Woman Stabbed in Neck

Woman Stabbed in Neck

Woman Stabbed in Neck

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This video comes with no background information, so I will describe it as best as I can.

There’s a woman sitting as still as possible with a sharp object stuck in her neck. It seems to be a knife. She’s in a hospital of some sort, so probably getting the best help available at that moment. The knife is stuck pretty deep into her neck, but it was not fatal, as she is still sitting up straight on her own strength.

She looks calm, but that is probably because of a lot of sedatives or her trying not to panic. It might be a combination of the two. Doctors are figuring out how to fix this really unfortunate situation she’s in, without damaging any vital parts in her neck.

I wonder what happened. She got into a bitch fight? An angry husband? Whoever did it was pretty angry at her.


In lucena city in Philippines a woman has been stabbed in the neck by a knife after her boyfriend raped and killed her own daughter. She survived on his attack.

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        1. lol..I’m sure the fans appreciate it, especially the ones who get anxiety attacks when they see that vacant first place and can never seem to think of anything subject related to say. Some sort of brain freeze i reckon.

          1. I think people generally go through most of their day on auto-pilot. When such an important opportunity to speak to the world presents itself, I can see how many will have stage fright or performance anxiety. I say ‘fuck it’ and just run with it for good or bad.

  1. Backstory on this is that, she was stabbed by her lover. Her lover raped and killed her daughter, and when she caught him in the act he stabbed her. She later died in the hospital. The killer is still at large and is currently wanted by the police.

    1. Some people are unfazed by extreme pain, others tend to like to be heard once they exhibit pain around other people, if your a loner, you tend not to make a squeak. But talkers tend to be the loudest of them all. hence why those who scream deserve all the attention.

  2. Wouldn’t she be the best person EVER if she let ya take the knife out and then allowed you to fuck the fresh incision? My God!!!! I’d marry her, even if she couldn’t cook, should she let me do that.
    And I said I’d never get married again. I guess I lied, thanks to “Ms Phukmeneck.” That name would have been funnier/funny if she was Asian.)

  3. Hi.. Im new here in best gore.. BTW this happened in my country.. Manila, Philippines. This woman was stabbed by her 2nd husband.. She was stabbed from behind while she’s doing chit-chat with her neighbor..and the most shocking here is.. After she survived the attacked by her crazy 2nd husband.. she found out tht her 2nd husband kill her daughter first on the bathroom.. Because the daughter refused to follow her step father’s command. And u know what it is!? To buy a fucking ice on store!.. U can watch it on YouTube if u want.. find a S. O. C. O n YouTube and u will watch the whole story about this..

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