• despy posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @lord-wankdust look what I just got in my feed! I love this so much ! Thank you so much for turning me on to this tune and seeing the lyrics, even more beautiful! Thank you!!

    • He has great taste in music!
      Never heard of these guys. Great song. They were So. Cal guys and lived there when I did, but I would’ve sworn they were from the UK if I hadn’t looked them up.

      • They were kind of adopted by Britain back in the early 70s. Maybe their hi Arty-Rock pretensions, witty banter and self-effacing camp humour seemed more like British Bands of thew time like Roxy Music, T Rex, Sailor, Cockney Rebel or even Bowie. Didn’t really fit in with what America was listening to at the time Ted Nugent, Fleetwood Mac or Aerosmith. A few years back Sparks even joined up with Glasgow Band Franz Ferdinand a few year back to form FFS. They even got the delightful Tammy Glover to be their drummer for a decade at the end of the 90s… and had her animated into this excellent video. Very cool.

        • Would never have thought they were American. First video with them in squares kinda gave me Japanese Monkees vibe