Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @spice-puffaren, who impaled his palm on a fence, an injury that required 25 stitches to fix it:

    Had an accident a few weeks […]

    • Aww ! those sutures look terrible , more like a barbed wire fence sitting on your palm .
      Ya gonna have to avoid going to a palmist .

    • Hey Mark,
      Nice to see that you are still sticking around a bit, not that the team SeraphimSerenata and his new team are not doing awesome job that is, it,s just nice to see you again bro! Funny how you can miss somebody so quickly.It must be that ugly mug of yours or something, i dunno, lol.

      Just shitting you bro you know that you hot stuff & i saw you work da ladies “Live”, lol so me know!
      It is harder than you thought to stay away after all these years eh bud?? B-G She will always be your baby and damn she has cute small feet. 🙂

    • I got 25 problems and a stitch ain’t 1

    • The mark of the BEAST!

    • I know you’re tore up over this, but don’t palm it off on us.

    • .. This reminds me.. I got a my PALMeranian yesterday, can’t wait to fatten him up and squeeze the everlivin shit outta him… Yaayyy…!

      • Yay you! That’s awesome… don’t squeeze him all at once, take it slowly and break him in easy. 😀 Are you going to name him Danõ?

      • Why??? There’s so many better names.

        Tanpom, pomegranate, pomade, poké pom
        Mike Pompeo, pominator, Pom queen,
        Zip-Lok, skittles, crack pipe, jiggaboo, skid mark
        Poof, splitz, ashtray, corndog, spinkter, dick skin,
        Oil pan, hemorrhage, heeb, sergeant shithead
        And my personal favorite, Winston.

    • … If you soaked it in Palmolive… You wouldn’t have needed stitches…

    • you need to piss on your hands to make your hands strong. i pissed on my feet and got a blowjob at the prom. my feet are as strong as a mother fucker.

      • Too bad you can’t piss on your dick to make it stronger. You might have been able to get fucked at the prom.

        • i couldn’t fit under the table.

          • Crying foul again ?
            What happened bitch ?what’s wrong?? ya can’t fit in here ,can’t fit in there nor under the table ,not anywhere ?
            Is your fucked up ass grown twice the size of your nigger lovers heads, whom ya give blowjobs to ; and been giving since ,your prom days .

            • i don’t know what mother fucking language you’re trying to type in, but it sure as fuck isn’t english. you need to take that cock out of your mouth, calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up until you can make sense, you dumb faggot cunt.

            • Spare the fuck of your little time , ya whore when ya come stumbling here on BG .Ya seem like a dumb fucking cunt with a mindset even a child can outsmart
              Listen up , Faggot .. the language goes beyond the realms of your faggotish vocabulary . Stop getting laid and giving blowjobs . Give your pooper its much needed rest.

    • That southpaw will need to stay north of the equator for a while.

    • Why do niggers have white palms?
      There’s a little good in everyone.

      • why does the captain have a cabin boy?
        because he’s a raging homo.

        • Poor guy is still upset about his dick mutilation picture getting leaked.

          • why did the captain get scurvy?
            because he was always in his cabin eating dick all day.

    • You shouldn’t cut your hand its not good for you.

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @al-read-y25, who injured his foot on an oyster bed:

    I live on the Gulf Coast so I fish and crab a lot. On this day one of my […]

    • He should suck it and spit the blood out. No need for antibiotics.

    • I wouldn’t walk around without shoes in future….it might become a hobbit.

      • No worry, we can put this issue to bed. His old lady is clam-ping down on his nonsense.

    • I go with Mark on this. Worry about the net. Save the net every time.

      I recently got dragged under when retrieving a long Crayfish net of mine which got caught on some old iron out in the current on a fast flowing stretch in Upper Clydesdale. Some genius/ moron decided to keep American Signal Crayfish in their garden pond by the River Clyde (near me) some years ago. The Delicious Lobstery Fuckers crawled out and infected the Upper Clyde, crawled over the side of the hill into the River Tweed and River Nith. Southern Scotland is now infested with them and they pretty much kill entire lochs and river systems.
      Unfortunately their spread is so aggressive that ordinary folks are NOT allowed to net & harvest the fuckers in case they spread them even further (eggs on boots, waders, nets etc). It is their transportation which is illegal here in Scotland. My late brother and I developed a system of harvesting Delicious American Signal Crayfish (legally) in 2015. You catch them by bait-netting them, dropping them in boiling pan on a metal-legged table IN THE SHALLOWS OF THE RIVER where you catch them. Boil them up in river water on a little meths burner perched on the table in the shallows, crack them with pliers and serve hot with some Garden Chives, Fresh Coriander and Bread Rolls with Scottish Butter. Beautiful.

