Workplace Accident Aftermath Surgery Photo

Workplace Accident Aftermath Surgery Photo

Workplace Accident Aftermath Surgery Photo

There is no back-info of value included with this solo picture. Would be nice to know what kind of work place this accident happens in, and how the arm became awkward.

Dear BestGore,

Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia.

We have a big community of BestGore fans here that are overwhelmed by the content and the philosophy of the website, my friend and I are especially passionate about it. Long story short, I have a sweet aftermath photo of my neighbour having a surgery after workplace accident. I will be happiest person if the website could share it.

Looking forward for your response.

All the best,


Props to Best Gore member @mongoos3 for sharing the pic.

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      1. @xsookiex

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        Seriously, though, amazing stuff!

        The website says…

        Can I ship to other countries?

        We cannot accept responsibility for any overseas shipments. Do so at your own risk. This does not apply to APO/FPO addresses.

        …so it looks like you might have found yourself a supplier.

        Fuck, now I want some too!

  1. It looks like a severe burn, the wound is irregular, not like a cut would be, and it isn’t crushed. I don’t think it’s a heat burn, because the muscle doesn’t look burned, so I’m going to guess that it’s a chemical burn. There is a lot of different chemicals than can mutilate the human body, so there is no sense in even trying to guess what it was.

        1. I don’t know Ted. Maybe the chemical has a diff affinity for flesh than for bone. Come to think of it ,I don’t think it can be Hydrofluoric after all. I think that loves bone more than flesh. I have heard it can soak through a tear in your glove ,soak through flesh and eat at and up your bones preferentially . I could be wrong as I am remembering an incident where I worked over thirty years ago but I think that is how it happened then as well.

          I welcome correction or a better answer from anyone.

          1. We shall call you Hoping for Hydrofluoric then as you too prefer bone over flesh.
            You see, I’m suggesting that you like erected peniseses more than a vagina.
            (Idk Nem. I’ve been distracted lately so that’s all I have for you.)

          2. There had to be a lot of interesting reagents in the R&D lab at a prospective supplier. That was an interesting morning to say the least.

            One of the chemists was working on a new formulation when he had to take a piss. I didn’t see it all, but it was impossible not to hear. He had a Screaming Joe, a pants wash and first aid from the nurse, plus a ride to the clinic.

            Over 40 years later, but I can’t forget the name – Tony Talanta.

      1. My guess it’s thermal, fire or steam. They appear to be debriding the arm wounds to graft. Maybe his sleeve caught fire, and glove was fire resistant.
        I once had this old man who dropped a cigar in the back seat of a car and lit his pants on fire. After debridement there was no skin or fat, just muscle and bone from his shorts to his shoe line. Very similar in appearance.
        Still, it could be chemical, but these are relatively rare and don’t usually encircle a limb, and an electrical burn that extensive would have most likely burned the hand also and been lethal.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            hey pal. enjoyed talking last night.
            After vag69 spammed the page with his t-shirt ideas, then got his arse well and truly handed to him for all to see…… Well the whole page [bestgore t-shirt page/topic] completely disappeared.
            Oh the horror, eh?

            WAIT!!! im getting a premonition!
            “have a cry, fucknuts”

    1. I don’t visit this site to release tension, I do so just for entertainment purposes. But.. Hell yes. Anger and hate keeps me going day after day! Keep the good things in the back of your mind, shit isn’t all bad, and remember that things can be the same for what seems like forever, and then suddenly change in an instant.. crazy how things work like that.

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          Glad, there are people to have a deep intellectual conversation with about, life, etc, ha-ha, Bestgore lol, not the place you would think it happens, but it does sometimes, the jokes are fun, but sometimes, something different adds entertainment but also knowledge, etc, Bestgore is about being down to earth, and I guess that’s how you get to the deeper echelons, by conversating about these topics.

    2. I have unbridled anger and hatred also.
      I would feel isolated in my thoughts if not for this site.
      I don’t like human suffering for the innocents, but for the deserving- hell yeah!

      1. Care to elaborate @fred1212? Why the unbridled anger? At injustice or at someone or something in particular or just at the world at large for no discernible reason?

        Nice avatar pic by the way . You will have many of the women here owning @dildoes reaching for them as soon as you can say @right said Fred!

