• According to the backinfo I got, the video shows members of the Yeico Masacre gang from Venezuela beheading a rival from the Willy Melean gang. The beheader uses a meat cleaver of questionable sharpness, so […]

  • In São Paulo, Brazil, members of a street gang with badges chased and extrajudicially executed a member of competition in drug trafficking.

    Cops are the worst and most cowardly kind of gangsters – they use […]

    • Nice… So do not become a Cop, or Join Any Gang Boys & Girls, as it will Fuck-You Up and your whole life too man. Cause once you join,,, there is no way out but death. So think about what i said before you think that you will look cool if ya join one, as it is nothing but an Evil,, Very-Evil way of life. 🙁

    • 6 star wanted level

    • Nuklear weapons should’ve been tested on shithole countries like this..

      • Couldn’t agree more, dunno why they only nuked the japs 2 times.. should of just kept going.. now we have faggy anime weebs.. thanks USA ugh smh

    • Some comments here are just disgusting. Made by idiots who judge without wanting to know the true story.

      Fuck you imbecile gringos, fuck the first world countries, I don’t trade my Brazil for any of you, shit dictators.

      Funny how they criticize certain crimes but defend those who shoot you in the head over a phone.

      This happened next to my house, so applaud the performance of the best police in the world, a medal for these men. Able to put a lot of strength from various countries to suck.

      Fuck the first world

      • You sound like such a fucking retard haha

      • Damn, poor kid I felt your pain.
        The last time someone call my country a shithole I cried for weeks, you’ll get over it fagg

      • This happened near your house? Beautiful area, do you know of any houses for sale because I’m interested.
        You have everything a person could ask for; gorgeous view of run down boarded up shacks, unpaved roads, filth everywhere, drug dealers milling about on every corner, a murder rate higher than Detroit’s, and the occasional police shootout next door.
        Jeez, what more could you want, my bags are packed.

    • #BackTheBlue

  • Another one from the homeland of Kyle the Spic, specifically from Caborca in the state of Sonora, Mexico, sicarios from La Barredora set a member of Grupo Delta on fire after an interrogation.

    Allegedly […]

  • British Copaganda - Counting Police Deaths Since 1680 to Get Some Number

    They need to add up four centuries of police deaths to get to the 1,xxx level, as that’s the only way to fool readers who may otherwise realize cops have one of the safest jobs there is – fact that is consistently proven over and over. This is Jewrnalism at its finest.

  • All Major UK Propaganda Papers Promote Government Tracing App on Front Page

    Be a good, obedient goy, sheeple, and “Protect Your Loved Ones“. Get the trace-and-track app for your own good. Think of the children. Lick some boots and worship the police. Thata goy…

  • A group of sicarios from the CJNG cartel (Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel) burned the face of one of their rivals and recorded the man’s agony. The decision to burn his face was a way of making fun of his […]

    • Ok that’s enough for tonight internet, fuck me lol

      • The face peeled one is worse.

        • Definitely. When you’re begging for water after your face is peeled off, you are royally fucked.

        • How do I find that? I’m curious

          • That may be it I remember a couple of different ones but I bookmark the best shit. Unfortunately this site changes providers like twice a month so most shit doesn’t work. I don’t know why they just don’t host this shit themselves so we don’t lose access to old videos.

        • Bann…

          I remember that one…

          If he wasn’t Two Faced to all his friends, that wouldn’t have happened.

          • @pickmynose123
            Hey Brother.
            Take a guess as to why they used isopropyl Alcohol to burn is his face. And why they would have this stuff readily on hand??

            It is what you need in order to make hash oil, as nothing else works. 🙂

            • Not true… I use Everclear to make it.

            • What is Everclear,,, Cause i find it Cool that there is something else on the market that is safe that you can use to make good iol with. as i and Everybody else that i know that make tons of hash oil with. And They “All” Use Isopropyl 99% pure Alcohol to make it with. And like i day for years, and years now.

              I know that some stupid kids use butane,,,But Yuck as it ends-up tasting like shit and it causes cancer. They do it with butane just cause it makes it quicker.

              Ok,,, now you’ve got me curious Lisa. So what is this stuff, and can you purchase it at your local I.D.A Pharmacy, or Hardware store.?? And is the process the same when making it. Cause i take my dried smaller bottom buds (like a pound of it,) and put it into a glass 2 gallon jug adding the 99% pure alcohol about 2 inches above it. Then i shake-it well twice daily for 4 days.

              Then i pour it through first a spaghetti strainer which has inside it a smaller holed metal rice strainer, and finally a coffee filter. So 3 filters in one. Then i pour about one inch into one of my wife’s stone wares and bring it to a high until i start getting (Small) boiling bubbles, and then quickly reduce to simmer where about 1/2 hour later my oil is ready becoming the consistency of molasses. Them It’s Bing, Bang & Boom,,, As i am Completely Fucking Ripped & Out-O-Me skull, lol. 🙂

              **Please Reply Lisa. **

            • @illegalsmile55

              So Lisa,,, Do not say that it is not true as everybody i know,,, (And Some Big Dudes) Not Chumps, Make 100’s of Kilo’s of Hash, and Oil weekly,,, Yes Weekly Girl. There outdood grow ups that i have been to myself are protected my men with AK’s sleeping in tents in the last few weeks of the budding season.

