Young Girl Appears to Die After Overdosing on Heroin

Young Girl Appears to Die After Overdosing on Heroin

Video from the Motherland appears to show a young girl taking her last breaths and dying after allegedly overdosing on heroin. She’s clinging onto a male acquaintance who is making a phone call to get her medical attention asap. He’s frustrated with the emergency line operator who seems to to have too many unrelated questions, while the girl’s life is literally expiring before his eyes.

I received conflicting information with respect to the location where it was filmed. It’s definitely either Russia or Ukraine, but both native Russians and native Ukrainians tend to claim it’s theirs.

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      1. I mostly agree with @Rakshasa. I can almost guarantee nobody forced her to do shit, so to claim “well you’re an asshole because you don’t know what addiction is, you should feel sorry for this person!” is at best, fucking ignorant.

        Assuming the above story is true, good riddance. Myself and many others haven’t fucked our lives over with pretty hard drugs, and I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who has. Just my two cents. “Cunt.”

          1. And Swears.., Good fckn riddins to all the fckn idiots out there, especially those with no sympathy, ihope they die a slow and horrible death.., and believe you me, I’ll be sympathetic., yeah right.

          2. Yes and no. You have to use some logic when comparing a dangerous drug that is 100% addictive and fatal, and something like smokes or booze. Sure they kill a ton of people, but far more enjoy booze (can’t speak for smokes, always hated them) and don’t have issues. And yes, I get that addiction is a dangerous disease (yes, by definition it is a disease).

            Thing is, there’s this thing called life choices, and that’s why I have little sympathy or empathy with people that do heroin. You know going in that you’re fucked. You might have an addictive personality, but when you make that initial decision before you’re addicted and stick that needle in your arm, you have made a life-changing decision and nobody is to blame but yourself.

            And besides, have you ever heard a GOOD heroin story? I’ve heard plenty of awesome drinking stories (I have hundreds), and a few really bad ones too. But I’ve never heard a great story starting with “yeah so Bob and I decided to do some Heroin Friday night” that made me want to be a part of that group.

          3. The dangers of smoking and drinking are incredibly wide-spread and acknowledged, and are even present in their advertisements and/or containers. Unless you’ve been forced at gunpoint to smoke until you’ve developed an addiction, then yeah, same applies.

        1. Well you are lucky , because a lot of these addicts were prescribed prescription drugs that were highly addictive, by a doctor.

          Doctors were giving these things away willy nilly because the pharmaceutical companies would pay doctors to do so. Thats how it works.

          When the supply is cut off, the ‘addict’ is forced to buy the pills on the street.

          Those pills are very expensive compared to heroin.

          So you don’t know the circumstances that led to her condition, it could happen to any one .

          Interestingly, I see that the pharmaceutical companies make a drug to combat opioid addiction, and they have just increased the amounts that can be prescribed.

          so…….the pharmies both created, and cured the problem…….win win i guess.

          1. Agreed!!! these morons donโ€™t even know that prescription opioids are killing MORE people per year than heroin and cocaine COMBINED!!

          2. Man arrested in connection to fatal overdose may have supplied heroin laced with elephant sedative
            newsnet5 – 3 days ago
            Akron Police Chief James Nice said it’s possible the carfentanil may be coming from China …

          3. True, I didn’t address opiate addiction through pills in my rant. This is a HUGE problem. So huge, in fact, that during the SuperBowl here in the states, there was an advertisement for a pill that relieves constipation due to prescription opiates. Think about that one. The most expensive ad slot on the planet (“A 30-second advertisement during this year’s game costs a cool $5 million. That’s an average of $166,666 per second. -wiki) is justified because there’s that much of a problem. That is some scary shit right there.

