Vincit Omnia Veritas

  • Not much backinfo, but based on the sound of the language, I’m guessing it could be from Brazil.

    The video shows two men in rough shape, perhaps minutes from dying, after being apparently beaten and […]

    • Latin America is full of beautiful colors…but a lot of US dudes hate Trump for the wall project. Nice try. Waiting some seconds for the next kill.

      • The wall project is a complete waste of money it won’t stop immigrating in slightest or reduce it. Trump has already spend 11 Billion on project and still counting while also giving money aid for Israel military in estimated 38 Billion and to top it he has spend two trillion dollars on military equipment as brought up by Mark. Yup trump making America great alright could be using all that money to make Americans lives much easier, have school be funded that are nearing collapse make it possible to assist the homeless and veterans but nope he has to put Zionist Jews demands a priority.

      • The Wall project will only be effective if they stop the birther right in America. You can’t have your kids as citizens unless the parents are citizens first.

        • Not gonna happen Jewish Zionist wanna keep the law in place to continue pushing their diversity agenda that comes with their multiculturalism ideology have more color kids born and outbreed the whites and make them the minority in 4 decades from now.

          • Fuck off Jews don’t want diversity. They’re just as racist as the Klan. They do that for hollywood shit for money making but it’s the dumb arse white liberals that buy into that shit and open the flood gates at the border.

    • Long time stalker, first time to comment. Glad I found my people

      • Hello there welcome to BS. I’ve been following site myself for a long while just made my account this year.

      • About time dammit. Welcome

      • I see so many thirsty losers when a profile with a girls pic is on but they never know if it’s a tranny or a dude lol.

        • You do realize female members are a low numbers on here what is issue with confusing our intention? With what you’re assuming, you believe we’re gonna be sending her money for nudes on here? This is BG if you’ve forgotten there lots of content on here to educate you about skanks and pussy entitled brats who think they’ll be getting pussy passes their whole life only to get rekt.

          • What ever you horny little sad maggot. LOL

            • Right coming from the brain dead right-wing NPC who worships dear leader trump and his police state, do yourself a favor and start identifying as a brainless NPC robot.

      • Can I please eat your rectum

    • Most definitely gang related violent attack, never surprises me to see such savagery content from Brazil it is after all, in my opinion, the most violent country in South America that’s run by Zionist owned government.

    • Knife boy had a cool joker shirt now even cooler drenched in his own blood. Im assuming this was gang related.

  • Two persons were killed and one injured as three motorcycles collided head-on at Tokha Municipality-2 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    The video is a compilation of the POV of the crash, the CCTV footage and the […]

  • According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Iraq. The CCTV video shows a small girl playing on the street when a pack of stray dogs attacks her.

    It looks like the dogs are gnawing her quite viciously, […]

  • On some sort of livestream (too may of them out there nowadays), a black girl set her own ass on fire. She sounded like she quickly got to regret it, and someone also locked the damned door to the bathroom, […]

    • Nigs gonna nog

      • It looked like the cartoon of Tom and Jerry, when the mouse Jerry lights his fire ass

      • Is there no end to stupid nigger bullshit?

        Survey says: There is not.

        Looked like a bunch of primitive jungle jigaboos dancing around a fire ROFL

        • This is just how hot and spicy those Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches are. Flame to da booty!

        • There is way more of ur kind doing dumb shit on here than it is blacks. I wish I could catch one of u mouthy ass internet white boys on here and make a bestgore video knocking ur fucking racist head off. There is no place in society for u sucker motherfuckers that are literally soft as shit but get online and talk all that hateful/racist bullshit. I be tired of reading all this racist shit on here from clowns such as urself. Wouldn’t dare say half this shit to a black man or woman’s face. U scary little cracker

    • Task: Try to shit with a burned asshole

    • black burn matter

    • She is dancing Kuduro.

    • Oh my days, the things people do when bored during a Lockdown and not getting any attention from the guys online…..

      Couldn’t she have read a book or watched a movie?

      Even her friends thought it was all hilarious…look at all the laughing faces in her feed.

    • Hahaha what a dumb ass bitch the way she calmly walks out thats hilarious

    • “bout to set my ass cheek on fire :D”
      What the fuck did she expect?

    • That’s one way of getting rid of some of those crabs, flies, lice…etc. that occupy a nigger’s filthy hole.

      • Seems like you have a very good knowledge about Niggah’s Filthy Hole. Wow, you must’ve done a nice job on those Black Rims. Lol

      • talking about it here in the comments is easy.
        I want to see it said on the face of a black man, right?
        I think I forgot, chickens like you are afraid of even the mice that live between your walls.

    • Eh, nigger males like their women to have a smoking hot ass and anyway all she had to do to put the flames out was to bend over and twerk the shit out of her meat cushions instead of screeching dayeeeeum, dayeeeeeeum whilst running around in panic mode as if KFC had run out of fried chicken and hot sauce.

    • bruh

    • Dumb nigger. Niggers do the dumbest stuff like rioting when they get there feelings hurt. Boo who what does burning businesses solve except you steal stuff from innocent people just to save some money. To hell with all the nigers and yes I mean the white ones to. Dont be a nigger and I wont treat you like one

      • talking about it here in the comments is easy.
        I want to see it said on the face of a black man, right?
        I think I forgot, chickens like you are afraid of even the mice that live between your walls.

        • be grateful that there are whites who pity you because they believe that blacks are human if it weren’t for them the black sons of bonobos with scabies were already extinct chimpanzee abortion

    • Crazy Bitch got what she deserved

    • Fucking mongoloid.

    • She must’ve passed gas at the worst time possible.

    • Lighting her farts on fire…smh this is how the backward evolution looks like.

    • I’m looking forward to the next African necklacing video of flaming niggers. Those are dope.

    • Well, at least the smoke alarm worked.

    • The fire hurt a black woman, fire is racist

    • Ill eat habanero pepper yesterday and today in the morning my ass was burning in intense fire

    • No joke, ive been eating 5 habanero peppers with hamburguers and tacos yesterday and today in the morning my ass was burning in intense fire

    • I don’t HATE niggers because of the colour of their skin. I don’t HATE niggers because of their giant watermelon lips or their disgusting monkey hair….

      I HATE niggers because of the way they act, which is usually a mixture of aggression and dumbness. Dear Covid-19, please mutate and kill all black faced beings! Thank you….

      • Exactly. Many Indians are dark skinned for example and I tend not to hate Indians on the whole as a racial group.

        I also tend to hate gypsies I might add, both Irish and Roma versions, and they’re white/whitish looking in appearance.

        It is entirely down to behaviour then.

        If the nigger didn’t on average fail at everything. If the nigger didn’t commit more crime than everyone else per-capita. If they didn’t cry racism at every fucking opportunity even where it doesn’t exist. If they didn’t run society into the ground, if they didn’t force a lowering of standards to accommodate their own worthlessness. If they didn’t shuck and jive and try to undermine anyone and everything better than them and forcefully try to bring everything down to their own pathetic level I might of actually cared about them and viewed them as equals and therefore “human”.

        As it turned out though I view them as dangerous animals. Not human and not deserving of humanity. Merely nigger beasts and they brought it all on themselves due to their own behaviour collectively as a race.

        To conclude. I’ll treat shit as shit.

        • I make your words my words.
          “shit should be treated like shit” congratulations!
          You just declared that you are one too!

          • You can think of me as you will, that’s your prerogative. It won’t have the effect you hope it will though, lol.

            Niggers have been observed by every race on the planet for some time now and the fact that they are universally disliked is no coincidence, that’s all down to them and their behaviour, and regardless of what you think of me that won’t change.

            I won’t tell you not to dream though, not to pretend otherwise. You can have that much. Wakanda can beez realz an sheeeeeeeit as long as you avoid reality, gnome-sayin?. It can all be yours if you just close your eyes.

            • ok ok!
              how far do you expect to go with those fascist words spoken in the comments on this site?
              I don’t think of a place, because people like you just speak in places like these.
              LOL! it was good to talk to you

            • I don’t expect to get anywhere on here nor do my words have power to them. I just use this place to blow off steam when drunk, lol.

              As a white man though I do have the power to effect change, albeit collectively, because my country is over 90% white and we have less than 5% blacks and my people intend to keep it that way because we do not want to become fucked like the Americans are with their blacks.

              Is the above fascism?. Perhaps. If so the Japanese are also fascist, and the Indians and every other country where the indigenous population are the majority and hold power and wish to keep it that way including African countries too.

              I am merely a white subset of a larger global phenomenon called tribalism.

        • nor do American Indians behave like animals Black Africans Pig noses even American Indians are more civilized than black monkeys happy sub-Saharan

          • it was these same “civilized” people who provoked the first and second world wars for bullshit, destroying part of the continents and killing innocents and in addition to destroying nature. These are the same civilizations that have a dark past in the Middle Ages with Christianity, They are the same ones that are known as
            “crop thieves”
            in addition to being disease spreaders, since the largest proportion of diseases that exist today, originated in europe.
            (I’m from somewhere in Latin America)

            • but this is a thousand times better than any black chimpanzee abortion blacks only bring ruin as in the Caribbean and all sub-Saharan Africa who live killing themselves by tribal racism apart from looking horrendous

        • Sub-Saharan Congolese are a fault of nature, nor are chimpanzee gorillas, baboons, baboons, orangutans and bonobos as brutal and savage as sub-Saharan blacks.

      • congratulations!
        You said little more, you said shit.
        So don’t forget that you are not immune to covid-19.

    • Stop, drop, and roll. That’s how you put out the fire.

    • Going by the pic alone it looks she was lighting a fart. Imagine what the coroners report would look like if she died doing this. “Death by flatulent immolation.”

      Tombstone should read,

      Got an Early start
      I lit a fart
      And now I’m fucking dead.

    • She’ll be alright. Back on the street tonight.

    • Ah I see the niggers finally discovered fire.

    • Stupidity seems to be evolving based on the ignorance of the sheeple.

      • That’s quite brilliant; stupidity is evolving.
        It’s a paradox.
        And yet just when you think the stupidest shit happened today, it gets even worse tomorrow.
        At one point, I thought the evolution of stupidity plateaued at the Kardasians.
        Then… The Tiger King.

    • Somehow I’m not surprised by this type of behavior if anything is expected

    • I think she was igniting a fart. Under normal circumstances that would be a “breeze”. You know the sceanario, Zippo at the ready, feel the Alpha wave moving, spark up Zippy, grit the sphincter, let it rip and “Whoof” and away goes the flame. A quick embarrassed laugh and everyone can move on at the date, wedding, funeral or wherever it is you’ve decided to do it.

      But that She-boon had been gassing-up them acrylic, tight buttcrack gripping sludge-dumpers for hours with burgers, fries and buckets of chitlins. When that flame took the fart (to begin with) everything was fine but the flame almost immediately found seam after seam of fossil fuels in the folds of her brown, juddering, mega-twerk-buns. It became an inferno. I’m talking ’bout asscrack juice, bum oil, crabstick-juice, old vag-farts, clunge-oil, backdripped & long-distilled semen, 70s vagbush with petrochemical vaghairspray, the crusty oil-rich scabs from the oozing infected pustules in her slimy vagina, fermented fish-oil, gas venting freely at her lobster-trap and her kak-pipe simultaneously… this was a fucking thing that Red Adair woulda refused to deal with forty years ago.

      Move on people. Let us think of this no more.

      “Meestah Kurtz – The Horror, The Horror…!”.

    • probably the fire would give beautiful results to the Racists.

    • That shit bled faster than I expected seeing as she left behind blood on the door ramming her ass into it. This is why I don’t use social media platforms, all it encourages is stupidty.

      • It was not blood, it was her pink pants

        • Since when has your clothing leaked color onto surfaces? Maybe ive never set some on fire but if that’s the secret key I shall see

      • I thought Social Media was a great tool to cull the herd. People being encouraged to eat Tide Pods, stick forks in electric sockets, lick toilette seats, but the moronic simpleton species has proven resilient.
        At this point, I’m rather discouraged.
        War, famine, and disease have not been able to reduce the population.
        What’s the latest on gonnoherpesyphilAIDSEbola? And can that be genetically engineered to infect the oxygen thieves?

        • I’m pretty sure were on our way, shits more fucked up by the day and half of us dont even know just how bad it is because of our greed and selfish wants. Our planets going to swallow us up and spit us out.

          • Earth wasn’t meant to sustain 7 billion people.
            I think after the first million copies of people, shit went down hill.
            Like a 400th generation copy of A Salvador Dali painting from a 1983 Xerox using contaminated toner created from dust gathered at Chernobyl in the basement of a North Korean brothel for Kim Jong Un’s experimental super soldiers hybrid sloth pig humans.

    • Why

    • Her azz be hawt & shit.

    • i wanna know wtf was going through this bitch head… like what was the outcome going to be? Oh hey guys what’s up im in instagram to light my ass on fire but wait it’s not gonna hurt

    • When you leave chipotle and crap you pants

    • Fucking stupid. I take glee in any retarded bitch, whether white, black, asian, or whatever the fuck, especially nigs get hurt on social media because they fucking deserve it. We live in the age of narcissistic cunts. All these females do is sit on social media and take 1,000 pictures a day trying to find a perfect picture. It’s fucking irritating. I’d pay to see these dumb cunts get their fucking jaw broken.

    • Niggas have very low IQ by nature, most of them deserve to be burned alive

    • what a HOT ass

    • When one has <70% IQ something's gotta give… Suprised she's made it this far in life… :-/

    • This dumb brat doing anything for clout.

    • Niggers are fucking dumb. That’s some backwards evolution right there. Black lives DON‘T matter.

    • Gonna smell like fried chicken

    • Come on people. That girl there might only want to peform “Protest From Home” by self immolation. She may not be as holistic or full on matyr like many case in the past, But sure as hell she can scream.

    • Eazy E is in the back like…wait Eazy E is still alive?

    • Another Nigger on fire

  • CCTV video from an Asian country (not sure which one) shows a group of young guys ganging up on and beating a lone guy.

    They start the beating by stomping him and hitting him with a Slippery When Wet signs, […]

  • You mean the police agent provocateurs who initiate rioting and looting? Already happened:

    Videos of police inciting violence are in this post – about a dozen of them.

