Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hole Carved Into Chest for Surgery Without Anesthetics

Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hole Carved Into Chest for Surgery Without Anesthetics

Video from Syria shows a wounded man being prepared for surgery without anesthesia. The doctor carves a hole into his chest with a small blade, then uses scissors to puncture the rib cage and insert a tube, presumably to relieve the collapsed lung.

The patient has his arm severely wounded in the shoulder area. He was either shot with a larger caliber gun, or maybe his arm took a blast from an explosion. He recites his religious rites while he’s being worked on, and takes most of the cutting into his live flesh like a champ.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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47 thoughts on “Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hole Carved Into Chest for Surgery Without Anesthetics”

    1. I had a chest tube put in when I was sixteen, due to a car wreck. They didn’t give me anesthesia either. My family said they could hear me yelling from the waiting room, but I don’t remember anything after them telling me what they were about to do.

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  1. I had my chest cut on both sides when both of my lungs collapsed. It was also without a local and it was fucking brutal. Kinda sounded like letting air out of a tire followed by a rush of relief. The initial incision made my asshole bite the seat out of my drawers though.

  2. wounded dude moaning , translation: only god is the great, only god is the great . only god is the great.
    now lets find out how his fucking god is the greatest,throw the fucker outa that medical bed,and lets wait for god to come down in person to help. FFS!!

    1. @fuckislam actually “la ilaha illa’llah” means “there is no god but god (allah)”. Stupid muzzies always chant this then they don’t like something. Like some people that plugging fingers into their ears and start chanting “la-la-la-la”

  3. As a nurse, I have assisted in the placement of many chest tubes. I have never seen anyone given anesthesia. When your lung (s) is collapsed, there is no time for anesthesia…..you would be dead before they could put you to sleep. Yes, it does hurt like hell!!!!! You want a few minutes of pain or death from not being able to breathe?? lol

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