      Save the net. Flesh heals (usually). Nets cost money.

      Flesh heals = heels. Did you see what I did then?

      • Mostly girl friends looks like big fat whale and you need all the net you have my man!

      • Sorry to hear that there is a invasive species wreaking havoc with the local wildlife because someone foolishly introduced them. Sounds like your late brother and yourself developed a nifty way to reduce their numbers one tasty crayfish at a time.

        • A Scottish Natural Heritage Project took over a million of the American Signal Crayfish out of Loch Ken in Galloway. They had totally killed the loch. All Trout and other species gone. The Crayfish were pulped and poured into a deep landfill.

          My brother and I developed a more flavoursome and delicious approach. Though it is much, much slower.

        • What really fucked up the Gulf Coast wildlife was that Deepwater Horizon oil spill courtesy of BP. That was in April of 2010, and the effects are still being felt in the industry as well as recreational fishing Footsie is talking about.

    • Dude I wouldn’t get in that fucking water for nothin…

    • Awww… Why don’t you go have your mother(of pearl) kiss it and make it better…

    • … Oysters SHUCKed up yer foot huh?… Good thing it wasn’t a bed of COCKles you landed on, that would’ve made you a homo..

    • uli replied 1 month ago

      Oister beds are for sleeping not landing.

    • Who’s footing the bill for your lunacy?

      • Footing his guts or the wallets out,seems out of question , as his lunacy deems it not to , since he too landed bleeding ,feeling not too sleepy , where the oyster beds are.

    • At least you could be proud of catching the crabs with your net.

      • Damn it ;but that net has got a hole now , where crabs hardly wanna stay and say hello.

        • what the mother fuck does that mean? you retarded faggot cunt.

          • Whore of whores ,what it means is that a bitch like ya has a brain no bigger than your stale gall bladder, hence there always was, and there always be , severe problems faced by a slit like ya .
            Dumb fuck , tell one of your nigger boyfriend to make ya understand and forget not ,to suck on cocks before ya come to,BG.
            Ya’re wished a cock sucking day ,ya cockfuckerish bitch
            Now go get laid bitch and stop crying hoarse all the time .

            • say hello to a crab, you fucking gaytard.

            • Bitch ,beside saying, ‘Hi and Hello’ to the crab ,do ya want the crab to hump your drab ass ?

    • Wat to go Archy. Now you got the foot herpes.

    • p666y replied 1 month ago

      biggest toe fingers i’ve ever seen !!

    • I just logged on to see how many Mofo’s going to drop a ” you caught the crabs” jokes…. do not disappoint me.

    • Red tide kills.

      • There you are. Wtf is an oyster bed? Does that faggot My Pillow guy make little pillows for them?

        • It’s like a mussel futon.
          That guy is a fucking homo…he only owns one shirt and always has his crucifix hanging out so everyone can see how devoted to God, and pillows, he is.

          • Wait a minute…The My Pillow guy probably hates homos, devoted to God…do we know anyone like that?

    • Not a big fan of Muddy Waters anymore, huh?

      • That reminds me. I clogged your moms toilet. You need to go tend to that.

        • Haha! Toilet wars are on fuck face, check your tank. That’s called a double decker, biotch.

          • Thats sick dude.
            While I’m cleaning that up you might wanna get Safelite Auto Glass on the phone. I was up in a tree watching your wife blow your black neighbor when I pinched a beef bone shit on your windshield.

            • Yeah, I bet you’re up in a trees a lot, ya sick fuckin’ voyeur… no wife here. Wrong house, fucknuts.

      • He’s into Pearl Jam these days.

    • Bann replied 1 month ago

      Reminds of the time I got a paper cut. Luckily for BG I got pictures and will upload them immediately! You’re welcome.