  • In New York, members of the local organized crime gang with badges drove through a barricade and into a crowd of protesters, because apparently to a cop in a police state, a day in the uniform would be wasted […]

    • If you standing in the road you deserve to get ran over. I learned this when i was a 4 year old…

      • Mathieu replied 1 day ago

        I agree!

      • Yeah Haha

        Why didn’t he crush them all like the crappy white niggas and negroes they are ?

        • I bet its hard to run into a crowd of people, like you expext to just keep on trucking but the bodies block up your tires and its like 5 feet before you can’t move anymore

        • I love the niggas cos they are going to destroy america, the white obese womans loves to fuck with niggas, the mulato creatures haves low iq and high violence tendencies. China becames the world superpower soon

          • sub-Saharan blacks are the curse of the human race there is the Caribbean all mixed with the stinking simian blacks and today those Caribbean countries are failed states

            • Any place there are niggers, there is failure everywhere. And it’s all always YT’s fault keeping all those future brain surgeons and rocket scientists down.

          • Yeah ma boi fuck the America whore

          • Even in White majority areas nowadays I see an alarming number of mulattos walking about. It seems like fat white trailer whores fucking Tyrones are shitting them out at an exponential rate that is growing according to some ape/human ratio logarithm.

            • the mulaaaaato are the same congoid shit only with lighter skin they are racially degenerated by the nymphomaniacs of white women venezuela is a mulatto people so the united states will end

          • How about having a look?
            When CHINA! take the place of America.

            NOWAY .
            The annual income of 600 million people in China , only 1700 dollars.

            How could it happen?The superpower? 50 years later maybe.

          • Imagine a life where self evaluation would be public information. Where are you? Calling others niggers doesn’t solidify your superiority. China wants to be like the u.s.a. not the other way around.

        • I’m no cocksucker of police, but I see a lot of white lemmings and stupid niggas that crowd. I’m surprised I didn’t see more retards with masks. Yea run those muthafuckas over!

        • @kasper88
          Aaaaaahhhhhhh good ‘ol BG racists and antisemetics cant you guys understand that the only difference between you two and blacks/Jews is skin color and religion that’s really it bg is here for people to Express their opinions freely so I’m not gonna try and stop you guys I just feel like bg is getting overrun with racists and people act different and might cause more trouble because of how they were raised the violent black people most likely grew up in the slums which means they possibly had to fight simply too eat it’s not their fault that they were born into that lifestyle though. The black communities have been injected with drugs by the major corporations and they turn to drugs because of the shit lifestyle they have it’s all one big cycle. All in all it’s not their fault and they dont deserve to be talked about like that. And as for why mostly black people show up in the news for doing bad stuff is simply because the people who run the media are racist like you

          • Jews are the problem period. The country has been taken over by Jews. They need to be kicked out of the country on their asses.

          • Some folks here like to participate in a circle jerk of racist buzzwords and closed ideologies. Maybe there is some truth to what they say maybe not. Just a part of the scenery. I’m high.

          • Firstly.
            I’m neither Racists nor Supremacist.
            Racially Aware would be one terminology.
            Racial Realist would be another.
            Positive Discrimination is what I practice.
            In short, it means I individually positively choose to discriminate against them for the very fact that they do NOT Evolve.

            Take a closer look at the history of Africa, Niggers killing niggers and squandering any potential they had as people in tribal instincts to act as rabid monkeys at a rape festival. The white man turns up and commits against niggers what seem like fairly tamed wrong doings in comparison, all the while having atrocities committed against themselves equally if not more so.

            They were handed cities and infrastructure; a government and a structured society. They were offered the chance at development and future under the solidarity of a European founded nation. Yet in the face of so much promise, they immediately reverted to their animalistic barbarism and began tearing down what the white man had created.

            Then to do as they’ve always done when thinking they have Power, mon. Out of control Rape situation, civil war, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, slavery and subjugation. etc etc etc.
            Need I say more..?

            • Sadly true and even progressives like me have to admit it. Almost all the blacks with potential and educated elites departed once the White Man left.

              We must stop taking these elites in our own countries as i have said before and start hanging a few of these tossers who thought it was a good idea to allow this to happen. Reagan , Clinton ,Bushs, obama ,Trump, Major ,Blair ,Cameron ,Gordon ,Sarkozy ,Hollande,Merkel ,Berlusconi,Stoltenburg and Rasmussen just a few to start with. etc .

            • Tho Cameron. A zionists and proud of it. His own words.
              To get elected promised the Referendum on EU membership.
              Didn’t go back on his word.
              Jew kept his word..!
              Never ceases to amaze me the irony of it.
              So they got BRITEXIT.
              Ta da…

            • Oh yes. Cameron does have distant Jewish an estors .He fucked up; he wasn’t expecting the Brexit vote . Then that drab mannish woman May got in with her servile runt of a husband. Yuck. I bet she rams big balck dildos up his arse .

            • Nems.
              Cameron is the jew.
              Blair, supposedly Catlick. Bud.

            • Nems.
              This was my take on it. At the time.

              “The fact that David (Call me Dave. Zionist and proud of it) Cameron. Used the hum, disquiet and unhappiness with the union to offer a referendum as part of his election campaign. An election promise actually kept by a politician. (Wonders never cease).
              Initially he tried to do deals with the EU to lessen the burden upon the country but. The zionist held true to word. Even more FUCKING amazing than the supposed second coming, a jew kept his word..!
              The abject IRONY of that still gives me a giggle.
              It finished him. Hahaha.

              Then the malignanT May. Who did her very utmost to reverse the “Will of the people” for a moment it looked like. In Out, in out, shake it all about. Wo The Hokey Cokey. Extension, then once again, another extension. Uncles Sam and Shmuel, Rothschild’s bitch Macron, and Mama Merkel just wasn’t letting go. While comprador Johnson was playing along with it. Stalling for time maybe, hoping for a snap election that would reverse the already given will of the people in the democratic vote to exit perhaps..?
              Then WHAM..!
              May misjudged the whole show. (As had Cameron). Left the stage right, in floods of tears. Boris the spider Johnson seized the opportunity (Thatcher taught him well didn’t she). BINGO..!
              BRITEXIT HAPPENED and is HAPPENING..!

              All the poisoned media, the celebs in droves mouthing the agenda’s mantra, billions in add campaigns of tax payers hard earned, squandered on pointless efforts to turn it around but.
              NO was the resounding echo of the answer.

              They couldn’t force another vote. Couldn’t split the vote. Couldn’t buy the vote. Most of all and most importantly couldn’t change the vote. We both know for sure it wasn’t negroid/dark skins/imports/or non indigenous people originally, regardless of political and/or religious persuasions that were voting to exit so.
              To some extent England had always maintained a type of “insularity” stance and approach to the EU while within said.
              Personally I think it is part of their native collective psyche. The real natives obviously. By that meaning the majority of the fair skinned people. (White).

              People with any world and historical understanding should realize by now; England will not give up it’s monarchy without civil war/nuclear even. It’s keeping it’s currency. Afternoon Tea. Warm Beer. Etc etc”.

          • I agree with much of what you say but as Isaid previously black people turn up because they are not afraid to fight back. White people get murdered by cops and the average white american walks on by.

            Why ? ‘Cause the average american is too dumb to see that its police force has been militarised and there is a new normal. The Blacks are finely attuned to these changes and know what is what. How many White people rampaged when the black policeman murdered the White woman in her nightrobe and tried to cover it up (in Minneapolis) ? Fuck all , “not my business they said”.

            When america falls and the whites also feel unbearable hardship like starvation , murder balah balh balh , contagion ,you watch them die like flies before White police guns. Why? Cause white people still see it as a race issue (it won’t happen to us) so are like lambs to the slaughter.

      • What BG really needs to be showing is all the dregs (mostly blacks) looting, vandalizing, and smashing up Target stores, dental clinics, mom & pop stores, and candle stores all on YouTube. Who the fuck steals candle supplies….niggers …that’s who. Glad I left America years ago and ashamed to say I’m American overseas. My black friends outside America are nothing like this. The stupid Antifa fags with no experience living in NK or Venezuela need to take their next vacation there to see how lucky they got it. Not to mention the secret militia backed by Russia and don’t realize whom they themselves are supporting.

        • You mean the police agent provocateurs who initiate rioting and looting? Already happened:

          Videos of police inciting violence are in this post – about a dozen of them.

          • I see a single cop or group of cops collaborating with a personal agenda or hatred to incite even further violence in those videos you mentioned above. For that to be directed by the higher-ups would be a big risk and decision to make for each of those above them. When it comes to keeping things quiet you’ve got to really trust your Gestapo partners. I tend to believe people will not trust that the others won’t fold before making such crucial decisions. Who knows, maybe they are funded from overseas. The CCP would sure like to learn from the real pros, The Russians.

          • Jews at it again with their bullshitry, President Trump Signs Never Again Education Act into Law. Holohoax indoctrination is now mandatory in all US schools.

          • Them niggers are in my town they already looted WWS shoe store, metro pcs stores and now is 2:00 am June 1st and I can hear all the commotion not far from where I live, can even hear the helicopter talking through the speaker… I got my phones with more than half battery on them and I might catch some action I hope not but who knows.
            And I mean these are niggers as in negroes I’ve seen them with my own eyes and a few hispanics too but mostly blacks.

        • I bet some of the people that ‘protest’ dont give a fuck about George Floyd, they just want free shit. like there is a video showing people break in to a store just to steal clothes, you could hear one of the ‘protesters’ in that video saying “Give me the jordans”. like wtf is wrong with these niggers.

        • “Who the fuck steals candle supplies….niggers …that’s who.”

          ROFL, that should be the quote of the week!

        • So you admit educatedblacks are no different to whites then ?
          Ever occur to you they steal candles and raid mom and pop stores because they are hungry ,cold and mom and pop stores are easy targets? Logical isnt it?

          Venezuela poor? Ever wondered why Venezuela is NOW Poor again?
          Secret militia funded by Russia? Who ? And where?

      • Even the horse is like, ‘fuck these idiots’

      • These protesters need to be armed. The crooked cops are armed, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

      • The guy yelling at the horse, classic

      • thats not the point, the cops are supposed to “protect and serve” right? so this is the way to protect..?? what?? and serve?..who..?? feeling populair with your idiot comment?

      • Agreed

      • Why the fuck are people taking the side of the Jew controlled ZOG government?

      • Ha, never forgetting to look both ways.

        Can’t understand what’s going on. Their demonstrating against heavily armed Agents of the State’s apparatus that’s been abusing every right they have since before they were born, and most would have Arms in their dwellings.
        They take Children with them..!?! WTF.
        Is their wiring fused..?


      • reminds me of that scene from family guy when peter drives through the marathon lmfao idek

      • Agreed!

    • American people Fight Back
      With everything you have
      Organize get on the Rooftops of your City Streets ATTACK.
      Kill anything in a Uniform.
      Before it Kills YOU..






      • Yes, yes, and fucking yes!

        Fight for your HOMES! your FAMILY! for your FUTURE!!!


      • Americans are also currently under attack by antifa and niggers too. Lots of homes have been looted and the owners beaten to a pulp. A white woman was also found raped and murdered in the back of a car these gud boi, din du nuffin joggers had been hanging around.

        They are under attack from many different players then, including the police and army. Its fucked up.

        • Shut up and find your own rape victim

        • Yes, many of us feel like we are currently under attack from all sides. Gotta watch everything you do nowadays and keep a sharp eye on your possessions just to keep a roof over your head and not be the next victim of the government, the niggers, or the airborne AIDS.

        • Hi ES.
          This under different circumstances would be a different comment to you otherwise, tho most of what you say I find agreement with.

          America was founded on Race Replacement.
          All fair skinned people (WHITE) you are now the Natives. All other races colors are also your enemies
          You CANNOT trust those amongst you.
          Deal accordingly with them.
          DON’T carry ‘Dead Weights’

        • @empty-soul

          When I say that “Races are not equal and are not of the same value” I know it is offensive to some, myself tho I feel comfortable enough and confident in saying that. But I say that because I know this, and that is the obvious truth.

          What ever we do, We have to make sure that our INTENT isn’t motivated by hate and vengeance or revenge but by what is right and wrong.

          Personally I think and feel:- We need to hang the people who brought the third world into Europe not out of revenge but out of the fact that they MUST be used as an example for OTHERS on what is the fate of traitors who endanger society because otherwise society will decline into chaos.
          In doing that we’d be no different than the allied war criminals and their witch hunt likened to the Nuremberg Trials.
          Alternatively we lock them up in their own purpose built human menagerie..!
          Kinda Death Row Limbo.
          I really Honestly don’t know,
          What do you think we should do..?
          More to the point. What would you do..?
          What collectively could be done..?
          While bearing in mind of course, what you KNOW they’d be doing to you, and I, and have so.

          If I wanted revenge I would support TORTURE, but I don’t because my motive isn’t revenge. They need to be hanged or jailed or euthanized neutralized disenfranchised before tribunal and that’s, that.

          We need to remove the other than white immigrants from Europe in order to save our race from extinction not because we “hate” them, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

          I know it is more difficult said than done but what ever we do we need to make sure that we are NOT motivated by “hate”. We do need to hate bad behavior it is good to hate evil. But evil people need to be punished not because we hate them but because it is the right thing to do.

          So society. White societies can once again function and flourish in a manner encoded thru our civilized culture and halt this current decline into chaos and further gross genetic destruction.

          To Add; Feeling that you were a little er, suspicious a while back, I can say that I Do too Hate the gypsies both Irish and Roma probably more than you do. Also would exterminate those interbred Termites no qualms whatsoever.
          Thank You for being in touch, I appreciate this, and look forward to further communications between ourselves…

        • Ya. But thats what happens when a country collapses.
          Reminds me of the collapse of the soviet union. At least then the government wasn’t pointing guns at us, but at itself…

      • @JXK777


        Ho yeah sure i will fight for all these fucking Niggers, jews, white niggers and imigrants like you !!

        Why not, right ? Hummm wait a minute…. Maybe because you are the enemy here my little fucking jew

      • @Jkx777

        BTW What are you doing on this forum dirty negro ?

