Videos of People Treated for Gunshot Wounds in Syrian Hospitals

Videos of People Treated for Gunshot Wounds in Syrian Hospitals

Here are a few videos of people receiving surgical treatment for wounds in Syrian hospitals. I’m assuming these are gunshot wounds, but I could be wrong. It’s unfortunate that the rebels, aka Sunni terrorists readily blow up hospitals if civilians and/or government workers are also treated there.

This first video shows a patient with a wound in the abdominal cavity undergoing an operation. I like how the surgeon sticks his hand in the cavity to scoop up coagulated blood:

Patient in this video is also treated for a wound in the abdominal cavity – not sure if it’s the same patient as above or different. Lots of guts in this one:

Last video shows a patient with wound in the upper back. It could be an exit gunshot wound. Must have shattered his shoulder blade:

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      1. @ future and Jesus you both hit it on the head for me. Ive stopped caring a long ass time ago. never really did care but now I not only dont care im cynical. I just wanna bomb the whole fucking country so we can look past this all.

        1. If you don’t have anything to do with it, I reccomend not caring about it. What is there for you to gain? Me personally don’t have another choice but caring.. My family lives 20 minutes from Syria, when I call them they keep saying how they can hear explosions and see rockets/jets flying through the air at the border. I go there every 3-4 months so I’m curious if I’ll see something interesting. If there’s anything worth posting on best gore I’ll make sure to send it to mark haha

    1. Shit I am at a point right now where that’s how.I feel about life in general. Why bother? If it wasn’t for my son I’d be in a alley right now smoking crack, getting wasted and just abandoning every aspect of my life!! These are the reasons I don’t believe in god!!!!! These videos made me smile though because all I could imagine was one of those people being the bitch that deserves one right between the eyes!!! Certainly glad I don’t have a gun, and so fucking happy my life has a purpose!!

      1. lol @ those people being the bitch that deserves one right between the eyes. As far as your life having a purpose, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have one other than breeding. Unless you have to save the world ofcourse.

        1. My purpose in life is to care for my son. If something happens to me it’s off to foster care! I’d rather live in misery and depression than ever think that I would have to give up my child. Other than that I can’t breed anymore due to complicationswhen I was pregnant with my son. So fuck you @das, go and run your herpe ridden mouth at someone who gives a shit!!!

          1. Your purpose is to take care of your offspring. That’s kind of a part of breeding. The definiton of breeding is reproduction. But rest assure that I also ment taking care of the offspring. And its pretty hard to take you seriously you know.. Please show me that you dont care by not replying. xoxo

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