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    You want thedre to unfriend that guy just because you are butthurt because you couldn’t come up with a valid argument against him on that video ? thedre wasn’t even a part of it and now you pulled him into your mess. Maybe it’s the tough talking filthy rats like you that thedre should be aware of. & I ain’t no jew. FYI before you call me that as…[Read more]

    • Like I said before it’s not your fucking business so mind your own second of all you are the one that came at me first and said I must look like shit because I made a joke about a full-grown Dyke looking woman. And you are the computer tough guy because I know you wouldn’t say shit like that if you saw me in person pussy

      • Hey Guy’s,,,
        I Really Hope That You Two Fine Gentleman, can put this Shit to rest, and all behind you’s,,, cause honestly,,, life really is too damn short to fight my Good Brothers. I Love “ALL” of my B G Brothers, and Sisters equally, (No Gayness) and because i have made many mistakes in the past by getting between fights, while i was…[Read more]

        • Hey what’s up @thedre? Brother, I hear what you’re saying and appreciate the thought, but these two dicks came at me first and don’t think they’re the type to apologize so I don’t really see us getting along to well

          • I don’t even know what happened to begin with brother. But one thing is for sure, as i get older,,, and that is that i am always appologising for any conflict that i could sometimes inadvertently get into, whether i am wrong, or right, cause to me it does not matter anymore. But What does though,,, is the feeling that i get, being the bigger man,…[Read more]

          • @thedre, okay big bro I’ll meet ya halfway….I won’t provoke them anymore, but if they say something funny to me then I reserve the right to talk shit back,lol, Sounds fair

          • Your Good Dude Bud,,, Always been. You’ll enjoy your time with us much better also! I Don’t think that they’ll start anything anymore either, now that all has calmed down. Cheers Brother, &Kudos! Dre.

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