      • Uhm, I live only hours from the white house, and shits pretty much the same as its always been theres low key bullshit happening all the time but it really depends on your class standing if it effects you or not. Lower, middle, upper middle, upper etc.

      • well said my friend, they have guns fucking use them!!! in uk if this happened police would be on the run, us cops have been getting away with murder for years, ffs lock and load!!!!

      • Every American SHOULD BE ARMED

    • Mathieu replied 1 day ago

      Fight the police? Yeah good idea… dont cry because your getting shot after that…

    • lol, we need a hero to detonate a bomb in the crowed, at least there will be more fun.

      • Then a second wave of niggers and nigger lovers will converge on the resulting puddle of martyr sauce for thier spicy catfish.

    • We have failed this country the day we gave humanity way to many rights. Now it’s gotten to the point citizens are acting no different than a bunch of caged animals being released at the local zoo attacking the guest just because there angry

    • The American police are nice !! In Brazil it would be the SHOCK platoon … rubber bullet, gas pump and stick on the people

      • We need the Brazilian police over here to teach the American police how it’s done

        • Or even better, the Chinese military would liquidate all of them. But they can keep that BS propaganda of them trying to show only police brutality while claiming “This is freedom” but still not showing Chinese citizens with their 2.2M army of paid media robots American male negros breaking into and looting every cosmetic and candle wax store open and stealing paint from those shop walls.

    • Serious what idiots do you have in the States? Even if i am a german i dont pull the lowlife/Nazi card, but tbh…. statistic from 2018 = 992 persons shot by police (lets add 200 killed otherwiese)
      2019 = 505 shot dead killed Policeofficers: (only have numbers from 2017) 143.

      All the deads, how many where gulty? How many innoscent? And how many of them where just plain dicks or stupid to provoke reactions ? I am wondering how many Veterans, Republicans or normal citizens getn killed by Police without a cause? (Spoiler) i bet not much, guess why? Because they know how to follow laws or better, how to not fuck up if the lawenforcer asks questions.

      So, lets think about. We have Punks, Criminals, Antifa, liberals who are hitting on officers, complains about charges and laws and shit. I can feel the need to just beat the shit out of some random asshole who trys to tell me that i am the pig by risking my life for him to raise his cornky mouth in freedom of speech.

      And at least for the Videos…. In a case of emergency (cuz of people burning shit for no reason) trying to baricade lawenforcenment or rescue vehicles and than get run over, yeah, deserved right? For the 9 year old what was hit with peppergas, For Fuck sakes…the Parents deserved a serious beating. Who is so irresponsible to bring his Kids to a Streetwar against the police? And all the other dickheads who get punched or pushed away to the ground …deserved too! What did you know if they can punch/push you? RIGHT that you was too fucking close to them! Provoking people with batons/Guns by throwing shit at them isnt the best way to stay healthy.

      • Libtards, niggers who think they are owed everything, Antifa Libtards who don’t realize they are being influenced by Russia, as well as the guys with guns (secret militia also back by Russia and probably China by now too), stupid whites who believe socialism is the answer to all, blah blah. Most of them have never been to a truly controlled state.

    • Where are all the guns ones we hear about ones used in armed robberies murders etc? Europeans have this perception of states being flooded with firearms which to an extent is reality I guess? Correct me if I am wrong but every sort of few days people die of gunshot wounds stabbings etc.

      These wimps just going to stand there repeatedly getting kicked in nuts or retaliate?

      Even so called british gangsters as well as protesters do a far better job than the americans when the time comes to retaliate. Seeing the fellow protesters getting suffocated ass kicked punched & standing there doing fuck all is just sad.

      I know vast majority of protesters are the average non violent type however some form aggression sometimes helps especially when getting attacked by the law itself

    • Mark, you are such a vagina. Go back to Canada… oh wait

    • Oh i love the niggers they are going to destroy America bcause the white womans loves to fuck with him, and aftet that Russia and China Becames the superpower of the world!

    • “SHOCK THE MONKEY” should be a gameshow, and an Olympic sport.

    • Why would you even bring your 9 year old child to a protest in the first place…

    • Bro, America is getting dismantled to the ground. Whoever is orchestrating this is very far away laughing at the news.

      Its sickening, but big countries have it harder right now.

    • I know that this is off topic, but does the woman in the banner have a post here?

    • Please wake me up when all this circus is ower. Tnx. In advance.

    • White people acting like cavemen and women …

    • The slaves of the Zionist system

    • This is one way they’ll lie and say “the second wave” of this fake outbreak was caused.

    • I forget how racism is the main factor when it comes to commenting on this site. Lmao I shouldn’t have expected any educated opinions. -Dumbass

    • Once again not to offend anyone but I do support police that commit genocide

    • Worst riot ever. Where’s the molotovs?

    • The protesters should start bringing bags of rocks and molotov cocktails with them. Also, the cell phone towers need to be destroyed. That’s what they are using for their signals intelligence program against the people. Aka MK Ultra mind control. The frequencies can manipulate your nervous system. Your nervous system works by electrical impulses. They torture you with them.

      A message to all women. NEVER DATE OR MARRY A COP. they are all in secret societies and they are secretly committing crimes against civilians and using frequency weapons on men and women, and they are throwing political dissidents in mental hospitals and poisoning them with injections.

      If your husband or boyfriend is a cop, leave him. Don’t date these corrupt pieces of shit in these secret societies.

    • Don’t care about the cops or whatever just that it is NOT a protest anymore it’s a RIOT and Antifa is hijacking BLM and the memory of George Floyd which is now dishonored and tarnished.

      Having the current cops is better than having Antifa as the new cops.

      Because when something is destroyed something always fills the void and then becomes a lesser of two evils choice.

    • The Jews run the government and the cops. If you are on their side, you’re an idiot.

      • Zombified bootlickers have no issue chewing on the boots of their oppressors in exchange for security from the imaginary boogie man terrorist who are gonna magically show up at their door step kidnap their woman kids, rape & murder them and all that NPC shit they’ve been fed their entire life by news media run by The Jews while they steal all of America wealth Sending it to Israel for they’re greater Israel agenda in the works.

      • Yeah man. Fuck the Jews!

    • White killed black – racism.
      Black killed white – it’s okay, normal thing.

    • It reminds me a bit of when Americans were dropping Napalm on innocent wee Vietnamese Children. I know Mace is like sherbert compared to Napalm but it is started to even the karma a little and dropping a few weights on my revenge scale. Only when Armorika sees the behaviour it metes out to people in foreign lands perpetrated on its own innocent people will they be forced to change.

      But the nasty MIC is now too big and too nasty to be pulled like the rotten tooth it once was. It is now the entire head of Armorika. Armorika has to decapitate itself to get rid of this shit. And it cannot because that also means removing their own eyes, being blind for a while and then working out what the fuck to do.

      Those guys doing the beatings are Blackwater. Posing as cops. Armorika’s streets are now full of the Blackwater and Executive Outcomes Mercenary Squads it sent to kill children, women and men who were sitting on their own porches and walking in their own streets in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria… welkome home.

    • I can remember during a fairly large union protest, Police command employed some unknown thugs to attack their own police horses and mounted officers, happened right in front of news cameras of course. Good to see the masses finally waking up to the con-job that is Government.

    • I find it rather amusing some of the brain dead protestors sheeple didn’t expect their local authority enforcers to use excessive force on everyone specially on the commoners who have nothing to do with this. Meanwhile the local bootlickers are ranting about how they should be obeying the law while chewing on the boots of the tyrants and cheering for the tyrants and Dear leader trump agenda of police state America and all that other NPC shit for brainless sheeple. Divide and conquer in the works.

    • Who brings or keeps a kid at a protest? Pushing that old man was low. This is crazy. When bestgore comes to a place near you.

    • American police kill indiscriminately with impunity but I’m sick of the riots looters too.

      • That faggot is being charged with murder how is that impunity?
        One hand washed the other, if you were on their side who would you vote for? Common sense. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Calling cops tyrants from a loud speaker doesn’t move anything but air. The military at least kills for what it wants while most on here think bitching is enough

        • How many faggots get away with that shit, he did it in broad daylight imagine when you’re in the back of the vehicle at night. What are you crying about, You’re bitching right now bitch, in fact you’re a bigger little bitch for bitching online about others. hahah maggot.

    • “Silly protestor, Roads are for cars”

    • May all of the race traitors get their shit kicked in.

      • Race traitors, wtf are you talking about? Stupid shit like this is what pissed me off. Race traitors…. These dumb fucks are standing in front of cop cars throwing shit what did you think was going to happen? The only traitors are the ones who think it’s more important to complain than to produce. They betray themselves by thinking other people have power over them. Instead of standing on a corner making noise wasting time, they should go somewhere and figure out how to raise their children to not be like that faggot cop in Minneapolis

      • Go hug a tranny for a few minutes and come back to explain how you made the world a better place

      • Lol “race traitors” that’s a new one

    • The cop driving should have been killed by protesters

    • Tyrants being tyrants, amazing how people let pigs to kill innocent people and don’t fight back, this is what happens when you give weapons and authority to the wrong people, amazing how the corrupted state uses people’s tax money to kill and opress that same people

    • Let’s protest in vain, cause a huge fucking scene and then feel indignant when the cops show up. That will teach those tyrants! Make sure to bring your kids to the big riot. Extra points if you catch anyone being hurt on camera. Make sure to edit out the part where you escalated things.

    • Responsibility is the reason why most internet hero’s use aliases. We all talk shit and judge the next man but only few show their face while doing it. Mark as weak as he is at least has a name behind the remarks.

    • Gotta say.
      I’m glad I don’t live there.
      But to be honest, I am excited.
      It has been a wet dream of mine for a long time to see America collapse.

    • Those disgusting bastards! Damn I wish I could be in those riots. Police are supposed to protect the people. What are they protecting us from now, huh? Protecting us from freedom, is that how this works?

    • Is that Derek’s brother driving that cop car?

    • Glad the cop hit them! Stupid asses on the streets.

  • I remember a few years ago, I saw an ad for the US Navy. After a showcase of some of their equipment, the ad concluded with the statement: “To get to you, they’d have to get through us”. It is understood that […]

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that with all the recent events considered, we are about to face human extinction. Some call it tribulation or end times but if you look at the plandemic leading to global economic collapse, then massive social unrest and ultimately a war with China; you can see the writing on the wall. Billions are going to die this decade and what is coming will dwarf everything in known history. Hitler, Stalin and Mao will come out of this looking like choir boys.

    • Good post and a lot of truth. My old senior citizen veteran friend used to always tell me that Thomas Jefferson said that an American revolution should happen every 20 years and I would blow him off because I always felt that America was number one and had no need for it but now I understand. Fortunately, a lot of people are fed up and fighting back because America supports the riots and protests in other nations but won’t support black people who fight in the American military also. Most people are tired of the double standards and 1% getting richer, along with these facemasks. I only hope that everyone calms down and realizes that the only color that matters is money.

      • Well Said.
        If you have seen Sons of Anarchy you may have remember one particular scene where Jax Teller told the AB Shot Caller Ron Tully (Played by Marilyn Manson) that he(Tully) doesn’t give a shit about Color White. He only cares about only one True Color and that is Green.

      • Let this old senior citizen veteran clue you in to the obvious.
        The biggest problem this country is facing is supporting useless NIGGERS.
        Know niggers, know problems. We should have picked our own cotton.

      • You really shouldn’t be blowing off senior citizens.

    • Americans should use their second amendment against those domestic terrorists.

    • The problem America has though is that they have a large number of feral pavement apes who are dumb as fuck and rape, steal and murder in numbers way above their own headcount.

      With the above all the other races start to view the police and their heavy presence as a good thing and a welcomed sight because they pretend to offer a solution to the problem, that being protection from the black menace.

      Its the old rock through the window routine I guess in that you intentionally fuck things up and then come in with the solution to the problem. In this case a police state.

    • Dumb bitch needed lighting up. Now she’s behaving herself. Which is good.

    • Is it so difficult for this bitch who is filming to understand what the policeman said 4x before shooting?

      • I know right? Guess she wants to play the victim. The title implicates that these guys randomly shoot at citizens without any warning. Too bad she didn´t cut out the first parts.

    • American people Fight Back
      With everything you have
      Organize get on the Rooftops of your City Streets ATTACK.
      Kill anything in a Uniform.
      Before it Kills YOU..






    • omelet9 replied 1 day ago

      I live just outside Minneapolis(where this takes place) and I also believe we’re
      screaming towards Armageddon. This is some fucked up serious shit.
      I could go on, but it is way to much to write.
      we’re in 2020 not 1965. We are better than this!!

    • omelet9 replied 1 day ago

      I live just outside Minneapolis(where this all started) and I also believe we’re
      screaming towards Armageddon. This is some fucked up serious shit.
      I could go on, but it is way to much to write.
      we’re in 2020 not 1965. We are better than this!!

    • not as dramatic as this but reminiscent of what I viewed yesterday from work window

      we are on route to hospital so lots of times you will see cops with lights and sirens race up to intersection to block traffic and allow racing ambulance to rush to hospital unimpeded

      well yesterday no less than six Wayne County (detroit) sherrif cars went racing by. one stopped and jumped out and put up his hand signaling for cars to stop. this lady was smack in the middle of intersection in the middle of making her turn. it really was spooky cause she was taking up couple lanes

      well after a few seconds she completes her turn, probably out of fear of being mashed in the middle like that . he screams and motions for her to stop at side of rode. meanwhile a hearse enters scene along with trail of cars with flags signifying funeral procession. it was over the top dramatics, I figure for dead cop

      anyhow they all pass and next thing I see is that lady still at side of rode. hands up cop gets back into his cruiser and proceeds to diagonally cut in front of scared lady, no lights just as two others whip back around all lit up and completely box her in

      they had her trapped there for 10 minutes. total intimidation.

      I don’t know how I would have handled same scenario. she truly was in blind spot of those rushing north, saw a clearing and took it. regardless the way they had her locked in at the end was purely to show her who is boss. she is probably still pissing 🙁

    • Everyone gangsta till someone starts spraying bullet’s

    • Da-Fuck did they order the people to go and stay inside their homes, is what i would like to know. Like what excuse did they use “this time” in order to control the masses??? Did they pretend that there was a mad man on the lose, or W.T.F ???

