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    I just saw a doc abut all the Paki’s in England who marry their first cousins and inevitably have children with all kinds of issues from the inbreeding…so of course when the powers that be want to put out public service announcements about this fact, it got shot down because it’s RACIST!!! And of course, who’s paying for all those retards…[Read more]

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    Nothing gets by you. I had to re-watch and just woke my roomie up laughing at your comment and the interpreter. She also looks very trans-y.

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    I’d call her a skank…but I think she’s been verified so I better not. Oh hell, wtf, SKANK!
    There is something very disturbing about her face; like bad plastic surgery?

    This shit is really getting old, I know I was able for months to just deal with it and get on with my life but it’s becoming more and more difficult with each passing day.

    “I’m…[Read more]

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  • I think the crows were the managers.
    Crows are wicked smart. I rescued one that had gotten stuck in a lobster trap that was on a float in the harbor. He had gone in to grab something in “the bedroom” and couldn’t get back out. As soon as I opened the trap he flew out but was so weak or something that he landed on the water about 25 feet away and…[Read more]

  • I got a video related to the explosion in Lebanon’s Beirut, which alleges to show a missile hitting the city’s port immediately before the explosion.

    There is a circle superimposed over the images of the […]

    • The missile is fake, it seems -this time- to be a real judenfrei industrial accident

    • Doesn’t matter if it was a missile or a bomb, definitely an inside job ritual as always. If you still think these events are random its time for you to learn about gematria and how everything is orchestrated using the same encoded numbers and symbols. Here’s a must watch fresh video for those who are new to the occulted shit:

      • Complete bullshit. That video is pure Zionist propaganda. It seeks to divert attention from Jews and point it with some cool wording at something else. Like when Jews did the 9/11 but spread disinformation that 9/11 was an inside job.

        • 9/11 was textbook Jewish Lightning, with an extra tower thrown in for the lols.
          2 planes, 3 towers = Jewish accounting & Jewish Lightning in a tidy little bundle.
          Israelis sure can dance!!

          • If I remember correctly, that extra tower had some insurance scam shenanigans going on and also had highly sensitive/ incriminating documents of some kind that needed to be destroyed to protect someone in the big club.

            I wrote it all down in case they took down that video, which they did of course, and can’t find those notes.
            Hopefully someone who remembers can refresh my memory a little on wtc #7

            • World trade seven housed the documents pertaining to Enron, for starters. People have asked me on many occasions, “What did people have to gain from doing 9/11?” The better question would be “What didn’t they have to gain?” It was the best thing to ever happen to the powers that be. It’s weird that all the fucked up shit that ever happens, also benefits them. Guess they are just lucky like that.

            • @honkeykong
              That’s right, thanks.
              Not sure how I forget about their involvement, especially since my pops actually worked for them at one time.

      • So there’s no such thing as an actual industrial accident?

    • August has begun..

    • Oh, and isn’t it strange how there’s only like 10 videos of the explosion they are showing on all websites? I mean its fucking 2020 where everyone has an iphone and yet its just like being in 2001 where we only had a handful of recordings of 9/11. By logic there should be hundreds of videos of the explosion by now.

    • I heard there were fireworks sitting in that building for about 6 years I do believe, Plus ammonium nitrate and other chemicals like……

    • Prime minister said he will bring those responsible and they will pay to the full extent. Unfortunately the ones I see responsible are the prime minister and government itself since they had knowledge and were warned about the nitrogen gas being stored in that warehouse and they didn’t do shit about it till the unthinkable happened. Now there scrambling around pointing fingers and I assume they would do what Saudi Arabia did with the embassy killing by choosing 5 random guys and telling the news outlets they were responsible for the blast to wipe themselves clean of this.

    • Iran has a built a corridor trough Iraq and Syria to Israel’s borders. So I wouldn’t put it above an Israeli drone. It is one of only Lebanon’s ports in its difficult currency deflation and economic situation

      On the other hand I wouldn’t put it up Trump to do this for Israel. He an his white followers are Jew cucks, including selling his daughter to that vile religion

      • Nail on the head Z. It looked like the place was in distress before the explosion. I’m more apt to think the explosion came from the ground or under the ground. Those nitrate bombs seem to be the nastiest for their length of explosion time. Same type of bombs were used to take out a federal building a while back and it showed many shard type injuries on its people who did survive. I find it highly unbelievable that anyone would have even tolerated the smell of all that chicken shit in the center of town for six years.

      • Nail on the head Z. It looked like the place was in distress before the explosion. I’m more apt to think the explosion came from the ground or under the ground. Those nitrate bombs seem to be the nastiest for their length of explosion time. Same type of bombs were used to take out a federal building a while back and it showed many shard type injuries on its people who did survive. I find it highly unbelievable that anyone would have even tolerated the smell of all that chicken shit in the center of town for six years.

    • Oh, Beirut, in my youth acclaimed the Paris of the Middle East. You’re trying your best to keep pace.

    • Yoooo WTF

    • Allah Akbar!
      what else could i say

    • I think some long noise person with curly hair and rat face could be involved in that incident

    • I think the black thing was a bird. You can see several flying by after the bomb goes off.

    • Allah Ackbar after an explosion comparable to that of a nuclear weapon just went off.

      Middle East Culture 101.

    • Ok, now listen up you rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

      Ammonium nitrate does not burn on its own.

      Instead, it acts as a source of oxygen that can accelerate the combustion (burning) of other materials.

