Vincit Omnia Veritas

  • The ever improving situation in Syria produced a new video in which a bus runs over a group of Jewhadists who were preparing to evacuate themselves as well as some civilians under their siege from Quneitra to […]

    • Blahhh blahh

      • This happened to me once , I was parked minding my own business when a bus ran into me,killing me instantly. You just never know when it’s your time

        • Hahaha.., is that how you got the “pube in your teeth” lol.

    • Buses with their big mirrors sticking out the front always remind me of insects…

      • Looks like a fuckin’ cockroach. Fuckers will rule the world after we’re all dead and gone… I’d shoot that pest with an AK, myself.. Dirty BUGger.

    • i would just like to drop this in and recommend Bitchute as an alternative to the zionist owned Youtube. Youtube has now garnered itself a reputation for a massive censoring campaign so its time to stop uploading content there and use new platforms.
      Voltaire – “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    • My mistake. For a moment, I thought this was a rerun of “Shoot The Bus”, the 1967 Detroit Riot summer comedy. Then I didn’t see any burning buildings.

    • standing in front of a bus on a dirt road fucking a camel is always going to end in tears and you’ll probably need a good delousing.

    • these trigger-happy undercover Rabbis shots anything against their thought, no wonder why Hitler made them famous.

    • They are terrible drivers that ambulance almost double taps that old man.

      • Yes bad drivers because all the good rivers are off driving tanks. One good point. That camera fellow was very good and cool under fire.

    • Well I consider this bus driver a martyr because he killed four Jews. That is a good thing. We need to eliminate all Jews because Jews are filthy lying animals. So he gave up his life and in the process he killed four Jews. We need to give him the Congressional medal of honor.

  • CCTV video from what looks like China shows a pair of kids pull a not-so-Great-wall of bricks on themselves.

    The kids are next to the wall with an older woman who is apparently looking after them. There is […]

  • At the Bairagarh railway station in Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh state, India, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of a train, but the train master already saw the attempt at suicide coming and was […]

    • Yay he’s finally dead by heart attack 🙂

      • Fuck this Vindaloo Nigger .. As if the World needs one more fckn curry .. Nice shorts but … And good view of the other side of the track..

      • He’s still ‘under training’

        • @jbwsin there’s just too many of the fukkers around. and they’re so fukkin greedy’ So i know through a friend. this indian woman, she spent years working, saving up fer her son’s wedding, she put in 10 grand . guess what, the girl cancelled. All that money lost, now i don’t give a fuck in fact it’s funny but imagine when you spend 100’s of thousands on a wedding, which they do. You can see where all the greed comes from. I say just jump the fukkin broomstick or go down the local register office. But these village idiots have to make a big show of everything and all for what?

          • Why was she saving so much for her son?
            That’s weird!! In India the bride pays the dowry! not the groom…
            But yes the male may handle some wedding expenses but hardly upto 10K… except you’re the political or bollywood ‘caste’ / class

            • Yeah.. but in India.. the male has a small penis.. a VERY small penis..kinda makes up for the lack of dowelry, doesn’t it .. I mean let’s face it.. they’re not hung like SeaDonkeys, like African American Nigger Fucks…..

            • I don’t know the finer details gropey, weddings over here cost a fortune, you know that don’t you ? what country are you in ?

          • So now the fkd up flip flop government of Ecuador is going to throw Julian Assange out of the embassy in London .. Cheap flip flop fucks .. All Julian did was show the World the truth of the US government military rapes of the people of other countries!! … so… one must ask oneself…” How can the TRUTH ever be a CRIME??? …. Of course it can’t …. Fuck the Bush govt. .. Fuck Obama and his monkey wife….. Fckn SeaDonkeys……

      • Another HinDu DinDu TrainDu.

        • hahaha fuck that Hindu train master, hope we’ll see another Hindu Traindu soon.

          • @godfellas don’t you think that’s a bit racist ?

            • lol! Hinduism is a religion not a race dumb ass, mother killer
              infidel racist scumbag like you will never understand that,
              you better go and fuck yourself than asking silly question Pommy!!

            • Dark flare is not one of your niggas and you’re laughing at his joke on pakis, he hates you as much as he hates the paki, maybe even more. you africans take the piss out of white people yet want to join in with them when it gains you. go find a nigga to pal up with

        • Train Hindunuffin’.

      • Hey fuck-face croissant..try some nigger foood.. you white euro Cunt..fckn sea-donkey..

      • “the wine will be flat .. and the curry’s gone cold… I’m down in the tube station .. at midnight…..”

      • It was not just a heart attack the train squeezed all the farts out of him

      • RIP Denis Ten .. 2018 an Olympic champion and incredible figure skater was stabbed in the thigh by two black carjackers who were attempting to steal his car mirrors worth 86 dollars.
        After being stabbed, Ten lost about 3 litres of blood and died from the severe blood loss three hours after being admitted.
        The two black suspects — both male, one aged 23 and the other 24 years old — were apprehended the next day – and may face up to life imprisonment.
        A nigger is a nigger .. is a nigger..

        • @jbwsin Fuck that’s fukkin nigga life right there. two useless dregs kill someone who studied, applied himself, was going somewhere with his life the nigs kill him over a fucking wing mirror. Now try and equate it, work out what Denis was worth to society compared to the value of two wogs.
          I don’t know but our society is now more dangerous than it ever was and it’s all down to liberal politics.
          They want us to walk unarmed knowing full well that the baddies are armed.

          • Yep, once again an innocent person, swept up in the violence of the jungle bunny, tar babies..And the leftists want us to just ‘turn a blind eye’ to it.. Bullshit!! ..Eye of my dick maybe… Filthy nig nogs…

            • @jbwsin Yep, turn a blind eye, put down your weapons, don’t shoot to kill especially if they have their backs turned, all designed to weaken us, make us vulnerable when they’re robbing us. Invading our homes. It makes us hesitant, they’re even trying to make cops hesitate when shooting a wog with a gun. We’ll get through this, it’s just lefty politics. Their days are numbered now.

        • Even talking about male figure skating, suggests high levels of soy in the body.

        • @jbwsin
          The fact of 2 niggers living in Kazakhstan sets of my bullshit alarm big time!

          • Well .. yeah.. good fckn point …but… remember … jungle bunnies are now Global, if you take the Sudanese tar babies AND the other Africans into account .. A nig nog at every corner, really….

      • Lol., I guess he’ll have to catch the next one., on the upsid, not a lot of people can say that they jumped in front of a moving train and survived.

    • Is it a surprise that it happend in India. Whenever I see someone cutted half by train I know its India.

      • This video should give you an idea why so many dead Indians by train.

        • Lmao wtf I just watched. In my country u get arrested for that. Not wondering why Indians smell now, taking a shit without wiping. Wont never do anal with indian woman, would get also my dick burned cuz they eat that spicy stuff

        • According to an August 2017 publication from National Geographic, 569 million Indians still practice open defecation. The WHO’s 2017 estimate is 525 million. That’s much better.

          • Ugh!! these people are filthy. I wonder how many of those work in food. Handshaking is now definitely out of the question

          • You can bet your ASS, they’re on it, Cas!.. kinda… ok, maybe don’t bet your BOTTOM dollar…

            • That was extremely disturbing, Carnage. All that pixelation took away from my enjoyment of the video.

            • @carnage-2 I didn’t know about this carnage, thanks, it says the people consider toilets to be unclean and should not be indoors. How the fuck can you educate these fukkin retards? and now i suppose they look to the white man to step in and sort it.
              So if toilets indoors are unclean why do they come to the west and why are there so few pretty indian woman? ugly bitches

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      • Nicholai, ur such a racist. Go n eat a dick u faggot seadonkey…

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            • @Baby Hitler

              You sure you’re not the jew boy here pretending to be gentile, while race-baiting? Because you’re doing a pretty good job of it and in the process doing more damage to the survival of the white race than you are helping. If you’re going to be a racist, at least do it right because the way you’re doing it is a turn off, not only to colored people, but other white people as well. If anything, you’re making more racists out of coloreds and making more whites rebel against the cause you’re ‘pretending’ to be for, which I believe is your intention.

            • @Baby Hitler

              You’re doing exactly what the Jewish race wants… Lol. Don’t hate on black people, because they’re gentile too… and without Jewish manipulation of humanity (all races) we would ALL be better off. Do you really think Africans would be living the way they do now, if it weren’t for the Jews and their manipulation of Christianity (which is a Jewish invention, inspired by human-hating E.T. and plays a major role in the influence of Africa)? No, they wouldn’t… The white race is a dying breed and highly out numbered when compared to humanity over-all… What white people need to do is wake up other colored people to the Jewish threat and do it in a civilized way. Other gentile races aren’t your enemies, only the Jews are… and they are HUMANITY’S enemies. We all need to wake up and UNITE against them, and I’m not talking about inter-racial mixing, but unite in a way that would keep our cultures intact, but at the same time wake people up the Jewish threat. Seriously people. Think with your heads…

          • You are a fucken nig-nog .. now be a good little nig-let .. and Fuck Off!!….. You sperm-weed..

    • Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Better yet! Next train is due any minute now…..Get up you sack of scat and finish it or you’ll never live this pathetic episode down!

    • Boo! This video is “naan violent”.

    • Even if the train master didn’t stop the that thing, it would be fairly likely that the idiot would still be alive in a wheelchair right now.

      • This dead man has no use to humanity. Sleeps, eats and shits. Had it been a scientist or hell even a Pakistani slave working on a high rise in Dubai then we may mourn the loss of a human who did his part to humanity. But this? Just another bag of useless meat that consumes what little it scraps by and reproduces other useless flesh viruses and of no benefit to society. Hell even I deserve death if I don’t get my shit together!