              These “Patch Wearing Guys” don’t fuck about,,, trust me, as i and my brother “A Botanist” helps keep them super healthy, and well with (commercially obtained) because of my brothers licence fertilizers not seen, or allowed to be sold in stores. With 100’s of game camera’s surrounding their crops they are safe every year from potential thieves. And because my other brother is a bush cop, or Game Warden living just a couple of miles away, well,,, they are ok. 🙂

            • Other stuff works too. I’ve made it with various alcohols, purified with toluene but that was many years back. Nowadays I prefer using butane.. Which is perfectly safe if you use pure butane and not the low grade shit sold as lighter gas. Here in Amsterdam many of the larger scale operations are using supercritical CO2 , at the time of writing.

            • @Buster Doodle
              Good to know brother, and thank-You.
              You see i’m an old school dude being 55 years of age, and we have been using 99% pure
              Isopropyl Alcohol forever being the best (at least we thought) the best, and safest for you health that is around. So i will try a couple of small batches using your stuff, and what Lisa has also mentioned, and will compare the 3 giving you’s some feedback on which one turned out better. And what i mean by better will be,,,
              #1- Overall taste
              #2- Comeback Ratio (meaning how much oil i will get back in oil) from using the exact same amount 1 OZ of the same buds,
              #3- And the overall buzz that we get from it, as i will have a few of my buddy’s over to try it out.

              ******************BUT AGAIN,,, THANKS DUDE*****************

            • @thedre Everclear is a 151 proof grain alcohol that you can find at pretty much any liquor store.

      • Must be a big fan of Nicholas Cage: Ghostrider and Face Off.

      • Oh fuck yeah @anshargal . Truly the cries of the damned. Another demon for Luciferic s army! Hail Satan!
        Vehementi Saecula Daemonium VIVIVI

      • Well done, my mexican rancheros. They burned his face OFF! That is the sound of utter hopelessness damnation and regret. 6.626×10~34

      • X2

      • seen worse in real lifebro thats nothing

      • Oh well, not to worry. He will be able to spend some of the greedy money he made to pay for his skin grafts, pain meds, hospital stay, countless plastic surgeries, and most importantly the best wig money can buy. He will be sooo sexy, with money to boot ! Lucky guy. Because everyone knows that once you have money, regardless of how you got it, life becomes perfect. I’m so jealous……….

    • 10 points for creativity

    • From Mexico with love

    • I feel bad.

      Then I don’t.

    • Quite early for costumes but ok


        • I do… And a lot of other things.

          • Hell yeh dude, pretty fucked how they locked down wuhan from the rest of China yet they let people leave wuhan to travel around the world.. they knew exactly what was gonna happen, yet nobody is getting mad at the chinks.. most people I see are blaming trump and boris.. I guess people just wanna blame whites for everything lol

            • Why are you bringing corona virus up? This awesome video is all about regret, hell, agony, Mexico and karma. Nothing at all like a man made virus from China………

    • ghost idiot

    • You cant have any sympathy for this flaming taco man. He was probably doing wacky mexican torture himself the day before.

    • Holy fuck! Is the visible white part the skull? That’s fucking brutal! I can feel the agony in his voice. Top notch content as always!

      • Fuck yea it is Ghost Rider Juan Tuco Ramirez Garcia Blaze where is his mexican flag that doubles as a cape?

        • Ghost rider? Is he serious? What a wanker living in complete grandiose delusion completely removed from reality. Maybe now, after his ‘accident’ he will reassess his life and realise he is but a greedy fleshy virus who is also fucking ugly as all hell, both inside and out………

      • I think it was his eyeball cuz his eyelid was gone

    • They said, “it smells like a barbecue up in here”

    • Lol was that a Looney Tunes vignette at the end?

    • Lol he started screaming because his junk was on fire

    • First he’s ghost rider now he’s Red Skull. Halloween isn’t for another month.

    • He’s such an edgy character it’s not funny. That said, it is kind of weird that Marvel hasn’t put him on a thousand t-shirts by now. He’s got the look that would definitely get some edgy teens to put down money for some shirts.

    • I just want to say thanks to whoever made it possible that we have the internet so we could have websites like BG, and I’m able to see how garbage humans are for real. I also would like to say FUCK YOU to John Lennon for singing that stupid song “Imagine” which contradicts everything.

    • Only strong military intervention can defeat this narco cartels!

    • Okay I did some research as almost all info on BG in inaccurate. Apperantly the guy being murdered is part of the “Los Viagras”, cartel based only in Michoacán. The torturers are from the “Jalisco Nueva Generación” cartel, based around most parts of Mexico. Both groups are murderers and torturers, and both groups have killed multiple innocent civilians including women and children. Right now Jalisco Nueva Generación is fighting Los Viagras for control of Michoacán, and as of now Los Viagras is “winning” the war.

      • Looks to me like that was what was reported.
        What was written that wasn’t accurate?

