Bloody Breakfast

  • @bloodybreakfast haha good stuff. They beat him till they all got tired. Hell, people were boarding the bus to get a shot at him!
    He took a good beating, tried to escape a couple times. They finally put his ass down though. People are on edge, they’re sick of being fucked. Were all feeling it. Ps. A couple broken fingers is very easy to do and…[Read more]

  • Great Job, and Thanks @bloodybreakfast for giving us all a good look at Street Justice being carried-out in Ecuador a place where Scum Like these fucktards, do not even deserve 3 square meals in jail. Well Done B G Brother! 🙂

  • I’m sure the facts weren’t established in this case, as @bloodybreakfast indicated in the update, they weren’t trafficking organs. These were mere Thievin Peons, did the Crime fit the Punishment, That is neither here Nor’ there. What I feel this Video is about is more or less in the confines of “What we Would Do to Child Molesters and Takers of…[Read more]

  • What, no selfie shot with a BG fansign? Wasted opportunity 😉 nah but good job, thanks for the video @bloodybreakfast !!!

  • This looks really fun. I’d gladly participate
    These people deserve that and more.
    @bloodybreakfast Good video.

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @bloodybreakfast, who filmed for us the video of three suspected child kidnappers being lynched in Ecuador:

    I personally […]

    • i can’t think a more loathsome crime than stealing people’s kids to harvest their organs. well done by the mob.

      • This is a common belief down there, esp against Americans, and Europeans.
        It seems to me knocking an adult over the head in private, then taking them to get chopped up would be a safer bet

      • How about impersonating the ex president of the United States?

      • Just the neighbors having a nice get together BBQ, nothing new here.

      • Do you know what is the difference between shithole countries and normal countries? Shithole countries don’t have a good working legal system. In a normal country he would be sentenced for his crimes to what he deserves but not by some people on the street.

      • The deprived us all of a kidnapped child organ harvesting video

    • Who knows how many children were victimized by these animals before they got caught? I’d say a live harvesting of their own organs is a good idea for these shitheads.

    • Those people don’t fuck around when it comes to delivering harsh justice.
      Must be nice to live in a place where you can get to see this kind of shit happening right there in front of you.

      • Maybe we should all pitch in for a one way ticket and a Go Pro for walmart’s broken roleback crayola donkey dick and let em be the journalist for BG. Then we get to see more and it’s a dream come true for broken back worm burner to see this every day. 2 birds 1 stone.

    • If it’s a crime to participate then he can’t incriminate himself by answering that.

    • That explains why nothing like that ever happens here in Canada.

      • Get back to eating your poutine.

      • BB, it’s true, there is a statistically significant relationship. That’s why we say the best month of the year in Detroit is January. Thievery is reduced to extension cords and space heaters, and that’s self-limiting.

    • Off topic here but as of a half hour ago it is legal to posess and smoke cannabis anywhere cigarette smoking is permitted here in Canada. Gonna be weird for a while getting used to it.

    • That’d require smart thinking. I don’t thing equador is exactly known for that 😉

    • Fuck me, that was some grade A mob brutality. Almost makes me feel sorry for the kidnapper fuckers.

      I would’ve expedited the painful beating process and just bullethead em to hell. Probably that cop should’ve done that, heh.

    • What has two O’s and High in the middle?…..Answer………………………………..think about it………….Ohio.

      • That joke ought to be a capital offense, and I’d vote to bring back the chair. Anyway, it’s only illegal if you get caught.

    • This looks really fun. I’d gladly participate
      These people deserve that and more.
      @bloodybreakfast Good video.

    • It serves them right to sell children to American companies as human lab-rats

    • What, no selfie shot with a BG fansign? Wasted opportunity 😉 nah but good job, thanks for the video @bloodybreakfast !!!


      Makes me wonder who’s hands are in these children’s organs?

    • Interresting…I heard the mob saying in one voice : “Judío! Judío!…” , something like a slogan, does any one have any idea if the exact words? Exact meaning? The mob in Ecuador is educated antijew or does these satanists were jews?

      • decían, el pueblo unido jamás será vencido “The people united will never be defeated”

    • Someone to lynch that piggy looking cop.

    • Just a hunch… but probably not a good one.

    • Implied… eh.

    • was the car made out of balsam wood ?

    • tarr replied 2 years ago

      Small fish. If you want to know who’s the king of human organ trafficking – look no further than Israel .

    • Oh boy. What if they were innocent?

    • Where can we sign up to participate?