          4. Thanks to Little Johnnie,who got into Grampa’s pills & played with his friends…he couldn’t handle his semi-charmed life anyway, so he becomes an addict along with the rest of his Iphone suckling droogs. Now Generation -0 is all strung out on heroin while the REAL DEMONS~THE DOPE PUSHERS start lacing their poison with fentanyl and other goodies,making things lethal. Outrage ensues as Little Johnnie’s and Jane’s start going tits-up in the streets and Mum&Dad strike out in forces in the PTA buildings to “stop the insanity”.
            Now all the population that depended on their MEDICATION for legitimate pain issues are suffering needlessly. Doctors are cowering in fear of lawsuits,cutting off patients who have been managing their pain for years~in fear of creating “junkies”. Imagine an 86yr old patient dying of cancer being denied their pain meds for that reason! It happened to my MOTHER. That’s INSANITY.
            It’s happening to people all over now..Now they’re going to fill you up with acetaminophen&their derivatives which wreak havok on the liver.. Send you home with that extra strength motrin and tell you to have a nice day.
            Wait til it’s your turn. You break your leg..have a hip with the chronic pain of spinal&arthritis issues..get cancer.. And there’s no room at the Pharmacy Inn for your suffering because you wouldn’t support finding a way to circumvent the”Big Pharmo” beast .
            Why won’t these crazed morons realize that they will be creating MORE ‘junkies’ by depriving the real victims of their pharmaceuticals? They’ll be the ones who are truly looking for relief. Will you have the same reaction when you see one of them dying in the bus stop on the way back to their flat? Or if you get busted trying to score something for your dying mother…. It aint that far fetched. Pain is a heinous thing to live with.

          1. Please take note that this comment from killersinger was made before mine was posted,and was made in response to the original post and not mine!

        2. You uninformed and feckless sack of festering HIV infected semen. What the fuck is wrong with you? You see a quick scene and think you know it all. Well you don’t arse-clown!
          You don’t know what led to this moment and what that poor woman has suffered.

        3. Not everyone addicted to drugs starts out partying and trying drugs just for fun. Some people it happens accidentally to. I am a recovering heroin addict myself, 3 years sober now, and I started out messing with opiates after having teeth pulled and being prescribed Vicodin (hydrocodone) at the age of 17. From that point, it triggered something in me to only crave that feeling again, and it got worse and worse, eventually leading to heroin when realizing that it was much more FINANCIALLY cost effective, though I sure paid for it in the long run.

          So, unless you guys know this woman personally, please shut the fuck up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Agreed. Most heroin addicts don’t start off by doing heroin right off the bat. It usually starts off by a doctor prescribing them an opioid .. it doesn’t take but a couple of weeks to become physically addicted. Then your doc stops prescribing them .. So addicts will try and find them n the streets ~ pill pushers. It’s an expensive addiction. Then some pill pusher says, “Hey .. I got some smack. It is way cheaper and gives you a better feeling” .. or whatever. Boom. Heroin addict. And addiction IS a mental issue. Don’t judge others unless you’ve walked in their shoes. (Not that I condone heroin use, but I work in the field of medicine and I see this all.the.time) ~

      2. I lost my best friend to heroin. He was a paralegal, knocking down big bucks. Good looking guy dating supermodel material. He was a smart, successful man on top of the world but he tried heroin and couldn’t control it. Our local cops now carry narcan and have saved a lot of lives.

        1. Amen and praise the Lord for Narcan!! I truly believe in it! Who are we to judge whether a junkie “deserves to die” or gets a 2nd chance in life to hopefully overcome their addiction??! What if a near fatal overdose someone had but was saved by Narcan was the rock bottom experience they needed to recognize how bad they needed help and then seek help and clean up their life? You can’t recover from addiction if you’re dead that’s for fucking sure!!!

        1. I agree these idiots dont have a fckn clue what life can do to someone., thats why the courts take into consideration and factor it in., they are talking through there ass. In other words because I dont have drinking problem everyone who does is to be ridiculed and laughed at.., ha ha very fckn funny.

      3. I couldn’t agree more star. I was addicted to it for a short period. Though a short period being addicted to anything is like eternity in hell… I came close to where that chick is one time. I did my shot, walked into the living room and noticed my legs were about to give out and fell against the wall, my breathing got slower which scared the everloving shit out of me. I then attempted to tell my girl that we might need to go to the hospital, I managed to slurr it out. Then I changed my mind and wanted to walk/jog. I ended up being ok, fortunately. I only did it for a few more months, maybe two or three, then got put on suboxone.. Not better but at Least I’m not putting things in my veins and having to worry about getting a bad batch or not knowing how strong it is and killing myself. Still is another addiction but I have been weaning myself off, down to a quarter of one a day.

      4. so@Rakshasa is a count huh?takes one to know one,how the fuck did you know he never had an addiction or if he does have one? me having an addiction for 20 years can tell you plenty pal…and trust me I know a thing or two,I kicked it and time to time I take a stab! it’s the girls fucking own doing,so chill out bro!!

