Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder

Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder

A young Cambodian girl named Lon has a huge tumor on her shoulder, and probably no realistic chance of getting rid of it. Translation of the brief background info from Khmer suggests that her family is unable to continue financing her treatment:

My sister named Lon tissue tumor cancer is now 5 kg fish are still scarce, and was unable to continue treatment because I have only a mother, a widow woman.

It’s not like treatment so has produced any results – it succeeded in killing the girl’s hair, while tumor is still out of control.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder”

    1. “See I guessed that exact same thing.
      A victim of the Vietnam war.
      Such a terrible sight to see.
      So since she can’t get any treatment,
      are they gonna let her suffer?
      They should put her to sleep with morphine.
      Give her an overdose of it.
      Or perhaps drug her unconscious,
      then shoot her in the back of her head.
      If she decides she wants to die.
      She should start a go fund me account.
      Could maybe pay for surgery.”

      1. damn. switch places and see how it feels to look to those you grew up trusting to care for people that suddenly you are, and not getting the care, with each passing day, waiting for death, – (ouch)

      2. @Trust me – I’d love to shoot you in the back of the head, you ignorant CUNT. Here’s hoping your daughter and mother start choking on massive tumours in their throats, so they starve of oxygen and give you plenty +++ of horrific vomitus to clean up all day long for a couple of months before some insignificant other first world prick blows their head off just so you feel better. Please please please God, make it happen……

    1. When my dearest Uncle past away from lung cancer, it was very hard on himself & me, as he use to ask me to bring him in some food as they were not feeding him anymore. All he had was a bag of saline solution, and a Morphine drip. The cancer had spread to both lungs & throughout his whole body. So i asked his doctor, ” What is the big deal with me bringing in a slice of pizza for him”. He replied that it would only feed his tumors, and prolong his suffering. His tumors would grow to double their sizes, and produce intolerable pain, for a couple of extra weeks. Without any food, he will pass much more peacefully, with his pain in control. He died about a week later while i was at his bedside, very peacefully, exactly as the Oncologist predicted. Sometimes we think that we are doing good, when in fact, we can make things much worse for the ones we cherish & love so dearly! 🙁

          1. Stopping terminal cancer patients from eating is the closest thing to euthanasia that is legally allowed, do the same here in oz. The morphine is upped till your not hungry or in pain etc. It’s the most humane thing to do for someone with a couple of weeks left.

    2. A. Needs Dr simicini( cancer is a fungus- book you tube)
      B. Needs to get away from the radiation and chemo quacks which allows the fungus to spread everywhere..
      C- needs sodium bicarbonate therapy done by simicini method
      D-needs iv ascorbic acid to get the chemo out which is killing her and to neutrilize toxins.and support 20 systems of immune system.wakes up killer cells to attack cancerfungus and lifts her depression.
      Iv minerals.
      E-you need to wake up

  1. Im an RN and after working in Hospice for 6 years I’ve seen many of these tumorsand are called fungating tumor and are horrible! I sure hope this woman is getting something for pain. Once the start opening up and oozing the odor is stifling!! We put coffee grounds in filters around the room to soak up some of the odor. Its so horrible and the patients suffer immensly! Poor woman.

    1. @missgoreaddkt Fungating tumours are extremely unpleasant, even more so when they present, with metastases and family members, late at night when they have, obviously, been present for weeks.

      My own opinion, is that the only worse stinks are that of the retained tampon and the pulmonary abscess.


    1. @uli – it’s just a pity you aren’t fuckable……don’t worry ol mate, you’ll cum across a deceased dog on the busy highway sooner or later. To lose your virginity after 40, you have to learn to think outside the box and be pdrsistent. I’ve told you that a few times now, so just leave the poor sick girls alone. They have enough on their mind……

  2. I don’t know about this(probably terminal phase) but, in early finding tumor can be defeated EASY. Even close to being grown like this and who knows, maybe now:
    She need to eat 100% RAW FOOD and this motherfucker will die by hunger as hes feeding depends on processed food.
    There is a catch: Tumor want’s to feed himself, continuing growing badly so, when there is nothing processed, tumor itself sent(as “faking to being part of the body) processed food craving.
    Thats the problem that make people defeated, they cannot stand hunger but as eating what they like, they feed motherfucker to.
    In order to kill the motherfucker by hunger, you MUST be strong in discipline:
    NOTHING processed, no coffee, sugar, oil and salt. Just pure raw, God’s kitchen.
    If you have some issues with health and this intrigues yourself, check this awesome documentary:

    1. Agreed with much of this – I only eat what has grown from mother Earth or killed in a humane manner. Seeing as though I can’t guarantee animals killed in a mass production line were killed with blessing and appreciation by daft blood thirsty school drop outz, I am forced to kill my own meat. They are drug addicted prostitutes, so don’t really know what’s happening anyway. Also, why do you think salt is not a gift from ME?

  3. Plus forgot to say id go chemo if the need arose. Chemotherapeutic agents are mostly derived from plants (ie. vincristine) and they saved my mother from breast cancer over 20 years ago. She also had radioRx too, which worked a treat. You should all be aware that radiation is also a very natural product…….

  4. medical science still barely knows shit. it’s hard to say what causes tumours like this, could be random/ bad luck, could be environment, could be certain genes, who knows. I still eat healthy, but I don’t think there is any strong evidence that diseases such as this are a result of diet. there are millions of people that live raelly unhealthy lives and never get cancer. and there are people that eat healthy, don’t smoke etc and get cancer.

  5. I hope she gets better.Fuck the hospital, thats a human life.I hope the impossible happens.its sad to see such a young person die of cancer.I hate to see people die at a young age.I hope for the best she need garlic and lots of it.

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