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    Yeah, they couldn’t even get their survival suits on it happened so fast. He was a great dad and they were such a cute little family. He had his own boat and lobstered in the summer, but you have to fish for lobster offshore in the winter and that requires a federal permit. It’s fun in the summer, you’re close to shore and its nice and warm.…[Read more]

  • Javy is a cutie too. I can’t imagine Lucy pretending to be a guy. Unless it’s that shiteater fag guy. BWAHAHAHA

  • Stop it, I can’t have anything. I’m just a helpless woman. You know how I got that job? Food. I brought the Captain food all the time when I heard his sternman was retiring, that’s all it took. That’s how good I am. 😛 Sorry, I made beef strokingoff tonight.

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    I wonder if MrJXK777 is doing the coroner’s report AND the toxicology report?

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    LOL I’m not a superfag, pmsl. I should have added “no homo” after my remark.

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    Indeed, Dre. Poor Kid. No dad present, mum has taken her own life.
    Dammit, some people just ain’t fit to have kids.

  • In the Bible, Jesus referred to the Jews as the children of the devil, the father of lies:

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and […]

    • Jesus himself was a Jew.

    • The current anti-white shit and the BLM protests(riots) tie into this as well due to white libtards and niggers being, and acting, as the useful idiots to Zionism that they are.

      That George Soros amongst other rich Jews finances the above is further proof of this. How better to destabilise the white west then than to introduce competing factions, shame and guilt.

      Nobody ever talks about Israel’s treatment of blacks and non-Jews in general despite the fact that their actions on these matters have been terrible. Why won’t Israel let itself become “diverse” and “multicultural”?. If it is good enough for everyone else why is it not good enough for them as well. Go on Jews, take your share of niggers. Get diversified.

      Yep. The one-way direction of this shit tells me everything I need to know.

    • Is it even possible to say that coincidence is to blame? I don’t understand how all these programs got “9-11” imagery before it happened. Why did all these programs “foretell” or “warn” us about this? What’s the point in this? What is the central theme here? All I have are endless questions and I have yet to receive a single answer. If we were “warned” and it came true, why no answers? Why did the story just end on September 11, 2001?

      • If they were placed there purposely, it wasn’t to warn us. I believe it would be more of an inside joke for the cabal.

        • Your comment made me think to “Pedogate” have you caught that yet on youtube? It is fairly well done and guys voice is not annoying . Mostly speaks to pizzagate, but with a strong nod to the manipulation and conditioning we are all force fed on the daily. All the symbolism and sly nods to cabal. It is hour and a half long. I am going to have to look for it. I will post in forum for those who may be interested

          • I haven’t seen that one yet. I’ll check it out.

          • I’d like to watch it if you could send the link.

            Being informed is really a fucking chore! Having to look past the shit they’re telling us and coming to your own conclusion really takes it out of a person. And on top of all that’s going on, I’m a middle aged white male but with no real wealth to speak of… So they’re goes any money that I could use to change the world, but I have my health for the time being. And apparently my skin color makes me racist which I never knew about myself.

            Anyways, please post. Thank you!

          • Ok. Sounds like a good Doco.

        • HK.
          After the most careful analysis one can make, with all available information, I think that is indeed what is happening.
          They have become complacent and arrogant to the point of:
          We now have complete control, Fuck them, flaunt it in the face of them, and they still will not SEE..!

        • Hate those guys. They say they’ll be there between 12 and 2 but they’re always late. I go for a pack of smokes at 5pm and find a Sorry We Missed You note on my God Damn door when I get home. I was gone for 3 minutes! Fuck me!

      • Not a coincidence. A jewincidence.

      • it’s one of their rules to show and let us know whatever they do.
        I guess at the end they will say that at least we had a chance to realise and counter their plan…

      • It’s to make you believe the bible is true. They have to show you evil, so then you’ll run into daddy Jesus waiting arms. Then Jesus, king of the Jews can rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years.

        Personally, I don’t give two shits about the sandy desert in the middle east. Us Europeans have our own culture. We don’t need the immigrant culture called Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Abrahamic religions were all created by Jews. No thanks. I’ll read about Odin and Thor.

    • I’ve never understood why ‘God’ would create Satan in the first place. Then again, politicians and their puppet masters create enemies out of thin air all the time.

      • Well he didn’t did he. Satan is Lucifer ,God’s right- hand man who rebelled against him.
        Later on , the Bible intimates Satan is there because God wanted his Beloved Man to have freedom of choice and not just be a slave or automaton .