    • I been watching a lot of public defecation videos on YouTube and it’s always by the tracks. Time lapse videos show Indians just walking on tracks in a straight line cuse the side of the tracks have poop everywhere so to them its like a clean sidewalk. Hence we see a lot of dead flip flopper videos from India.

    • This is pure laziness.

      No excuses.

    • Well, you’ll just have to excuse Sandheep in his enthusiasm to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Union Carbide holocaust.

      • Yeah .. the Union Carbide thing discusted me … I honestly prayed alot more curries would be taken out than actually were .. C’mon Union Carbide .. come back to India to play..

    • I’ve seen a lot on this site, but this is horrible, just plain horrible.

    • I click on bestgore to see street shitters chopped in twain and wriggling about in their own innards. I am gravely disappointed.

    • That failure must be about as bad for the ego as getting beat in a rigged election.

    • Well, if you still want to die, go to Brazil. They will gladly cut your head off with a dull machete.

      • That’s right Mr. Hair.
        Maybe he can get a cargo ship to run over his dumb ass on the way to Brazil.

      • I read your comments in Mr. Kotter’s voice.

        Think about it.

        • Mmmmm …. Bubba-Ray …… I like that ….. kinda like Big Bubba (the homo nigger) meets Ray Charles……. Makes you wonder what is your interest in Big Bubba?? …. Is it that you secretly hope that if you go to jail, that big black homo can come down from the top bunk, push you on your stomach, and rape your nigger ass?? Is that the Bubba connection?? .. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone on Bestgore about your gay nig nog fantasy !!! .. Fucken SeaDonkey…

    • He decided to kill himself because his wife said he never does anything right. Fucked that up too

      • He really screwed up, now he’s just pretending to play dead … how embarrassing! You’d think the embarrassment would have killed him by now.

    • Without reading the description I thought the man with indestructible

    • What kind of a place is that to take a Fucking nap ??? The nerve of that little prick.
      Quick,,, someone give him a swift kicking the arsehole, and let him walk that shit off.
      Just don,t kick him too hard, cause you,ll end-up with some Curry Chicken smelling shit encrusted between your toes, and all over your Flip-Flops! 😉

      • HaHa yeah .. Never kick a curry on the ground .. unless you want a squirt of day old curry to come out of his chocolate starfish (curry starfish) and spray you like a de-ticking plant for cows…. Dirty fckn curries…maybe they should go under the Ganges for 10-20 minutes to purify themselves and do the World a fckn favour!!!……

        • The Ganges. There’s a human grease slick that would stop most mosquitos, but their hummingbird-size monsters cut right through – just like a curry muncher in line at convenience store.

          • @Casual Observer
            Lol, fuck man, lol, you guys are on it this morning,ha,ha!:) I Am never going anywhere near or let alone stick my mug in that healing water,,, Fuck That Shit! 😉

          • Never seen a curry in line at the 7-11 .. ‘Cause they all OWN the fckn place!! …. Dirty fckn curries!!!…..Just another type of sand nigger really …. Just with a higher, falsetto voice, like that cunt in the BeeGees…..

        • thedre replied 1 day ago

          Lol, he, he. That is some Sweet & funny Shit right there,, Literally in the form of (Chocolate Starfish). I must say that i have never heard of that expression to describe an arsehole before, lol ffs. And as for the Ganges River,,, fuck that river is gross brother. How the fuck they can they survive bathing, and swimming in that rotten body filled broth is beyond me man. You,d think that many of these Curry-Slurping Dwellers would end-up with some type of Foot, & Mouth flesh eating disease, being that there is Tens of Thousands human Beaks, & Bunions mixed-in with Da-Fucken-Toe-Jam. And that alone would make most antibiotics, or Paul Bunion himself stay the fuck outta that mud hole. 😉

          • Haha .. good one .. even made Baby Adolph smile .. Beaks n Bunions…Toe Fckn Jam..Hehe..

          • Lmao… “Broth”, thats flipping funny.

            • @illegalsmile55

              B.T.W. How did you do with your fishing Yesterday? Did my prayers, and warm wishes help you reach your goal, & the size limit, and quota that you were looking for?? I hope so my beloved B-G Sister

              You know what bud, since i found-out that you love fishing, I have been daydreaming about us going fishing together, and I would love nothing more than to do so with “You” my Veteran B-G Sister “before i die” But only If you would be up to it, that is.

              We could Either do a Lake Ontario Day Trip, or a Weekend at Andy,s “Dre’s” instead of A (Weekend at Bernie’s) lol. Yeah Ok,,, Now That,,, That, Was A Fucking Very Bad Joke, *So Fuck Bernie,,, that Cunt* 😉

              And seeing that we reside so close and a mere 1 hour drive from The U.S. Border, to the Saint-Lawrence Seaway, with a boat launch, & all, it would be quick, & a breeze, to get on, and off the water. But if you would rather stay home, and fish Stateside, we could get a motel near your place and the 4 of us could still go fishing in Lake Ontario for Walleye, Lake Trout, or Salmon, your choice.

              I said The 4 of us because the (Pooch Is Included) and with a Bimini top to block the Sun, or The Rain the Little Pooch would stay cool, and very comfortable with ample food, and cold water while we fish.

              So please give it some thought girl, and take your time “without rushing” as I have up until about next Summer/Fall to go, But A could start talking by either E-Mails or by simply calling us collect in order to plan for It!

              Andre & Cathy 🙂

          • @thedre they weren’t surviving brother, they were dying in their own filth until we fukkin fukked up again and gave them penecillin, cured the toerags of their typhoid etc , we as a white race seem to be hell bent on our own destruction. we just can’t stop giving to the african and the paki who just keep taking. fukkin nuke the lot of them

            • @polluted
              Yeah-Man,,, And Fuckkk man, true enough brother,, true enough!
              I Say We Drain The Ganges River, just to see how many sculls we could find in that Curry Soup. I betya that you would find more skulls that under The Streets of Paris and their catacombs. And even then, we still would not even come close to finding 1% the amount of Skulls that can be found under The Road Of Bones, and The Gulags.
              Cause during the Bolshevik Revolution where at least 50 + Millions Non-Jews were slaughtered By The Hands Of These Bolshevik Jewish scumbags.
              Then,,, Tens of thousands more were killed in The Katyn Forest Massacre, and the blame was pinned on The Germans, by those lying Jew-Piglets. But it was later proven to have been committed by The Hateful/Evil Scumbaging Jews Yet Again! Go Figure.

            • Wow, this proposal is fuckery of the greatest order against nature and religion, so excuse me while I get a super-size tub of popcorn and get ready for the show. All I can say is, Be Prepared.

              Ah… the penicillin-resistant essence of the Ganges flows through the delta to the Bay of Bengal, in the center of which is a mammoth dead zone. When you pull the plug, get on that charter jet damn quick, because you’re about to create the biggest toilet in the world.

            • It’s not against nature and religion. We the human race are by our existence against nature and religion. Didn’t The Lord our God send a flood to wipe us out.
              Jesus looks down and sees these muslims who have heard the word of God so there’s no excuse and he knows it’s right brothers.
              I pray to My lord Jesus Christ and Major Kong wipe out the nigger, the muslim and the paki

    • Poor bastard this is why suicide centres should be legal skinny cunt clearly has thrown in the towel…. or his turban…..

    • What a bummer. Didn’t even leave behind an engine ear either.

    • What a fukn loser!.. He couldn’t even achieve a HALF-ASSED job! .. Am I right..?

    • This could’ve been a HALFtermath video, but alas this Indian train was only 150yrs old, so the brakes slightly work… Oh, well.. We’ll continue to keep TRACK of his progress..

    • The driver of the train is a selfish bastard… now this poor, fecker has to go thru it all again.. that’s after he’s healed enough to do it..

    • The guy looked disappointed to be alive. He had some green thing in his hand. Well, he’ll find another way to kill himself. Plenty of trains in India.

    • That’s some prime first aid delivery. He even rolled him over into the recovery position. 5 star good Samaritan.

    • I’d say all these Indian s are not attempting suicide, they are just very curious individuals who wish to study the marvelous workings of the underneath of locomotives but forget to get the fuck away when these beasts start to move…

    • He should of held up a sign saying to the conductor he fucked his wife! “Full speed ahead.”

    • What is the matter with this guy, why he no moving ??. It’s not like he’s dead or anything….

    • Big Black Cock.

  • Not much in terms of backinfo, but apparently a child care employee filmed themselves abusing toddles in their care by slapping on the face, beating, dropping from heights and choking them.

    I don’t know […]

    • kids that age should be working in the coal mines.

      • I agree, probably a better environment, am sure the dumb cunt parents wouldn’t mind.
        This is what happens when you don’t have enough time to rasie your child.

      • And fed salt water and coal

      • Don’t forget their cigarettes! A working kid deserves a good smoke at break time.

        • a child with a job and a pack of cigarettes is a happy child.

          • @sloth12

            Man that is a bad Mix indeed. Groid and Muslim, throw in Liberal and it becomes full circle hahaha

          • I am an absolute racist. I believe that I am the master race however kids are kids even if they are brown

            • If you’re so hardcore racist, yeah the baby thing is terrible, but I’d give more of a fuck of it was white and Anglo anything. We ARE the superior race. But I have ethnic friends, so I’m not a Nazi.

            • This video makes me want to put my hand in the screen and apply more pressure to the little nigglets neck the sheboon isn’t putting in enough effort. If it was a white kid ad want the sheboon strung up by its monkey lips and used for target practice so your a part time racist, there’s no in between!

        • Well it’s their own fault, they should learn to fight

          • Like I always say, women are more prone to be violent to children in general far greater than any man.

