Wounded Man Dies in Smolensk Red Cross Hospital After Being Ignored by Doctors

Wounded Man Dies in Smolensk Red Cross Hospital After Being Ignored by Doctors

On June 12, 2017, in Smolensk, Russia, the entire Mikhailov family gathered and waited for the birthday boy Artem, who never made it home.

Artem planned to celebrate his 47th birthday first with friends, and then with his family. Together with a friend, the man stopped at the local bar, where someone said something that provoked a fight.

One of the men who joined the fight had a brass knuckles and gave Artem a strong blow to the back of his head. Artem came to on the asphalt outside, with bloodied shoulders and the t-shirt torn to shreds. He managed to make his way on foot to the Smolensk Red Cross Hospital. But what should have been a safe haven, became his tomb.

According to the doctors working that evening, two men were brought to the department at 11pm with bodily injuries. Among them was Artem. The staff claims he behaved rudely and cruelly, was drunk and in his pocket was a bottle of vodka.

After that, the stubborn patient went somewhere outside the hospital and returned at around 4am. While in the corridor of the reception room, he fell, hit the back of his head on the tiles and fainted. From the strong blow he split his skull and the entire left side of his body got paralyzed. The blood oozed from his ear, but that’s when according to the doctors, medical aid was promptly given.

Later that day he slipped into a coma, and after 9 days, without notifying his relatives, he underwent craniotomy. Two days after the procedure he died.

An inquiry by the institution of criminal proceedings was refused by the investigative committee. The confused family is left behind trying to find justice …

Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g for the CCTV video of the incident and the backstory:

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69 thoughts on “Wounded Man Dies in Smolensk Red Cross Hospital After Being Ignored by Doctors”

    1. Yeah it’s a real sad thing…

      Especially sad because it looks like he really put his last bit of strength to make it to the hospital, and then he’s just being left to die as a piece of trash…. on his birthday.

      Congratz Artem!

    1. The Russians are at once the biggest alcohol guzzlers and greatest risk takers on the continent. It’s no surprise the life expectancy of these Eastern Boys is 60.

      I wouldn’t be shocked if Belarus Border Boy was already on pension.

      What a collective sack of shit these Russians are.

      1. I guess you don’t need to be schooled on why stereotypes are not solely reserved for Russians. Suddenly the Stephen Paddock massacre is no longer a topic of conversation. And what about Steve Stephens. I bet you’d had a stereotype for black people too just as you have one for Russians wouldn’t you? There is an obsolete group of people on this earth besides drunkards and psychopaths. This one belongs to the narcissists. I feel you would fit right in.

        1. Take a look at mortality statistics and the population pyramid, etc. Or better yet, travel there on business.

          I can’t claim to have seen it all or to have performed a scientific analysis of data; however, I saw enough to know there is a serious societal problem. This is more a statement of fact versus opinion of emotion, more a disappointment than enjoyment.

          BG is all about an observation of the day. This Russian Boy fucked up royally.

          1. Your observations are correct. The mortality rate and life expectancy says it all.

            Russia is a fucking shithole. One of the biggest on Earth, if not THE biggest. You don’t have to go there to understand that their society is beyond fucked up.

            Whatever faggot claims otherwise should leave the civilised West and go live in fucking Russia.

    2. Doesn’t matter if drunk, disabled, mentally ill or just plain dumb – as a Doctor/Nurse (whatever) You HAVE to stick your opinion up your arse and do your goddamn job. At the end of the day you walk home with a stash of cash whilst his Friends/Family grief over someone they loved.

    3. Doesn’t matter if drunk, disabled, mentally ill or just plain dumb – as a Doctor/Nurse (whatever) You HAVE to stick your opinion up your arse and do your goddamn job. At the end of the day you walk home with a stash of cash whilst his Friends/Family grief over someone they loved.

      1. “It is a doctor’s moral duty to treat any and all patients equally.” True but then again it’s not the hospital’s fault in the end it is the man’s fault. It still pisses me off tho , because as a professional surgeon I wouldn’t have hesistated to help him or anyone else. He needed a CT asap and physically examined/his vodka taken away.

        -profesional medic

  1. I’m sure being professionals in Russia these hospital staff are used to dealing with drunk assholes and that had nothing to do with them not treating him. The first one who saw him stumble in the door should have offered help. It happened so fast one fall right after the next. Sounds like this guy should have stopped getting shitty drunk a long long time ago. Fucking Russians are entertaining.

  2. Looks like he got fucked up in a fight by the way his shirt is torn up and the road all over his arm and face. Could have been drunk or had some brain injuries from the fight. The last fall though… He cracked his head open when he fell, it looks like to me. What the hell was the staffs problem, not doing anything… Good job Assholes!!

  3. @GNeveNL thx for the link. those dimwits even tried to pull him back outside midst video. they only stopped when the blood trace from the dragging appeared. the fag on his left still kicks him (get up you lazy slop) when it’s obvious that he has a fractured skull. they seem to care more about who cleans up his mess than anything. during the whole video they don’t give a fuck about him, it’s just an ugly drunken piece of shit to them.

  4. I hope those dumb ass “doctors“ and women who were there die in the same disgusting way. Like wtf, it was his birthday, even if they didn’t knew that, even if they thought he was drunk. I mean look at him! Ignorant bastards…

  5. All that is his fault. Unfortunate but still his fault. Dumb ass shouldn’t have been fighting. People associate death with weapons but people forget hands and feet.. Brass knuckles too, can fucking kill you.

  6. LMFAO !!!
    This needs sound.
    Missing the sounds of him thrashing around beating himself to death.
    Missing the discussion of dragging him outside by his feet.
    Missing them asking a corpse whether or not he has Red Crossky / Red Shieldsky.
    Suppose I’ll just play Paul Simon’s Slip Sliding Awaysky.

  7. First thing.. too much alcohol is too dangerous for someone in so many different ways..
    Second.. uhhmm I don’t know if I am correct.. but the way they handle that patient seems incorrect.. anyway.. there are no alcohols in heaven..

    1. Only in Russia…I thank the Gore Gods whenever I see you post that you were in South America when you did your tumble and became Head Wound Dutchy…they patched you right up. 😀
      Been a couple of years since that happened I hope there has been no complications from that.

  8. That’s fucked up, and Karma’s a bitch,I hope they choke out at dinner, and we get to see the cctv and people sitting around watching and contemplate whether or not, they want to help, call 911, or wait till after they eat before they’ll help!!! I’m sure no legal trouble will come of this, I hate seeing that shit, selfish, lazy, worthless POS!!!

  9. This is really saddening to watch. Especially the part when that lady sees him and just leaves without doing anything. The SECOND person to see him called for help but that first doctor/nurse whatever is a walking piece of shit.

  10. My believe he died from the hit to the head he received the last time he fell. Notice the trail of blood left coming out of the head. If the hit would have been in the body the trail was gonna be all smeared on the floor.

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