      I Just don’t get-it! Who ordered this,,, Why,,, Where,,, When, & For What,,, did this happen??? 🙁

    • I’m glad that I live in Kansas. The navy hasn’t hassled me very much at all.

    • They just opened fire on ppl standing on a porch, it’s time

    • No offence to anyone but I do support police with Murderous behavior, If a cop was going down the street shooting gangster faggots in the head until they are all dead then that’s why I support police that have a tendency to commit genocide

    • I am fifth generation military and can tell you that the soldiers are more likely to fight the cops than the people.

    • Armorikans. You are now The Prey. Dem Piggies is a-hunting! I think we are gonna smell some Pork frying soon though. Mmmm… Bacon….

    • A message to all women. NEVER DATE OR MARRY A COP! They are all corrupt and in these criminal secret societies. They are secretly attacking citizens with directed energy weapons and throwing political dissidents into mental hospitals and poisoning them. Theses assholes in these secret societies are responsible for 9/11 as well. They murdered 3000 Americans.

      If you are dating or married to a cop, leave him. Don’t support theses corrupt scumbags by giving them the love and comfort of a woman.

    • Nothing new here just the way these tyrants have been taught and trained to do their job your local NPC bootlickers have no problems defending the action of their oppressors as long as it benefits their safety and security from the imaginary enemy’s.

    • The fuk Mac D: … ah where did this incident take place precisely at ?…

    • Hmm is it a European problem with muslims? Couse i see alot of hate to jews and people with an exessiv tanline in here!?! Jews not a big problem here but the tan people (mainly muslims) are!?!

    • Here is the FULL video…. Note the masked twerps attire…. Not just a family looking out their door, they had ran to their home nearby the riot scenes after acting like idiots….

    • And the fact they arent that mad indicates theyve been fucking around all day with that shit. Its nothing new.

  • Remember guys – question everything. Especially anything passed on by the media that insists you should only trust information from sources the powers that be labels “verified”.

    Unlike the mainstream press, […]

    • Don’t trust the media, it‘s run by Jews and only exists to fool you.

      • Preaching to the Converted.

        Just have to keep getting the word out there, wherever one can. To anyone, that’s more than the brain dead conformist do.

        But people are not going to slide so easily back into self imposed house arrest a second time, slowly people ARE waking up, a world wide resistance movement is what needs forming but that’s idealistic wishful thinking on my part.

        Every Day I have this in Mind.

        .“Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war” Joseph Goebbels.”

      • I don’t know why you guys dislike “CHINA!”
        Let me show you the first sentence of the chinese national anthem :
        Stand up! The people who don’t want to be a slave!

        It time to stand up my friend.
        Fuck the damn politics.
        Fuck the damn consortium.
        Fuck all of goddamn unfair.
        Burn the Wall Street
        To get what should belong to you.
        Let the democracy be purity.
        Let the gore be righteousness.
        God bless you because when you stand up
        You are the GOD

        • Maybe you will ask me
          Why I don’t speak this to the Hongkong protestors.
          Because they are just some crowd and never stand up.
          They just want to change their ID from UK-slave to US-slave.
          Fake democracy make me sick.
          But now ,I feel the light of real democracy .
          That is what Americans doing.

          • I don’t agree with the rioters but I also don’t agree with your communist bullshit. Chinese don’t know anything even a peaceful protest will have them kidnapped and disappear with their organs harvest.

            • Oh man!
              Am I disappear?
              Who is talking to you about the fact of China.
              You’re right my friend.
              When the education and economic have not reached appropriate level. Communist is a goddanm bullshit.
              All of the “peaceful” protest your media show you is fake .They just want to get a green card of other country and leave away from the life which is excluding them .
              They are COWARD,
              They are shame of China!
              They should be disappear and killed.
              Fucking betrayaler.
              The real protesters have gotten into the organization for fighting against the wicked power.
              China is changing. I saw it and you

              will see it.

            • One point I am glad to tell you.
              Democracy should not be connected with the fucking politics.
              When it does.
              It’s a fucking FAKE!

        • COMMUNIST China is controlled by Jews as well. They funded Mao and it’s not as though they ever walk away from such a huge investment (and they certainly weren’t expelled…again). They have also transferred all of our wealth to China along with our military secrets, while simultaneously weakening the West from within. Nevertheless, even most Jew-wise right-wingers are still blind to the obvious fact that China has the same (((problem))) that the rest of us have, and once their usefulness has been worn out they will get the same treatment too.

          • Thank you for tell me a nice story.
            Maybe something is the fact about history.But most of the information you show me is from another mouth of unknowing person. If you change Jews to E.T, the story can be reasonable too .Sorry my friend.
            You guys hate Jews just because Jews make the Wall Street and president of America kneel down in front of them.
            You don’t know China .You should come here live for a while .
            In the fact.We have always stand your sit and support you guys fight against those totalitarian which is exploiting your peaceful life.
            You should get right target. Not just look at the Twitter of D.Trump :CHINA!

        • Ha ha. I was there during the Dalian protest. They quelled that quickly. I didn’t see much “standing up ” but some beatings to the citizens. It was gone by the next morning. Chinese know how to stay in their place. And the police there are pretty nice as long as you don’t do stupid shit or pay them off. I got to respect the patience of the Chinese despite their obnoxious CCP.

          • Are you chinese?
            If you aren’t,I would like to tell you ,you don’t have to respect chinese for that.
            Some of CCP are obnoxious.Not all of them.At least my girlfriend isn’t.
            If CCP deal CO-19 like Trump during the epidemic time. They will be burned by us.
            We don’t have patience, but we have patience when we are geting RICH.
            Every chinese people know a simple fact that hunman right is a fucking bullshit
            when you have no money.
            Just like the “poor” Floyd ,he is poor, so he have no right to breathe .Even though he is a American.
            POOR guys are POOR.
            Poor people are animal.

            I bet that you don’t know how rich you will be when you have gotten close with the CCP. Now I know you’re not chinese.
            That’s why we don’t choose to do protest. Protest is useless and we love to be quelled, that makes us get money.

            Easy to understand.
            Welcome to China.

            • 倍思特鸡儿 >”I bet that you don’t know how rich you will be when you have gotten close with the CCP. Now I know you’re not chinese.
              That’s why we don’t choose to do protest. ”

              So you’re telling me that most Chinese citizens have high hopes on getting close connections to government or government officials? You and I both know that Chinese are smart enough to know it happens only to a very small percentage of the average Chinese population. And for the average Chinese that does indeed have Guanxi, it doesn’t reap huge personal wealth for them.

          • Small percentage?
            Just 90 million CCP in China.

            • 90 million CCP members? Are they all rich? Aren’t some of them just owning a membership card and only paying their yearly dues with little or no benefit?

      • Jew media trying to stir up hatred against white people. They’re now trying to claim white nationalists are responsible for the looting and fires, like we can’t see the livestreams of black people looting stores.

      • Exactly

      • Wow these fuckin retard life matters people blowing up like 7 cars in my city. I hope that they r launching cans of carona
        Black lives…. Sicka hearing black people fuckin powting fuckin cry baby bitches

    • None of this shit is truly real. It’s all a show, a big show. Designed and orchestrated. Paid for. There are things that are already being planned and scripted for later in the year. And next year. And the year after that.

    • There are NO limits to their Depravity.
      They will not stop at, or stoop to any levels
      COVID-19 is a Myth it DOES NOT EXIST.
      I’ve been safe with this knowledge for months, and spreading the word wherever possible.
      It’s just WTF will they try next, trying to second guess them is again NOT enough but, put the work in and do your BEST…!!

      • If COVID-19 is a Myth then how come millions of people are dying from it. Mostly in “your” country. Maybe you’re safe just because you’re going by the Rules. But don’t say it’s ain’t Real.

        • Not ONLY is it a Myth, it’s a scam, confidence trick, smoke screen cover for something else, do your own research if you are capable of it, I could tell you alot more but obviously you believe the narrative and MSM.
          If you had been more respectful I could have enlightened you but you are ignorant so FUCK OFF.

          People die all the time their massaging figures to have people such as yourself blindly swallow the Shit.
          I’m not hear to educate you with the attitude you have.

          My country, you haven’t a clue where I live, I’m following no rules, unless there my own. I’ve NOT been shiting myself under house arrest in my own home like you.
          I’ll say what ever I feel, don’t care what you think, you ARE a Sheep following Bo Peep.
          Bhaa baa baa bleat bleat.
          Put your head firmly back in your Ass where it belongs.
          There’s obviously NO hope for you. Bye bye. That all you get. Fucking ignoramus..!

          • Well then enlighten me !!
            @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            If you really can.

          • And I’m Sorry for my Attitude. Because some of my friends are suffering or suffered from it. I just lost my mind. There is a Lockdown going on here too. But I don’t give a shit, I go out everyday to see the green in the woods. Also I’ve been safe for months.

          • @jxk777
            Who would I believe the infectiologists, virologists, pulmonologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists ? The ten studies, memoirs and theses that I have read on the subject made by people who dedicate their lives to science or a poor negro like you?

            You’re just another moron who believes in all this nonsense conspiracy theory that makes no sense.

            …..and the earth is still flat isn’t it ?

        • The real virus has yet to be unleashed, but it’s coming. As for this Covid 19 crap you simply cannot trust ZOG ever when it comes to their statistics, polls, or anything else.

          Some old lady has a heart attack = “Covid”
          Some guy gets his throat slit = “Covid”
          All the blacks shooting each other are really just using “Covid” bullets.

          Point is, they can throw out any number they wanted to and the sheep would believe them. And even if people didn’t believe them it would still give them the narrative they need to keep doubling down.

        • Millions? You need to get your facts straight. Don’t spread the propaganda.

        • Yeah, exactly. The Dems planted the virus in Wuhan to use the CCP as a scapegoat to take Trump down (if they are caught).

      • Your a dumb bitch…. i had covid 19 you dumb nigger…

        • Agreed, COVID-19 is a clandestinely orchestrated event in collaboration and in unison by all nations. Imagine the type of concealment all those governments would have to be consistent with to keep the lie going. I hope you are getting better. BTW, the last 3 plagues were a historic farse too.

    • With this possibly being staged you can bet the murders will be found not guilty of all charges and we get another massive riot perhaps in all major states with trump pushing more police state laws. yup the brain dead NPC are digging they’re graves and the zombified bootlickers will welcome it like it’s the next best thing after trump and his Zionist buddies taking all of America wealth. after the re-election of trump we’ll likely see America invading Syria in the coming years after of course they stage another false flag attack in US soil which they pin the blame on Iran and use it as an excuse to invade Syria just like they did with Iraqi using 9/11 attacks as an excuse.

    • Yeah the JEWS are controlling everything in the USA they do the 9-11 in that day mossad jews rats agents was dancing in front the two towers celebrating the consolidation of the new jew order, and they do the Communism first and second war vietnam, etc FUCK! If you see a jew in the street show him the finger.

    • I agree with pretty much everything said, particularly the use of agent provocateurs. They have been using them for years.

      Niggers however don’t need much persuading to commit acts of theft and violence. Its just in them. If they see a chance to rape and rob they will. Every single time.

      Niggers are also jealous of everyone and everything because they are life’s perpetual losers and so they get angry. They get angry a lot. They then lash out at society, putting all of their own failings onto others to bare responsibility for so as to avoid it themselves.

      They talk about ‘da racist wite supremacist society keepin dem down’. A white society I add that is so racist and supremacist that Asians and Indians etc tend to do better than white people in them, lol.

      So yeah. I agree with what you say Mark. However. These dumb fuck pavement apes were not in on the gag. They were not aiding a grander scheme by will. They were just being niggers. Full stop.

      • Dear Empty Soul,

        I love your name because it describes you perfectly. Someone who does not have a soul. Return thyself to the dark pits of hell you evil spawn!

        • “Return thyself to the dark pits of hell you evil spawn!”.

          You want me to return to London?. AKA Londonistan. Now it is you who doesn’t have a soul. Heartless bastard.

    • Absolutely great reporting and digging, glad there is a community as large as this who’s eyes are open to the fakeness and the fuckery. Thanks.

    • Nailed. This was some very cool, non-aggressive questioning of what was going on. Citizen Journalism. Very good.

    • I bloody knew there was something too blatant about the jogger’s murder but i thought they’d actually wasted him.
      Props to Mark for the research.

    • Check out the cop body cam footage of the Floyd incident. The date says 2020-05-26. The incident is supposed to have happened on the 25th.

    • I’m confused. Many of you on here contradict yourselves. You want niggers dead, but hate the white cops that kill them. You want Jews dead, but hate the Muslims that want them dead also. Ya’ll need to pick a side and stand for something, rather than hate everyone for everything.

      • There is no contradiction. Contradiction only exists for those unable to think beyond a subjects individual example at hand.

        Those who hate niggers but who also take umbrage with the cops who kill them do so because they know cops don’t stop at niggers when it comes to using excessive force. They do not want to be the Turkey who votes for Christmas.

        That said, a lot of cop on nigger murders are justified. This particular one wasn’t though.

        Those who hate Jews and Muslims simultaneously do so because they know that both groups are insidious and controlling towards any society they infect. To say that one cannot hate both they must pick one is to make someone choose between dick cancer and testicle cancer.

        There is no contradiction then because life isn’t so black and white.

    • Its always been this way and it seems it always will be..

      You can ‘wake’ the ‘sheep’ all you want, when is it going to make a difference? When are we going to stop being played in our day to day existince…how can we fight and take back the power FOR REAL in FULL FORCE I just wish something would fucking happen that actually makes a difference and change!

      • what’s it been two days? and I have already grown tired of your “cool chick” chatter
        fuck off already bella zombie 2.0

        • @desp Well well, You were a much nicer cunt a few years ago, guess you get bitter with age. Nice to see you again too! Thought we were friends before but guess not.

          You and the other “long timers” arnt cooler than anyone else. So stop being a bitch, you dont like something move the fuck on already…I’m not seeing you everywhere so if you are noticing ME that’s YOUR problem. 😉

          • I am older and wiser. not young and foolish, bella

            bella you better slap on 8 more filters we can still still make out your face 😆

            • At least you said it, my face. You ever even shown your face here? Probably not cause youre not half as cute as your cunt ass attitude.