            • those kids made bad choices in life @darkflare. First of all they were born niggers and second they were born mussies. it also follows they’ll grow up to be parasites and rapists. I have no sympathy for the little cunts

            • yeah because raping children and killing them is TOTALLY what women do. Women are the primary kidnappers and molesters and rapists of kids…oh yeah wait a minute…LOL~! NOT!~

            • I never used to be a racist, now i’m worse than this good fellow

            • Well Jackie, for many women, raping and killing children is In fact TOTALLY what they do. I would bet that incidents of women abusing children is widely under reported. People do not want to see women as the little vicious things they are.

          • @sloth12

            Now that I think more on it, Every other mix with White is good! All except for Black. Mix with Black and nothing ever good will come out of it.

            It wasn’t a typo

          • Their shooting guns by 4 and doing suicide bombings at 9…. So their life is fucked either way. Just wipe them out.

      • I’m absolutely sure Hitlery Adolf Clinton would’ve made Sure of it.

      • That Fuckn Hurt More than Most of these vids. How I Wish that Puta Madré gets her comeuppanc.

      • I’m about to stop fucking with this website. U motherfuckers on this site are ridiculous. How do u crack jokes and play with shit like this? Pure Evil. Some shit is not to be played with. What if it was ur kids???? Fuck u insensitive ass racists on here. Suck a dick and die slow

        • BestGore is full of beheadings, dismemberments, disembowelments, burnings, car accidents, stabbings, and shootings, but somehow this is where you draw the line? If you’re a member of this site, you’re a sick fuck just like all of us. Stop trying to make yourself look any better.

          • I don’t think he means the site and the content of the site itself. I think he is saying the members of the site and the crazy shit we say is driving him away from this site.

            To each their own…

            • You are absolutely right with ur interpretation of what I was saying. U are right also when u say to each their own. But u gotta draw the lines somewhere. Seeing kids getting fucked up is one thing, but to laugh and joke about it is something completely different. The world is obviously a fucked up place. Hope this kind of stuff never happens to any kids again.

        • The world is a cruel place. You’re comfy in your 1st world couch aren’t ya. If you would have seen half the shit I saw as a kid in Flipflopistan aka Mexico you’d be in an asylum. I saw a whole families heads on pikes baby included in the plaza after some drug Lord wasted them. I was rather amused tbh.

          • So maybe try and change the world one step at a time. Dictatorship declared in Mexico for three months. Then go after every drug lord and put their heads in the town plaza. And this time don’t let Mexico fuck it up by not paying its top commandos good money. Which is what it did and they all went and became The Zetas!

            Phillipino Duterte for Dictator of Mexico!

          • I feel sorry for u

            • .. Your will NEVER be free from the bonds of gore!… William Deshazo!… MARK my words..!

            • Lol.. Mr. Spincter.

              William, I’m only concerned about just and unjust… and anyone can make fun of ether of them. Why do you assume every adult is better of dead? I draw the line at non humans.

        • I agree. Color has nothing to do with it. Those are innocent babies. No one deserves to be treated like that more less a tiny soul who knows nothing but trust and love. And can’t defend themselves against this evil bitch monster. By the God’s that’s pure evil. All u should be ashamed.

        • Does little Bill need a hug??

        • Fuck up bitch if your so easily butt hurt wtf are you doing on the site. Go hug a nigger, black lives matter lol

        • Ikr this is the most unsettling thing I’ve seen in a while and some people are saying things in the comments that I can’t really rap my head around cause it’s so disturbing to know some people think that way….but at the same time, I watch people get brutally murdered all the time without feeling any remorse or sadness so I can’t really get angery and call them out cause at the end of the day I’m just as sick as they are.

      • Fuck that little coffee coloured … Probably grow up to listen to LA hip hop , sell weed and do car jackings of innocent whiteys .. Fuck that little Tarbaby…

      • @svarg26
        it’s like we’re the same person. totally agree, child labor laws are whack. put em to work, man!

        • Impossible. There’s definitely only one svarg. Two of you? Just cruel.

          • i think svarg is a male, yes? i’m female. so, we’re not actually the same person or anything. i just tend to find myself nodding along in agreement to most of his posts.

      • I agreed wit ur comments Mr svarg26… on the contrary i think ur mum should wrk in coal mines n get poopush by that nigger baby or seadonkey 🙂

    • you disabelt fucking bitch…. i wish so much i can see you die slowlie…

    • She’s talking in french, seems to be “allez on te montre après tu fais ****”

    • In this current “let’s not judge” society…I would like to hear the other side of the story. Besides, some people in mexican families say it’s good for a baby to cry; it’s good for their lungs. They are just trying to be helpful.
      In all seriousness, what kind of bullshit treatment of children is this, straight execution when said person is found.

      • Even better. Here i thought this was a day care center… Either way not surprised. What you cunts will do for money *scoffs*

      • when these abused kids grow up they will seek revenge and most probably murder her, I’ve met one confessed mother fucker here who murdered his own mother. Obsessed with that event he is now suffering from physiological trauma, addict to gore, drugs, male prostitution and probably begs for drugs money.

      • Thanks for the link @ferestha

      • If you find aftermath photos of the shortened bitch, that will make my day complete.

      • thank you for the back info, this shit is cruel beyond words, if there’s anyone who deserves to be stoned, is this woman.

      • Truth be told she is only in the Saud news as she is a foreigner.If she was a Saud mother it would have been hushed up.
        Probable result of all this;public decapitation in the town square. The Sauds love killing foreigners!

    • Apparently, day don’t care.

    • I suddenly feel no remorse for any party involved once I learned they were sand niggers.

      • I’ll not lie, I felt horrible at what happened to those children (regardless of race), but then I thought… Y’know.. One or both of those kids is gonna get brain damaged, which means they’ll grow up to HOPEFULLY torture, rape, dismember then slap the bitch in HER face and get away with the whole damn thing.. Cause their retarded… Awesome..!

      • @zlanLol Me too, i was thinking the same thing

      • Agreed .. The only useful sand nigger is one buried .. 12 feet under the sand.. Cities like London and Sydney you can’t even safely go to now .. too many camel fuckers..

      • Why does their color matter?

      • Sand niggers mean fuccccckkkkkkk all to me. But the babies are innocent. Their whole thinking and religion is a fuckin mess. We need to just get rid of them once and for all. Nuke the fuckers.

    • This makes me sick! Holy shit!

      • I can barely watch it’s so sickening … I hope those babies don’t suffer permanent brain damage, the way she was throwing them on the floor and choking them that’s unlikely.

      • I’ve watched quite a lot of these videos and I just thought how strange it is that almost 100% of the person torturing the kids are female. I’m not saying “of wemen are the worst!” It’s just weird to think about.

    • Usually, woman choke chickens for money.

    • This is the shit I dont understand, beating a child who cant defence himself? Kids are my weak spot tho, when the video includes a young kid, I know I aint gonna enjoy it. Hopefully this kid will revenge in future

      • That’s one most of us here can agree on.

      • Fucked up part is, their mother did it. What a cunt.

        • Yes, thats the shitty reality. Not all mothers hug their kids and kiss and defence them to death. Why this dumb mofo brought this kid into the world if she aint gonna give a shit about the kid. I hope she gets the african lynching

      • Nikke this is what happens when an entire continent is vicimised. Think about it. They force one tribe into a drought area, starve them for a few months then send the details to bob geldof ( look at us, see how we’re starving to death, now send money) It teaches them to do that exact same thing but on a smaller scale. So the mother beats the kids ( Look at your kids, see how they suffer, now send money)

    • Shits messed up.

    • Sorry kid, here’s a wake up call to the real world.

    • If they were my kids and i found out…it’d be the best saw movie you will ever see. I’d make it a series…not just a movie!

    • poor little bastard

    • You know he really hates it!

    • make em real niggas

      • Hey welcome back fuck face!
        How’s life treating you?

        • ive moved into a new bigger flat in the last 2 months . its a lot better, i was living in a big building of 56 studio flats with support staff… cos i have mental disabilities…. but ive moved on from that stage now…. shits a lot better… after 2 months finally got my broadband sorted. so yeah im back…. 🙂

          • ive been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia

            its hilarious.

            ive been sectioned 3 times


            • @mattjack666 Glad to hear you moving on up! Sorry about your mental disability , couldn’t fanthom hearing voices or seeing shit… I operate better with full control over my mental capacity . .. although I could be bi-polar to a degree.

    • It’s arabic. Those people are filthy. Likely the woman is an abused woman and it all just gets passed on going round and round like those toddlers brains. They’re definitely brain damaged if not dead already. ala akba

    • Say what you will, but if Baby Hitler had gone to that bunker he couldn’t swallow the cyanide.

    • Sick whore I hope she dies slow

    • The grandmother of a lady I know would lock all her kids up in the basement because she was afraid she would murder them. She suffered from postpartum trauma and actually loved her kids. This lady’s words “I’ll let you die to go to heaven” don’t suggest that she feels any animosity towards them. A possible mental condition, the humiliation of divorce in a Muslim society, economic hardships as a lone mother, and almost certain repatriation to Somalia: these are factors that may have triggered her erratic behaviour. I suspect that her renegade spouse is a scumbag as well. What the fuck is he doing in Yemen while his kids are in Saudi Arabia?

    • Can’t cope with it. Gives me the absolute horrors in the depths of my soul. That little pool of red blood made me punch something.

      • YES!

      • There’s nothing wrong with this. Why are you so ready to interfere with muslim culture. Are you racists or something? This woman is a very brave and courageous woman, she’s doing this to bring the husband back into line and we shouldn’t judge her. If she didn’t do this those kids would starve.

        • I agree. She is willing to make the decisions that in most scenarios will madden the minds of the ones with conscious. What she did as a embryo pouch is essential to break the cycle of fatherless children. The irresponsible and undependable seeders of spawn. The abuse of children will get under even the most harden shells but will not make the bearer’s black heart skip a beat. She can see the redundancy in the pervasive negligence and as expected curiosity reels its ugly posterior while it rakes in the biggest audiences and is willing to play the villain. She has a voice that hasn’t been muttered by the cowardice and vestiges of procreative half measures.