    • You oyster soak your foot in crabs or leeches, maggots if those don’t work. Or skip all that in use cider.

    • I hope you got to suck her Chee chee’s

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @adquiesco, who sliced deeply into the thumb muscle with a tile:

    These are images of my hand when I had ignorantly sliced it […]

    • Don’t ever visit a Palm Reader in future.

      • But with a scar like that , his longevity to the sozzled palm reader will seem extended .

        • Exactly…. who needs fake news? :o)

          • Ha ! fakes are without stakes
            limpish , trudging paths walking , holding crutches that refuse being companions.

    • Damn, you dicked yourself pretty good on that one. Bet you’ll be more careful next time!

    • I ‘d always said and ‘m saying again to avoid running Blades . I hope ya’re gonna tell us, if the tiles you went dumping , came bladed on all sides ?? ? or ya took time to sharpen them all .

      • Ha no thankfully it wasn’t intentionally sharpened, I was just fortunate enough to have my hand on a broken off corner

        • Do take care

          • Cheers mate

            • I Have also been cut by both ceramic, & porcelain tiles while installing floors in bathrooms, and kitchens. And let me tell you brothers, that it cuts badly, and burns like a son of a whore. 🙁
              I hope that you healed-up well brother @adquiesco: and thanks for sharing bro! 🙂

    • Is it wrong to say: fuck the tampon, baby…I don’t give a fuck

      • Well bud , in his case , I think he’s gonna be twice shy;saying that

      • make sure you get that cotton swab out first, sometimes it gets lodged in their cervix and you have to fetch it with a fly fishing lure

        • I did that once.had lure attached to my rod.i gave up looking after fishing is the best

          • haha seraphim. don’t cat fish, not worth the trouble rarely do you get to fill em up and if you do they are fake prego within two days

            • just send em back home to their family eyes glued shut still fingering the nut you left on their chest

    • Avoid getting razored out like that or better still dump the dumpster away; so that ya don’t have to go tossing tiles holding edges and bleed showing vaginal looking gashes

      Last but not the least ……. strictly buy tiles that ain’t ,” vagina crazy”

    • Are you really trying to palm that story off on us.

    • I was gonna jack off, but then I got high.
      I was just gonna throw the tile away, but then I got high.
      Now I’m getting stitches, and I know why.
      Why man?
      Because I got, because I got high, because I got high.

    • lucky your hand vag doesn’t have an anus. bunch of faggots on here would fuck your hand anus full gaytard style and it would never heal.

    • That’s bloody brilliant

    • uli replied 1 month ago

      Cute guy.

    • Bet you have some nice slicked back red hair. What do you use, palmade?

    • This is what my dad’s girlfriend’s clit looks like when she’s on her period

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member who wished to remain anonymous, so I won’t mention his BG handle either. The picture shows self inflicted cuts to penis […]

    • Now go soak it inside her, it’ll make your cuts feel better.. sorry, had to! Wish the utmost best for you! We all cope with life differently…

      • Kind of disappointed with the gore on this one, perhaps a pep talk?

        Ok, thought you would never ask!

        You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope – “Someday, my son will grow to be a man.” Well look at you now; mutilating your penis with a thin razor! I would be shocked! Shocked I tell you if you don’t be a man about it and grow your balls.

        Welcome to the grown up world there is no more sucking on mommy’s tits here, so man up or use a steak knife for our sakes. Behold I give to you Jack Vlad and his knife from some shitty steak house. Enjoy and bonappetit

        • How did your did heal up after that one Captain ? I know you were into all that weird dick hole sh1t but I am curious how long before you didn’t piss ketchup and cum BBQ sauce ?

        • Kids these days. Nobody liking the post I make in Facebook the company own by lizard guy.
          I’m gonna cut lil on mah dick to prove my point! XD

      • @seraphim-serenata
        I’m not sure if it’s safe to get slug juice all up in those cuts though.

      • any STI she has with your dick cut up like that you are going to get. I recommend using a broomstick on that whore and softly pulling one out for yourself later

    • Just Pull yourself together and Grab Hold of yourself. It’s all in your Head.

