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    I am a friendly, quirky, animated, intelligent, soulful, loopy person, of mostly German decent, fond of cats, elephants, polar bears,squirrels,(and the right kind of slug)-(to play cards with). The top of my skull is quite a fair distance from the sky. I believe in fairies and the semi-colon; though not necessarily in that order-unless it upsets…[Read more]

    • Yup, clean dry panties are my motto! Thank you my friend.

    • @9×9 I’m not OCD, I think. I knew what you meant. I was just being the smartass that I am. Where are you on this planet? I’m revolving in a place called Ontario, Canada. We have just as much gravity here compared to where you are although my daughter could say differently as she falls a lot and proclaims with an honest but quite serious tone,…[Read more]

    • Wow steph, you sound like an awesome person. If this is truly how you are like, dont ever change because the world needs more peeps like you.
      Peace my sis

      • @PIGgray Yup, that’s me in a nut shell. I also take every opportunity to embarrass my children in public. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I don’t plan on changing anytime. I like who I am and my children love me and that is what really matters.

    • im a FILIPINO and im not so much good in english…. but you know what you are prety in inside and out…. i like your words girl…and i like your style

    • Very quirky @stephgw64. What do you do for kicks? Travel? Read? Dance? Drink?

    • Lmao that has to be the best about me EVER! Ps took months to figure out Freind request just now realized I can read notifications! I get anymore smarter it could be dangerous

      • @Bloodybucket336
        Oh I assure you that I am Female. I get reminded of it every day of how stupid I am because I am inferior that I have a vagina (BTW, I beat his ass in Jeopardy, he doesn’t watch it anymore with me).