          1. Speaking of addiction, my addiction is a nice. Cold cold ,,,Cold beer!in fact tomorrow im having a BBQ birthday party for a buddy,his dad just past away a few weeks ago (rip)..gonna feed my addiction (beer)all damn day…no drugs for me!!!!never! Thank god i never tried that shit!
            Well im good!!!

        1. I was a heroin addict for a good 6 years, never was in jail and never stole a thing in my life. I was just a scumbag panhandler, lol. I’m sure I deserved to die for panhandling, because you’re one of those hardcore kinda dudes huh?

      5. i doubt its heroin .. they fall asleep right/nod out immediatley after they do it and die unconscious ,, never seen a conscious heroin overdose where te person can roll on the floor and yell …and i seen alot .. and had a few myself

        1. agreed.
          i saw my fair share of heroin/opiate OD’s back in my time – a lot in fact. And not one of them involved screaming and crying then suddenly “fainting”, and not one of them involved bleeding from the nose.

          1. ive actually seen blood and snot come from the nose and .. of over dose victims after they are dead .. but in those cases they were sniffers not shooters

      6. Exactly. Herself isn’t herself anymore when addiction takes over, it’s like your conscience has gone bad. People who don’t sympathize addicts just have no experience with an addiction/addict, even though, all humans have some type of addiction. The only difference is the severity and possible outcomes, the world generalizes too much and we will soon perish homie.

          1. Agreed! these morons don’t even know that prescription opioids are killing MORE people per year than heroin and cocaine COMBINED!!


      1. Wow, comes from a goth-dude who is refering to himself as a “Spiritual Satanist” – LOL!
        The most worthless people of them all are those ego-centered & conscience-lacking hypocrits like you or the OP Rakshasa/Indian-Demon-Dude. Even if it is ‘your kind of homor’ – still weakminded.

        1. And that just tells how much you know about Spiritual Satanism… Bravo for your display of stupidity and ending up embarrasing yourself, you brainless junkie. ๐Ÿ˜† Why dont you go get wasted or something and not bother others with your attention seeking problems?

      1. addiction is probably usually a family curse. what I mean is your blood lines past. if you got scary, or sad family story’s, like hanging 100 years ago, the entire family killed 40 years ago, and vendetta deaths etc.. a family curse can be a rapist, a prostitute, gambling problems, town drunk, etc… yep life is a bitch jack but it is not the end you can fix it….. thay should cut hard poison dealers tounges out to identify then and do as we see fit NICE!!!

    1. Prick has no idea what addiction does to a human. I for one have been there it is a living hell. Mine was caused by doctors prescribing me OC after a knee operation and was abruptly cut off.

    2. Totally on her… But as for the bystanders… Keep her awake!!! Check her pulse and pump her chest for Christ’s sake! WTF is wrong with you people. It’s her fault she’s in this state, yes. But she could go on to get clean and be a great contributor to society if only someone would get their ass in gear and do what’s needed until professional help arrives. I’ve lost too many young friends this way, who were just young, stupid, and experimenting. Fuck these idiot bystanders. Ppl in the drug world gotta realize: your fellow users, your drug friends, are NOT your damn friends. This is a prime example of what I’ve been saying all along.

  1. I’ve overdosed on heroin and I can tell you something, blood doesn’t come out your nose. She’s been knocked about a bit by the looks of it. Could have been saved if they got naloxone and did some CPR. Bloody fools just standing and gawping.

    1. Iโ€™ve seen someone die like that before and speed-balling was the cause so my guess is that she either took too large a dose than she usually did or someone laced the cocaine with some other shit to cut costs.

    2. She likely snorted the herion, inducing the nose bleed. Or injected H, then snorted coke to better enjoy the high and stay awake for it. Speed balling. Kills faster than anything I’ve ever seen, drug wise.

  2. Its not like that in the movies,usually at least one tries cpr,rather than all slope off, notice the flip flops wearer disappears,and the camera guy just starts walking back
    .Good riddance if she was a junkie,and no I have never overdosed or felt the purge to inject shit in my body.But I have been in a room where people were cooking .Got a buzz off the fumes and had shakes the next day.