      • All in the BULL HEAD (northern English slang for penis glans)

      • ngl this post makes me sad to see him hurting himself on his dick even cause of depression, im also depressed and used to do selfharm but i stopped.

    • I did that with a zipper once. I deal with anxiety now too.

    • Oh Svarg

    • Willy and the poor boys is smiling.

    • You know, when you dick around like that you’ll never get a head.

    • You’re gonna end up a loser and not a wiener. Is your ol’ lady hen peckering you?

    • Reminds me of the time I was dating a chick with really sharp teeth. That was a week I’ll never forget.

      • I know that bitch! I called her Snags.

      • I was wondering how you would aim your comment on this posting…….I wasn’t disappointed.
        Thanks for the laugh Brokeback

    • That guy needs some new fricken hobbies. I have depression and anxiety too, but I don’t go around carving my dick into sausage links.

    • Anything to get that ATTENTION, such a craving. The teenagers will even kill themselves (altho mostly they kill others) just for those views. In your case, you can still have the folks fuss over you and say you poor thing, but without such business as here. A less sensitive spot next time perhaps.

    • The problem with violence in this situation is that dickheads tend to have assholes near them and if one isn’t taking the piss the other is spewing shit. You can’t win.

      • You Empty are a true philosopher.

        • He is my favourite ‘person-that-I’ve-never-seen’, definitely.

          • Thanks guys. What the Bestgore “member” in question needs to figure out is that taking external reality and internalising it into self reflection and self loathing is a fools game.

            Society is transient. It is a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other. What is mad today becomes normal tomorrow and what is normal today becomes mad tomorrow etc. Eras change. Thoughts change. Laws change, societies change so on and so forth.

            Taking out the concurrent woes of the world on yourself then is a fools errand. You are basically punishing yourself for maladjustment to the misadjusted.

            Just live life how you want to live it. Grow a thick skin and learn to roll with the punches.

    • Cut it off next time, baby dick!!!!

    • You wouldn’t jus’ slice your dick like that cus’ you’re depressed, you’re doing it for attention (probably both)… welcome to BestGore, you’ll get some… just next time chop the fucker off.

      • This must be done FIRST.

        • Ha! First rule of mutilation… where the fuck is that guy anyways?…maybe…. nah, can’t be. …?… nahhh.

          • Doesn’t apply here but seemed like it needed to be posted

          • well now… how old are you mr carnage. I would say the Book was less entertaining than the film. Choke on the other hand, the book wasb etter than the film. Same Author

            • Was hoping the “L B” would give it away… lyrics from a Limp Bizkit song, “I’ve seen Fight Club, about 28 times.”

              Book?!… What is this sorcery of which you speak?

          • Chuck Palahniuk is the author or Fight Club, Choke, and many other novels. Was the reference sorry I was busy but still replied because I always enjoy your’re commentary.

            • Not one with the LB community, they can do what they want but I don’t get it. I don’t have to in order to let them do them

            • you might like this as well

            • Ahh, no worries… been busy lately, as well. Appreciate that bro, enjoy your comments too. LB community? Didn’t mean lesbian if that’s what you meant, I meant Limp Bizkit (LB).
              Sick! Those guys are fuckin’ nuts… maybe not as nuts as this dude is.. was. My hands n’ feet started to sweat profusely halfway through ‘Cus I knew what was coming at the end. Plus I’m not good with heights.

            • yeah man that shit is hard to watch for sure… is that the guy that was trying to raise money for his family ?

    • Hell my tool takes a worse beating when I DRY BUM people. Ffs

    • To Anonymous DickSlicer,

      I know you have depression and anxiety but why do you do it?
      Is it you want to punish yourself for feeling dirty,evil,bad etc
      Is it you feel nothing/flat and thus want to feel something?

      • If he’s so depressed he decided to slash his dick why don’t he just get it circumcised without anesthesia? I mean, who the fuck slashes their dick when they’re depressed? By the way, are those genital warts? If you look at the pic I think you can see some.

        • Who knows . I hope he answers and tells us why. Yukk. Why would i want to cut off my penis. Penis- removers are usually very very psychologically disturbed and not just anxious or depressed.
          Warts? No ,they are not. They are called pearly penile papules and are a natural variant of the penis glans amongst men. Apparently they also act like a ribbed condom.