        • Supposedly Los Viagras is not a part of Cárteles Unidos, even though CU is also a rival of CJNG in Michoacán. Supposedly neither LV or La Familia are members of Cárteles Unidos, nor do they have anything to do with each other. This guy couldn’t possibly be the leader of either of those cartels/factions, mainly because he is part of LV, but also it would have gotten more exposure if he was the leader of a whole cartel.

        • Didn’t realise people cared about the lore lol I just come 2 watch people die

      • Click the contact button and give Mark the info/links to any new information and he will update it. He doesn’t have enough time to read all the comments and delete all the dick pictures sent to him.

      • Actually none of this is true. These aren’t even cartel members. They are McDonald’s workers who were having a piñata party and spotted a Burger King employee and decided to make an example of him.

    • They need to be hunted down and killed.

    • I wonder if the existence of the internet is encouraging some people to kill people more radically in order to make a more shocking video? Would they bother doing this if there was no video to watch?

      • Probably. They did just as bad things and worse before video was invented. If anything, I think alot of these deaths would be less gruesome compared to the way they tortured and killed people throughout history.

      • I think you’re right POZ. The videos sure do get the point across better than photos or, like prior to the internet, just written news reports.
        My question is where does it stop? I get the feeling it doesn’t, the tortures they can come up with is endless.

        • I guess it’s fair to say you’re old enough to remember, when The AP Wires were the thing to bank on, when it came to mainstream propaganda.

          Now, it serves as the Appetizer for the Mental Manipulation of the Masses, in the sense that it can control what happens in the end. Games shows on TV, promote this way of thinking as well.

      • Everyone needs a hobby.

      • They’re not people, they’re savages, and who gives a fuck why they do what they do, they’re sick and it’s not a case of one lone freak, they’re conditioned to be like

      • there are always people to watch. Thats the reason why , for instance, the romans had crucifixion as a death penalty. So that people could watch criminals slowly dying in extreme suffering. And also people got burned at the stake in Europe for witchcraft, so that other people could watch. A few hundred years ago, every country in the world was as violent as Mexico is today. Just read the story of the second voyage of the portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama to India in the 16th century. The violence was mexican cartel level, if not worse.
        So i think things are getting better.

        • Intetesting. I know of Vasco but didn’t know about this violence. I do know the Portuguese killed many Fellow Christian Ethiopians at one stage , even though the latter were fighting Moslems for survival- for over one thousand years by this time- when the Europeans were sitting pretty on their fat arses.

          I ‘ll look it up.

          • If smartphones were available, the 2nd voyage of Vasco da Gama to India in the 16th century would have enough gore to deserve a category of its own here. And Vasco was no drug cartel criminal, he was an european government authority, ambassador to the portuguese King. So, no matter what people say about these videos, i think things have improved a lot from a historical perspective.

      • “medieval torture devices”, didnt you ever hear about them? I bet they, in the past, made really good use of those devices.

      • No doubt the video /digital age is making people do more horrible things to people nowadays compared to most peoples’ living memory.

        Yet ,Jack you are right ,Medieval and Ancient times could be much worse. Don’t forget people were hung , drawn and quartered in the UK until a couple of hundreds of years ago. Also public hangings and the body left in a cage to be eaten by crows and to stink to High Heaven. There is no limit to the depths of peoples’ cruelty which is why such people as in this vid need to be exterminated.

        All these executioners and possibly this burnt victim here-who likely did the same to others- need to be chained ,publicly paraded to the execution- ground ,whipped and then hung or shot to death for public ,quick but humane Justice. That will teach them.

        P.S these crimes would not occur if these ‘blue -collar ‘ types did not have ‘white collar’ politicians and police on- side. I don’t believe in free kicks. We need to do the same with a few crooked politicians and police commissioners to ensure justice is seen to be done. Then you will notice a lessening of crimes like drug-pushing and this crap.


        • I dunno man, I think the Romans were onto something with the coliseum and gladiatorial exhibitions… ‘course they used slaves and POWs as well as criminals but that’s beside the point. They should just have these fuckers kill each other infront of a cheering crowd. I’d watch that shit.

      • No the videos are actually filmed as warnings, and are sent to their rivals. The rivals watch it, get angry, and vow to be worse. That’s all this is, is enemy factions trying to “one-up” each other.
        We’re just lucky to have the vids leaked so we can watch them.
        This is now one of my favs, with my 2nd being the guy getting his genitals eaten off by a pittbull.

    • Love it. More please!

    • Jack replied 1 day ago

      That was alot fuckin better than the movie, that’s for sure. Now if they can just do it to Nicolas Cage as well…

    • What humans are capable of doing to others is really quite sickening.

    • this is absolutely disturbing. These men are killing each other over money the hard way…..All the bankers do is push a print button.

    • I honestly have no sympathy for scum! This is just karma

    • Could’ve done that on a motorcycle you know…

    • Build a wall!

    • Movie pick tonight” ….hmmm gost rider it is

    • Fucking hell, this is brutal! The background music made it just that little bit more terrifying too. I’m completely out of touch with all of the cartels, what they’re doing in what country, why and to whom (I literally just come here for the videos) – but the comments tell me I’m not right to feel sorry for this guy? If so and he is also someone who tortures people, then I hope these guys didn’t even finish him off and left him to deal with the outcome alive. Bravo for this feature. Definitely up there as one of the most shocking!