          So for the people that skipped biology class>>>>>>>

          You insert your penis into a vagina peaking annually then a baby comes out. BOOM!!!!! AUTOMATIC RESPONSIBILITY!!!!! Diapers, nourishment, clothes, estates, inheritance etc. Everything the bundle of life brings to the table. If the stork still delivers baby to infertile couples that are unable to conceive then that may be a viable solution. Reptilians parents are another alternative. Religious sects view them as a gift from god. A testament of his omnipotent powers. I wonder how atheistic nihilist view them.

          Although these kids may not be so lucky.

      • Not your kids!!!

        • @masterplan In our society the mother is given welfare but in others she gets nothing and how can this woman go to work? That man has fucked her and his kids and is probably off fucking some other woman. We forget this is how it used to be in the west. If you had a child out of wedlock it was big trouble. Now fatherless children is encouraged. But who pays the bill? Those kids are fucked up now in so many ways i can’t explain. In reality they are better off dead. It’s harsh but they will grow into nothing.

          • I was trying to say, ‘don’t punch your kids @lady-lexis !!’ Lol.

            I’m sure it is not the best of alternatives @sloth12 but they can easily be placed for adoption at this age. Handing them to a close relative until she gets her life back together is even a better one.

      • No reason to get your panties in a bunch over other people’s kids. Let the government in your country get the gray hairs and stress wrinkles.

    • She speaks familiar Arabic (probably Algerian) : “You will die and go to heaven…

    • Hey so your story is all wrong i have your back ground info your need on thus case . So it’s actually the mother abusing her 6 months old children in Jeddah saudia Arabia she video taped urself slapping choking dropping both twins from heights to smash thier heads . And send video to the biological dad because they had devorcied and she wanted him to send her money. These 4 videos of the little one bleeding and the other one getting slapped in her walker and the one that was bleeding getting choked and dropped . They did get rescued . These 4 videos went viral everywhere just 2 days ago . Maybe 3 at the most . And police in Jeddah were able to track down the mother and save the twins bringing them to a hospital in Jeddah to be alized and as far as I know the twins are doing good the mother will never ever have them again and the twins are at a family members on the dad’s side now and the mom has been arrested

      Saudi: Mother tortured her baby twins for money

    • Saudi Arabia?!… More like… Assaulti Dababia!.. Am I right?

    • Husband comes home, catches her, beats the piss&shit out of her then sez…

      … “It’s knappytime!… Not slappytime!! … Ya stupid bitch..!!!”

    • LMAO, I think the author(s) of this site had their heart broken by chicks.

      get over it, you fucking retard.

      Everyone’s capable of evil. No gender is more capable than the other.

      ROFL, fucking dumb misogynist.

      • Lol, hi @stellamaris! Are you new to the site?! The rampant misogyny is the least of your troubles. Every so often, someone makes a valid point though. Stick around, it’s educational!

      • @stellamaris You’re just a baby yet, lol. Lexis is right. Misogyny is very common. I used to make a lot of noise about it. Lately, I just don’t care anymore. I’m getting complacent or something. I still think it’s annoying but I’m tired. Do stick around. There are a lot interesting discussions. And as for Mark, I don’t think he’s heartbroken so much as his interactions with women in general aren’t great. I don’t think he’s that way because of some personal hurt. I think he truly believes all women are evil or bad. Basically.

        • hasley has been around a long time guys. i don’t know why she posted that when she knows full well what Mark’s views are.

          • @sloth12 I haven’t been on much in the past 6 months so the name doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t remember it from when I was on a lot a couple of years ago. It wasn’t familiar. And it does sound like a new user comment so, my mistake. Sorry @stellamaris

            • @itsplaster i know what you mean. I miss psychotherapist and also nineinchnails. Funny how you notice when some people are missing like you miss their personality.

      • You press that little X on the top right corner of your screen and you will be back to the gynocentric world.

        • @masterplan Hasley pops in now and again and says something then is gone for weeks ,months. You know when a woman is arguing with you and gets the last word in as she’s walking out a door? Well that’s what she does with mark. She kind of hits and runs. It’s quite funny . Notice how she’s left everyone hanging?

      • Hasley, you are right… all genders are capable of violence. It is the women who act like they are innocent little virgins while abusing helpless targets like children though. It is women who like to play the victims in feminist marches while harboring the same level (probably more) of hatred toward the opposite sex. For me, most of my mysoginy is in response to hypocrisy.

    • I see what’s Slappening here and Hits gonna be ok. Those kids are Drop Dead gorgeous.

    • To choke your chicken, not the same thing

    • The look of terror on that babies face while her own fucking mama is hurting her…

    • Instead of Naptime it’s Slaptime. The babies get cranky if they haven’t had a slap 10 minutes before Mealtime

    • Sounded like a Spanish cunt butt a lil French sounding too

    • Beheadings, executions, accidents, whatever; I can deal with them. It’s when a child or an animal is hurt that I feel angry. There’s no point to harming someone or something so young and defenseless. Not only are you making yourself look bad, but the victim isn’t going to obey, submit, or act accordingly towards you; they’ll only fear, or quite possibly grow up to be damaged mentally and/or emotionally. What a fucking dick move from the woman. I hope those children track her sorry ass down in the future and tear the bitch apart.

    • If someone would catch those perpetrators we see so much of on bestgore, place them in a basement, like in the “Hostel” movie, and took money from people who would want to turture and kill them, he would make a shit ton of money and make the world a better place in the process.

      I, for one, would pay a hefty sum to be able to inflict the worst imaginable pain on this cunt, and jerk off in the process.

    • that little fag already has an earring???!

    • I’m going to speak in defence of this woman. She is a somalian muslim. She has already been abused by having her vagina mutilated so she doesn’t enjoy sex. The man gave her two kids and left her probably because he’s a gay like most muslim men especially somalis (notice their female shaped bodies?) .
      She now has no vagina, two kids to look after and no job. So this is where islam leaves these women.
      It’s all in favour of the men and now she’ll likely be punished for torturing the man’s worthless offspring.
      Where are all the liberals speaking out in defence of abused muslim women?

      • I have read all your posts here and you have a fucking evil point of view.
        It fucks me, it fucks me a lot, but I must admit, in truth, you’re right.
        What the fuck is everything in this world.

        • @horquetai Thank you. i don’t know the answer but what i do know is this. Until the victims of islam (muslims) stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes they will never be at peace, never be happy or at least content. They are angry at westerners and pretend to hate us but they love the west. Without the west they would have nowhere to go to relax and enjoy life yet they’re so afraid of sharia law and the consequences of leaving islam that they pretend to love their false prophet. They will never leave us alone because they envy the freedom we have yet at the same time they can only try to destroy that freedom. Without it they are finished and will be in a perpetual state of war. Notice how they’re always at war with each other?

          • @sloth12 You need to show a bit more patience with people; your instinctive hatred of dark-skinned people prevents you from extending any goodwill to them. We Catholics and Protestants fought for centuries before we learnt to live together in peace. Most Muslim countries are still caught between feudalism and modernity and they will need a dozen Chairman Maos to sever all their feudal ties. Who knows, maybe the Arabs will do the Mecca what the Chinese did to their Buddhist and Taoist temples during the cultural revolution. Give them time, dude.

            • @alois haha what’s the matter alois has no one replied to your comment so you jump in here?
              Sure, let’s all give them time to evolve and meanwhile they can behead us in the name of religion, stick your neck on the block, don’t worry about me and if your original comment was so interesting you’d be there replying to people but you’re just triggered because no one ever replies to you. By the way my hatred is not instinctive that’s a lazy use of a cliche for someone who purports to be educated. My hatred comes from years of experience with those people. You have no charisma, know nothing about black people or muslims and your knowledge of western politics is all wrong.

            • The Chinese had a civilisation . The Moslems never did. They are just sand tribes like the Hebrews were. Big difference!

              I hate Mustapha Kemal and Turkey yet Mustapha was a secular leader. He dragged Turks into modernity by the scruff of their neck. Yet he is only one and everything he worked for has been demolished by his successors like Erdogan.

              Islam loves being benighted and feudal. Chinese always loved education and culture. Moslems never did!

              Don’t forget Uncle Sam has killed off all the other modern secular leaders;hussein ,qaddafi and assad?


          • Too true!Most of those Moslem cocks in mid east are descendants of forced converts anyway. Yet they like the moslem lifestyle. It allows them to lord it over their women because they are are pissweak at anything in real life anyway.
            This is what goatfucking and closet homoness gets you!

        • … so says the person commenting on a site aptly named “bestgore”. What did you expect to find here? Cookie recipies?

      • @sloth12 If you scroll up, you will see that I already made the same points as you. And I don’t understand why you, as an apparent European, use the designation ‘liberal’ the way the Americans use it. The liberal parties in several European countries are vocal opponents of immigration for instance.

        • They absolutely are not.

          All the liberal parties in Europe are soft on immigration. Some of them just pretend to be against it at times for political reasons.

          The British Labour Party for example (now very, very liberal), only pretends to want some immigration controls when nearing election time because they know that their core working class voters are against uncontrolled immigration and they have been bleeding voters to the rightwing parties every election for a while now.

          Outside of election time they are pro-uncontrolled immigration.

          The Liberal Democrats however don’t even hide their love of uncontrolled immigration. They scream about it from the rooftops and tell everybody they can.

          The German and French varieties in their respective countries are all the same as well.

          • The Progressive Party in Norwegen and FDP in Germany are certainly not soft on immigration.

            • The FDP in coalition with Markel’s CDU are the ones who opened the floodgates and started the uncontrolled immigration to begin with.