          • This guy direly needs psychological help not just for his depression but for something else. He’s just a ticking time bomb and most likely his actions will progress to something more destructive and dangerous not only for himself but to others as well

    • Have you sought the affection of a cute little gal. She could rub it, while telling you not to be so “Hard On” yourself.

    • You may want to use a circular saw next time. You could tell the gals that you have a Diamond Head.

    • Ouch! Pissing/piss residue is going to be stingy.

    • Don’t feel bad about people making fun of your weiner…

      Before I got a Dick Pump, my girlfriend constantly threatened to SubPenis me to court.

    • I’m depressed so I’ll cut my own pecker, fucking shitbag lol,your dick looks like the end of a asda smartprice hotdog……

    • I thought circumcision was bad! This is a new level.

    • Finally a dick Pic I can appreciate.

    • I hope for a quick recovery for both of you.

    • Now you have an even higher chance of getting HIV if you fuck unprotected. Genius.

    • Lol it looks as tho it has a smiling mouth bet its sore tho no more oussy for him

    • I know how you feel dude, I suffer from major depression disorder, refuse to take man made pills, I just try to cope, sometimes I become so numb from depression I cut myself too just to feel something.. Anything, even if it’s pain, been this way since I was 10, I’m 28 now, I’ve been to doctor’s & mental hospitals on & off for the first 5 years after it all started, someone proclaimed the depression started 3 days after my 10th birthday, that was the day I lost my dad to lung cancer, didn’t need a doctor to tell me that, I was locked up in solitary confinement for 2 weeks when I was 12.. Really fucked me up, I can’t stand being alone after that, I literally start to lose my mind if I don’t have any interaction with another human being after a long period of time. Huh, imagine me in a zombie apocalypse lol I’ll be walking around like Michonne with some walker pets just to have something to talk to.

    • We are here for you.

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  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @vollka, who tried to play catch with a falling locker and the locker won:

    Me and a few of my friends do cleaning work over […]

    • The Gruesome Twosome.

    • I showed this pic to my son and told him My fingers get bloody like that several times a month.

      Now he is mad because he knows I’m referring to his mother.

      Happy Mother’s Day

    • @vollka
      Hey girlie , I hope , next time around , ya’re gonna stop letting your reflexes get the better of ya . Play safe and let your friends know it too.
      Ya know the reflexes are more like your naughty boyfriends ,I hope ya’re gonna keep ’em under check.

    • I wonder if it would have been torturous for someone to peel the skin off

      • I think it’s torturous they made him finger fuck a bear trap.

        Maybe “No” DOES mean “No”.

        Wait, wait…

        He was feeding his Finger Fly Trap.

        • friendly reminder, have you chosen the best captions for last picture contest yet?


          • @seraphim-serenata I sent you a video, it hasn’t been published though. I thought it was quite good. It was of a bad hombre being decapitated with a dull hacksaw. Is there an unwritten rule I’m missing, like you can’t post shit from elblogdelnarco?

            Glad you seem to be continuing Mark’s work btw. I’m a long-time lurker, just recently made an account.

            • there’s been plenty of videos from elblogdelnarco. mark forwards me videos. i don’t know what has or hasn’t been sent in until then. i will check the site myself.

              thanks for registering. sometimes it feels like a ghost town and that i’m just the crypt keeper here…. lol

          • I won?

          • Damn… I was smoking so much weed daily that I didn’t even know. Lmao.
            Sorry, bro.

      • Hopefully they gave him a few locals before cleaning it up, I am sure they did. Hopefully no extensive nerve or tendon damage and you just have one hell of a scar which you can come up with all kinds of interesting tales. You don’t have to tell them that you tried to catch a locker domino cascade haah

        aight you wanted the video here it is love.
        i would love if the video get published on best gore
        would really make my day ^^

        • Posted it before your second email and comment right now…. yesterday… 😛

          Any extra information you can divulge, like where? Hope you enjoy the post.