    • Looks like Negan was unhappy with the whole deal and took it out on the white pants. On a side note, why blow up the car? What did it ever do to anyone?

    • What a fucking shit hole. Move the fuck out of there before they do that to you!

    • No.This behaviour is pretty uncommon here, but I can understand it, you know, police catch criminals and the justice system is so corrupt that they are free in 2 hours. It seems that everything just had to happen near my workplace so I can record it and upload it to BG due to I registered here recently.

      I didn’t take part in the lynching just focused in holding my smartphone towards the victims.

      UPDATE: These bastards were not kidnappers, just thieves.

      • Probably innocent too
        We will never know.

      • Lucky bastard, living in such a fun place…

      • Thanks for the video. That would be so intense to see up close. If something like that happened here in Canada the cops would be firing at anyone trying to get to the asshole being lynched.

        • It wont happen in Canada because you can all be legally blazed out of your minds and forget all about what youre angry about

      • Aha, Sr Breakfast, you’re the one who started the rumor and got your neighbors to roast those thieves. That’s ok. I enjoyed the video.

        • please start more rumours like that. for brutal lynching. by the way, if something like that happened in my country, the media and public would go absolutely crazy.

      • Pero ahora andan obesionados alla en Quito en toas partes con que hay esos manes secuestrando ninos pequenos anda regado en el faceboook eso, la gente anda full cabreada con esto y el q llega de una lo pican,, ajajajja lindo mi pais <3


    • what was that rock on the end of a stick, LOL , looks like something out of the fucking Flintstones

      • @miss-p
        It looks like a pole for a traffic sign/street name sign.
        It was cemented in the road, but if you try hard enough, you can get it out 🙂

    • Wait a minute. At about 1:17ish…is that the man with the yellow hat? That certainly is curious.

    • The only good thing about this vid is the way they treat pieces of shit, unlike the U.K. Where it’s good if your nicked. No worries then.

    • Anyone else hear them chanting “Pinche Judios” As in, Fucking Jews? The South American Goyim Know.

      • Funniest thing ive ever read on this website.


      • No lol.. Im from Ecuador there we have a phrase “el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido” means the people together wil never be defeated. Thats what they was saying and they have been looking for this child kidnappers for almost a month now I thought they woulda find them since everyone was sharing their facebooks and info among other people living in the country.

    • to be able to witness this up close is an epic experience. Some BG Members are so lucky

    • I like the coaxing part.

    • I’m sure the facts weren’t established in this case, as @bloodybreakfast indicated in the update, they weren’t trafficking organs. These were mere Thievin Peons, did the Crime fit the Punishment, That is neither here Nor’ there. What I feel this Video is about is more or less in the confines of “What we Would Do to Child Molesters and Takers of Organs”
      Had they been guilty of that.
      Very Impressive Mob of Justice though. Wouldn’t wanna be @ the end of that System.

      • Well, they had to die to set a warning for everyone. People now are just upset because a month ago they found a corpse of a 8 year old girl with her chest completely hollow. Some day after that a criminal band was detained trying to kidnap kids in a kindergarten (3 active duty policemen involved). Collective rage was at the top when these bastards were sacrificed, note that the mob were angry with the police too for the reason above when they tried to destroy the police station.

        • Policemen need to be publicly hung ,the rest whipped before prison.

        • Sacrificed to the Inca God?

        • Ecuadorians (like yourself) are a third world sub human species that lynch people that are innocent of the crimes of which they have been accused.

          No better than the Africans that lynch innocent people.

          • You would understand that behaviour if you lived in a failed state with corruption everywhere, justice system included. Don’t blame the people, blame the circumstances. Note that the most abhorrent crimes have been commited by the so called ‘civilized’ countries (world wars), if you compare those with that lynching it’s like a humanitarian treatment.

    • I find the whole ‘selling organs’ thing a bit far fetched. You just can’t cut a heart or kidneys out of a body and send them internationally in the post to ‘rich first world’ customers. That’s just BS. In India, many people sell their kidneys but they must be admitted to hospital where the recipient is also hospitalised, not to mention all the cross matching and tissue typing perfirmed to ensure comparability. Cutting organs out of random kids makes no sense at all, and in all likelihood the organ would deteriorate and become useless within a couple of hours. I think this crowd were just looking for a reason to lynch these men for something else they may or may not have done………

      • Rhyme replied 2 years ago

        Might not have been organ trafficking, but it probably was child trafficking without doubt, I’ve been hearing about this a lot from Ecuador.