    • It says in the Kol Hator which is probably the most loved of the rabbinical books that Satan is the enemy of the Jews. In the bible it also shows Satan the enemy of Israel in 1 Chronicles 21:1. The Jews like to fool the goyim into believing that they are Satanist so that their crimes get projected onto him. It’s like the Katyn massacre where the Soviets (Jews) tried to pin it on the Nazi’s (the good guys). Take Marina Abramović’s spirit cooking “art” where she desecrates Satan’s sacred animal the goat. Meanwhile the dumb goyim are calling her and her cohorts Satanist’s while she laughs. The Jews have a saying that goes: “The gentiles shit on their own God.” They are talking about Satan. Maybe one day we can all ditch the Jewish books and all return to our original gentile faith which was paganism.

    • “hoodwinking ” is both chilling and excellant descriptor of current state of affairs and our not so distant past.
      Deceit will outlive us all

      Excellant post.

    • Just look at Dr Fauci’s face, that’s the look of a Satin worshipper if I’ve ever seen one.
      The fucker will probably live to be 145 years old.

    • Not often I see people bringing up Biblical truths against the Synagogue of Satan. The more the merrier, I suppose. We gotta keep exposing their baby cock blood sucking Satanic ways.

    • The Quran says, “The Day of Judgement will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”

      lol whoever created Islam and Christianity definitely had something against jews

      • Maybe they’ll fight till the Death and all the Gentiles can live in peace finally, but it’s a bit farfetched what with all the Hatred.

    • Bush, New world order.

    • Pull the veil from off thine eyes.

    • WOW Nice post youre definitively a very smart Man, my respects.

    • Ask Seraphim to send it to you or Mark if he will.

      If still a problem let me know and I will guerrila email it to you quickly but I owe @jxk777 first.

      Who could you be? Lol

    • Very interesting blog. As a Christian, I am in agreement with what you put out there. Can’t wait for the continuation

    • It is Funnier than chicks with dicks…

    • Prey tell, where would I be sending it to..?

    • HELLO MR WOO by bad jonny

      Hello Mister Woo
      And thank you for your flu
      You knew it would contaminate
      Yet on our planes you flew
      You discusting Chingy cunt-rags
      Hole in ground, a loo ?
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      “What else could ree do?”
      “Ree not can contwol dis fing”
      “It not the chart we drew”
      “Da whole world now a melting pot”
      “Juz like an Iwish Stew”
      “COVID wipe out Western World”
      “Leaves only a few”
      “’Scuse me while I cough a bit”
      “Coo coo coo Achew”
      “Chingy snot come out my nose”
      “Sticky just like glue”
      “Whole nation of China ..
      A melting pot of goo”
      “And our cows also disease
      Cow don’t even ‘moo’ “
      “We don’t tell the Western cunts
      Even though we knew”
      “Bodies in the body-bags
      Like the Morgue Le Rue”
      “Africa is next you cunts
      Like Bishop Des TuTu”
      “We always hid the facts from whites
      What we knew was true”
      “We don’t trust each other, man
      So why would we trust you?”
      “Pouring COVID down you necks
      Forgetting to say ‘woo’ “
      “When Chinks take over, white man be
      Confined to Bejing Zoo”
      “Knock knock, who’s there? A Chingy cunt ..
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      I’m sick of all you Slant-eye cunts
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      I’ll rape your Chingy girlfriend, Wang
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      Here, go have a chew ..
      You know what to do ..

      Death to the Chink !

    • I’ve been using this user name for over a decade.

      • So funny you say that now as I am coming off monumental disaster fucking around with google accounts to act like 12 year old at other crib. Nightmare and it just happened lmao! and never done it before and this is why. Fucking mess. Lesson learned

    • Just weak peoples belive in a god, strong peoples belive in them self..
      Religon is just suffer, war and hate

    • Having thought for quite some time it is all mathematical.

      That there is reason which is not random.
      Without any need for Deities.

      All Faith’s and Religions contain these which causes a total revolt from the very core of my Being..!

    • nope its the romans that rule the world the spartans took over the usa. You guys still dont get it. there is no government. THe roman columns on the white house prove the romans rule the USA. THey just migrated. The forceful tough guy way didn’t work they learned when rome fell. What they did know is that most men 99% are simps for woman and turn into weak manginas over woman. They get softer and give out these fake faggot feelings for woman and become weak. So they gave woman the most power in the usa to control men and subdue them with so much debt they are slaves working until they die for that woman.