              They have been soft on immigration for years. Only in the last year or two have they changed direction and they only did that because they got decimated in the last elections as a result of bleeding out core voters to the rightwing parties.

          • @empty-soul Exactly. I was wondering if i was missing something about european liberal politicians. It’s only the right who are doing anything to stop immigration. I have no idea where Alois gets his information regarding western politics.

            • The ‘liberals’ are considered part of the political right in Europe. You got your degree in political science from YouTube. Hence your woeful ignorance.

            • Polluted? Conservatives /Lib Democrats in the UK and Merkel in Merkelistan are all Conservatives. I love you dearly but a little truth please.

            • Oops!I meant Conservative and love unfettered invasion!

              Also guys it upsets me that you always think everything has to do with political parties and national govs. When will you mention that your gov is TOLD what to do . Do you both actually believe your gov is sovereign or is it that you don’t want to get your friends offside on this site who all come from a country you have a “Special Relationship”with?
              If we are to talk let’s talk truthfully at least once out in the open.

            • @hopingfornemesis

              The Liberal Democrats are not conservatives. They are a party of liberals and social democrats.

              Its in their name and in their history, the result of a merger between LP and SDP. They are centrists at times but mostly liberal, definitely not conservative.

              Merkel’s lot however, meh………I will give you that. German politics has too many parties to actually label each one of them with any particular brand. Conservative leaning liberals with a love of uncontrolled immigration might be the best way to describe them.

              As for,

              “Also guys it upsets me that you always think everything has to do with political parties and national govs. When will you mention that your gov is TOLD what to do . Do you both actually believe your gov is sovereign or is it that you don’t want to get your friends offside on this site who all come from a country you have a “Special Relationship”with?”

              Unfortunately human beings don’t operate like the above. If you attempt to nullify tribal affiliation by stating that a single shadowy cabal operating behind the scenes controls it all you will get called a tinfoil hat wearer and a conspiracy theorist and dismissed outright regardless of the truth of the situation.

              Also, evening knowing that a single shadowy cabal operating behind the scenes controls it all you cannot do anything to stop it because you become paralysed as a result of having no physical position due to having no actual affiliations hence no actual support.

              It makes far better sense then to organise under a banner of sorts even if you are merely hijacking that banner for your own purposes as this allows you to separate those who are an hindrance from those who are an asset and this gives you the socio-political strength and momentum to push forward towards your own actual goals whilst keeping the opposition in sight and out of rank.

              To conclude. People like myself and Polluted are strangers with our own individual goals that find ourselves united under a single makeshift banner because it allows us, the anti-uncontrolled immigration brigade, to further that agenda whilst keeping the opposition, the pro-uncontrolled immigration brigade, in sight under the banner of “liberal”(whether that be New-Labour or the Lib Dems etc) and out of our own ranks.

              You see, party politics is not what it used to be. The labour party for example is no longer the party of the working class because it is now run by middle and upper class left-wingers and so is its voter base.

              People now treat political parties like they treat car insurance companies in that they go wherever the best offer is at any given time because customer loyalty is not rewarded nowadays.

              In other words, I am only using these affiliations for my own particular ends. I couldn’t give a shit about them outside of that.

            • I am not a tin -foil hat wearer. I am an informed citizen aware of geopolitical power. You left the culprits unnamed. I will name them for you. USA . It tells The UK and Merkelistan what to do and when to do it via NATO and other transnational bodies. No conspiracy theory ,just cold hearted facts.

              As for Liberal Democrats ,names mean nothing. It is voting bloc and outcomes. Lib dems are certainly voting with Conservatives in the main ie pro EU integration,pro invasion,pro-globalisation.

              As for Labour in The UK not being Labour of old? Yes of course. They are controlled opposition and have been so since Bliar’s New Labour.

              Apart from the above points I agree wholeheartedly with you.

            • @empty-soul Well put empty soul. Damn good with words. i’m voting for the “For Britain” lot because i like what she’s saying.
              The days when a man voted labour every time without even knowing what they were about have finished, blair and corbyn have milked it and now it’s coming back on them. I saw some labour activists the other day bleating on about labour not being anti semitic, one of them stopped me tried to hand me a leaflet i told him “no way, you’re all racist and i like jewish people” haha i couldn’t give a fuck about jews really but it’s a great demonstration of how their pandering to all groups has backfired on them, by loving muslims they’ve found themselves at odds with the jews, fukkin beautiful.
              Come on nemesis alois, let’s hear you, fukk’n master debaters , masterbaters more like

            • @hopingfornemesis

              I did not say you were a tinfoil hat wearer, Nemesis. I said that people in general will accuse you of being one should you argue with anything grander than tribal affiliation.

              For example. I strongly believe that 9/11 was an inside job and there is plenty of evidence to support that theory however I also know that people in general will accuse me of being a tinfoil hat wearer should I argue with that because they only see tribal affiliations(in this case Islam vs the West).

              I agree with you. I know full well that geopolitics is the name of the game and that individual sovereignty no longer exists for the most part. My argument though was that one cannot mount a fight back without using sovereignty and tribal affiliations because those are the only tangible assets at hand to the individual working class man.

              I concluded that you don’t have to actually believe in something in order to hijack and use it for your own ends. It’s what politicians have done for centuries after all.

            • “I did not say you were a tinfoil hat wearer, Nemesis. I said that people in general will accuse you of being one should you argue with anything grander than tribal affiliation.”

              No probs @empty-soul. I know it was not personal.

            • So now I am back to being a masturbator? Why ,because i pointed out that political parties don’t have power in their own countries?
              Who says i don’t agree with you on most other points?


            • @hopingfornemesis hahaha a nem i’m creasing up right now, you chose sides with that alois fellow because you thought he is some sort of master debater you were intimidated by him, he’s a child full of childish emotions, he can’t stand that he was ignored whilst just about everyone replied to my comment in defence of the muslim woman, persoanlly if i was there i’d strangle the little fuckers too. well you replied to his comment but only to sat “I agree with you” i thought mor of you nem

            • You are wrong. Read my comments again. Nowhere do i agree with alois as such. I simply stated who is conservative and that they love invasion as well and that you guys never talk about the overarching geopolitics of the situation.
              I have agreed with Alois and disagreed over time just as i have with you and almost everyone here. It does not make us any less friends.
              I am not in thrall of anyone here on BG. As i said a long time ago to Dre. I do my own thinking.

              I thought you liked and respected that.


      • children abusers must die. finished!

      • @ polluted
        Good point, religion, Islam in particular, can often have the effect of changing peoples natural behaviour and instinct, removing our natural empathy towards other human beings. I agree on the Liberal hypocrites too. Where is their outrage on male genital mutilation? BITING their forskin off is OK I guess, because Jews & Muslims cannot be criticised in our free country, because that will get you thrown in Jail. Free Tommy!

    • i swear in my life i would kill that fucking monster that’s able of such of inhumanity actions…….i died of horros with that little poor kids…….puta madre you deserve to be decapitated, they gonna catch you!

      schifoso mostro ti strapperei il cuore a mani nude per poi fartelo mangiare

    • @alois I have just read it. It’s poorly worded and lacks emotion. You have as much charisma as a house brick and i suggest you show some respect for those who reply to your comments and ask you questions rather than be concerned with someone who you think stole your views. You’ve marketed yourself as an intellectual but your childish emotions have shown you for what you are. A jealous dimwit.
      People here know me as a person who has these views and i start many topics and have some very interesting discussions.
      Now, rather than getting all hot under the collar with my comment why not show @asskingforanal a little consideration by replying to his question as he has at least bothered to reply to you which i notice nobody else has.

      • I never implied that you stole my views, but you gave the impression that you were the only dissenting voice here. And I take great pride in writing without emotion. Emotions are your main handicap, dude.

        • Exactly what i said and i quote “It’s poorly worded and lacks emotion.”
          You have a thread which everyone has ignored so you decide to troll me. I’m flattered. It shows my comment has intellectual content which yours lacks. I look forward to seeing you pop up now and again when you feel rejected.

          • In German we say ‘Eigenlob stinkt, Eigenruhm hinkt.’ He is a very wretched man who has to shower himself with praise. I have this strange fantasy about crunching the balls of a proper prole like you with this song in the background:

            • Lol How gay

            • @empty-soul have you seen this? it explains everything. Alois is trying to get us to believe the european left wing are against immigration because he’s a gay faggot german. he’s into nigga bum sex

            • @sloth12

              Bum sex aside. I was under the impression that Alois was American or perhaps a young British person who has consumed a lot of American culture over the years because he comes across as Mid-Atlantic.

              I have been to Germany many times before and have a number of German friends so I usually have a good feel as to whether or not I am talking to an actual German person over the internet.

            • @empty-soul oh i see, well i’m English from London and i’d have thought he’d have known what i mean’t by a liberal. he’s a lefty liberal though for sure. I don’t like his gay fantasies but queers will be queers as long as he keeps it to himself and his gay black friends

            • An actual German person would be Immanuel Kant who said of the Germans that their highest virtue is their cosmopolitan outlook on life. I have never ever identified myself as a German, but German happens to be my mother tongue. There are seven people who have taught me everything I know: 3 Italians, 3 Germans, and 1 Greek guy. There is nothing Anglo-American about my mode of thinking. Having ‘a good feel as to whether or not [you are] talking to an actual German person’ is as meaningless an utterance as having a good feel as to how the weather on Pluto or Venus must be like. Bismarck brought about the unification of Germany by force and carefully left out those Germans who were deemed too German, or regionally too powerful in the sense that could disrupt the balance of power, for his own vision of Deutschtum. Adenauer himself considered his part of Germany to be culturally far closer to France than to East Germany. In other words, there is no such thing as a German ideal type representative of the German character.

            • “Having ‘a good feel as to whether or not [you are] talking to an actual German person’ is as meaningless an utterance as having a good feel as to how the weather on Pluto or Venus must be like“.