      For combustion to occur, oxygen must be present. Ammonium nitrate prills provide a much more concentrated supply of oxygen than the air around us. This is why it is effective in mining explosives, where it’s mixed with oil and other fuels. You can also like I do use it for a reactive target by mixing it with aluminium powder and shoot it with a high velocity bullet.

      At high enough temperatures, however, ammonium nitrate can violently decompose on its own. This process creates gases including nitrogen oxides and water vapour. It is this rapid release of gases that causes an explosion.

      Ammonium nitrate decomposition can be set off if an explosion occurs where it’s stored, if there is an intense fire nearby. The latter is what happened in the 2015 Tianjin explosion, which killed 173 people after flammable chemicals and ammonium nitrate were stored together at a chemicals factory in eastern China. You can find that one here on Bestgore.

      That being said it’s relatively difficult for a fire to trigger an ammonium nitrate explosion. The fire would need to be sustained and confined within the same area as the ammonium nitrate prills. But with over 2k tons of it where are you going to store it?

      Also, the prills themselves are not fuel for the fire, so they would need to be contaminated with, or packaged in, some other combustible material.

      (Ok so I stole a line from Blazing Saddles sue me)

    • Fuck this goddamned Allah-shouting all the time, it doesn’t help.

    • Did the first explosion have a mushroom cloud when it went off?

      Just asking…

      …I’m NOT a bomb expert

    • GLADNESS by bad jonny

      I’m glad this ‘thing’ kills millions
      And kills millions more ..
      I want to see dead bodies
      All lined up to your door

      Lay ’em out in plastic
      Zip-bags on your floor
      ‘Tis a nice experience
      If you don’t mind the ‘gore’

      Al Gore

      He got no rythym

      That was a joke, you cunt!

      You say : “Aaw poor old Eugene ..”
      But what’s he living for?
      Life gave him all the answers
      But he never was quite sure

      Compulsory death by COVID
      They should make this of the law
      And I’ll retract each clause you cunt
      If you can show my flaw

      It’s time this generation’s
      Brains started to thaw
      Kid’s playing on Play-stinction
      Watching shit movies like ‘Thor’

      Thinking they’re all Bruce Chink Lee
      Making Eagle’s claw
      Chain the little cuntrags up
      And make ‘em gnaw like ‘Saw’

      Hope COVID kills from A to Z
      The rich, the mid, the poor
      Hope we squirm in agony
      Like boiling water pour

      Can’t you see they ‘engineered’..
      This latest ‘social war’?
      They whip us with a nine tails cat
      Until our backbone’s raw

      “Aaw we will fight back, Jonny ..
      Dis is the final straw …”

      But you’re too gutless to get organized
      Don’t make me laugh:
      Haw, Haw …

      This disease is all a smokescreen
      Brought to you by:
      Queen Liz

      And many more Illuminati cunts

      Their greatest feat?
      They convinced you that they don’t exist

      Now you can be lead
      Like a lamb
      To the slaughter

      You don’t even put up a fight …
      Baaaa .. BAaaaaa ….. Baaaaaa

    • Not a missile.

    • Of course the Jews did it. The explosion has their signature all over it, look for example at the large “nose” shape of the mushroom cloud. Those folks are are so frisky, always up to their old Jewish tricks. Whey do you think they are called JEWS (Hebrew word for onery no good skunks, galoots and inane drones).

      • Don’t really like using the word Jew as not all Jews are bad. The proper term would be zionists. Unfortunatly jews like a lot of others have swallowed the Kool aid and are completely dumbed down, brain dead, useful lackeys in our struggle for truth and justice in the world.

        • Excellent point and a new term understood by the multitudes is “Israel-Firster” . There are many Christian Zionists too and they need a good beating and neutralsing as well . Most of course are found in thr USA and have their hooks into Trump : Pompous and Pounce come to mind.

    • Nah, that moved way too fast to be a missile. From what I’ve gathered, turns out there was a fire in a fireworks warehouse, and in the warehouse next to it, a bunch of ammonium nitrate (2,700 tons (5.5 million pounds) i believe?). Shit had enough explosive power to be considered a small nuke. A similar incident happened in Germany in 1917 i think. Except that time it was 5,000+ tons of ammonium nitrate. Crazy shit.

      Edit: Yeah, Germany, 1921, Oppau Explosion. Facts a little off but yeah, chemicals n shit.

    • A few snackbars in this video

    • lol looks fake asf

    • Fake, it wasn’t a missile.
      Shithole country btw

    • Was this not the chemicals that was stored in a warehouse 12. Some Russian left is this not wots on the news.

    • I didn’t see that it was too fast. Seen that vid on twit too

    • France and another country from SA are giving “support” to them. Support coming from devil. We know nothing comes free from those, but it’s Libano, just one of the club. Meanwhile a couple are dying in USA as well. And the numbers of death by covid where I live just increase. By the numbers at this point me and my neighbors are the only ones alive around here. Jokes. Who needs population control with all these shit happening. 2020 it’s being interesting.

    • Was it a missile..?
      The girl in the car suffered extreme.

    • No missile. The explosion came from within.

    • It was a flying saucer. Them aliens be all sneaky and sheeit.

    • just the power lines that kept on getting blurred coz of the potato cam

    • I’ve watched tons of videos of this on Tictok. Lots of people were filming. I saw some dude on a jet ski bale underwater right as the blast went off with a GoPro. Best one I’ve seen.

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    Good Day Sir, long time no speak.
    I Would still love to hear more about your close call and (Thank-God) You survived your motorcycle Accident. That’s only If you still want to share it with me that is. Cause to be honest with ya,,, there is rarely a day that goes by, that i do not think about You, every time that i come across your name…[Read more]

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