        • You @desp and @illegalsmile55 youre both just fake old ass bitches. Because we were friends and you act like I cant see how quick you turned on me and THEN kept talking about it. You know I fucking see you right? Like all the shit you are STILL saying. Like if im so dead to you, just dont comment to me, go back to ignoring me cause who the fuck cares. You all dont know wtf happened and funny how 3 years go by and you still talking about it. I called mark a homosexual women hater….I was trying to get my profile deleted which at the time was NOT an option like it is now. I may have been going through my own issues with how mark addresed certain women here at the time, playing favorites ETC which was like I said years ago.

          I grew up, did you?

          I’m sorry @happy! I was going through shit but who the fuck doesn’t. Thank you for not deleting me again…or yet..cause I’m not trying to fuck around but then here you two chicks are being bitches like I have to apologize to you too for something….I thought we could be civil but guess not.

          • quit whining.

          • Fake old bitches?! BAHAHAHA That’s some funny shit coming from the attention seeker smeared with makeup. What the fuck did I say to piss you off? ‘Cause I’m friends with despy? Why don’t you show me where I “dissed” you? That’s right, I didn’t…. Why don’t YOU fuck back off to whatever shithole you’ve been lurking from? You’re the one lying, telling someone here that an old moderator “who didn’t like me” kicked you off here…MARK gave you the boot…justifiably. Acneska thanked MARK for kicking your attention seeking ass out of here. There were more members happy to see you go than weren’t…You shoulda stayed gone Bella, because here you are starting shit already. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have a cuntpig-fit again and that will be the last of your fat ass. I would’ve just ignored you, but you had to drag me into YOUR shit…not mine…Ms. Six-Monther….

    • Damn videos won’t play

    • “agent provocateur” is not a word created without a reasons.
      that technique was used back in the 1700’s and 1800’s, where some governemental or military men where used to infiltrate gangs and criminals, in order to do that, they used to break things and all.

      things then changed and todays is used as every possible excuse to try starting a riot or else , expecting some idiots to join them and then get caught by cops.

      as exempl, they are some cops that used to disguise as “gilet jaune” in france, with the only order to create shit and blame the gilet jaune expecting people to start disliking them and stop supporting their actions.

      (source : a friend police officer / CRS)

    • The only factual thing you have typed is the police have infiltrated protests. You don’t seem to be very intelligent.

    • There was quite a crowd at the moment when Floyd was getting his neck crushed. But now that he’s past and the video is viral suddenly people are outraged and want to react. Its easy to whine, scream, burn and loot but very select few people actually want to make a sacrifice for what they believe in.

    • I’m not saying you are wrong because there is definitely more to it. With that said the responders did check his neck for a pulse while that guy was still on him. All Minneapolis police cars have a license plate that says police.

      Absolutely spot on about the covid 19 bs.

    • I like how the black guy tried to stop Mary Po-Po’ppins from vandalizing. He was holding a Little Caesar’s pizza, and says “Hold my blunt” good times.

      • Yeah the dude was high with his pizza, saw some dumb shit, then when confronted he smokes his joint.
        “ya wanna go? whats up” *hits joint*
        It doesn’t matter if your pizza is cold when you’re stoned.

      • Yes, how noble of you. We all know that you were only trying to save your part-time job at the Auto Zone.

    • This type of Shit happens in every fuckin Country.

    • It is quite the coincidence that multiple rioters, er, Joggers had the very same black T-shirts that had “I can’t breathe” on them! Yet another fake event/false flag?

    • Can we create a topic and thread please as to why white countries, and white countries only, must adhere to open borders, diversity and multiculturalism and yet every other race and their countries can have their own place and space and be homogeneous without concern, question or outcry.

    • The sheeple will belive this is real wow ita so staged and fake wow us woke ones must stay away from the ignorant oNes

    • The sheeple will belive this is real wow ita so staged and fake wow us woke ones must stay away from the ignorant oNes gorr brothers and sisters

    • This is a message to all women. DON’T DATE COPS! They’re all corrupt, they’re all in secret societies such as Freemasonry. They are secretly using MK Ultra mind control on innocent men and women. All women need to boycott dating cops. Because if you date them and marry them, you are supporting and condoning the crimes they are committing against innocent citizens. Let them pay the consequences of joining a criminal secret society.

      Ladies, turn your back on corrupt cops. Let them jerk off to porn hub and cry. Divorce your cop husband. Leave his crooked ass.

      As a matter of fact, date and marry truthers!!! Have kids with honest men!!! Don’t have children with lying sneaky murdering crooks!


      Have you experienced a sense of unease when witnessing a group of individuals wearing masks and/or keeping strictly two meters apart..? If so, that’s good news, because it means you’re still sufficiently human to be able to respond to life’s deeper survival instincts.

      For those who don’t have an uneasy sense that something is wrong in this situation, I feel a genuine sense of concern and the strong hope that this will change, very soon. Here’s the reason why: you are being indoctrinated to allow a carefully constructed lie to direct your thinking, your behaviour and your individual powers of judgement.

      Coronavirus Covid-19, is most certainly not something to fear as a significant threat to health. And that the mask is a worse than useless piece of so called ‘protection’ which only serves to accentuate the fact that what it is supposed to protect against doesn’t even exist in the form in which it is being described.

      However, there is something about what this mask represents that should give rise to genuine alarm. That something, is the huge effort being made to turn what is essentially a corona virtual reality construction into a real life event. An event whose momentum is created by pressing down on the irrational fear button and keeping it down until the repetition of the preplanned indoctrination exercise has gone on long enough for the majority to believe that any other version of events must be ‘a conspiracy theory, or theorists’.

      This is basically where we are NOW. This moment in time, ladies and gentlemen. Yet, in spite of the best efforts of our oppressors, the truth is coming out and awareness will follow, not so far behind. However, until such awareness forms the bedrock for a critical mass of humanity, we will go on witnessing the manifestation of the lie in all public places and in homes where individuals stick doggedly to the scripted formula they have been fed.

      Here is where the uneasy feeling rises into something considerably more than just ‘uneasy’. Because what is on exhibit is an open admission of slavery to the unquestioned commands of ‘the leader of the day’; and what better symbol of such (typically unconscious) subservience than the wearing of the mask of the beast..?

      What better conformism to ‘the system’ is there than maintaining belief in the validity of ‘social distancing’ at two military paces from our collective brothers and sisters..? What starker statement can one make concerning one’s loss of ability to recognise one is being deceived, than not to question being segmented into anti-humanitarian social isolation through a modern day act of apartheid..?

      If there is a pervasive sickness connected with the ‘grand covid pandemic’ it is this: the willingness of tens of millions of individuals to adopt that which is so far removed from the truth that not even those who are in charge of purveying it can make it sound like sense.

      The British Prime Minister, recently attempting to explain the inexplicable rules he expects the population of Britain to conform to, sounded and looked like a man suffering from ‘cognitive dissonance’. INSANITY..!

      Think carefully about what this mask actually is. If it doesn’t have anything to do with health, what does it have something to do with..? If keeping two metres apart from fellow human beings also has nothing to do with health, and my research endorses that is indeed the case, then what does ‘keeping distance’ actually stand for..?

      We know the answer, but perhaps as yet, not deeply enough to bring about the change that should result from such knowledge. So I am going to say it again, in the hopes that those who have not recognised the reality of the trick being perpetrated on us hold onto this truth: Do not waver or fall due to the insidious levels of brainwashing being directed at dominating our psyches.

      The mask is a statement. A statement of conformity. Conformity with a plan to destroy humanity and civilization and by extension, the living environment and the overall aspiration to spiritual evolution which is innate in all life forms. Symbolically, traditionally, and actually, the covering of the nose and mouth with a mask is an expression of ‘secrecy’, ‘subversion’, ‘disguise’ and ‘undercover operations’. SUBTERFUGE..!

      The mass wearing of such masks (with the exception of doctors/medical practitioners) becomes a conformist identity symbol “I see, he/she is also wearing a mask, so they are one of us, we who agree to follow the regulations, to obey the rules and to behave in a politically correct manner. In this way we will be seen to be upstanding members of the community and normal individuals.”

      To be ‘normal’ is a treasured status within 21st century urban/suburban communities and beyond. There is a terrible fear of being seen to be ‘different’ and thereby ‘not normal’. DARE to be DIFFERENT..!
      Because you already know I am and I do. But to fear being different more than to fear being a slave, is a truly terrible sickness. Far worse than that being framed as Coronavirus. One for which the only cure may be a bang on the door by the NWO police who have come to remove such a ‘normal individual’ from his/her home, with worse to follow if that person still fails to raise a finger of self defence for fear of ‘disobeying the law’.

      We must break the chains of such paralysing conformity. A conformity historically epitomised by mass obedience to the communist regime in post WWII Russia. Stand up, anyone who fails to recognise that such a time bears a sinister similarity to the in-your face rampant top down usurpation of power happening today, under the excuse that it is ‘necessary’ to prevent the spread of some sort of fake pandemic.

      At a time like this, we must make visible statements of our belief in fundamental life values. Where there are occasions being advertised in which peaceful collective assembly in stated places/locations is the objective, be at those events to demonstrate ‘en masse’ that it is WE, the people who rightfully hold the destiny of this planet in our hands and NOT the control system which has usurped those powers. Then go home and continue to act on your freshly resurrected sense of self belief.

      Anyone still passively allowing the state/corporate alliance to manufacture their lives for them at this point in time, is not worthy of the title HUMAN.

      Dear friends, let us rebel from our own susceptibility to fall prey to indoctrination, of any kind. Let us refuse to allow ourselves to take the easy way out..! Let us disabuse ourselves of obeisance to the absurd Anti Social Distancing commandments emanating from The World Health Organisation and passed down to us by a cohort of puppet dictators styling themselves as bona fide representatives of the Ministry of Truth.

      Anyone who has warmth in their heart knows instinctively that people need each other and need to be close to each other, especially in times of stress and hardship. They know that to impose ‘distancing’ has nothing to do with preserving the health of the nation, and everything to do with preserving the top down divide and conquer programme of the NWO fascist dream.

      This is where civil disobedience becomes our primary and most effective tool of resistance. Let us not delay putting it into effect.

      Over the next few weeks, months and years, we are going participate in one of the most moving uprisings this world has ever known. Literally millions of us are going to step out of our psychological imprisonment and declare ourselves sovereign independent human beings who do not consent to a life of squalid serfdom. SLAVERY..!

      So uplifting will this great rising be that deluded enforcement bodies attempting to exercise some form of ILLEGAL arrest or restraining coercion upon us all, they will then shrink back into the night from whence they came and quite simply fail to achieve their sick devious mission.

      This is the future I clearly see ahead, and because I see it I believe you do too, and if you do, I do and we all do, it will happen. All it takes is a sprinkling of courage and a pinch of passion, stirred well into the natural heart led instinct that favours life over death. Then we’re away, unstoppable forces for the great emancipation of humanity..!

      Get off your knees, join the fight because this is WAR on a totally different scale to which you have ever known, people are going to Die, people are going to be Killed. Wouldn’t you much rather die or be Killed while standing on your own two feet..?

      Than cowering in a corner on your knees waiting for the liquidators coming thru your door..?

      As you stand now, you are standing in the calm before the storm. Don’t wait for the storm to reach you, get out, face it, meet it head on..!

      Thank You…

    • Chemtrails are bullshit it’s just water like what comes out of your car exhaust in winter…. the earth is not flat if you blow bubbles there not fucking flat like a plate there the shape of the

      • I used to think chemtrails were bullshit as well. Until they started spraying them above my city.

        • Was it recently, because contrails existed for a while. Even if you live in a city. If its not just water vapor then whatever particles would be blown off into the bumfuck desert or ocean tens of hundreds of miles away. And even if then you’d have to accommodate for weather and meteorological patterns in a given place on a weekly basis. There’s way too much calculation to be involved for the govt when people just want to get their ass across the country.

          • I’ve noticed it for the last couple of years above Vancouver BC. I’ve flown over a hundred times. I know what regular contrails look like. I was born in the 70’s. I’ve seen regular contrails for decades. These chemtrails are not contrails. I am 100 percent sure of it. I have watched them spraying them. Massive grid patterns across the sky, then the slowly spread out and cover the whole city.

    • Your a dumb bitch…. i had covid 19 you dumb nigger…

    • All of this shit is to help collapse the economy. Keep filling your house with food preps. Ignore all the crazy bullshit going on, get prepared for the collapse of the economy. GET FOOD AND WATER AND A WEAPON TO DEFEND IT. Buy gold and silver so you don’t lose your wealth.

    • Masonic jews motherfuckers conspiring against citizens and using cops as instruments, bunch of psychopats

    • They are indeed cops, they look and speak like tyrants

    • Who would of thought? The sheeple don’t know and won’t ever know the truth about their overseers. Even us chosen few are powerless against the zionist run goverments. Until something is exposed all we can do is live our small little lives and hope to die before being enslaved.

    • I was watching the riots last night and connected the dots quickly. This shit confirmed my suspicions. It’s actually funny though. They’re gonna reduce the population or sum shit which I hope they get rid of all the annoying niggers.

    • lol, you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

    • Fucking wild man. Destroying shit for the CNN Camera Crews to record, & Then Blame on the Good Citizens of Minneapolis. Fucking *Disgracefully-Shameful* in every Possible way is what this is.
      🙁 JEW-FUCKS! 🙁

    • Flat earth for the superfecta.

  • I got no backinfo, but that’s perhaps the most bizarre robbery we’ve ever featured at Best Gore. On a plus side, even though he’s not the most agile robber of all time, at least he’s not gonna leave behind any […]

  • On May 21, 2020, a man was stabbed at a Sainsbury’s – a superstore on Roden Street in Ilford, East London, UK.

    The victim was taken to hospital, where his wounds were treated as serious. I don’t have any […]

    • Looks like a free-range urban nomad thought the sign said 100% off, not 10% and was heavily encouraged to put the goods back.
      Or, maybe he was stabbed by a pork sword in the back room without lube.

    • who stabbed who ?

      seems like the grey shirt guy stabbed the black guy in the legs.

      but its more like 2 drunk guys dancing monkeys love parade.

    • d0u

    • East London is a shit hole filled with scum.