    • What a hothead!

    • can always depend on the cartels to bring some original murder into play. impressive, yet terrifying. 10/10.

    • Man thats some ancient caveman torture. I haven’t seen a real full on torture like this in awhile on best gore. got tired of all these half ass punishments where the people are just gonna fuck people over again. The best i saw was when a friend showed me footage of a guy stuck sewing needles in this dudes finger nails and toe nails. He would show a sewing needle to his eye and make him watch as he slowly put it in. The guy screamed so much he blew out his vocal cords where he could no longer scream. He would put 2 to 3 in each nail. He would pass out but soon as another sewing needle went in he would wake up screaming and shaking and trembling. The best part is he had him tied to a tree in the woods and just left him there to suffer didn’t even bother killing him. When you get tortured by a savage you never gonna do whatever u did again thats for sure.

    • What a fucking waste of life!!!
      These fucking beaners don’t have access to any high octane gasoline??
      And why not first burn off his cock and balls?? Oh I forgot it’s ghost Rider….I wonder what they will do to….Flathead and El Flip Flop Rodriguez when they get caught.
      But seriously I feel like going down to Mexico as some sort of torture advisor, I mean really what a waste…This Cholo definitely should have invested in a cyanide filled fake tooth…..he really could have cheated these amateurs out of their antics….
      And that shitty 4 megapixel camera wtf??? That dirty Sanchez with the shitty 2004 Blackberry needs his fucking head burned off…..They can dub shitty music and the closing sequence special effects but can scrounge a few pesos for a damn iPhone 6 plus….Assholes.

      • “And why not first burn off his cock and balls??”
        Holy shit why do you think he’s screaming lol! Watch the video again. And with the camera its Mexico not ISIL. These fuckers aren’t doing it for recruitment.

        • I get it…..nontheless we really should take up a collection and buy these refried pepper poppers a nice Galaxy note 20. This way we could watch his head cook in hi Def slow motion. Just a thought.
          Well I better waste another couple mb’s of data and watch the damn video again.

    • Man mencho is such a fucking squirrel I cant wait to see him either caught and sent to america to rot in an american supermax .or preferably on here being tortured to the fullest I hope the united cartel find him and his family and kill all of his family members first the dismember him slowly mencho you sad little man . Remember chapo is the real boss .

    • I can’t fathom what brings people to inflict this kind of pain on others in any case that isn’t revenge for the same thing or worse. These fuckers keep raising the bar only to forget one day it will be their sorry ass being filmed, and they’ve escalated it and made it that much worse on themselves. Fucking untermensch.

    • Nobody is innocent, but they are a national cruel and unusual busterds that are son’s ov a who’re…
      I think America should invade Mexico use their army to kill all ov them..
      And this will be the end…
      But sometimes i think that fewin high position like that drugs coming from there…like i said before the Brazil and Africa are miserable zoo’s…
      I can say that Mexico is the mental illness of the content…

      • Sometimes things should stay downstairs. Whenever this tomdickery comes across the border we take care of it. However we are not the world police.

        • the u.s government get interfere with army in all most every conflict in the globe …
          So i ment at least they should take care on what’s going on closer to their borders..
          Instead a lost battle against drug wars that takes life inside the u.s, finish off bad criminal organizations in Mexico that affect what happening in the streets of America…

      • So you cry when people say that all Jews should be killed in Israel and yet you want America to invade Mexico and kill all the population. Are you a hypocrite much or do you not remember what you say from one day to another?

        Also I notice you don’t say anything upsetting to your new found -friend- who virulently hates Jews just like you- in effect giving him a free-kick. Are all Russian Jew emigres the same as you in Israel?

        Where is my baseball bat ? Hmm?

        • You don’t even try to use your mind…
          I ment to all bad criminals..
          And for all i know… They would love to become a part of America…
          I have frinds allmost from every where.. Mexicans, Americans,
          Germans, Russians, and many more…
          If you knew me , hypocrite is the last word you can say…

    • i would never let them take me alive, its best to be shot trying to escape than to end like this

    • Plot Twist: He really was Ghost Rider and whooped all their asses. (Not shown in clip)

    • After a few more watches of this video it would appear to be two different cholos getting roasted here. Did he have a stunt double??
      The t-shirt looks different. ..
      Anyways I’m still quite perturbed about the low quality video. …was this filmed with a betamax like I mean really. ….

    • To be in the cartel industry you need a nice cyanide pill capsule in your teeth for suicide so you can escape torture 😉

    • Brutal agony.
      Not even the Brazilian cartel is usually so cruel and inhuman … Just because he was an enemy received this penalty? One of the most cruel events I have ever seen. This is a pity for rapists and pedophiles.

      • Cartel sympathizers smh. They destroy Mexico daily with corruption and drugs just like Brazil with its gangs. I hope all those cartel fags and corrupt politicians get skinned for preventing Mexico’s growth and I hope the yankee coke snorters get locked in cages

    • Malditos mexicanos indigenas

    • Every body calling dude the PUNISHER,dats impossible he da one dats being PUNISHED..,

    • This is the most fuck up thing i ever seen
      Fuckin brutal

    • Two people, not one person but same method. Watch the shirt…

    • Mexico is also the homeland of Kyle Rittenhouse. Everything checks out.

