why he should do it, he just jumped, cared nothing about writing a note or anything. He had a family and a good job. Its something complex, that fucks with the head, and when you have it, you could get to the point where you hate yourself so much, that you would not hesitate to kill yourself. And yet it could make you so creative and interesting to other people. It was pretty interesting to watch. I found the link to it here it is :

  4. i’ve been “diagnosed” with everything from ADHD to bipolar to borderline personality disorder. i have the signs and symptoms of all three…so which one am i really? my physichiatrist leans more towards bipolar because i do have extreme mood swings. i can be in a good mood but then suddenly taking something that someone says to me the wrong way i pick things apart and work myself into a rage over it. like an almsot uncontrollable rage. but then i also have anxiety attacks from time to time where i am so afraid of nothing that it’s almost crippling. i feel like i’m dissapearing or that i dont really exist or anything and other shit. sometimes actually clawing at my face in an attempt to hold on…and then i’ll be relatively happy, playful and nice…and then one day i’ll be a paranoid, violent person

    1. Hi Obliterator, I don’t think that you are any of the prescribed illnesses. A lot of the time they, the doctors, tell people who view the world with hatred, with an element of mistrust that they are not right, that they are ill, this is complete bollocks.

      I myself was, once upon a time, diagnosed with depression. After years of soul searching it occurred to me that it was not an illness on my part but a rejection of my external reality.

      The world is shit unless you are wealthy, this is fact. Therefore for us poorer people, those of us that have to work for shit wages, have to live among the scum because we are not wealthy enough to afford the nicer parts, we have to survive with an extreme element of mistrust.

      We therefore can seem at times to be paranoid when in fact we are survivalists. We trust no one and at the same time we are friendly with everyone.

      Is it any wonder then, when we have to survive in the gutter of society, that we become a combination of violent but at times kind people.

      What you have described is not illness but the reality that is our, the serves life, and I agree that it is no way to live.

      I too struggle to survive in this dog eat dog world and the rich want to make our life even harder, fuck that, I will fight to the end for my sanity, the sanity that is the survivalist.

      Don’t beat yourself down, you’ve done well to survive this long, good luck to you my friend, keep on surviving.

      1. Agreed I got told I have major depression and a intellectaul disability I drink alchol to stop the rambiling in my head unfortunetly I loss a friend cause I was getting agro when intoxicated. The truth is I am mentally slow, poor, dont fit in according to the masses. no wonder I get depressed. I will just drink more beer cause medicine does nothing.

      2. Empty Soul…we are very much the same as you describe! It’s great to see like minds on this site/forum, some people just see gore, but i see how life really is…just a fleeting glimpse of some folks who die nasty deaths, that’s all.

    2. @Obliterater- I think your awesome and i don’t care what you may or may not have! We all deal with shit, we’re all fighting some sort of battle! My diagnosis of you, is- one cool ass dude! XoXo

      PS- I’m fucking better at diagnosing shit than any doctor! I know a few people that need some serious scripts and their doctors don’t see it! Lol

  5. Hey guys, long time no see. I’m diagnosed with hypomania, so give me sympathy (sarcasm). But really, I do have hypomania. I’m usually very hyper, always running around and hurting myself by doing something stupid. I talk pretty fast and sometimes slur my words, as if I’m under the influence of alcohol. I’m never really depressed, I don’t even really cry when I should, but that goes along with my sociopathy. Stay away from Thailand, Mark!

  6. Interesting that they call this ‘hypo’mania and not ‘hyper’mania as ‘hypo’ usually refers to something slower or lower than….
    Poor guy, I hate feeling all speedy, I don’t even do caffeine I hate it so much.
    When I had hyperthyroidism I thought I was going crazy, thankfully it was much easier to care for than what this poor fella is experiencing.

  7. Manic depression, border line, bipolar disorder etc etc I wonder whats the next term pharmaceutical companies will promote, most probably when one of the big boys will come with a brand new medicine….same story with the addictions, methadone is dead now, its time for suboxone, probably ibogaine will come soon ? certainly no hence ibogaine is not addictive and used only a couple of times and its not expensive, thats why its forbidden in many countries, as the mental health is not disturbed by physical factors, it can be healed without physical factors as pills or any kind of medication.

  8. Psycologists could write a book on me. I think I have every single mental disorder that exists. I fit the description of a person who is bipolar to a tee. I found that when I was on antidepressants I became numb of all emotion and my creativity became non existant. I would rather live knowing that I was’nt quite right in the head than lose my identity and creativity.

    1. The norm, in true mentality and societal acceptance terms, are two separate entities.

      What you are and what you are expected to be will always differ therefore you should attempt to create a mask for the public whilst protecting the creativity that is yourself.

      The true sense of being is to live among your own thoughts whilst attempting to meet people that closely agree with those thoughts. All other relationships should be about survival, even if you have to hide your thoughts.

      That is why you will rarely meet those that will become your true friends for survival tends to be more beneficial than acceptance.

      Life is not built for happiness but for immediate pleasure and thus life is lived in the fast lane.