          • ayyy ty love <33 lmao i'm so happy
            sorry for my broken english tho -.-

          • you know i actaully looked it up and asked my dad i can send you better details and shit

          • The victim’s name:- Wesam Yaseen
            Place of the shooting:- Tamra,Israel
            And the guy was killed front of his house
            After He was Shot The victim was transferred to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, suffering critical injuries. The medical staff admitted his death after all attempts to save his life failed.
            I guess if you can change the msg to this would be much better 😛

            because i was too sleepy last night and my head was dizzy plus my shtity english i couldn’t even focus on what i’m typing anyways ty <3 :3

    • That’s pretty nasty.

    • The hurt locker part 2?

    • That had to be a combination of bad luck and stupidity.

    • Bad luck, nose picker and diddling fingers out at the same time.

    • piss on your hands. it makes your hands stronger. i recommend pissing on your hands. everyone should piss on their hands. the doctor should have pissed on your hands or at least told you to piss on your hands.

      • By that you mean piss on your hands?

      • for fucks sake, what a bunch of fucking retards. i said to piss on your hands. you need to piss on your hands to make them strong. or have someone else piss on your hands. for instance, i get my wife to piss on my hands, because i was sick and tired of pissing on my hands.

    • You now have a unique 2 finger salute …Go forth and prosper!

    • No. He said, “piss in your hands.”
      Now the piss is in your hands @ripp

    • Hopefully you are a leftie or ambidextrous

    • Ouch! Hope you’re not left handed guitarist. Or a right handed masturbater.

    • It seems like I have a glove.

    • That’s bloody wonderful

  • Probably the best video to date breaking down the gatekeeping shills for the establishment:

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @costeljinca, who got K-wires put in his hand after he broke it by punching a wall:

    This is my broken hand after punching a […]

  • Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @therealrobbstark, who took a bullet for the pet dog when he was attacked by pet cats:

    A couple months ago I bring my dog in […]

    • When piercing pussy strikes

    • Ban cats.

    • I remembered when my cat suddenly jumped onto bathtub edge and was staring at my penis.
      I was scared to death.

    • One word for Todd ~~~~~> euthanasia!

      • @doc-undy

        Nah, in Asia the word would be dinner, and would you like fri ri or whi ri with pink meat on stick ?

        • The irony of that statement is that I live in Asia, but yes….I find it abhorrent that man’s best friend that we domesticated and many of us cherish, is seen as no more that an ends to satisfy some carnal pleasure. I’m a vegan, and all animals are sentient beings who fear death and also have emotional reactions, just like we animals. At least here in Thailand, the only place they eat dogs is in the far North East provinces such as Issan. They’re not truly Thai people though..mainly immigrants and refugees from Laos. I spent a lot of time in the Philippines and saw that some of them they eat dog there too..bastards.

          • i would shoot a cat and sell it to a gook to eat for $10.

          • i would shoot your faggot ass for $10 and then shoot you in your limp dick for free.

          • I worked with a couple Philippino women who were smoking hot and married to 80 year old ex military men. They said if they keep them happy for 7 years they get their pension when they die, these girls on a mission haha. I guess the pension translated into Phillipino Money is worth a lot according to them ?

            • I live in the Golden Triangle right smack <~~~ (see what I did there?) on the border with Myanmar (Burma) This place is not for wimps. Grenades ARE available and guns and anything else that your wicked heart desires. If Soy Boy wants to pay me a visit I'll give him a very cordial and WARM reception. Light that little maggot up like a Christmas tree. Nuff said lol

              The Pinoys would be rolling in filthy lucre with a US military pension for life after their decrepit sugar daddy kicks the bucket. The FX rate is 52 Piso to the USD

              A very conservative estimate of a USD 2,500/month pension = 1,500,000 peso/annum
              They'll literally be millionaires.

            • That is their plan

      • Nevaaaaa

    • Just be ready for all this chaos to happen again. Zeus has been marked.

    • The other cats must have drawn inspiration from somewhere… I can see Todd now. Standing upon the claw tower, covered in cheap carpet and sprinkled lightly with cat nip

      • we will stand for this pagan Zeus no longer!!! He must fall to our pussy superiority, and the feel the feline ferver forever more

    • Il est méchant ce minou!

    • I played a lot of soccer in my youth, so when this shit happens I kick the fuck out of it. #pussywhipped

    • .. That pussy needs to get fukt… Oh, and the cat too…

    • Is Todd the ginger cat?