    • His scream was very similar to the face peeling guy.. lol oh well fuck him 😀

    • Let’s face it, that’s fucked up.

    • Where the fuck were they able to find rubbing alcohol? I’m imagining a group of mexicans walking into walmart at 7am and asking the overnight stocker if they had any isopropyl.

    • Where the fuck were they able to find rubbing alcohol? I’m imagining a group of mexicans walking into walmart at 7am and asking the overnight stocker if they had any isopropyl.

    • Well, Aren’t they getting more creative at each passing years? At this point, They are just acting like little kid torturing smaller weaker animal now. I wonder if oneday, they will ever be on receiving end?

    • It’s too bad that they cut out the end. Cause we will never know if they let him live, which btw can sometimes send them (his crew) a better message by just right-out killing him, which is oftentimes much less painful, if it’s just a quick bullet to the head.
      So what are Your Thoughts on this Guys,,,

      #1- Did they kill him afterwards, with a quick bullet to the head??
      #2- Did they continue to Torture him off camera
      #$- Or did they do more to this dude, by like dismembering him alive??

    • godo di brutto…pensa se fosse stato ancora vergine….

    • DEATH TO THE WHITES by bad jonny

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    • Wow! His head looks like 20% Tony Stark after his snap.

    • wow that was brutal. super disturbing

    • I can’t believe this is reality. God help us.

    • That’s called dedication to the cause, they’d rather just die than be caught lol respect

    • Big Dobble Love Like
      Very creative these cartels. But they probably don’t have the money to buy decent phones with good cameras. What a pity

    • Good to see bestgore hasn’t lost the title. This is up there with sweat child off mine. without a face and hands. The smell must have been mouth watering.

    • This is what happens when you get a bunch of sicario film nerds to do a job. He should be thankful his nickname wasn’t Iron Man, the bastards would’ve got a steam roller and slowly ironed him flat.

      The posthumous cosplay accuracy award goes to poor old Ghost Rider, who not only looked like THE Ghost Rider, but is now a literal GHOST. It’s attention to little details like that, that make the the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

    • Brutal. Debió de ser una eternidad el morir para ellos dos

  • Looking for John Kerry in that crowd somewhere.

  • Ja pierdole. Unfortunately, I don’t have a reliably complete backinfo on the incident, but I know it happened in Poland and understand the cops showed up to do a routine inspection, which tends to be a catch […]

    • I can already see the Polish MSM twisting the story to promote more police inspections for the protection of all and for everyone’s benefit.

      • Your comment sort of mirrors what I was thinking at the moment, in relation to this latest CV Scamdemic…

        I occasionally listen to a local classic rock station where I live. Occasionally, because most don’t know the history of the artist they’re playing, along with the mountain of companies they promote, designed to keep you in debt, dumbed down and on medication, for the rest of your life.

        Anyway earlier this summer, the young woman who was hosting the show, wanted to know “Who you mask for?” You or others, may have heard something similar on their local radio station.

        I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since these presstitutes have been promoting fear surrounding this virus, for the better half of this year so far. But her statement alone, indicates that our priests of propaganda, demand that their sheep become submissive, to their plan of controlled violence by vaccine for the masses.

        I guess I could Fedex some lotion and tissue paper to her place of employment asking, “Who do you kneepad for?”

        Of course we all know there’s a major difference between skin lotion and a vaccine. However with the tissue paper, she could at least clean her act up.

        police inspections for the protection of all


        You’re exactly correct…

        It’s been said that people will willingly step into an oven, if they are convinced it’s a bathroom.

    • Polish are just white skinned niggers. If you meet someone whose name has the shit letters like łćśźý, consider him/her lower than curry or sand niggers. They are pure blood apes which happen to have white skin.

      • stfu. don’t ever compare these lovely slavic angels to n words.

        • Normal > Japs > Curry niggers > Sand niggers > Russians, Polish and other Slavs >= Actual charcoal niggers > Jews >= Chinkroaches

          That’s how it works everywhere. Try to memorize it.

        • The Polish are a proud and valiant people who fought bravely by the side of The British during WW2 and who are even now trying to resist the Soros backed invasion of Europe. They are also great plumbers and builders who offer their services at low, low prices.

    • @ If they would Stop Talking Like Everything was a joke, ,, or they would stop sounding like everything was a joke,,, i think that they’d fare-off much better, lol. 😉

    • If that happened in the US there would already be six other cops there with five more on the way.
      They would also have their guns drawn and be tackling and handcuffing the bystanders.

      • Q: Whats the best thing about dating homeless chicks?
        A: You can drop them off anywhere.

        • You also don’t have to help them pay their rent.

        • Don’t get me wrong….I hate all cops and wish death upon their children.
          But, the reality is we know nothing of what is going on here….And the fatso who body checked the pig…of course he’s gonna catch time for that. I just wish one day soon we can all marvel at a video of some dude sticking a big dirty blade into the neck of some fat American cop…then we can rejoice.
          Start Resisting.

