• Good Morning @boasp! Here ya go….been raining since 3:00 AM

  • TheProtocolsOfZion posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    @boasp I recorded them on two separate devices. The trail camera is a video of a guy sitting on my couch, he picked it up off of my end table and looked at it. By doing this he tripped the motion detector and recorded himself. I can see part of his face. It is really quick though, so the video has to be slowed down. I only got to see his face for…[Read more]

  • Hazelkeitel posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    @boasp hello good to meet you here…😀

  • @boasp, keep those freezers full friend. I’ll be hunting fat elk near Ellis Idaho then wintering at Hermit’s Cabin on The River of No Return. Take care buddy!

  • @boasp Missed your comment to reply because I can’t sign in using TOR on my iPhone. Now your comment is gone?
    From memory:
    Yes I suppose you are right about thedre being permanently down the rabbit hole. Do you suppose he could be made to understand that rockets don’t “push against the air” to propel themselves? I guess not.
    Hoping the BS with…[Read more]

  • thedre posted a new activity comment 1 month, 1 week ago

    You Weather Predictions, and or Forecasts were incredibly accurate and cool to follow-up on. (Is what i meant to say) in my last Paragraph, Sorry Brother.

  • thedre posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hey Boasp hope all is well with you & yours B G Brother. We are getting Thunderstorms, and crazy downpours of rain today. Well,,, today,,, it started right after lunch at about 12:30 and it has not eased off ever since. so about 4 hours of heavy,,, Heavy Rain. At least i won’t have to go water my pot=plants for a few days, lol.

    And You…[Read more]

    • @boasp
      You Weather Predictions, and or Forecasts were incredibly accurate and cool to follow-up on. (Is what i meant to say) in my last Paragraph, Sorry Brother.

  • thedre posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Hey Boasp i see that you have nothing on your activity-page, is everything ok?? I Ask you this cause i swear To God-Himself,,, That I Have always liked You Brother, as i have always seen the good in you my hard working Good Man. I Hope that you will stay here with us where you belong and are loved Best-Gore Veteran Brother, as you would…[Read more]

  • despy posted a new activity comment 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    There is 25 to a page and 522 notifications

    According to my calculations that is like 21 pages of that clickery !
    ain’t got no time for that
    Plus too there is probably some I haven’t read so it would be like vicious loop. Take me a damn day!
    But thanks @boasp

    Plus too who knows how many I haven’t read so I would be clicking and reading

  • despy posted an update 3 months ago

    @boasp what’s up with you? How do you have negative points? Has this been discussed before, was that you?

    I saw your comment about trucks crashing into bridge and went to reply and it was nowhere to be found

  • Here ya go wild man, her new album and my favorite song on it.

  • despy posted a new activity comment 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    nah I went to the grocery store. I am not big on pizza, I mean I like it but it is pricey. just me ,so a small is expensive and a large I have to eat for 3 days @boasp

  • Janiel posted a new activity comment 5 months, 1 week ago

    @boasp, thanks for the update. I was sincerely confused as to why he’d think I was either of those people. @smileusb75 can tell ya I’m from PA. I can also prove who I am with my shitty YouTube account where I have some cat vids that show my face – same face in the pictures I’ve had on here as my avatar.

    Sorry for replying here, but I’m unable…[Read more]

  • thedre posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey @boasp
    You know that i am stubborn brother, and that i will not stop until i hear from you, and know that you are happy,,, ok,,, and that you are staying-Safe.
    Take Care Brother,
    Andre. πŸ™‚

  • thedre posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hey brother, i have not seen you comment in quite some time, so i hope that you are ok,,, healthy,,, and doing well. I Just thought that i would stop-in and say hello, cause with all of this Corona-Virus Shit going-on i wanted to put our past differences aside, and check-in on ya. Cause during these uncertain times,,, we are much…[Read more]

  • thedre posted an update 6 months ago


    Hey Boasp,,, how you been Brother, as we have not herd from you in quite some time. Is it cause you are busy with the usual springtime field preps, or is the ground not completely defrosted in your region yet. Anyways,,, I Hope that You & Yours are healthy & happy and all good.
    Your B G Brother,
    And no matter what,
    Andre. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, sweet handsome friend of mine!! I haven’t seen you in forever and a day. I hope these scary past few weeks have passed uneventful for you and Cathy (can’t remember if her name begins with a C or a K). I miss exchanging pleasantries with you and finding out how all is in your world. Please, PLEASE stay healthy and drop me a few lines. I so…[Read more]

      • @PseudoSubduedDude
        Oh My God, It’s You, My Beautiful Long-Lost Angel & Loving B G Sister.
        Man-O-Man,,, i missed you, and so incredibly much girl, that not a day ever goes by without myself seeing, or reading something that reminds me of you, and because of this,,, “You” are always in my mind. πŸ™

        I Don’t know where to start, or even what to say…[Read more]

    • I’m home for a few days from my job and I’ll look for your with renewed purpose and intent!!! Talk soon, sweet man!

      • There is my Darling Best-Gore Sister. πŸ™‚
        How have You & Yours been Girl??? Saying safe i’m sure, being the bright, and responsible individual that you have always been. It is always nice to hear from you, as i do think about quite a bit but do not want to bother yourself, or your partner especially during these uncertain times.

        But like a true…[Read more]

        • Such a nice message, Andre! I’ve really missed soaking with you at length. I have a week long furlough at work this week, so I will be up late into the night…I really hope to catch you then!! Until then, please stay safe and know I am thinking of you!!!~~ Donna

          • Hahaha…speaking with you at length..soaking would be like in a hot tub….lol…Freudian slit….I–I-I- mean slip…haha..this quarantine has me going a bit nutty!!! πŸ™‚

            • @pseudosubdueddude

              Hey My Favorite B G Doll, lol. How are you, all good? I Forgot that Cathy was working at home, because i am not used to this Social Distancing bullshit. Yes,,, i miss speaking with you at lenght too girl. So how bad are the cases in your area, not too too bad i hope, like not like N-Y City itself ???

            • Oh my God You Told Me Your Name.
              Donna,,, such a beautiful & perfect name for such a sweet Angel as yourself. πŸ™‚ I Dunno what to say next as i am like the super shy stuttering fuck & retard since i found out your cute name. Now i have to make sure that i do not start saying your name in my dreams or while making-out, and climaxing with Cathy,…

  • @boasp
    I had this unbreakable Westminster Teak Rocker in mind but the damn thing costs $998.00 + tax 😬

  • thedre posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago


    Hey Boasp,, wadded you say we stop name-calling each other like 5 year-old kindergarten girls, lol?
    Or,, just simply tell me To *Fuck-Off Mon Stupid Francais*, and then we will/can simply begin a new round of talks, that will be even funnier than the last ok ? πŸ˜‰ Actually,,, now that i think about-it after reading your last comment to…[Read more]

  • Hey @boasp
    Try minding your own business, and trying to sway members one way, or another. Cause when someone are nice, and kind to me, and (for once) by not hating, or judging me before at least looking at, and/or reading what i have to say, or show.

    And B.T.W. Is it not Pig Shit Shoveling Time ???

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