  3. and gently her life force will arise slowly from her bodily vehicle all will be queit as her inner voice becomes as silent as her last movements in her physical form and her soul will then come to realise this wasnt her chance for ascension. but being young this also wasnt her time for damnation to the lower planes and she will be met probably quite speedily a friendly spirit/entity light form from a similar plane who will not show her malice but will show her through a telepathic communication revealing her experience on this physical realm and what went wrong and then her spirit/soul will be reborn in accordance with what plane she deserves depending on her actions or what influences also affected her pathway. if she has had turmoil inflicted from an early age and this was out of her control then she will most likely be granted another chance at the physical sometime very soon.

  4. Ill never understand people who wish death on others unless the person has murdered someone you love or abused a child, not some petty bullshit like they feel so dead inside that they resort to heroin in the hopes of feeling some sort of pleasure. The lungs not being able to expand and drifting into an endless dark is indescribable. People can think what they may of me but at least i have a fucking heart.

  5. Such a sad waste, of a young girls life. This beautiful girl has some major issues to deal with, regarding her drug addiction/abuse, if she survives, that is! ๐Ÿ™ Very sad man.

  6. They don’t usually die that quickly from a heroin OD, but they can appear to be dead and have very weak vitals. There is usually still a window of opportunity to bring them back with Narcan…if indeed heroin is her problem.

  7. Maybe a lil beating before shooting….!!!?????!!?who knows…..
    Euthanasia could be an option not to disregard……
    Fucking selfish drug addict lil shit….. destructive behavior
    Toward all of humanity…….

    1. Haha!!
      No, that’s bad, I shouldn’t be laughing.
      Cause watching this made me sad for the girl. For real, she’s hanging out with morons who don’t give a flying fuck about saving her life…Poor thing. Call an ambulance!! Check her pulse, I don’t know, man, do something! It made me mad that they’re more preoccupied by filming her than saving her life. I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes. Oh, sorry, she lost them…You know what I mean…

    1. Krokodil… saw a documentary on that shit. Scary stuff. aka The Zombie Drug. Eats you from the outside in. Usually starts with the extremities. Your fingers and toes fall off and shit. They have recently confirmed at least two cases here in the U.S. now. Google that shit. Even kids are doing it. Highly addictive.

  8. That dude was whipping her around like a rag doll. He did not give one fuck to leave her like that.

    Maybe when she OD she fell and hit her face? Maybe he tried smacking the shit out of her to get her sober.

  9. I really hate junkies!! Only lying, stealing and hurting their friends and families feelings again and again. I have no compassion, everybody who starts using hard stuff knows where it leads to. That is a choice and you cant blame others, once you find out you cant control it. Having a junkie (or heavy alcoholic) in your familiy or among close friends takes all your energy, you can only turn your back on him.

  10. What goes through the mind when taking that shit for the first time? Putting any foreign substance in your veins via syringe without professional medical assistance is the stupidest thing I’ve ever imagined. I do pity her though, last thing you expect when starting something is it killing you.

  11. So I have watched this a few times know and I am not sure if it was drugs the COD or if she is just out of it just before he savagely man handles her back to the floor she is moving her head, once she is on the ground its hard to tell if she is dead, its disturbing to see that she was tossed around like rubbish I think its looks more like they had had a fight it looked like she was bagging him for help, her eye looks to have been hit looked like the start of bruising around the eye socket. I cant believe the way he throws her around. Weather she was high or not she was still a human being and she was begging him to help her in Russian the way they all just walk away is rather shocking and no one even tried to help her what had the world come to. just before i start to get bagged i don’t care for drugs or people that take them however she was still human and we don’t know her life story so we should not assume she was a DRUG addict

  12. drugs my dad told me as a kid if your going to take them take enough to kill you cause youll be no good for anyone and if he caught me he would kill me. i never did because i seen so many die using them i kept away. this is sad this girl looked like she got beat on ironic they didnt check pulse or do cpr she was doomed. very sad

  13. No matter the circumstances, this is not a way for any person to die. Clinging and begging, no humanity and no respect for life by other human beings. Just tossed to ground like a worthless doll and left to rot. Life sucks. :\

  14. Nope not an opiate overdose.
    Opiates don’t cause bleeding from the nose and mouth.
    I think she’s been beaten, that much is pretty clear.
    NFI as to why she suddenly loses consciousness.
    The very least the bastards could have done is put her into the recovery position before buggering off!!

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