              No its not. You can tell a lot about a person based upon how they use words, what words they use and how they put those words across and in what modes of thinking they utilise them.

              An Eastern European for example comes across differently to a Western European person and an American comes across differently to a Scotsman or an Irish person etc.

              I am not doubting your German language skills. I’ve never seen you use them so I can‘t form an opinion on that either way.

              What I can tell though is that you are not German born and raised.

              In the absence of any new facts I am still sticking with American on this one. My first impressions tend to be correct most of the time.

            • @sloth12 ‘well i’m English from London and i’d have thought he’d have known what i mean’t [sic.] by a liberal.’

              A native Englishman who doesn’t master his own mother tongue. Your clumsy syntax and your orthographic errors reveal your lack of formal education. You are a typical prole and it’s sad that your parents couldn’t afford to provide you with higher education. You remind of the smelly working class Germans I frequently bump into; they don’t master their own mother tongue either, i.e. frequently confusing das qua relative pronoun with dass/daß qua conjunction or they are totally clueless as to how to construct and incorporate the adjectival genitive into a sentence so as to enhance the flow of the language and make it as sexy as the German of Immanuel Kant. The great Immanuel Kant whose long and emotionless sentences – I once counted as many as 13 subclauses to one and the same sentence – gave me some of the hardest boners I ever had. Yes, I admit it, reading Kant makes me horny. You might think that these linguistic niceties are paltry matters, but it is the knowledge of nuances such as these that enable us to distinguish those who truly know from subaltern scum like you. Be that as it may, I am in love and having these good vibes disrupted by a pigheaded prole was quite an interesting experience. I think we should conclude this with some serene church music:

            • “You can tell a lot about a person based upon how they use words, what words they use and how they put those words across and in what modes of thinking they utilise them.”

              This is puerile nonsense. Germany is the country of coincidentia oppositorum. Compare the prose of Christian Wolff to that of G.W. Hegel and you would think they were from two completely different galaxies, although they were both Germans.

            • haha alois i’ve never claimed to be educated and everyome here knows my typos and mistakes which i often say i’ll leave in anyway because i’ve nothing to prove, you’re thone who claims to be an intellectual. Hey it’s great yr from london, whereabouts , i’d like to apologise to you for all this, maybe we can sit down and have a chat, i’ll buy you a drink, how about it buddy ? what’s yr local boozer? @alois

            • @alois

              “This is puerile nonsense“.

              A bit of self reflection might be called for here.

              You made a number of comments wherein you picked apart Polluted based upon his use of words, what words he used and how he put those words across and then you arrived at a conclusion about him in sum of that information.

              If it is puerile nonsense you are guilty of the exact same thing.

              It would also be best if you did not compare prose like-for-like between people living in different centuries. It is not a balanced comparison to make and would be akin to comparing the prose between Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare.

              Even small gaps in time produce different speech patterns. Pre-World War 2 letter writing and word usage is different to post-World War 2 letter writing and word usage.

              I will also add that philosophers in particular have always gone out of their way to make themselves sound different and unique to that of their rivals. Pride and stubbornness often works its way into personal projection.

          • @sloth12 I welcome debate, because I believe dialectical strife to be good for us all. But debate is no straightforward affair. A public dispute between Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek is highly instructive in this regard. Chomsky as an American is beholden to the British common sense tradition, whereas Zizek as a Slovenian considers German philosophy to be fundamental to his output. Chomsky publicly criticised Zizek and said that his writings were utter nonsense. The only problem is that Chomsky has a chronic aversion to German philosophy; he even takes great pride in pointing out that he never really read Marx because he finds him boring. Clues as to why Chomsky dislikes all things German can be found in his childhood: as a Jew he grew up in a neighbourhood primarily of German immigrants who subjected the Chomsky family to antisemitic taunts virtually on a daily basis. That Chomsky doesn’t like the Germans is not an issue as far as I am concerned, but what I do find objectionable is that he deems himself qualified to criticise the output of Zizek without ever having engaged with the philosophical tradition which serves as its theoretical foundation. What unfolded was a rather embarrassing spat between two public figures: Chomsky would call Zizek’s writings rubbish and Zizek would taunt him back by pointing out he got the body count in Cambodia all wrong. Here it must be emphasised that Zizek was as shameless in his conduct as Chomsky was: the inclusion of erroneous quantitative data does in no way undermine one’s argument as whole. It was an exercise in talking past one another and it was a wretched spectacle. My point is that if two public intellectuals can be so childish in their dealings with one another, we should expect no better here on bestgore.

            Thanks for your invitation, but I don’t think I will be visiting England in a while.

            • yes i can see it must be hard for an intellect such as yourself to post a comment only to discover that everyone has jumped on my comment which is similar. I can only suggest that persoanlity has a lot do to with these things. i leave typos and mistakes for you to count as i know it is an enjoyable passtime

            • That particular hypothesis of yours is plain wrong. I do not crave replies to my comments and I couldn’t care less if you get more replies than I do. I even deleted a dozen of my so-called friends here on bestgore, because I have no idea who they are – some have even changed their user names. Surely it would make sense to befriend everyone on bestgore if it really were my aim to get as many people as possible to read my comments. You are very, very wrong, and I suspect that you have been drinking alcohol.

              Oh, by the way, pastime is with one s only. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, gotcha again motherfucker. Persoanality may have been on purpose.

            • My degree isn’t good enough to wipe my ass with, but I most certainly got a boner reading your ‘composition’ Thanks @alois 🙂 … yet, I must insist you don’t pick on his spelling . House rules!

            • I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, you on the other hand go on drink and drug binges as you’ve mentioned before so who’s the junkie ? Who’s the one so uncomfortable with himself he has to frazzle his brain for a week at a time because he can’t connect with people ?
              You’re full of self pity and it shows in your comments. Of course you were triggered by people not replying to you otherwise you wouldn’t have gone on about it so much.
              People like myself who aren’t educated are not stupid, we just didn’t go to uni. I can see right through you from that very first comment which showed how butt hurt you were to the latest criticising grammatical and spelling mistakes which were thrown in to deflect from my comments revealing your emotional immaturity. I don’t need drugs, i face life’s problems and tackle them. I don’t need to get high to cope. Spelling and grammar don’t teach you that. You’re weak.

    • Not hard enough!!

    • Dumb cunt!

      Thats how socialist are created and we certainly don’t need more in this world.

    • So what, not going to fuck up my day, they stink anyway so fuck this gay shit.

    • bitch! i wanted to see the life leave her body.

    • … I have a confession. I winced once or twice and even felt bad at the end watching that baby being choked… then I read all of your comments and it brought the smile back to my face. Thank you for community for bringing me joy.

    • i admit to really disliking kids, but come on, i would never hit them.
      sheesh. i mean, honestly, why would you *want* to get a kid crying? that has to be the most rage inducing sound in the world. i’d be doing everything in my power to avoid that, not cause it.
      and, joking aside, you can really fuck a kid up hitting them in the head. that’s not cool. this entire video is just, just sad. 🙁

    • I thought I didn’t have a limit on BG. I now have a limit. This is messed up. It’s funny when a grown person dies for some stupid reason, now that’s funny. Babies? not funny.

    • Little bastards got what was coming to them. That’ll show them.

    • That was cute.

    • Apparently she’s Somalian…so…of course this would happen.

      Very entertaining video.

    • Only women are capable of such cruelty? Fucking bullshit. That form of cruelty is common in men. Just look at the wars they start, genocide is still the man’s ideas, abusing women and children are all on men. Quit blaming women for the same shit men do at a much higher rate.

    • What if that was your kid in the video?

    • That’s some fucked up shit. I’d like to kill the abuser with a rifle using the butt stock only.

    • So is this the start of their training? to harden them up to become terrorists etc?

    • .. This… Fukn worthless, stinkin, POS, excuse for a mother should be charged with attempted Gerber!… Fuk!.. I mean.. Murder!

    • Super fucked up, dropping tiny kids on their heads and filming it. That bitch should be crucified and a live feed of her suffering put up for all to see, vile cunt.

    • Whoever did this ought to be punished by someone of comparable strength. The person committing the violence against the kids is probably 100x stronger than the kids, so bring in a bodybuilder to slap the person around the same way they slapped, dropped and choked the kids.

    • Just nigger parenting 101

    • Is this for fuckin real? What in the world of fuck? Why? Yeah, kids are annoying as a motherfucker, which is precisely why I have none of my own, but to fucking terrorize them like that? Wow, I don’t even have any clever puns to say. There’s a special place in the afterlife for a being like this.

    • “Hush little baby don’t you cry”……… “I’m a gonna beat chock and drop ya, till ya die”

    • What a fucking bitch if i as the parent i will sue her

    • Please give me 1 minute with his his person that’s all I need!.

    • I swear this fucking bitch will go to hell!… I love this site but shiit like this makes me fucking sick !! I dont understand how the parents do not fucking notice their kids been abused ?!

    • There’s just sum videos you wished you never would have watched and this is one of them.. If I ever get ahold of a child abuser or killer y’all best believe you’re gonna see the most fucked up torture ever witnessed! This site is the closest thing to the deep web you can get and trust me you don’t wanna go there haha

  • In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a presumed thief was prospecting homes to steal from, when he slipped and fell on a rebar fence, impaling his chin.

    In the video, the helpless thief cries as he signals the […]

  • Guy’s been hitting the nail square on the head.

  • This was allegedly filmed in the good ole state of Texas, although the participants in the video sound Spanish, perhaps Mexican. I don’t know what they’re saying.

    The video shows a beat down of a man who […]

    • My pimp hand is stronger than that shit.

      • My jack off hand (guess which one) is stronger than that too

      • Its not right beating a defenseless guy like that. Why don’t you wake him up and fight like a man. this is a low coward sucker punch.

