• despy replied to the topic Mental Illness in the forum Everything Else 1 month, 1 week ago

    Site is currently a mess. Bunch of trains and bikes and umbrellas when I go to post and I keep failing the tests!

    Appreciate the clarification, sniffing kids panties isnt that far a stretch from full on oral. Equally gross

    All of it reads so stupid and insulting. I cannot believe he continues on with it all

    I am sorry you had lousy childhood, alot to overcome . You seem to have come out on top, I truly hope so

    *covid approved air hugs*

    • yeah…I have failed numerous times. F- for me. Thanks girl, I appreciate it. I am fairly normal, we all have issues. Such is life. I’d really like to see every one have fun again and not have to log on and see this shit. I have tried to keep my mouth shut but people can only be pushed so far before they push back. He is hoping to drive me away, me and Nem. That’s his goal you know, that’s why he says the shit he does…trying to embarrass us into leaving. He doesn’t know me very well…I am tougher than him. Have a good evening despygirl, I am outta here! See ya later!