        • A: You can chop them up after you’ve killed them in your mom’s basement and nobody comes looking for them….Which gives you plenty of time to make hooker-meat sandwiches to feed mom?

      • And at least 3 dead citizens.

        • While the media giving them time off with pay, while the pentagon collects data on the efficiency of their new weapons being used, in these killings.

    • ⚆ _ ⚆

    • These cops suck. Bring the Waffen-SS back to Poland to control these savages.

    • polish wrestlemania? 🙂

    • Don’t get me wrong….I hate all cops and wish death upon their children.
      But, the reality is we know nothing of what is going on here….And the fatso who body checked the pig…of course he’s gonna catch time for that. I just wish one day soon we can all marvel at a video of some dude sticking a big dirty blade into the neck of some fat American cop…then we can rejoice.
      Start Resisting.

    • Can’t wait to be a cop and kill Mexicans and niggers :3 <3

    • It is a pity that the police have no right to use weapons against this pathology …
      I present to you the main reason for the police intervention and information about this situation:

      On Saturday, September 12 father and son attacked the policemen.

      As we read on the police website, yesterday around 18 policemen from Świdnica were called in to intervene in the village of Pastuchów in the Jaworzyna Ślaska commune. The reason was a violation of the bodily integrity of one of the inhabitants.

      The recording that appeared on social media shows policemen during the intervention. At one point, one of the men attacks a policeman and, already lying on the ground, starts beating. In turn, the policewoman standing next to the officer is hit in the face by another policeman. The incident is accompanied by shouts of people gathered around.

      Perpetrators detained. Father and son – in my opinion, for an active attack on a policewoman and a policeman, he is under temporary arrest and then a severe penalty and imprisonment. I can’t imagine it otherwise, the spokesman for the police, Mariusz Ciarka, commented on Twitter.

      The policemen, above all, hope that they will be healthy, without any damage.He add.

      The video evidence we have at our disposal shows the aggression and brutality of the attackers faced by the intervening police officers, despite the fact that one of the men, the 47-year-old, was detained red-handed. The second male, 25-year-old, fled the site of intervention, but was also arrested immediately after the incident, reports the police. Both men were under the influence of alcohol. They were arrested, where they will hear charges. For an active attack on a policeman, he may be in prison for up to 10 years.

      Exterminate Polish Pathology!

    • Why were the police called, they just don’t show up for no reason and in a crowed that was attacking them?

  • Mask is inside out. She’s hot an I’m horny. I’ll help her turn that blouse inside out too.

  • @rottenstench
    Hey stenchy, where ya been? Nice to smell you around. 😛

  • Kyle Is Not Impressed

    Instead of spending public money on tools and equipment that oppress and terrorize, spend the money on tools and equipment that help and save lives, and you’ll save countless millions on wrongful death settlements that tax payers won’t have to shell out for. Total nightmare for Kyle the Spic and other bootlickers. WTF Denver?

  • Kyle Rittenhouse Approves

    Rules for thee, but not for me. Kyle Rittenhouse approves!

  • This accident occurred on September 25, 2020 on Teniente Benitez Street in the heart of San Lorenzo, a city near Asunción, Paraguay.

    The black Toyota Funcargo driver was DWF and fatally t-boned a […]

    • DWF offenders should be punished with indefinite house arrest. Ideally, confined to the kitchen and bedroom.

    • How does this bastard cameraman sleep at night?
      Think of the gore those multiple wheels probably did to this guy and we get to see none of it. Shit.

      • There were a lot of people there with plenty of time to record, so don’t lose hope just yet.

      • It’s what I could get, friend. I’m sorry if I couldn’t fill your expectations of bestgoreman.

        • Sorry… my Gore tolerance has been growing at light speed since I joined this site.
          It was still a quality death worthy of watching.

          • The guy played chicken down a one-way road, got launched by a t-bone collision, ricocheted off a truck in bike riding posture, landed squarely on his head and then got a combo crush ‘n’ drag. Quality.

    • Well if 7 wheels aren’t enough, I don’t know what would be.

    • Riding motorcycle: check.
      Overtaking truck on narrow street: check.
      Not slowing down at intersection of said narrow street: check.

      Low IQ confirmed. Nothing of value was lost.

      • Just curious about your negative feelings towards motorcycles.

        I ride. The only accident I have ever been in, both car and bike, is someone hitting me with their truck because they “couldn’t see me”.

        I’m just as likely to strike a moose in my truck and die around here as I am on a motorcycle. Is it more dangerous on a bike? Definitely in highly traffic congested areas, that’s why I avoid them.

        I’m also pretty sure if you have the right of way no one has to “slow down” at every turn or corner in case someone else decides they are going to break the law. So. I just don’t get your statement.

        • I “slow down” while driving my SUV. Life is short, and I’d like to live it as long as possible.

        • Maybe he should’ve said:
          “Not being cautious at intersection…” instead of slow down.

          Break the law? Lol..
          More like:
          “In case someone decides they are going to t-bone you”

      • Spot on.
        It always boils down to the level, or complete lack, of a sense of self preservation.