        • Weak as shit pussy gangstas beating a defenceless man. Even if he is a child rapist it was too much. Pussies!

          I am not a doctor but i reckon the punch or kick got him in the solar plexus,just below the rib cage. It puts the body into total shock. I learned that from reading James Bond novels by Ian Fleming! Haha


          • The guys next to the victim get up very calmly and give them room.
            It looks like they all know each other, or at least they’re used to this type of situation.
            One person messed up and this is payday , not fight day. They filmed this for a reason. The assailant needs to boost his terror profile

          • @hopingfornemesis
            My thoughts exactly my good brother. This was sad, and quite brutal to say the least! Poor guy had no chance whatsoever! Fucking Cowardly Cocksucker! 🙁

          • Even if he was a child rapist? What the fuck is wrong with you.. dirty paedophile

            I’d continue for another 20 minutes then cut his dick off and ram it down his retarded throat

            • Well i am not a paedophile and do not like them yet i stand on what i said. The beating was too much. To continue makes you worse than the child rapist.

            • Come over to my van it has plenty of candy and is sound proof 😉

            • @bnhnh

              Da-Fuck is wrong with You Asshole. You Off Your Fuckin Meds Again?
              So Fuck-Off, And Stop Trolling Our Respected Contributing Members.
              Try Contributing/Donating to This Site, Before Attacking Any Members That Do.
              Just cause somebody has a different viewpoint than yourself, it doesn’t give you the right to call any Member a pedophile. Fucking Big-Mouthed Newbies, eh brother @hopingfornemesis they should put their Big-Boy Panties-On, and put their money where their mouth is and donate to this site, instead of needlessly attacking the ones who do.

            • @bnhnh

              Too true dre. It is always easy to call people names when you have nothing really to contribute. I can call people names too and i do but only after i have tried to discuss things logically first.
              This person does not know me nor my views here but calls me a paedophile!
              Anyway,it is all water off a duck’s back. Tough guys like that never did scare me.

          • Yeah, that dude is demonstrating decorticate and decerebrate posturing. If he lived, brian damage and likely seizure disorder.
            Total pussy move to attack someone like that… unless they are a pedo, rapist, or murderer. Fuck those assholes.

            • On the bright side though, with all that seizure induced body posturing, he’ll be a hit on the dance floor at the local Y. Even if it is ‘just getting up for a glass of water’.

        • Agreed, some people are cowardly opportunistic.

          • feel sorry for him, don’t know what he’s supposed to have done but these wankers aren’t judge and jury. Looks like a vision of hell.

            • @polluted
              I Agree with you guys above. Sad cowardly way to sucker punch a sleeping man. If you look closely, In the middle of the beating you can see the goof remove a shank from the victims head area that he had stashed for Cowards just like the one who attacked him. He probably would have got shanked if he tried that he his sleeping opponent was awake. It,s too bad. 🙁

            • Crikey, imagine not even being able to sleep without getting jumped. Yes i see he removed the shank now. Well he’s know for someone who attacks people while they’re asleep so i reckon it won’t be long before he gets his

        • We all know he would’ve beaten his ass anyways. Look at this guy. Yes I know size isn’t everything but look at this guy.

          • Size does matter… Ask any white female or any woman on the planet who ever lived

          • @justanormalgu yes but size didn’t seem to matter to the bigger fellow or he wouldn’t have waited till he was asleep. He must have needed that advantage. I wonder how it all started, what was the reason? and who let him in? or was he already in the house, many questions here

        • doesn’t matter. the main thing is always, someone gets his punishment at any cost. i would do the same with a gypsy. i hope i will get this chance one day to trash a sleeping gypsy or muslim refugee like that.

        • @johncandy

          Agreed brother, as nobody should suffer such a fate when helpless, & sleeping.

          The violent blows caused his lateral cortex (the top of the brain stem itself) to suffer major trauma causing instant Grand marl seizures ( a short circuit in the brain stem) to occur. That along with the quick build-up of blood inside his brain must be immediately drained with the quick insertion of a shunt, placed at the bottom back of the head in order to drain he blood releasing the pressure on the brain stem. His blood pressure must also be lowered, by putting him into an induced coma, in order to give the brain a chance to heal, and for the swelling in his cerebral cortex ( the part of the brain just above the stem itself) to go down. Unfortunately for him, help will not arrive in time. And even if it did he will most likely end up being a vegetable if he does miraculously survive. The only thing going for him is his age, cause if he was an old broken dude like me, lol, no way would he pull through.
          Truly sad.

          • Thanks for your insight!

          • Ventriculostomy goes on the top of the head… otherwise right. There are newer novel approaches where the guy would get a radical craniotomy and wait for the swelling to subside. Manitol helps too.

            • Thanks for this @xavier
              That is too cool. Isn’t it. I find it simply amazing how quickly things change with medical procedures. Do you have some type of medical background, like a nurse, or a Doctor ???

              When i saw the procedure, and then read about it in the New England Journal Of Medicine, i was totally floored at how drilling a hole in Dad,s head, and inserting a tube inside it could quickly drain the blood, and release pressure. So after seeing my Father Have this emergency shunt put in about 20 years ago i became obsessed. He had suffered a brain Aneurysm, and to add insult to injury, he went down hard smacking his Mellon against a hard tile floor. And The Doctor was super kind to explain the whole procedure to myself step by step.

              Also, a dear friend of mine had epilepsy, and after witnessing him have a few Grand marl seizures, it reminded me of this guy,s screams, and his total loss of muscle control as his arms jammed right up. When my buddy had one,,, fuck brother, it took all of my strength, every ounce of it, in order to keep his hands away from ripping the skin right off whatever body part that he would make contact with. his face, cause if not, he would scratch the shit out of himself. 🙁

              So after he was semi conscious, i would give him dylantin, Phenobarbital, and a 1 mg.
              Tablet of Ativan, depending how twitchy he was. Sometimes he only needed half of one, and off to sleep he went. It,s incredible what you will do for a good friend, or even a complete stranger, when in need, and you never thinking twice about it. But the calm, and inner piece that you oftentimes feel afterwards, seeing your buddy ok, and gently breathing, for myself is truly rewarding, and truly is second to none. 🙂

              Poor guy was always so embarrassed the next day, because oftentimes after he would one i would have to undress him, and give him a bath because he would have bowel movements quite frequently.

              Once after cleaning him all up, and putting on clean underwear then tucking him in to bed, i started hearing some wet farts, and the smell was quite obvious that he had yet another bowel movement. But this time it was the runs big-time, and his whole bed was,,, O.M.G. i can still smell it as we speak,,, His bed was completely covered thru the sheet, and deep into the mattress itself. 🙁

              I was done cleaning it all up, and flipping the mattress by 4 Am. Poor Guy Man,,, God Bless Him.

        • Americans should kill all Mexicans and illegals on the street! Fucking mexicans are ruining whole America for no good reason! Fuck Mexico
          Fuck mexicans
          Fuck Brazilians

          • I fucking hate spics, they’re like cockroaches. Uninvited pest. Yuck!

            • I am an illegal Mexican that has, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair,white skin little to no accent and speak fluent Spanish/English . Shit I’ll walk right past you motherfuckers and you ignorant fucks would think Im one of you. Makes me chuckle really.

      • These gangs are always cowards. its always sucker punch, or jumping people with like 4 on 1.. Never own up and fight like a man. 1 on 1 fair fight. . Bunch of sissy cowards.

      • So sad , fucking evil bastard animals

      • That fucking evil nigger animal will die a horrible death , I’ve just sent a curse his video will be on here soon fucking evil dog

      • This is exactly why Trump doesn’t want these Savages in America. Hispanic filthy Savages!

        • the majority of mexicans fucking despise and are ashamed of people like them. Open your eyes, youre looking at the scumbags of one race only. You yourself has to deal with inbred hill billies.The scumbags of your kind who deal with drugtrafficking scumbags from my kind. Get it? All race/nationalities have their very own pieces of shit

      • Fuck this taco eater too .. Cock the size of a chili pepper…After what they did to his beaner ass, he probably had his 1st clear thought in decades .. fuck this wetback nigger…

      • man, that guy is retarded
        or something.
        look at his hands. they are small and misshappen.
        this guy beating on him is a Class A faggot.
        imagine, you can’t even go one-on-one with a guy with little muppet hands?

      • That was a gay move. Fagget burriro muncher!

    • I thought it was pretty brutal. Haven’t seen someone get smacked around like that since Tina and ike Turner

    • Good video! If he was snitch, he deserved it, snitches get stiches. He was crying like a lil nerd whose computer just got virus, why these pussys never stand up for their fucking life. If he rly was innocent then dam… Shitty way to go… Doubt that tho

    • Now that’s “Bitch” slapped.

    • I can barely unserstand what they say sounds like spanglish maybe the bitch-slapper and the cameraman are “pochos” so that’s why they cant properly speak either spanish or english this is the best translation I can do after watching the video several times.

      – Ay! so good *bitchslaps*
      – *says something in “pocho-nesse”*
      – *inaudible* this is for beign a Fucking prick
      – This Fucker Pulled an “L” on him.

    • Any medical professionals wanna explain to us what the actual fuck is happening to this poor basterd? My theory is the first stomach blow caused body wide cramping and the sudden awakening made him go into sleep paralysis shock similar to when someone throws a bucket of ice water over you when you’re sleeping but 100x worse resulting in this retardation.

      • Or maybe he was already retarded 🙂

      • Some boxers experience that in ring too. They start shaking and pass out in ring. Because even 1 hard punch in right place can be fatal.

        • You mean like a Mike Tyson punch to your nuts?.. that would be funny, not fatal .. you fckn queer….

