Wart Surgically Removed from Foot

Wart Surgically Removed from Foot

Don’t Look if you have foot fetish…

Best Gore member FROSTYLED sent us these photos of his father in law’s foot after surgical wart removal:

My father in law had a wart surgically removed from his foot. I took 3 photos because who wants jut one? There is clearly the one big hole from the big wart, but you can see the small black spec on the ball of his foot, and one on his big toe. those are tiny warts… for now. HPV can be contracted through walking on bare floors according to his doctor. Rest assured we all wear socks and shoes!

Thanks a lot FROSTYLED for the pics.

49 thoughts on “Wart Surgically Removed from Foot”

  1. I can’t imagine letting anyone near the soles of my feet with surgical instruments. Of all the gore I see here, this makes me shudder when I think about it. And there’s a lot to be said for a pair of slippers. But not flip flops. We all know what that leads to…

          1. Awwwww…give him a nice scratch and hug and kiss from yaya and I jonny….she always asks about your avi whenever she gets ahold of my phone..damn kid..pain in my butt…

          1. To me that looks like a Planters-Wart! While in my 20,s i had one in the same area as this guy. I used to dig it out with a Razor blade & when it was about a quarter inch deep, i burned-it with a cigarette, over & over, and killed-it! It never,ever came back 🙂

          2. Fucking hell @there, you don’t fuck around do you? Was it not fucking agony taking a cigarette to the sole of your foot. That would make an awesome post in itself. Tell me, are you a Marlboro man?

  2. I remember I had this wart on my thumb. It was there for maybe five years. I had a doctor try to get rid of it, didn’t work. It only expanded the shittin’ thing all the way across the tip of my thumb.I was in about 9th Grade at the time, I was fed up and bit right through the damn thing in the middle of French class and spit it on the floor. Never came back.

  3. Also just as a TIP, if you do have a wart you can usually remove it without surgery. I haven’t ever had a planters wart, but i have removed normal one using this method: Soak a cotton ball or q tip with apple cider viniger* and put a bandage or bandaid over it. May take a while, but it worked for me when cutting it off only made it bigger. cheers!

  4. I think I have the same thing on my left buttock. It keeps coming back at the same spot. I have trouble sitting down some times so I put more weight on my right buttock. I like to tilt a bit to find my comfort spot but ppl misunderstand and think I pass gas. It might be a boil. Not quite sure.

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