      Even when she leaves him she collects child support and bleed him dry. If a man has no money has no power. And they know this. If a man energy is drained by womans complaints they have no power. And a woman has the power to put any man in prison just by yelling rape. THe real devil is woman. We have the biggest debt ever in history of any country not cause of the fed. Its cause of the simps buying stuff for woman cause they want some nookie and to be held so they feel special.

      That is how soft men have gotten they need a hug and kiss from a woman to feel warm and giddy insideWoman become man in relationship and men are now the woman. When you make a man that soft he will fail his family name, his country and his own life. romans are laughing their asses off they don’t hae to go to war no more just promote woman and regulations built around them to control a man. And thats how you control the country. Where scarface went wrong he was right about money and power and respect but he was wrong about saying then you get the woman. that was his downfall soon as he saw elvira. Then instead of working he wanted to take over to get her cause he wanted elvira to realize she can’t even have a kid and was worthless creature that just consumed his drugs and got him hooked on them.

      • It’s seems possible to me that the “money changing” Jews act as a parasite. An Anal Jew Squid, if you will. That feeds off it’s host until it collapses, and the parasite moves to the next host country. Egypt, Rome, etc. Now the west. The New World Order is a one world government ruled by the bankers. (AJS)

    • Most of you brainwashed cucks have never even touched a bible let alone read it. Don’t quote the Bible.

      • I used to roll joints in bible paper. That’s how I came to believe in a higher power. Now I think it’s nuts. That’s why I’m sackreligious.

        • I am so conflicated cause that is such bad ass post and I am just going to leave it at that. I will try for one star see if it works . Ok 1 star and 3 Our Fathers ⭐

    • All that He ith say She ith say shit…i mean who fuck’n talk iths like that?

    • I had to make an account to share my opinion. I’ve been a best gore fan since I was 17. I am currently 22.

      I had no idea the Jewish problem is as bad as it is. I have been aware of the Zionist’s that rule this world via their banking cartels for quite a number of years now. (Discovered some informative videos and message boards at a young age)

      The fact that 0.3% of my country Australia is Jewish yet they have so much swing here is foul. It stinks of corruption. After digging and digging , still to this day I find out more and more about this parasite of a religion. I’m an atheist even though I attended catholic schools most of my life.

      I just cannot comprehend how more people aren’t aware of what’s going on. I try to awaken the masses, especially about this Plandemic we find ourselves in.

      Sorry if this seems like a bunch of incoherent rambling. I just needed to get my opinion out there and show my support. At the moment I’m not a part of any religion or cult like entity. I’m simply against corrupt governments and tyranny. And quite frankly what’s going on now with the C19, it’s become more apparent that all of this shit we talk about isn’t some conspiracy theory. It’s facts.

      Take care guys, and stay safe in these troubling times. Don’t let the tyrants anywhere near you with a syringe. Peace.

    • The answer to all the worlds problem is very simple and obvious. But unfortunately, people will never know, or at the very least question the answer. Whether you believe in a bible, religion, or evolution, the common unspoken premises of all three is that the earth was created in a very simple way with a very simple goal. Man/humans, the cancer of this earth, has convoluted and complicated everything they ever touched. Through ‘knowledge’, humans are destroying this planet.

      If you look at what’s happening this year, last year, a decade ago, last century, ever since humans have been here, it can all be summoned up in one word – distraction!

      Distraction from what? From the simple answer that will fix everything. Do you think the bible has the answer? It’s only a distraction, just like everything else…wars, politics, television, schools, internet, facebook, this site, doctors, lawyers, stores, money, phones, jobs, schools, healthcare, police, laws, ordinances, policies, regulations, hierarchies, cars, insurance, gas, ‘you need this’and ‘you need that’, advertisements everywhere, houses, electricity, viruses, diseases, sickness, medicine, drugs, and everything else in this world that was created through the knowledge of humans!

      The answer is simple! There is a God, but it’s not the God that man has created in the paragraphs of every religious book in this world.

      God is real, and if you remove all the distractions of this world, you will see God.
      Once you do, the world will be completely different, and you will become part of the solution!

      Love TheAnswer

    Check this one out.
    The ocean is a scary place, I worked offshore one winter on a forty ft lobster boat; you see NO land. There would be 15 foot swells regularly and I can say honestly there were times when I would be a tiny bit frightened. We had a lifeboat,…[Read more]

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lapinella, whose friend cauterized his hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding from an accidental knife slice:

    My friend was […]

    • Dont think Ill be trying that anytime soon…

    • Messing around with that ouija board you’re lucky the demon didnt have you thrust that knife straight into your heart! Looks to me they let you off easy, this time

      • That damn Pazuzu!!