    • I’ve got 3 cats, and honest to god they are the best pets you could wish for. Sure they have mad spurts of energy that last about an hour a day, but most of the time they’re curled up beside me on the sofa or in front of the fire, or on the bed. They love company and are so like children it’s unbelievable. In short I LOVE CATS (and dogs too).

    • I can totally relate to that, bro. My cat, Zozo, is a demon, he’s always attacking my dogs Schalkoladen and Brooklyn. Sometimes I have to lock him outside my room so he doesn’t jump me too!

    • I want an update to this story. Everything still okay? What happened next?

      Wait don’t answer, I already know the answer.


    • Cats are like nigger bitches. Totally unpredictable and can be evil as hell. I’d introduce that fucking feline to my CATapult. Watch the problem go sailing away.

    • I’ve had cats all my life so I know them pretty well by now and it sounds like your cats got triggered by smell.

      Cats don’t recognise facial features like humans do. They recognise tone of voice and smell which is why they get weird when either of those things changes. A simple cold that affects your voice can distress them and so can household smells that change or overpower.

      If you have just showered and used deodorant the cats will go by voice to recognise you and if you have lost your voice they go by smell. If both these things change at the same time your cats will freak out.

      Windy weather also turns them feral. It triggers the fight response in them and they start glaring at you and running around violently.

      New household items can also set them off. The last time I bought a new sofa my cats went crazy and started throwing themselves all over it before the novelty died down and away they went.

      Cats are also pack creatures when sharing a living space. They have a leader and an hierarchy(Todd seems to be the boss of your pack) and when the leader acts the rest will follow.

      It seems to me then that some rare combination of the above factors set your cats off that day.

      The hand infection is strange to me though. I have been bitten and scratched many times over the years by my cats and never had an infection from them. Do you use disinfectant hand wipes by chance as that would rub away the protective layers of your skin leaving you open to greater risk of infection. Simple non-perfumed soap and water is the best protector for skin.

      • can you elaborate on the ‘windy weather’ effect on cats please empty ?

        • Sure. Cats are sensory animals and to a far greater extreme than human beings are.

          Human beings can walk through a crowd and sit through a lot of noise etc without having our attention completely dominated by our surroundings. We can tune in and out and dictate what we pay the most or least attention to. Cats can’t really do this though.

          In a safe household they can become adjusted to certain external realities but when outside and away from their safe zone they become highly focused on everything happening around them due to evolutional design and natural instinct related to self preservation.

          In the above wind tends to really batter their senses and sends them into overdrive due to the combination of temperature changes, changes in physical sensation and ear canal trauma.

          Cats tend to get hit by cars a lot more during the windy weather due to them running around and darting and dashing in a frenzied condition. They also get lost a lot more as well during stormy and windy weather and for similar reasons which is why it is best to keep them in when the weather gets like that.

      • i would glue your cats nostrils shut for $10.

      • The bites got infected because his teeth penetrated entirely… not like a love bite where it breaks skin but is more superficial. Actual cat bites are very serious, as they were made to kill. The tooth harbors bacteria and since it’s a tiny point that cuts deep and hard, the wound closes up not allowing bacteria to escape. Or some shit like that idk loook it up

    • Que locura

      • i would shoot you for $10.

        • Tienes que relajarte respirar y darte cuenta que como persona eres horrible toda forma de vida es sagrada y cada acto de maldad que ases es simplemente imperdonables los animales que tanto odias son serés vivo como tú y tú odio es irracional es pero que algun día lo entiendas

    • i would fucking shoot them all. i’m the sensible one around here.

      • I would take a giant shit on everyone here for $10.
        I accept cash, paypal, money orders and most major credit cards. No personal checks.
        If paypal, remember to leave a note “FOR GIANT SHIT” in the order comments section.

    • My own cat who adores me bit me on the foot when I tried to separate her and a new cat fighting each other.

      I was also attacked by a cat in a house I was working on. I think I’d rather fight a fucking dog than a cat. They have extra skin and fur and are flexible and their claws are like needles and they are fucking fast!

      That is one fucked up story but I know with my cats, when one has come home from the vet whether just from a checkup or a stay, the other two hiss and make a big deal of it. They smell things we don’t. I bet your cats were just in a mood and didn’t recognize the dawg after his bath. I like them, but cats are fucking psycho!