    • Rhyme replied 2 years ago

      Ecuador dropping some on ’em huh? Seem like a pretty descent people.

    • Why did you give incorrect information? They are three men. Not 2 men and one woman.
      I’m from latin america and they are 3 men. Please be honest and change the information.

    • why did u burn the car?? and you probably caught a cancer from that burned tire smell

    • Great Job, and Thanks @bloodybreakfast for giving us all a good look at Street Justice being carried-out in Ecuador a place where Scum Like these fucktards, do not even deserve 3 square meals in jail. Well Done B G Brother! 🙂

    • Why are the police even bothering? You’re there and still doing shit. Just let the mob give their justice, hold back, enjoy the show, wait until mob disperses then go in and pick up the scum. Sad thing is tho they’re probably innocent.

      • Apparently, it was the cops who were actually trafficking organs.

        • Oh, cool. If my liver packs up due to drinking alcohol I’ll know where to get one on the cheap. 🙂

    • This was just a normal Celtic v Rangers footy match.
      Nothing to see here Ref.

    • bore replied 2 years ago

      a lesson to everyone thinking of kidnapping kids in Ecuador…. never wear white jeans for the mission. They’re gonna get even more fucked than that favourite white tshirt you gave your mum when you were a kid, the one she washed with your dads red top in the same wash.

      Oh, plus you look a cunt!

    • bore replied 2 years ago

      Out of interest. What exactly is the punishment to anyone of those people in the vid smashing fuck out of the alleged kidnappers?

      The army/police just seem to wave at them to stop. Does anything actually happen to them?
      A clip round the ear perhaps.

    • I never thought mob justice was actual justice until I saw this. If the part about them being organ traffickers is True, I fully support all the vengeance wrought upon them

    • Sad that they died quickly and cant feel all the pain

    • LT1 replied 2 years ago

      The police seem as professional as the average $30/a night bouncer around here.

    • AS I INVESTIGED ABOUT THIS THE NEWS WAS THAT ACCORDING TO A NEWS PORTAL (CNN Spanish) – Three people were lynched on Tuesday after a mob attacked a police station in Posorja, Guayaquil, where they were detained for alleged robbery.

      The fact would have been given by a rumor that the detainees had tried to kidnap minors, but in fact they were suspected of having stolen $ 200 and two cell phones.

      “These events occurred after the complaint made by two young women who were with their children and who were victims of a robbery type scam,” says a statement issued by the Ecuadorian Police on Tuesday. “The police detained them, transferred them to the UPC (police unit) to raise the respective police part and do the medical examinations as provided by law, and then transfer them to the Flagrancia de Playas Unit.”

      “However,” the statement added, “soon after, angry residents arrived and despite the Police explanations that it was not an attempt to kidnap children, it was not possible to dissuade them.”

      The mob lynched the three people to death, destroyed the police station where they were, burned a patrol car, a taxi and 5 motorcycles.

      Ecuadorian media Ecuavisa interviewed the prosecutor on Wednesday, who said they could investigate the crimes of destruction of property, organized crime and murder.

      The police asked the population “not to be carried away by rumors”. The Ministry of the Interior echoed this call.

    • I’m sure everybody was fine thanks to the cops arriving on the scene.

    • With all the attention to your “personal” supervision of the recording, you might have at least turned your telephone sideways. But no. To do that would risk the disapproval of teenagers everywhere.

    • Carbeque

    • I love the one guy with the bollard with the bit of cement at the end.

    • Brutally murdering 3 people in the streets and buzzing off it. Damn, it’s almost as bad as kidnapping children and selling their organs.

    • Can someone PLEASE tell me how you drug someone (in this case the mothers of the 2 toddlers kidnapped) with fucking Scolpamine (sure I spelled that wrong). I get this prescribed & I’m seriously wondering how you can 2 adults with stuff?

    • It’s a pitty that the authorities showed up too fast!

    • Omg i heard girls gling Whooooooo! Where they excited to watch it I wonder? This is so bad but i came hard hearing those girlsin background!

    • They won’t ever do that again!

    • If i were the police i think i would used my rifle and starting shooting who ever trying to touch the body again

    • Damn, they used scopolamine on the parents to kidnap the toddlers. That’s some serious shit, if I recall correctly, scopolamine turns people into literal zombies, as in it completely hypnotizes them into doing whatever you tell them to do.

      Pfft. Black market child organ donors. Good fucking riddance to those pieces of shit.

    • …I would be the first to throw the stone! Those fucking pedos destroyed the lives of so many. We need them all decapitated