      • Yeah I’m with Despy on this one. My sentiments exactly. WTF was he doing with an Ouija board, he was up to no good at all. Never mess around with that stuff, you don’t know whom exactly you are summoning up.

        • In the woods even! With a knife! He should thank his lucky stars he is still around to not share any of the little details with his friend

          • What am I missing,
            Between yourselves and this mystic one..?
            Because not all of the sites functions are available to me, also not everything is working because of the attack.
            Someone trying to tell me something, because once again its crossing my path, so I’m aware it is trying to keep me informed of what.
            Or yous have no other way because the page is full.

            • It’s a newb, obviously a sensitive one…of the darker persuasion.
              Or it’s an old member who left and came back incognito and just can’t get me out if it’s little mind because I said something to hurt it’s little feels. *grins* What really amazes me is that as far as racists go here, I’m on the lower level and not sure why it picked me to be angry with…but I don’t mind, it’s just my turn.

            • It is something that was here before yes,
              That much I’ve uncovered, some are saying hallo and welcome back, other’s are singing Praises FFS.
              Now I know by now you have a good idea of the way I look at things especially ‘Its’
              So once again its another Richard,
              The Holimess,
              Or one of their followers.
              Fuck ‘Um.
              Just keep tending the Garden, looking after those Smiles.

            • I discovered it when he addressed empty soul. I clicked on it as I had never seen it before and I was instantly led to him telling illegal to fuck off or some shit so I called him out. Thats all I got (over)

          • Yea, thanks yourself.
            Thinking all is well, no confusion just wanted to know so I wasn’t caught between the chair’s or another it, trying to use.

    • This friend of yours sounds like an idiot, what’s next? Is he going bear hunting with a packet of gravel?

      • …Ask again later…

        …My sources say no…

        I guess not.

        • Sorry, day four at the cabin, nine am and already getting above 85*F. It’s been over a hundred all week and the Mrs keeps wondering when I am going to finish my new deck.

          “Honey, sweetheart, baby it will be done when it’s done, not when you think it should have been done, besides it’s not even cool enough outside to use the fucking thing. Fire hazard to high to even bbq so bring me a cocktail and perhaps a little head would be nice.”

    • Looks like his friend has been watching too many Rambo movies.

    • Now thats a great story to keep kids away from the occult.
      Never play with Ouija boards children.

    • Who’s ass am I looking at in the cover pic? I have my own battle of the bulge going on over here.

    • Ah, someone has guessed the truth.

    • Ouija board? Is he soft in the head or easily led? Who the fuck believes in that stuff anyway?

    • That would’ve made a great video.

    • Ouija Board makes sense.
      Knife not so much
      But hey,to each his own.
      If it kept bleeding is probably cuz’ he was drinking.

    • @thedre
      Mr The Dre, The Dredinator, Dr Dre Driznizzle
      Forum post about black lies matter

      Best rant ever. The way I read this, you sound like my great-grandfather bitching about Hungarians.

      I liked the part about white people crashing into one another because somebody painted shit over the arrows on the street and nobody knows where they’re going. Lol. What’s a Canadian tourist to do? Gps telling you to turn left but the turn lane says black lives matter. Nope. Fuck that!
      Besides, it’s likely that you were already molested that morning by a dozen homos spinning around a May Pole in the village. There’s absolutely no reason to press your luck in the BLM lane.

      The food stamp snorting is new to me. I’ve heard some fucked up things that they do with the food stamps but it’s usually a barter transaction. I guess just snorting the food stamps would eliminate several time consuming steps.

    • Everyone knows that you rub salt on a knife wound to stop the bleeding, duh.

    • Lol as if Coronavirus wasn’t the biggest crock you ever belived… this guys got a ouija board

    • When the lips on your sock puppet is playing hard to get

    • He should have just applied pressure, or put a belt around his arm, then went to the hospital.

    • I would bet that this dude does not know what happens when you pour gasoline on a fire.

    • You should audition for “Who Wants To Be A Scar?” People will give you a Hand for just showing up.

  • I got no backinfo on this one. By the looks of it, it’s from a country where they drive on the left, have rickshaws and a lot of motorcycles on the road. India, perhaps?

    The video shows two different angles […]

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