      • Cats fight well over their weight, but the neighborhood terrier mutt on the invisible fence doesn’t play by the rules. He jumped at a stray cat that wandered into a confrontation and broke its neck.

      • sounds like your cat thinks you’re a bit of a fuckwit. i will shoot it for $10.

    • I have two cats and they are both awesome. However one of them whenever I have a phone call on speaker he will freak the fuck out. He meows aggressively, attacks the other cat sometimes, and he’ll bight me; not hard mind you, he just latches on to my arms and meow/growls. He doesn’t draw blood and barely even leaves red marks on my skin, but something about me having a conversation on the phone in which he can hear the other persons voice sets him off hard. It’s the weirdest thing ever. Youtube voices, computer conversation, movies, etc… Don’t set him off. It’s just speaker phone conversations.

    • Cats must’ve gotten in to somethin’, don’t think they’re feline alright.

    • My arm is just healing from cat bites and scratches. I groomed the cat perfect lion cut he was good for it then I put him in the tub put water on him he went ape shit all over me. That’s why the groomers that do cats charge 150.00

    • you might want to ask yourself:

      is it possible that you have been propagandized by the pet food corporations to believe that it is normal to have filthy animals inside your house, with their fecal flecks and their dander, their pissing and “accidental” shitting. the fur on your bedsheets, the filth in your kitchen, the hair in your food. And you think this is NORMAL?

      and yet you want to spend money cleaning their shit and feeding them, these human-engineered mutants, bred for mostly ornamental purposes?

      don’t you feel you have been sold a bill of goods?

      • if i kicked the shit out of some dumb cunt and pissed on their curtains, all fucking hell would break loose.

    • Pets are a pest.

    • Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!

      • Wow ! well , that shows your love for cats . Tell me , if you’ve them at home and how many there are ? Don’t be taken aback if I say, I have a total of 30 of them and they all are fun to play and be with . BTW it looks ya are much caught up lately bringing in the content with honkeykong and that’s just stupendously a great feat the two of you come to accomplish each day working so hard ; but somewhere down the line ,sometimes I suggest one must take a little breather too .

    • Fuck that… the cat would be boiling in a pot of stew if it bit me like that.

    • Hell yeah, fuck dogs.

    • Why is this on best gore? Is this serious?
      Hmmm strange

      • It’s a section devoted to BG members so the gore level or lack of it varies.

        • She must be new. She isn’t, but that’s what I’m going with.

        • Oke thanks now I know. I will send a picture of a muskito bite.. maybe that’s even worse than the cat bites Haha. No just kidding but this is a very strange picture on best gore to be honest.. a cat bite.. come on…

          • Wtf is a muskito?… sounds like a Caribbean drink, or a new strain of bud.

          • Cat bites are pretty serious. And just because I submitted it doesn’t mean I had the control to post it. I didn’t expect it to be posted but I’ve seen other posts of bug bits and dog bites … so I just said fuck it and submitted it. But since you seem to think cat bites are not serious definitely let it ride if you ever get bit. Sure that’s the safest approach

    • reminded me of one of those $100 budget movies that came along a decade after the zombie craze was over.

    • On the subject of dogs, yesterday I watched Hachi with some friends and I cried so much. Funny, because I can watch people being dismembered, their lives ruined, but I just laugh at them. When it comes to dogs though …
      And fuck cats! Vicious little cunts.

    • Nice legs. I want to suck on them.

    • Whata story. The pup must have released a pheromone that set the kitties into a crazed trance. Glad they all lived.

    • Now that’s a tough pussy.

    • Mom and I talking about how clean he is and shit.

      To be complete, should read “Er, um, like, I mean, y’know, and stuff (or shit, if desired).

    • those are some awesome and beautiful cats. yeah, cats get weird about things sometimes. not my two though, they’re furry little angels. fuck that dog for getting those poor kitties all worked up. thank goodness no cats were hurt.

    • Cats know when something isn’t right.
      Dogs are stupid, and pretty much the work of the devil.

      There is a reason that they are called yardsharks.

      The cats were trying to eliminate a problem.

      You should have let them have the dog.

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