        Not unlike a pedestrian standing right on a corner at a red light…with their empty noggin sticking up like a target waiting to get clipped by a wide ass mirror..or a turned into mush by a curb jumper.

        You either have an innate sense to preserve your own life or you don’t. There’s no grey area.

      • Read my comment below.

    • What was going on at that junction would there been right of way for someone? Because she would of ploughed into that truck regardless of the biker being there or even a person lucky enough to be crossing… stupid bitch

      • Wadda ya expect lol it’s a dog shit 3rd world country, people there are sub human, they aren’t the same as civilised whites

      • looks as she was on a one way side rd ,driving on the left lane in a left sided car,her view was limited although the silly bitch retard should give way or slow for the biker ,you do not overtake a fucking truck at crossroads ,you are blind sided at the worst time.stay away from trucks ,slow down at cross junctions,silly retards..the one way system was poorly designed..

    • Looks like the Toyota driver intentionally pushed the motorcycle all the way to the truck from the beginning of the road.

    • Classic Final Destination end for the biker. I bet that the stupid bitch in that fucking ugly compact was texting.

    • The motorcyclist was very dumb, NEVER drive at the side of a truck

      • See, I don’t ride motorcycles but I thought riders stayed away from big trucks like that? I don’t think I could ride along the side of a semi & feel safe if I didn’t know for sure I could be seen by all drivers.

        • Bravo! 🙂

          Riding alongside trucks are okay. However, any driver should be in a position to have a “quick escape,” in the event that other drivers drop the ball. This was the perfect example. It’s called defense driving.

    • If she had not hit the motorcycle, she’d go under the truck. He died for her sins

    • Had to look up what DWF is. LOL!

    • Stupid bitch was probably too busy looking at the ‘cock of the month’ on her tinder app.

    • Looks like he may have been a Bouncer, trying to get a Cab for someone. I guess Wheel never know.

    • Uploading selfies.

    • Look both ways before crossing kids! 😀

    • Practicing blow job lips in the mirror.

      • Regardless of how intelligent and thoughtful that woman was, the moment she slipped into the driver’s seat she was doomed: incapable of using turn signals, checking her gear shift position, or even looking where she’s going. Let’s not forget the time Danica Patrick hit her own pit crew at one race, then hitting someone else’s just a few races later.

        Joke time!

        Q: What do you call a woman who can’t make sandwiches?
        A: Single

        Q: How do you know that beer contains female hormones?
        A: If you drink two or three, you can’t drive properly anymore and start talking nonsense

        Q: How do you fix a woman’s watch?
        A: You don’t, there’s a clock on the oven

        Q: How do you make 5 pounds of fat look good?
        A: Put a nipple on it

        Q: Why did God give men penises?
        A: So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up

        Always love a woman for her personality. She has ten you can choose from.

    • This is why you should drive a car instead of a motorbike. The person in the car is alive. The person on the bike got thrown off and squashed by the truck. Think about it. The human body evolved to go maximum, the speed that you can run. It didn’t evolve to go the speeds vehicles are capable of.

      In a car, you are surrounded by metal on all sides, and you are strapped in with your seatbelt. There is something in-between you and the other vehicle. On a bike, you are right out in the open. You’re not even wearing a seatbelt. There is nothing to protect you. In a crash, a motorbike offers zero protection.

      Bikes are dangerous.

      • No shit, what’s a bike and rider weigh vs a car and driver?
        Let’s say for fun it’s 600, maybe 700 lbs vs 3,000 or 4,000 lbs.. No contest.

        DWF does highlight a big problem with the false sense of security and invincibility in that big hunk of metal and plastic though lol. Evidence of which we’ve witnessed plenty on BG..

        • Yeah, you’re not invisible in a car. But it does offer more protection than a bike.

          In a car crash, you’re safer in the bigger heavier vehicle.

      • He would have survived if not for the wheels smashing his brains. Nothing to do with speed.

    • You could not even see the remains of that motorcycle, she hit it so hard & dead-on. 😉

    • Darn that guy was a T-bone steak with A-1 stake sauce all over the place and everything else that comes with T-bone steak..

    • She was most likely yacking away with her passenger, hand gestures and all.
      Most annoying shit to see someone do while driving.

    • would have been impressed if he got enough speed from that hit to fly past the truck but now he’s just asphalt soup.

    • The only good chinese is a dead chinese

      • Yellow fever getting to ya!?
        China and the Chinese have a lot more going for them than Jewmerica.
        Shut your retarded pie hole about my gook friends!

    • if ever the biker didnt die that day, hell just die another day.

    • Security cameras captured the fatal accident in which it is observed how the victim, Axel Calonga, 22 years old, was moving on his motorcycle on Teniente Benítez street, when, upon reaching the intersection with Sargento Silva street, a car rammed him from the side .

      The biker was thrown and fell under a large truck that was traveling in the left lane, getting caught between the wheels of the vehicle.

      The driver of the car, identified as Mariza Bedolla Chávez, 30, was arrested.

    • Probably not the best time for the whore to ask the Instructor
      “Did I pass”?

    • How about that poor oblivious idiot walking to that intersection and never knew what was going on and just kept on walking lol..