      • I would have stood a safe distance and watched. Can’t think why that white kid got involved, he’s now part of the incident rather than a witness.
        I was going to mention on another post that East London is now an unrecognisable muslim paradise. Especially Whitechapel. Heartbreaking. We can only hope that it all implodes into war.

        • Surely has to Ronnie, way way overdue…

          • Tony blair had cctv installed everywhere before he imported his muslims for their protection. Now they walk around brave and their mosks are fortresses (notice how we can’t enter a mosk but they can enter a church?)
            Fortresses are used for soldiers and distribution of arms. Imagine when they get that mosk built in Piccadilly, it’s a short walk to buckingham palace and their new imam prince charles the traitor

        • Yes unfortunately a lot of our country and other western countries are now unrecognisable now

        • Whitechapel and those areas have always been the immigrant and poorer areas as far I know, but you guys being English could Tell us more.

          That wasn’t the problem as the immigrants settled in . It’s the recent lot who DON’T WANT TO SETTLE IN that are the problem,namely the rag-headed Mohammedans and associated Subsaharans.

        • I also thought it was strange with all the faggotry going on how he was he stabbed and still able to hold on to his boyfriend while dying? Did grayshirt just throw the knife away? White boy probably saved Dindus life.

          • Lol, lot of faggotry going on there, i mean what was that head wiping about? Was it a half hearted attempt at a head butt. These two are clearly tough guys on social media.

      • @EnglishQueen

        Agreed. That’s why I live In West London.

        • Safe for now Spock. but your area is full of white liberals and they’re more harmful to your health than a barrel full of acid strapped to box of dynamite. Tick Tock.

        • I haven’t lived in London for 3 years now, I was mainly working in Clapham but I got promoted and I got posted to Stratford, I was there a few months and one early evening I had my bag snatched, the thieving bastards had robbed brand new iPhone, iPad, £100, my favourite scarf lol and all my bank cards, the filth must of had a field day with all that goodies, then many months later I had Essex police call me to tell me they’d pulled over a car and found all my bank cards in the boot! So I’m bloody glad I am not working in that part of London anymore

          • Bloody shitbags, all they do is thieve and mug people. See how stupid they are, they kept your bank cards. fukkin cunts. As soon as they start that nonsense they should be summarily shot . I hope it didn’t shake you up too much. Sainsburys are shitbags as well, they expect their staff to work late at night and don’t pay enough for them to afford a taxi.

            • Yes must of been pretty dumb, yes I was fine thanks, I actually chased after him, but I had heels on so didn’t get far, you could see me on CCTV lol
              Yes that’s not good of Sainsbury’s : (

            • Tough cookie. Love to have seen that footage of you chasing him down the road in your heels. They would have come in handy if you’s have caught him, a heel right in the eye. You have the spirit Boadicea in you.

            • English Queen, I’m so sorry that you had to encounter such shitstains. Your story makes me very angry. I would have loved to be there. In fact I sincerely wish they would pick on someone like me instead. I would have punched that guy. Hard. In fact whenever I’m in a dodgy part of town, I’m almost like willing someone to pick a fight with me. Proper eye contact, never moving away from my path, feeling I own the road. But typically they just ignore me.

          • I worked up there for five days, Ben we were coming home on the last day we saw a guy killed and covered with tarp! Police vans all over, its a scary place to be if you are not from there. Thankfully I live in the sticks so love the peace and quiet.

      • You’re so right, you’re majesty..

    • The game is called cutty throat. The way it works both participants stab each other in the throat and at the Same time hold there own knife upwards The first to faint loses miserably. In this case the muzzy lost to the darkie. Keep your up maybe bed time

      • Auto correct: both participants stab one another in the throat while holding there knife upwards towards the opponents neck area. The first to faint loses

        • Thank goodness you auto corrected that because “keep your up maybe bed time” was only confusing me.

      • Our American friends will find this weird. They just shoot each other, much simpler…and final.

        • Over here, we get the job done quickly and the noise helps to scatter the crowds.

          • Ronnie replied 2 days ago

            I hear it is better to be stabbed than shot. I’ve always envied the Americans with their guns.
            An Englishman is nought but a sitting duck blissfully unaware of his fate. He is at this moment likely at some garden centre with the missus choosing which flowers to decorate his garden with.

        • Keep in mind it is the UK after all they have a thing with knifes and going on stabbing sprees and all

        • Didnt you hear? Not guns anymore Coronovirus is whats killing all us americans and why they wont let us leave our houses and go about our buisness. Sarcasm

    • “Sainsbury’s – live well for less”.

    • East London another shit hole of third world humans garbage..

    • If only they would´ve listened to the cameraman.

      “Hey Brothers, just let go of eachother, okay brothers?”

    • Now, I get it! Diversity is our strength! I don’t know where British culture would be without niggers and sand niggers stabbing each other in the supermarket.

    • Respect to the man.
      The shopping cart man.
      Maybe now they can get some pussy.
      *Because sometimes separating two shopping carts is harder than separating two shoppers.

    • Niggers are incompatible with first world society. They struggle to learn anything at school and they are entirely led around in life by their frantically twitching loins.

      Add to the above their propensity towards violence and the fact that they commit crime at rates many times above their own headcount (black males are around 2-3% of the population in England and yet responsible for around 65% of all violent crime) and it becomes quite clear that they are a lost cause.

      They also cannot stand their own women. No other race dates outside of their own as much as the blacks do. Their women also wear horse hair on their heads so as to distance themselves from what they naturally are. It is obvious then that black people hate themselves and resent what they are which is why the black males are so attracted to the complete opposite of themselves.

      To conclude. Filling up your country with niggers is like filling up your car with shit instead of petrol as both produce similar results.

      My heart goes out to you Americans. At least our niggers are mostly contained in one place, London, so the rest of us can easily live away from them but you lot have them pretty much everywhere. Plus they are burning you down right now and flinging their shit at you. I feel your pain.

      • You’ve literally written everything I believe in. There’s quite a few towns in the south of England with virtually no nig nogs. Everyone hates them and looks at them like scum if they move in to the community. Pakis, however, are EVERYWHERE!

    • Diversity IS our strength folks, but not in the way people are saying. I’ve come to the conclusion that the more the shit flows into our country, the worse these untermensch are going to behave. It’ll accelerate the coming conflict.

    • Europe is full of this rapefugee shit. London is lost.

    • Hahahahahahahaha so true. Wtf is the point of pulling out your phone to record it if you dont even get all the action, fuck!

    • Multiculturalism doesn’t work, we need a team of assassins to put them out from breeding.

    • This is why you dont grab the last TP

    • Who stabbed who?

    • What a bizarre dance…
      But I’m absolutely fine with Blacks and Arabs killing each other.

    • Man, London is one hell of a shithole.

    • Still think diversity is cool?

    • A progressive negro and a refuge mud what could go wrong?

    • Was it the Paki or the Niggo? Probably both…

    • I don’t understand why people talk like they do on the video, it frustrates me so much! And now white people are talking like it to! Speak proper English you dumb sheep.

    • They are typical Londoners, I just can think they jumped out from an Agatha Christie’s novel….

    • A paki versus a nigger? Who will win?

      • like when dogs get ahold and both do not let loose, gotta separate, there may be a round two.

    • Lord Be With dem, two is fair, tree would of been climbing to far.

    • I guess this is the part where we are supposed to say that “diversity is our strength” or something like that?

    • England is the new africa, another proof that the niggers are a very inferior subhuman race, they never learn

    • security guard??, my ass.

    • Our poor brother @empty-soul is gonna love this one! 🙁

    • Thank God New Africa is out of the European Union. One less shithole to worry about.

    • Niger and muslim. Let them kill each other soon

  • Michael Baden, the same sketchy doctor who performed autopsy on people who died under dubious circumstances, is set to perform autopsy on George Floyd, who as we know now, worked as a bouncer for years along with Derek Chauvin, the cop who allegedly murdered him.

    Among the autopsies Michael Baden performed, oversaw, or was highly involved in are…[Read more]

  • On May 28, 2020, in Belbari Municipality, Morang District, Nepal, a 31 year old man allegedly killed his own 61 year old mother by hitting her over the head with a brick. He then tried committing suicide by […]

    • i wanna know why he killed his own mom with a brick

    • Those 2 stupid fuck-Tards at the beginning of the video are too preoccupied, and are more busy trying to make sure that they get *The Money-Shot*, or the perfect *Video* getting the proper adjustments just right,, instead of tackling to the ground this obviously (Mentally-Challenged Individual) from committing self harm, or from committing suicide. Sad-Man The World We All Live-In Real-Sad 🙁

      • between a men that make the choice to kill himself, and the way to go try helping him with risk to lose your own life…

        i prefer let the guy suicide himself.

        playing hero never pay todays, you get everything against you in return. like seriously, if you go try to help that guy and end up with the guy still dying and cops arrive, you are next to him… maybe with bit of blood on you, you got perfect way to jail.

        dude killed his mom, at this point, its just matter of small shit for him to start killing someone else (other than himself)

        naaah…. they are cops for that, people with weapons and shit. aint gonna risk life for someone who dont want to enjoy it anymore. everybody their own choice, we aint god to decide who live and who die.

        • Although i respectfully agree with you, being that i have an Open-Mind,,, i see what you mean Girl, and B G Sister. 🙂

          • @thedre
            Don’t forget that Hollyeat is a dude, dude.

          • Ha.
            Your not the Only One
            Had to check for myself…

            • @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
              Fuck brother, you have got the be one of the Funnier/Wittier Men that ive’e ever met in my life. Your kids,,, wife,,, and even The Neighbors must get a kick outta you brother.
              Never a dull moment at home i’m sure.

              And now that the kids are all grown-up & gone from home,,, i’m sure that they miss all The Joking around that went-on then while in their teens. I Can just imagine all of the Jokes/Tricks that you must’ve played on them, while they were growing-up.

              And Jack,,, Did any of your kids also end-up being these Witty/Funny Young Men & Women now that they have families of their own, and having learnt-it from their Dad, or,,, “The Best” ever?? 🙂

            • Hi Andre.
              You know I’m sure the adage;
              “Laugh in the face of Adversity”.
              Well I never can stop, seems to be built into me.
              Hum, they were kept entertained yes most certainly haha. As that is something else that is an automatic reaction within Me. Can’t stop, or suppress that wouldn’t ever try to, and have never let anyone else either so.

              Neighbors, don’t have any, don’t need or want people I don’t know around or anywhere near me and my own.
              My bio electrical magnetism and waves are sacred, I’ve filtered out all the negativity, don’t have any one else’s electromagnetic chatter cluttering up my radio frequencies these days so.

              Thankfully their out in the world doing as I myself have done, and they are all semi stable/unstable and insane as I am. All turned out to be as mad as a.
              “Box of Gay Frogs on Pride Day”.
              Which is fine by me as they all know where they are coming from and who their Father is, and that is an achievement by itself which I can be proud of. If I’m responsible for anything they’ve been taught and shown to always be true to Themselves, once I’d opened the door for them.

      • Brother Dre, my favorite for the idiot award was the bullfighter at the end. WTF?

        • @senor-piggy

          You noticed that to..!?!

          There was a slight tear in the Time Space Continuum, we stopped it up with bubble gum for the time being.
          Should hold long enough as we’ve bundled him on a plane returning him to the Arena from whence he came…

        • @SenorPiggy
          You are so right brother, lol, cause after checking it a second time, i noticed what you mean lol. *Idiot-Award Nominee* For Fucking Sure my good man, lol. 😉

      • Your probably right… He couldn’t even kill himself properly and made himself suffer more. He can take pain thats for sure. Their whole village is retarded. Watching this dude slowly kill himself and barely trying to stop it.

        • @coolguyfosho
          Yes pain he can take for sure B G Bro, as you are very right. Some/many Chinese/Asians are actually Christians, and strongly believe in the afterlife, and that if you commit suicide will never reach.

      • shurup you sound like a fukin boomer

    • I’m interested in the girl with the yellow shirt and pony tail tho. She got the perfect hair to hold when your hitting from behind or when she on top and let’s it loose

    • Oh how I love when people just stay there and watch like shit filled rag dolls, not having the enough braincells to exert help to put this mentally ill human in a mental asylum (or whatever). We live in a society where the right angle for a video is more important than collecting your crap and help. Then we all wonder why our world is so morbid and deplorable.
      If they knew he was ill before, they’ve had ample time to consider helping him before the murder happened and scream in horror and shitting themselves, all bamboozled and petrified.

      • I’m Today years old when I seen “bamboozled” used in a sentence. :p ha

        • That’s a good age!

        • Touche mon ami…

        • Still giggling on that one Today…

          • Im here for yalls amusement :p

            • Hi hi.
              Preferred your previous picture, like you were in water..? Looks film noir’ish.
              And classical 20’s mix.
              Been a fun day with everyone, grand craic.
              Neglected me Belly it’s rumbling, so stoned think me bracket needs oiling.
              Any plans for the rest of Today before it gets to old..?

            • @jxk777
              Thanks and yup I was swimming. I change my pic often, always did, always will so you’ll probably see alot of different shee-it!

              However, I appreciate those who never change their avI because it almost becomes who they are when you see them. But I get bored easily. And until I can post on the forums this is the craziest I can get.

            • That’s why I said 20’s, the water.
              Mine will stay, I’ve differently lit and slightly modded others but doubt anyone would notice.

              How long does it take Bella, until the other functions open..?
              Mad that I’ve been around here since nearly the beginning tho only started interacting the last little while.
              Really want to start a Topic as well, lots of material ready and ideas.
              Sincerely hope that the site doesn’t go down if The Fat Controller does move on, or sell it.
              Or that there’s no con involved, you know as in buy it to shut it down, happened many times with good sites before.

            • @jxk777

              I cant tell you how many times I have seen the same posts pop up over the last 7 years about how mark is leaving or taking absence or one of the other fucking mods try to run things instead…its the same shit. Hes always here and everyone gets a big ruffle about the site maybe going away and it doesn’t…..the only thing thats diffefent about this post is the for sale sign.