      1. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and i certainly have different moods depending on the day. My Mom used to call me “Sybil” when i was younger. I’ve seen a lot of shit over the years that probably changed who i was supposed to be. With that comes hate and anger. Those are issues i need to workout out they’ll eat at me forever! I’ve taken low dose antiD’s before and while they helped me out of a rut, I’ve never been one to live on meds. I am really good friends with myself. I talk to myself all the time, i reason, i argue- i figure it out. I’m very complex but very insightful. For this reason, i have a hard time with relationships. I can’t fully trust many and if i don’t think they understand me our my feelings, which i have no issue expressing, then it can’t work. I’m very receptive to the moods and actions of others. This affects me because i can be fine and someone can come along and flip my switch with just an attitude! This isn’t a good thing. I’m learning how to control my emotions but its hard! As young child, i learned to hide my feelings to build a wall and not let anything in. It protected me when things or people i loved were taken away. My only true love was my animals. My cats. They always made me feel loved and without a single word. To this day, i can often be found cuddling my cat happily. I’ve learned to embrace who i am and the strength that i have. I’ve gotten through situations that some couldn’t fathom! I knew more about life at 5 years old than some people will ever know. I look forward to the day that someone will be able to click and really get on the inside and understand me. Until then, its just me, myself and I!

        1. It’s therapeutic and fun to read the comments! Empty Soul and Brokeback are 2 awesome dudes! I’m on zoloft and have wondered if my creativity would be better without it, but also how would i deal with the shit reality and having minor anger outbursts again around loved ones???

    2. @brokeback- You’ve made me realize that its not you that has the issues, its everyone else! Don’t you ever change because who you are is the kind of people i want to know! “Normal” is boring and “normal” doesn’t even exist! I’d rather surround myself with crazy ass dudes like you, ANY DAY! Plus, your a sexy Canada-dry boy, too!! Ok, ooh kkkk, of topic, maybe a tad bit inappropriate, but oh well- you know how Juicy is! =)

  9. such mood shifts after the consume of hand-picked magic mushrooms (european liberty caps) are well known to me. nice powerful experience and always different, but somehow stressful when the peak is reached after about two hours. inadvisable to eat them every weekend. must be really fucked up if you are every single day in such a condition. could be possible that this kind of disorder cause a similar “Serotonin manipulating” effect inside the brain.

    1. My grandmother is bipolar and when she has her episodes from time to time she does get very energetic but doesn’t seem to make sense. It surprises me that this seems to be aware of what’s going on and seems to be making sense even tho he’s going a 100 miles an hour but who knows everyone isn’t the same…his tweaking does remind me of just how bad i use to get when I would shoot coke I guess I’ve experienced hypomania too lol.

  10. Can anyone really say for sure who’s mentally ill and who is’nt? Is it the accountant who locks his office door during his lunch break so that he can masterbate to the day’s sunshine girl…or is it the unemployed guy who sits at home all day watching television when his electricity was shut off two months prior? Who has the right to point the finger?

  11. I never comment but this hits home. I am bipolar and am surprised this made it on here. I understand that some people are ignorant because they have not dealt with it. If anyone on here really has a diagnosis of bipolar don’t fuck around, get on meds. If they do not help switch until you find a combination that works. the older medications are poison in my opinion but work well for others. I take a low dose of seroquel when I start to get like the guy in the video. I use Lamotrigine for the mood stabilizer and this medication is one of the few that helps with the depression without causing mania. I have type 2 bipolar so my program is different than a type 1. I did my research on the net and know these medications are the newest and safest. people take 5-10 times what I take for other conditions so I feel safer. Big Pharma is a real problem so it is important to make informed decisions. No alternative medications or new age thing would be used to treat type 1 diabetes and this disorder is no different. If you like hell than by all means do not treat your symptoms.

  12. Guys with bipolar disorder and guns don’t mix well.

    On a side note: my sister gave me as a present the CD from “El cuarteto the nos” entitled “BIPOLAR” some years ago but, even being the case that I like the cuarteto very much, I haven’t heard it yet, because I do not have a CD player. What a dumbass I am!

    On a second side note: nobody is obliged to confirm my opinion about myself.

  13. For those who don’t consider medication to be a fair treatment, let me tell you this…

    BIPOLAR disorder has caused me to loose my marriage, career, and the ability to ever work. Since being on medication, it has allowed me to think clearly and begin making progress to being independent for the first time in my life.

    1. @TV- And this it EXACTLY why i said I’m better at diagnosing than any stupid MD! I know so many idiots that need to be medicated because they suffer from ABP (associative bi-polar), that its not even funny! What makes these fucks worse I’d the fact that they are psycho and in denial! Lol. I know a few ex’s like that too! 😉

      1. Actually no, this particular brand name was devised in the 1950s.

        But there was an associated illness called manic depression in the 19th century. If you know anything about 19th century medicine … well, let’s just say you don’t really want to brag about your medical opinion having its roots in the 19th century.

        1. Bipolar is just the PC name for manic depression. It is the same disorder. Many disorders are identified long before effective treatments come along. This disorder has been known for a long time. Not sure why you thought I was bragging about the 19th century. My treatment was approved in the 21st century and although not 100% effective I would have no problem bragging about it because it works for me. I get your point on the re-branding. Every time a new treatment comes out it is marketed and in the 50’s I believe it was lithium.

    1. @1girl-Now those are some crazy shit!! I watched some YouTube videos on that shit! Those are new since my younger years, but fuck! That shit turns you into a straight fucking zombie!!!!!!! They’d make for some top-notch BG posts though!! I need to search to see if we have any, but bath salts are no joke!!!!! Fuck me!!!

  14. I am bipolar type 2, prescribed 10mg Prozac, 2x 500mg lithium, and 2mg klonopin as needed for anxiety. But I haven’t taken my meds in years. I just try to be aware if my actions and thought patterns. It’s really hard but I can’t afford my meds with no insurance. Thank you for helping to shed light on the darkness of mental problems, Mark. We need to get past the stigma.

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