    • truly amazing the flock of really casual observers that heard a giant crash but don’t bother picking up the pace to see if anyone might be alive and desperately needing help

    • This is why woman should not drive.

    • Truck wont even stop another typical day in South America he seen worse,get up…

  • karmen40 replied to the topic Just Got Back in the forum Everything Else 1 day, 20 hours ago

    Glad to be back, then ? 😉

  • Did that cost extra? 😀 Maybe they will take you for a boat ride!

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @cushypushy, who lost the tip of his middle finger when it got crushed at work:

    Hey! I recently had a traumatic amputation of […]

  • According to the backinfo I got, a known gang member was hacked to death by rivals in broad daylight in Southern India. He was dragged out of his car and repeatedly struck on the back of his head with a […]

  • I got no backinfo. By looking at the video, it shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. One man is down on the road with badly broken leg and unspecified head trauma.

    He seems to be in rough shape, as if […]

    • Man He’s sticking his dick out and trying to rub one out for the last time.
      Get your phone away. Let him beat meat in peace.

      • I wonder if being able to smell his toenail cheese at the same time enhances the experience?

        • Toe jam sautèed in vinegar, Greasy, tepid, over-salted and under-carbonated burgers, sand fly fries, curried broccoli shake, non-organic salads, krill cookies, and artificially flavored and sweetened whipped petroleum byproduct sundaes, Neo-petroleum sundaes (in a shade of premium unleaded), 100% Pure Extruded Beeflike Product (made with half soybeans), Licorice ‘n’ Liver Shake, or my favorite Cellulite au chat includes a full quarter-ounce patty of free-range calico cellulite, micronuked to a perfect medium rare and smothered in a combination of semi-organic fungal spew from the guanoid beds of Prevert and individually hand-picked dingleberries from TrokenBeerenAuslaesen. The Cellulite au chat is garnished with secret sauce made from the bath water of Hornitos mud otters.

      • A lot of meatus showing ,that is for sure.

    • That’s how real men tuck in their penis to avoid public boners.

    • Brazilian Brazil, probably run over, his flip-flops are on the asphalt and he is swept away by some massive hurricane

    • That’s Brazil, I recognize Portuguese when I hear it.

    • Wow, a masochist, at full mast!

    • Jack replied 2 days ago

      Yeah, there was a lollipop dude standing next to him as well. Definitely the gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

    • I don’t see any liquor bottles, but he may have been Half Cocked when he was hit.

    • I wonder what he wants for Christmas.

    • So … Does that count as a pointer? World Limbo champion cums-a-gutsa. His knee’s are good, he’s Ebeneezer good.

    • guess if i died id try to beat one out too before it ends

    • The least this piece of shit could do is put his fucking mask back on!!
      This is a fucking pandemic for Christ sakes!!

    • Yeah, the short shorts, the limp wristed pose, the fact he’s got his cock out… it’s all a bit gay. What would be even gayer is to be the guy to wander over and tuck his cock back into his shorts for him. Even though it’d be an act of human kindness, no man is that kind. As for a woman doing it, the majority won’t touch a man’s cock unless they’re getting something out of it.

    • I always tuck my cock into my belt line when I’m wearing shorts, otherwise it would hang out the bottom. Can’t afford a public obscenity fine.

    • I had to come back for one more comment….You know this is why I hate foreigners and foreign countries. You won’t see this type of shit here in Canada no fucking way.
      We have cross walks that talk and make noises and we have drivers who are responsible more or less. Furthermore, nobody over here would just stand around taking pictures and video…..the universal commodity of the disenfranchised turd-world scum…..Also if a Canadian was to be run over in the streets he would surely be better attired than the seemingly obligatory flip-fucking flops and shabby looking 1st world cast away clothes….And that revolting little penis for all to see….That instrument of reproduction…..of more generations of lowly scuzz and dirty little fingers groping for the 1st world dreams….will rise no more.
      That flaccid object he’s undoubtedly used countless times to violate the sanctuary of young boys anal canals and spread untold amounts of disease infested semen through the vaginas of underage street urchins will never again be inserted into the vile orifices of his countrymen.
      Let this be a lesson to us all tonite….
      Give thanks for your high speed Internet. ….give praise to our beautiful countries and sexy women and our glorious penises that offer many illustrious shades of color rather than those dark forbidding ant eater snouts of the peasants of 3rd words. For tonite we rejoice in unity as we celebrate the passing of this mangled and despicable young man who did not offer us the courtesy of providing any better entertainment than his limp cocked silent fumbling and grotesque clothes…..This man got away easy….for he deserved worse…It was his destiny to die today….for our entertainment and joy.
      A fitting eulogy.

    • – Bet you can’t touch your heel with your elbow?
      – Oh yeh!

    • What a shitty way to die

    • His leg snapped like a Kit Kat bar

    • Lol, and remember kids, God is love.

    • Sleep it off mate, sleep it off.

  • Black cop violently tasing and arresting a white woman attending a sporting event with her family? Fuck yeah. Kyle the Mexican half nigger approves. That’s alike a dose of Viagra for him. And realizing that it was allegedly for not complying with the Zionist oppression aiming to dehumanize the populace and make them more susceptible to…[Read more]

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