        That bloody @doc-undy is still not back. I bet all these lithe bitches are fanning him with palm leaves and fattening him up on a diet of bananas and pussy. Fucker! Hate him!

        1. The later nems, mostly disdain for laziness, ignorance, cheaters, PC culture, etc, etc, etc…. I’m nonviolent even when taking shit for years while working, but I do seeth inside. That’s why I having a ranch out in the middle of nowhere where I can go out in my boxers with a cigar and shotgun and blast cactus.
          Avatar? That’s the same handsome fellow I’ve always used “Schlitzie” I thought maybe you were referring to my new profile pic. If the lady’s dig it, all I can say is “right said Fred”
          Yeah Doc is still AWOL, prob getting corn-holed in a Thai prison.
          Sphinx, and Pigs are also missing, what’s up with that?

          1. Yeah nems, I’m getting that uneasy freeling you’re right. we’re the red headed stepchildren, not up their high flying society standards.
            That’s our lot in life. They’re caviar and pink champagne, while we’re corn dogs and Kool-Aid.

  2. This happened in a sewage farm near Tbilisi in the Russian State of Georgia. If you look at his bloody arm you can see the distinctive brown and black smears of the “classic” Georgian Stool. Georgians retain their Stools and Faeces in their lower intestines for fifteen days. This is in order to extract the last elements of goodness before they expel them from their gritted Georgian Shitters into clunky piles by the roadside in their tumbledown villages. After being “baked off” for a fortnight these monster shits can reach three feet long and resemble a fencepost.

    Each village appoints five men to stack the entire villages Faeces, then on the statutory day they are collected by horse and cart and taken to Tbilisi for grading, sizing and sorting at the Georgian State Sewage Farm. Most are used as fuel but the highest quality Faeces are varnished and used as shingles on the roofs of important people.

    This man’s arms bear all the hallmarks of defensive injuries inflicted by a “Kharuomisch” – the Georgian name for a sword carved, baked and sharpened from only the very finest of faeces. It is a fine-grained material and resembles dark, marbled Teak or Mahogany. An enemy of his village attacked his villages cartload to claim the best Faeces for his village. There is an annual award to one village for supplying the finest Faeces and the competition can get extremely fierce. This poor guy suffered those appalling injuries just for the pride of his village. Circle of Life and all that.

      1. @illegalsmile55 Oh my dear girl. You have remembered the Dumbarton Road Guinness Shit incident of late 1989. The one with the Crows eating it the following day which I witnessed from the bus. It really does stick in the memory a little. I read a comment of yours recently about eating a Squirrel (that is not a euphemism I don’t think) and I recalled the turd-munching Squirrels of Maine.
        Animals are fucking gross. But often delicious.

    1. How the fuck did you think all that up? Did you just sit down and reel it all off at once, or did you have to study on it, and ponder over it? You should be on some comedians crew, writing out his standup shpiel.

      1. @thedood Took me about ten seconds to think up. Yes I did just reel it all off at once. Thank you for the comment.

        I have been taking Co-Codamol recently to try and deal with an ongoing lower back issue. It is a deteriorating one unfortunately. Winter/ Spring this year was just about bearable but Summer and Autumn it interferes with my Fly Fishing. Hence the Co-Codamol and its subsequent unavoidable constipating properties. I found myself at the blunt end of a six day bake-off and had to pass a wretched log which could have been split to form a picnic bench for a Georgian family day-out or made into planks for a fat Babooshka’s coffin. Perhaps that is what was foremost in my mind when I went to look at BG this morning.

        I have no problem reeling that kind of gibberish out. I usually find I cannot be arsed typing it up, but my imagination goes there anyway. I cannot stop it. Today I typed out some gibberish for two minutes. Glad you enjoyed it, gave you something to chew over.

        I did used to get paid a bit for my writing. I had a REAL tappa-tappa typewriter with a ribbon and everything. Sheets of A4 and a desk. I did full-time jobs (in Education) but always wrote stuff too. I lived in Edinburgh then, and found it was relatively easy to get published as well. That was back in the late 80s and early 90s when people still went to shops and bought magazines, pamphlets, newspapers and that kinda thing. Just memories now… I gaze through my window out into the misty glen, yearn for the scent of vag-sap and sometimes still write into the small hours.

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