Woman’s Face Eaten Away by Necrotizing Fasciitis

Woman's Face Eaten Away by Necrotizing Fasciitis

This photo shows what flesh eating bacteria known as Necrotizing Fasciitis does to an infected human flesh. Incredibly, this woman lost near half of her face to Necrotizing Fasciitis before she saught medical treatment. The photo was sent in by Sofia who said:

This is a woman with Necrotizing Fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease. The picture shows that even her gums and the entire left side of her face have turned to dead flesh and rotted off. Personally I wonder why it got this far before it was treated – or perhaps it was impossible to treat?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. As I understand this disease can destroy in hours not days. I saw something where a lady was in her garden and touched her face, within 4 hours one eye was swollen shut, within 2 more hours it was eating into her face. By the next day it ate the bags under one eye and started to spread, they cut all the flesh away and she had to get skin grafts. So if this lady waited even two days it was too late.

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  3. Necrotising fascitis is actually the name of the disease and not the bacteria. It can be caused by very common organisms such as staph a. (which live on the skin of every person) e. coli or strep pyogenes to name a few.

    And in this case its not how long did she wait to get treatment that resulted in this but rather, this is the shot after treatment. Excision and debridement of infected tissue is the standard. in this case it involved removing most of the tissue on her left cheek and nasal area.

    After antibiotic therapy, reconstructive surgery may proceed. this will most likely be repaired with tissue flaps or grafts.

  4. This is due to overuse of antibiotics, which makes bacteria STRONGER and TOUGHER! For this lady, it must have started with a scratch or a cut on the cheek. Touching the skin after touching soil can transfer some of these nasty superbugs, which then starts to eat the skin and flesh.

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