              Its obvious other page functions might not ever return to normal for lack of up keep maintained. So its probably never going to work. When I first made an account 3 years ago there were no goints, no restrictions, everything was accessible…but shits always happening here. From old content videos being removed, mark arrested, then the huge storm that basically flooded where he was living forcing him onto some other non existent internet island when that happened is when people started donating money and then goints appeared…so who the fuck knows what’s really going on. As long as best gore . com loads then hurray. If one day it doesn’t, well damn guess well use the other sites.

            • Yes that was the biggie, For Sale.
              Having followed the roller coaster around ten of it, all the ups and downs. The attacks, obviously when they incarcerated him with all the circus surrounding it.
              Yes he goes away, for a while to return, with no real hiccups, although the last time was the worse I’d say.
              Has been running very smoothly because of the upgrades since.
              See before half the time when people were posting I’d be in hysterics from the comments, someone would say, well almost take the words out of the mouth, so I stayed silent. Found my previous account but can’t open it, so made this one.
              Recall the events you mention as well.
              Also people who just disappeared like overnight, funny people, contributors etc
              Someone has been putting missing videos back tho, in the background
              Have quite a few from years ago also, always used to download while they were there often before watching so I’d a hard copy in case of them going missing.
              We shall see, eh’ especially the way things are going on in the world as of now…

            • Hallo Bella.
              Good morning afternoon and evening.
              Which ever is applicable.
              Well I start by saying that today for myself I’m rather Discombobulated and perplexed at some of the reactions to both you, me, and one or two others here from yesterday’s interactions, when WE were ONLY having FUN and utilizing the environment as it should be, coupled with the fact that this is it not, how the Site, and it’s functions is supposed to be interacted with and used to exchange knowledge and views, opinions and fact as we expose the truths, generally hidden from us.

              It seems that it is ok for some, tho not for others. Depending on your view, and from what corner your coming from.

              From one New Air Friend to another I’d like to say this:
              Children we can be, yes tho adults we are but, never lose sight of your inner Child.
              One of my particular Motto’s is;
              Dare to be DIFFERENT.

              Never being a person who will take Shit from Anyone, or Anything. For I’ve enough of my own.
              When I have to choose sides sometimes one has to, it’s always been on the good side of, first and foremost TRUTH, Fairness, Righteousness, Honor, Dignity, Pride, and Honestly.
              You Miss Bella, as I’ve seen can stand your ground and fight most admirably as a decent Human Being (FV). So if you should need me, I have your Back covered, You can for sure always count on Me…

            • Use any specific special program to download? Or just use TubeMate?

            • @jxk777

              Well good morning/evening to you too..I appreciate you taking the time to say what you said. You dont need to worry about me though, and I dont need you picking any sides so its all good. This happens every damn time I have an account on here. I dont understand why some people can type comments that are COMPLETELY RETARDED/RACISTS/SEXUAL but oh no for some reason anything I say is attention seeking ‘cool chick’ like wtf that even means. Im just trying to be here like everyone else, so where’s some new gore vids already haha

        • Hi Bella.
          I speak as I find.
          Say what I think.
          Almost always with brain engaged before mouth.
          Regardless of wether I’m Stoned.
          I know you stand on your own two feet, that’s what I appreciate about you and/or anyone else.
          PC ONLY means Personal Computer to me. What else..?

          Cooperation working together is what life is about.
          Just wanted you to know that I’m not a person who would say one thing, meaning something else.
          CANNOT stand bullies for they are Cowards and have to be called OUT..!

          Ever had lollipops that didn’t POP OUT..?

      • You wouldn’t say all that shite if he hit you in the head with a brick. You’d be all for stomping him to death and you’d enjoy it

        • Um, but he was mentally ill, so instead of being an ass I would help hin recover, especially if this was my son.

          • You’re a really sweet guy looking out for him thank you

          • @plague-exe

            The whole village is an asylum, called Retardsville.
            Also he couldn’t be your Son remember he Killed you with a Brick to the HEAD..!

            • No no, if he believes in it hard enough it will come true. The next mental ill person with intent to kill will be immediately calmed to submission by this righteous attitude. *thumbs up*

          • I’m creasing up at all the replies, do you deliberately say stupid things for the reactions?
            Because if you do i want to say thank you for all the hilarious replies to your dumb ass comment. You my friend, are the origin of great comedy.
            Wait! Are you actually being serious?

            • Do you think I give a shit about you all? I am expressing an opinion and I don’t give a two shit flying fuck about your replies. It is your problem that you prefer acting like an ass and assuming shit rather than calmly reply. You all didn’t understand what I meant and I even won’t bother to specify it.

            • Yep, that sounded real calm

          • We ALL knew what you meant, bicycle pump Head..!
            You just can’t handle the humor, did you come here to be serious oh, excuse us please we’d rather take the Piss..!
            Especially with foolish comments from bleeding hearts that take Hissy Fits.

          • whats with all you boomers on here say something funny or fuk off boring out the comment section

    • These fuckers live in huts on dirt…where the fuck they getting iphone money. -_-

      • @Bella Zombe it’s must be Chinese iPhone ,)

      • They pimp out there own children to foreign paedophiles it’s easy money for them .

      • I have some friends in Mongolia I quite often go out and stay with. They live in a crappy half-built house which had a hole-in-the-ground toilet under a plastic sheet in the yard, electricity wired up from a streetlight and wash in a bowl with cold water filled up from a tap half a block away but they always have the latest iPhone or Samsung. I spent about $600 to build them a shit-house with a proper throne and get a well dug with electric pump and elevated tank so they now have running water, flushing toilet etc. Them and their neighbours all think it is amazing but they will still spend all their money on phones as that and which model 4X4 they have is a more visible measure of status and means more to them. It’s just how they think. When the pump breaks or there is a problem with the water it will just stay broken.
        Most of the phones (and 4X4s) are all stolen from elsewhere in the world as network blacklisting does not happen in these countries and vehicle registration documents magically appear for a cash sum to the right person.

        • You sound like a pretty great guy (with big balls). Not everyone can say they’ve helped others like that.

          • I agree ,sounds like a decent fellow.

          • Partly selfish reasons too – I stay there for free rather than in a hotel so it is my way of paying back, plus I want to try and make it more comfortable while I am there. I like going there to do all the stuff that I can’t really do much in the UK any more – tearing round the open countryside on MX bikes, 4×4 buggies etc. Horse-riding, fresh food, cheap beer, great climate. Harsh place in the winter and if you don’t have any cash, but otherwise beautiful. Will probably buy somewhere and do up eventually but getting there this summer looks a bit unlikely at the moment.

        • You know, I didnt even think about the car thing till you said it and now that makes alot of sense. I know lots of people from WV USA and that’s still the mentality of alot, if its broke, you dont need it anymore. You always find a way to survive even if its not the most convenient

        • Well IF I had friends like that, they’d soon be fucking enemies.
          Building a Shithouse for them, they won’t maintain FFS man, if you can throw your money away in that fashion, should NOT have built the toilet, just used it to wipe YOUR Ass on.

          • Your thong gets pulled to one side when you comment on every post you come across i would love to see both your mother and her mother’s piss flap .

        • Thank you for that as I like a good travelogue.

          It is the same reason we can’t keep giving aid to poorer countries or taking their doctors etc .We should stop doing both, forcing doctors and other educated people to stay in their own fucking countries. That FORCES them into fixing their own country up themselves and keeps our countries at decent levels of a living standard. Start with Africa and then successively turn the tap off to Eastern and Southern Europe BUT those countries also are allowed to rebuild manufacturing and more of their money stays in-country ; I’m not here to give boxheaded Euros in Brussels free kicks or pad their pockets with captive markets!

          • Well Said.
            Round of applause.

          • Hi Nems.
            Jeez, hardly any place to find to answer, certainly graffiti ‘d these pages ha.

            Tube mate, if it works for you yes, though that was a mob app however..?
            All the older videos had the dl function. Then one of the hosting hosts shat on Mark, and the site, clearing the library. Thus when it was up and running again from another host and location didn’t and hasn’t since.
            Any URL dl prog should do it these days and there are lots to choose from so.

            • Thanks 777. I would use Realplay years ago and always worked. Now with updates ,deep cookies etc it all turned to The buggers want to always know everything about you.

            • Hi Nems.
              Been trying to remember others but without going into my storage and checking can’t recall those, will have a look over the wire in a while, when I’ve chance.
              Have you noticed I’ve a stalking troll..?
              Been away all day, had to bail a friend (now former) out of jail.
              FUCKING NIGHTMARE of a day so far, now I’m here can chill out for a while…

            • How is that for an interesting life? What did the fuckee do?

            • Oh, Drink is an enemy to him, goes off the Head.
              He’s one or two issues with no tissues to cry in.
              He is a very decent fella honest, wouldn’t do you a bad turn if couldn’t do you a good one but.
              Top fucking Chef like 1500 to 2000, a week take home, have been keeping him off it little over two years, making sure he’s had something to smoke while the circus is going on keep him level. Plus hanging outta me pocket this last while before the Shit started, don’t mind when he’s between jobs, because you know their highly strung Chef’s, in general he doesn’t get the sack, he’s walking out of jobs often.
              Then walking into another no problem.
              Went into a very well known and highly respected hospital in town ripped outta his mind, started his usual performance, they were sorting him out, couldn’t keep his FUCKING mouth shut, young security fella had enough of him bad mouthing everyone, trying still to calm him, went for the security they start fighting, nurses hit the panic button, Garda only a street away straight in got him but calmed the situation, then ensures a repeat performance, they took him. Got the Holy SHYTE kicked outta himself then when in the station. An appearance in court 3 charges no bail, suckers me. I’ve bailed him out for the last time.
              Can’t do anymore for him so.
              Plus I’d to go to the hospital to get the truth of what happened because he was playing it all down
              Telling Me that the security guy started it ALL, which I knew wouldn’t have been the full story. Now he’s looking for sympathy I’ve none left for him.
              That’s the long to short of it.
              For sure he’ll square me what’s owed but, so disappointed me he has…
              Ha, CUNT had the gaul asking soon as outside the court for a few bob, knowing it would have been for drink.
              Told him to FUCK OFF..!

      • @bellazombe2

        Bill Gates…

      • Get a better job, more pay more iPhone (who the fuck wants those anyway). When you can have a Dorro.
        Heard the Kid’s gave them a loan, more likely to be true.
        But if you insist on having one ask Bill.

        Fuck, just had a 503 trying to reply to you.

      • @bellazombe2
        That’s a good point and where do they charge them?

        • Maybe they don’t, maybe they just drop down from planes in tiny boxes with little parachutes and they have to fight to the death to retrieve it…now that’s something I would watch with my privileged USA cunt

    • He should of taken the cowardly way out and hung himself .

    • must say… for 61yo, mother look pretty young :O

    • Attention whore comes to mind while watching this… even the dog looked unimpressed and tired of his bullshit performance haha

    • I mean what the fuck? Used a brick and ended up cutting his own throat? What kind of clusterfuck of an omnishambles is this? Was he on stupid pills that day? Maybe he’ll go to Brazil next and try to decapitate a baby with a broken plate or something.

    • Ugh the way he goes back at it after drawing in the dirt. So much sand in his neck vagina. Sure it doesn’t matter tho haha

    • Last year, the guy across the street, killed his mother, and successfully killed himself. He left the world a winner.

    • This guy missed his calling. Could have been a top spy for any country. Ever got caught….he would never give a name up! Hard core

    • Who the fuck are they calling? that’s a shithole, nobody will come, who cares about that fucker anyways?

    • Usalā’ī rōkna malā’ī maddata garnuhōs!
      Ma sakdina! Ma yasalā’ī kāgajāta gardaichu!

    • Dude killed his mom with a brick because the knife wouldn’t cut shite.

    • wonder if that guy at the very end thought he was at a Bullfight?

    • Waiting on videos of that nigger Floyd getting killed.

    • Maybe his mother forgot to buy a knife sharpener for the 3rd trip to the grocery store in a row?

    • What a loser.
      The Cartel executioners could do a better job than that.
      That Serbian guy though. That was fucking impressive.

    • That dude is half my size, but I would not wanna mess with someone that crazy. There’s no telling what someone like that is capable of.

    • I just love how people start to film him on their smartphones as soon as he cuts his throat, instead of confronting him. Or doing anything.

      Welcome to the 2020’s.

    • It’s sad, it’s fucked up, sometimes there’s no point to life.

    • He did a shit job. He needed to do more cutting befitting of his upcoming Sky Burial ,Right?

    • It clearly was his first time cutting someone‘s throat, because he did a shitty job. Atleast we can laugh about him from the comfort of our own beds now.

    • RIP to the man and his mom

    • Irony is that his Name is JEEVAN..
      Which Means LIFE..

      Mother Would be Dead Proud..

    • @holleeat

      *******NO HERO’s HERE MY GOOD B G SISTER*******
      Hello My Sweet B G Baby Sister,,,
      In my books, it has absolutely nothing to do with being a hero. And i say this because on numerous times i have stopped my car and helped the injured that were both trapped inside their car, and creaming, until the Fire Department, or The Ambulances arrived.

      I Was simply doing (what i wish/hope) others would do for me, my family & my dear friends,
      if they had the unfortunate mishap of having-it happen to the one day, and they were dire need of help. And i mean get like help right now, and before The Paramedics have had enough time to arrive, and then set-up what they would/will need to perform there duties properly, knowing that they could simply be dealing with (one person) with a broken leg, or they could have 12 victims with numerous conditions, & (some having serious and life-threatening) ones

      On another occasion, as we were on our way too visit Cathy’s Family in New-Brunswick , when all of a sudden the minivan that was ahead of us failed to negotiate a long, and steep-curve, on the road ahead, or more-precisely,,, The Trans Canada Highway, he lost controlled, and down a ditch.

      He then flew down that in that roadside ditch & in mere seconds only to then Then Pop Back Up (a split second later) an continue his bouncing/ rolling journey half way up the side of a tall and soft grass hillside before finally coming to rest and full stop upside down. The minivan in question was completely totaled,,, upside down with the widows completely blown-out of them.

      So this fucking Blue (Dodge Caravan) which i still remember, & “probably will never forget” smells like gas, & big-time, as we (a few cars had stopped by then) could clearly smell-it, and well from the bottom of the hill like 50, or more feet up the embankment. So i run up the hill, and towards it, while completely out of breath from the stress & the fact that i did not know how many occupants could/would be still inside and possibly trapped.

