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    thedre - "@alois Hi Alois hope all is well, B.T.W. Iv’e been meaning to ask you how your L.S.D. Trip ended-up going the other night, and what kind of Acid It Was, lol. Cause i never heard back from you after my reply to […]"View
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    Brokeback - "If anyone finds my avatar offensive then I apologize for being a dick."View
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    Vincit Omnia Veritas - "@thedre I’ve been sending you emails, but I’m not sure you’re getting them. Gmail has not liked BG for years. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were blacklisting emails from me completely, as that has happened […]"View
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    luckyaa - "@amstoki I don’t know if I’ve said it before,but I like those elf ears."View
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    sillycandypress - "@13lunt420media what happened to the video of the father that was a cop beheaded and the son got his chest/stomach peeled and stabbed his lung and cut out his heart"View
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    Kevin - "@honkeykong what up bro. U always crack me up. I had zero clue I won the previous caption contest and got an email from mark to pick the winners. You took 1st. W the fucking Indian women and hockey have in […]"View
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