      So after i look inside, i then manage to turn-off the engine without having to disconnect the battery, and managed instead to turn the key off, after fucking with the stick in order to get into either in Park, or in Neutral. Then after a quick, but good walk around i notice that nobody was inside.

      So i start looking around for the driver, and then i quickly notice this man. He was jut sitting-up with his dead down, in tall 3 Ft. grass that covered the hill, and remained quiet never even whispering a call for help,,, nothing! As i get up to him i see that one side of his body was completely Covered/Drenched in blood from his shoulder, & right down to his shorts, that then ran right down his leg, and to his completely Blood-Soaked running shoe. 🙁

      So after I Ran up to him i asked him if he was ok, and if there was any other individuals in the vehicle,,,??? which he quickly responded no. So i ask him if i can check to see all of his possible wounds, and he agreed. So i yelled to the 25 or so people who had by then gathered to the side of the highway,,,,
      #1- If one had called An Ambulance, and if not, could someone please get on that,
      #2- then i asked if anyone had a spare T-Shirt that i could get from them, as i only had an expensive short sleeve dress shirt, that would suck as A Tourniquet t’ill The Ambulance crews arrived.???

      So this nice older gentleman in his late 60’s took off his shirt and offered me his sleeveless Muscle-Type Under Shirt, and he put his dress shirt back-on, which i thanked profusely for being so kind for doing. Then Jokingly (as i attended to the victim’s wounds) i joked with the old man and told him,, (I Hope That That) was not your favorite undershirt cause he would never see-it again, lol.

      So i asked the Man/Victim called “Mike” if i could then fix his flap to stem the bleeding until the Paramedics arrived, as it was pissing from 3 to 4 larger veins?? And he quickly agreed. So while checking him out for other possible injuries, i began to treat/clean his large & gaping wound. So while treating him we all broke-out laughing as “Mike” told the Old man to leave him his address, if he wanted-it returned, (His Soon Ta Be Blood Soaked T-Shirt), lol as we all began to laugh.

      But the laughing was only t’ill i asked The Kind Old Fellow to hold Mikes hand, while extending his arm upwards and straight, so i could then semi-clean the large injury by splashing bottled water on it,, (Like This Super Large/Huge Flap) cause he Yelled-Out,, Ahhhh-Fuck,,, That Burns Man, as i calmed him down by saying,,, ok,, ok brother we are done. And All i have left to do now is to completely close your flap, as he attempted to pull the skin on the back of his arm to see this nasty gash. I Quickly glabbed his arm and gently pulled-it off, and then turned his head aways as to not freak him out.

      So i closed his flap With The help of this (So-Kind) Older Gentleman, as he helped hold his arm up, and asking him how many kids he has, and where to they live, and so on. So the old nice dude started Some nice chatting-up with Mike to keep him mind off of it, putting him in a more relaxed state, as i placed the flap exactly where it went, and as i shook my head to the old man, he told Mike To look at him only, and take a deep breath as this was going to hurt but just for a few seconds, as instantly, & right then tightened-it real tight, & fast.

      He let-out another **Fuackkk That Hurts” Man** as i explained that it would hurt for a bit, but it would help-it clot-up and stem the bleeding The Paramedics arrived, but that i had to release-it every 7 minutes or so to let some blood flow through, as to dot kill-off his limb. The good thing is that while i was releasing-it second time,,, They The Paramedics had arrived. We were rain, and completely blood soaked from head to toe as the Old Man & I Walked Mike down the slippery rain-covered slope and to the waiting Ambulance which he just walked in, and did so unaided.

      I Wished him good luck, and told him God-Bless You Mike,,, and you’ll be fine, as he could not respond as he got chocked-up and his lower lip shook (I Guess From Seeing us Both Soaked) and completely full of his blood, which was thanks enough for me as i turned and Hugged The Old Man Who at this time was also was also in tears. And he was,B.T.W. (the only one) that has Helped Me through this whole “about” 15 minute ordeal, without ever complaining in the clod, and windy rain.

      So, Again, *No Hero’s Here* As I’m Sure The Awesome Old Guy Would Agree Just Brothers! 🙂

      • ONLY just now seen this.
        Kudos to you sincerely.
        You are a Mann.
        A BIG hearted Mann.
        It’s a good thing in this world for anyone else Andre, that we know what to do and how, in any given situation to be able to take control of it.
        The Lions ALWAYS know what to do…

        • @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
          Thanks Jack,,, as compliments from yourself are always appreciated, Always! 🙂
          But they are especially appreciated just by knowing that they are heartfelt, and very Sincere.
          So Jack,,, The Kudos should Go Out/And Go Out “Ta You” my Man,, You brother, for being such a good, and decent human being, as it is something rarely seen on here, and out in the real world today.
          God-Bless 🙂

    • What an interesting world we live in I know stuff like this happens every day but damn I guess buddy got a real Slice of Life and his mom got the Home Alone 2 special

  • Doklam is a disputed region near a trijunction border between Bhutan, India and China. Both Bhutan and China claim Doklam as their respective territory, with the dispute still ongoing.

    A few years ago, the […]

    • The China-Buthan Border is cut off by the India-Buthan border. The only way to get past the India-buthan border for the chinese is to cross the undisputed borders through India. Who thought this was gonna be a good idea? This just calls for problems.

    • Looks promising.

    • Are they stopping each other or gay hugging and dry humping each other ? Not clear from footage.

      • It could go either way

      • They obviously all went out there unarmed and with a lot of cameras, to prevent any type of possible “incident” from occurring, so that one side couldn’t claim the other as the aggressor. Wise choice on both sides.

    • In a modern conflict i think both sides going to have millions of generics plastic soldiers destroyed

    • Fuvk the Chinese

    • Should this not be on an Asian gay site??

    • They should go to quarantine after this.

    • Idiots. Shoot a couple rounds up in the air,as that usually works and quells most disagreements, and quite quickly with people scattering about, soldiers or not, lol. 😉

    • China is in an expansionist mode right now, in every way. The entire national psyche is supporting it. They are certainly going to be the next great world power. The not so U.S is rapidly declining, there are too many racial, cultural factions and the 2 political factions are mortal enemies of each other. I’m part of this myself. Give me a rifle and one bullet, put a communist chinese regimer on a wall with a left wing activist and I will kill the left wing activist, no hesitation. Both are enemies, but I actually only hate one of them, and I will kill the one I hate, naturally. Yep. I’m not even close to alone in this family of thinking either. That is a pretty good indication of where the not so U.S is going. China will win the long war with certainty, the not so U.S is beyond any hope, it will still exist but it will lose its super power status and lose the world police status. China will take that up for good or bad, probably all bad. I’m not fan of the CCP, but at the same time I’m still curious to see how the world will be with China in charge. I kind of want to see it. The not so U.S is an ugly place with ugly stupid people, this place is played out, it needs to end. A country of reprobates.

      • Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

      • @philoctetes

        Fair assessment, power balances upon shifting sands. America is finished and at their most dangerous now, more than ever before.
        End of Empire as it crumbles to Fall. Then we suffer the Fallout. Their still going to go for Iran tho, no matter what. The Rogue Terrorist State of Israel won’t rest until so.

        Read a report nearly three months ago, been trying to verify it since but very hard to.
        Tho it has credible content and given the Chinese psyche as you mentioned, think it’s nearer the truth as to what could happen.

        It states that; CCP For the worse case scenario is prepared to lose/sacrifice up to three quarters (and more) of its population, even to the point of less than one billion remaining for a total world grab, this meaning nuclear, (and everything else they have) and that from all major power countries China would still have a majority population over the rest and after the dust settles then it is a Mop Up Job for them. Believing that they would come out on top.

        China and Russia. Currently have a hands of approach with each other, and their countries. Also if drawn outside of their territories they most definitely will protect their interests in Iran and the middle east.

        Add to that Russia has their new hypersonic ballistics, and fuel which is more advanced than any other countries, and their not giving away secrets.
        Personally I do not possess a single religious, or God fearing fiber of my being but, wether a believer or not truly we are in the end of times. The psychopathic Cabal’s don’t believe either, tho their set it seems, to adhere to biblical interpretations and predictions. That’s more to do with the ritualistic nature of the Cabal’s pyramid, thinking and the psychotic few who treat this world and its inhabitants as if its theirs to do as they wish. Because it belongs to them..!?!
        All of this for the fake un chosen one’s eh’.

        I could continue but rather have some feedback so, over to you…

    • Not enough videos of Asians being tortured on here. Very disappointing!

    • Thats the gayest thing ive ever seen

    • Bhutanese Passport.

    • Maybe they’ll Nuke each other !!!

    • This is like basketball without the balls.

    • Both sides are making direct forceful physical contact but are very careful about not being the first to throw a punch. Wonder if thats the only thing stopping this from being a shootout in an area with no cover whatsoever

    • I’m assuming those are propaganda photographers on each side bahahaha that’s why they’re sorta hugging each other away. That’s great.

    • Huh, Fag Dancing on the Border, hey hey hey..!
      Maybe some kind of Ritual involving the Sacred Camera..?
      With some Antisocial Distancing…

    • More theatre for the masses.

    • Those Chinese are there for R&R. Think of it as poking a stick into animal cage in the zoo or banging on the aquarium. I do somehow wish Indian soldier would snap and fuck them up. Sure a dispute, But it would stop these squint eye retard from doig something stupid like this.

    • The fuck kinnda game is this ?!.. lulz .. ugh .. sigh .. smh .. look if they wanted a hugz all they had to do was ask ? X,D ..

    • Well, that looked like the world’s gayest mosh pit.

      Problem is the Indians sent Jawans, if they’d sent Tuskan Raiders that dispute would have been sorted in double time. A thump with a gaffi stick is a great way to settle an argument. Then it’s back to bullseye Womp Rats in their T-16’s back home.

    • I agree mark, even if nothing happens here for another 25 years, this event here is still a major part of history.
      Thanks for posting this.

    • Love India. Love USA. Love Japan. Love Canada. Love Australia. And FUCK China. Fuck those sneaky, 2 inch coronavirus bastards.

    • Hey two of my fav gore countries having a sausage party! Fuck those communist chinks. India should just take the land. Either way they fucking hate eachother and if they could kill each other scot free… They would. Thier both major pussies to.

    • Disputing over a shithole land? not worth any dispute

    • Wars of the future are reserved for gays.

    • As someone whose country is being taken over by subhuman chinks, I’m with Indians on this one. Fuck communist China and the arrogant subhuman chinks!

    • I live in Guizhou Province (the mountainous area of ​​western China) not far from Vietnam and India. Despite decades of Sino-Vietnamese wars, there are still tens of thousands of mines in the border area that have not been eliminated. Innocent people are still often killed by landmines. Unlike the government, we hate war

    • Border dispute or waltz?

    • The silliness of this video actually speaks volumes on the magnitude of the potential of what could ensue. Imagine a punch thrown that could start another world war.

    • As I’ve been seeing things going on throughout the world, russia and china are always mentioned. Communists have been causing much problems for many many years. And I feel it’s just about time until a big war occurs. These communists and their Jewish leaders need to be put down. The atheist communists dont care for any humans life whilst the jews see themselves as the chosen people. So who better for the jews to control in order to create chaos in this world than the soulless communists. Watch out for this big war

    • Looks like someone needs a wall more than our USA.. Now ! and
      get the Chinese to pay for it.

    • If I had to choose between China and India, I’d choose India, they’re less of a threat globally, and they aren’t as annoying tourist wise. Chinese people eat anything for aphrodisiac, do you know why Chinese people eat endangered animals to get their little dicks hard? cause all their women are so ugly they need assistance.

    • Well that was fucking awkward

    • Typical mainstream news bullshit. Talk talk talk about China hiding the virus and all this crap but no mention of a REAL War that could land us all in WWIII tonight!
      Notice how Assad and Syria ,Russiagate and THE WALL was off the news during Covid ? See? News is just a section of what is going on out there that THEy want you to know about . Yet other stuff that doesn’t suit them they will hide.

      • Nemesis replied 1 day ago

        hem … agree… but is that all?some one please give me back my rocket launcher…!

    • Playing rugby without a ball looks a lot like hugby.

    • Soldiers guarding the frontier usually use crowded methods to warn people crossing the line to ensure that their territory is not violated

    • This method usually does not rise to attack

    • 英国犯贱画的麦克马洪线把中国土地故意划给印度贱畜实属下贱至极。不过最恶心最烂的还是颠倒黑白的美国,美国贱畜不得好死迟早要完,杀光每一个美国杂种。美国婊子的嘴就像舔了烂屄子宫肌瘤上的尖锐湿疣被感染了。美国贱畜得了绝症就要早点暴毙不要祸害全世界说不定火化十万美国猪的时候不会那么糊锅。

    • Notice how the Chinese soldiers try to enforce their authority intimidation on these guys and it completely fails lol they’re so used to bullying and beating they’re fellow people on daily basis but fail to realize it doesn’t work outside they’re country.

    • No gore no fun.
      I’m looking forward to get more information about demonstration in America at BG.
      Now, I have to open the most famous fakenews,CNN.
      Disappointed .:(

    • @fuckerpig
      Wow, you “fucked” it up, literally. There is supposed to be a space between the the and the ?. Got it ? Now, go educate yourself, mkay ?

    • @happy
      Here’s another recent one. Appears a chink got captured and beat by pajeets. Little gore.

    • I dont understand why everyone taking this shit lightly?
      They were not regular personnel but of between PLA and Indian ARMY.Which are offcially the largest armies in the world,Having 2million and 1.4million personals respectively.I will post a new video of fight between same which consists of kicks and stone peltings which happend recently and yeah they have beaten each others with iron rods too,morethan 150soldiers are Injured on both the sides,at this time high level mettings between officers are happening and yeah PLA IS IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY. so we can expect something big.

  • I got no backinfo, but it strikes me as Brazil. The video shows a group of four guys clubbing a young man all at once.

    I have no idea what this is all about, but I wonder if it’s a gang initiation, rather […]

  • In Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a man on the phone was shot dead by an apparent assassin in front of what looks like a fruit store. The killer took off on foot.

    As I see it, the victim did the only thing that […]