          • No he only will bite your ear off, since ur nasty little baby nazi, I bet u would get turned on by big black man biting ur ear and slapping u. Ur secret fetish

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            • Oh .. been going to Beastporn sites for inspiration have we?? Typical, of Nordic cunts ..Get a sense of humour or fuck off!!… Go listen to Abba or Roxette or Bjork or some Nordic shite .. Racist fucken pig!!

      • The guy went from decorticate posturing to decerebrate posturing which is much worse sign of brain damage… Looks like the guy was trying to discover a new type of posturing since he kept beating him up, but I’m not sure there is one. Coma, death?? I’m no doctor. Leaned that in here.

      • He was already seriously brain damaged before the wake up slap. Looks like cerebral hypoxia, basically oxygen starvation to the brain. What used to be called ‘spastic’. Takes a special kind of scumbag to beat fuck out of a person like that. Often people with this type of brain injury retain cognitive function- capable of pointing out a criminal for instance.

      • I would love to have seen him in the ER. I’m extremely curious, exactly the type of injuries he received.

      • Judging by the looks of it, the punches came in so hard and unwarranted, that it actually managed to damage the nerve pathway between the brain and the spinal cord. Considering how the neck flexes whenever he hits left and right (and the uppercuts lol). Notice how his decorticate posture (the one with both arms flexed) changed to a decebrate posture (arms extended) – tells you that he simply got fucked real good. Muscle rigidity is expected whenever an individual goes through these two hence, the victim’s board-like state (being able to hold unto those body/abdominal shots).

        Verdict: high chance of ending up dead due to severe brain damage.

        Hope that sorta helps.

      • He was asleep when he got knocked unconscious by the first two punches, and his arms/body tensed up in whats medically referred to as the ‘Fencing Response.’ The body shots he took while still unconscious, likely knocked the wind out of him at a minimum. When he started to gain consciousness, his head was still rattled from the brain trauma, and wasnt able to gain his breath while being in such a state of confusion.

        I know this shit because I was there

      • Brain damage.

        Look under types. You’ll see exactly what is happening to this guy.

    • This is why set and SETTING are both so crucial when dabbling with mind altering chemicals…

    • Its not right beating a defenseless guy like that. Why don’t you wake him up and fight like a man. this is a low coward sucker punch.

    • this was just sad. poor dude. 🙁
      unless he was a child molester or something, then, it is well deserved.

    • Well that was embarrassing. You know when you get winded and you just lie there making an involuntary wookie noise? Happened to me falling off my horse I was mortified 😀

      • fuck that sounds dangerous. Lucky you didn’t break anything. I do feel sorry for this fellow though. Firstly because he’s not a mussie or an african and secondly because that cunt took him completely by surprise. I’d like to see that gangsta fellow shot dead one day and soon

    • @xavior99 You wasn’t beaten. You’re naturally born this way and gay.

    • Didnt seem that bad counting the shots really…

    • faggots sleeping on the same bed is gang related faggotry. i would have jumped on their fucking heads for that shit.

    • Man that shit was hilarious, one punch brain damage. and what kind of filth lives like that

    • Thug life. They sound like Chicanos. This is in the states for sure. Chicano = a Mexican who doesnt speak enough Spanish to actually be considered Mexican by other Mexicans.

    • I pay asian girls to beat me harder than that.

    • Mexican foreplay. The rest of the video is of Lucky Sanchez rimming the sleepy one. Then a Mariachi Band strolls in and they all suck each other’s cocks, do bumming and squirt fresh Gay-Mayonnaise on each other’s Tacos and Chimichangas.

    • Holy fuck… Anyway you can tell the guy spoke engliah at first saying his name and hes 5 6 in height from west texas or whatever… What the hell was that a audition?

    • Huh…kinda looks like this guy was abusing teenagers, he got caught in the act by either a cop or a relative, and got the snot beaten out of him and filmed for posterity.

      I don’t know how gang related this is, feels more like kid abuse, for the level they’re fucking him up without just plain ol killing him.

    • 9k replied 2 days ago

      too sad that the beating turned into a slapping

    • I’m somewhat of a medical professional and if I had to diagnose this fukr, I’d say he’s suffering from… Sleep SLAPnea… Which can be facial.. Err.. Fatal..!

    • Assault and Nappery..?

    • poor bastard…

    • Maybe it was cartel related. He just wanted to catch a few Z’s.

    • I’d say he’s more… Beat’arded! .. If anything..

    • this is what trump should do to putin if he isnt putins little bitch

    • This video’s gonna be a summer sleeper hit! … I cartel.. I mean.. Can tell..

    • That look on his face in the caption photo, it’s like he’s sayin…

      …. “WasSLAP, BRO…??”

    • Can anyone enlighten me as to which one of the gentlemen is the Slapknappy one?.. It’s hard to discern..

    • Man, use gloves, could catch an STD doing that shit.

    • Welcome to the new America

    • Who ever did this for whatever reason we like to see him hanging.

    • Fucking Mexicans man. I wish they all beat each other to death like this. This was a great watch. Sadly not all the Mexicans in the video died but 1 is good enough for me, I guess. Kinda wanted to see more. Oh well! Mexicans and Brazilian parasites are always killing each other on this site.

    • Imagine that, Mexicans in Texas. Greasy dick suckers! Selling drugs and stealing every goddamn thing in sight, while the senioritos machine gun baby beaners out the guacamole gash 24/7.
      These assholes drive up I-35 from TX to MN with taco munchers flying out the back of their truck like a squadron of jalapeño paratroopers. Wherever they land is where they take root to spawn and spread faster than a greasy burrito fart in an elevator.
      Oh yeah, turn up that fuckin’ mariachi music a little louder. I can barely hear the tuba 19 blocks away you filthy cactus humpers. I think the ice cream truck is coming but it’s only Manuel in his gay Tahoe with his Virgin Mary air freshener and dingleberry headliner. Jesus Christ!!!

    • haha fucking awesome

    • Very nice, loved it! Good video!!


      That cry is so sweet, I will set it as Whatsapp notification 😀

    • Ich liebe diese Seite, aber einen wehrlosen, schlafenden Typen (fast??) totzuprügeln??
      Er tut mir so leid weil er keine Chance hatte sich zu wehren

    • Just horrible. He was defenseless and yes I agree, I think some brain damage was done. I noticed his hand and arm as well. I hope he’s still alive, but after the guy started to stomp on his stomach I don’t know…that could have led to some bad internal bleeding. Those women did nothing to help him.

    • Been in a notorious italian mafia when i was young for 9 years. it is not a joke to get in nor out, however. if you’ve got a beef, you take it out and fight like a man , small or big don’t matter. no knifes no pistols , fist to fist , that’s how we fixed our own domestic issues we had codes and rules in domestic problems .. They aint a gang but bunch of lowlife wannabe gangs ( we used to call )
      We had our own “Constitution of RACON ” which i still keep
      Chapter 6 section 12
      Never to touch a women or kids
      Chapter 6 section 17
      Never hit a man from behind nor in asleep.
      it’s just coward!!
      as far as i remember it was a bit more complicated words within our own slangs but to my eyes,!! they are bunch of fat ass fake wannabe gangs don’t even fallow a simple Rules of RACON .

      We use bitchslap like these suckers from sunrise to sunset. . pfff..

      • I guess he couldn’t handle his ex girlfriend being with some other dude!!

      • With the decerebrate posturing at the end of the vid, I wasn’t giving this guy a good prognosis. Normally, victims who display such posturing die due to heart failure before help arrives. This is one tough fucker.

        OTH, I hope that baby-faced, sucker-punching cunt gets raped to hell in prison.

    • I’m sure we’ll see some type of retaliation for this soon enough on good ol’ Best Gore!!

    • That wss hell.

    • Dont ever talk shit about the Lakers puto

    • Fuck every one of those pussy losers, including the beaten and his bed partners.

      First of all, no ‘tough man’ starts beating any other man while the other man is asleep. If I knew who was involved, lived near that area, I would regulate. Fucking losers. Nobody would even know who I am, they’d just get ninja’d.

    • That is a Mexican way of getting The Fuck Up, He may have work in the morning and want him to get ready for work, Lucky for him this results in a group beating to get his ass out of bed and get ready for work.

    • I think he’s mentally impaired before the beat down.

    • especially since this guy is handicapped.
      his right hand looks deformed.
      he’s probably mentally handicapped as well.

    • My dear festivevomit, u fucking tranny cunt. WTF would u kno… U fucking shemale balls licker fucker.

    • You guys think he’ll be slapwalking after this ordeal…?

    • I feel kinda bad for him, i think after the first few blows i’d have left him alone, i hope he did something to warrant that brutal ass whooping

    • Where is my sandwich???

    • He hit him with 95% rights. I guess that’s his masturbating hand. What’s up with the other two in the bed? Why didn’t they get beat downs too?

    • That will show how much of a man you are…beat the shit out of an impaired person. Hopefully that open handed slapping hurt the hell out of your hands.

    • I think all Gang members on this planet should be culled.
      People who belong to gangs are fucking retarded. No money, no prospects, no career because they were too stupid to attend school, which is free.

    • @Brenda.
      I totally agree. If you’re going to film this shit, at least keep it fair.
      I have no respect for the beater, he’s a proper cunt.

    • So this is the story behind the assault. Turns out when he says “Me Quito a la ‘ele'” It meant that guy took his girl, aka ‘ele.’

      Here’s a link to the story.

    • What is He holding?

    • To everyone whining about that was a cheap shot needs to shut the fuck up n go back to YouTube if you’re gonna be such fuckin cry babies. You don’t know what this fucker did to deserve this. Besides if you wanna sell drugs, do drugs or be in any part of “the game” this is a possibility n you gotta accept that shit when you do dumb shit. I’ve had my ass whooped bad, sucker punched n all. But I used to be an addict that would rob your ass at gun point quick so I deserved that beating 150%. N this is a fucking gore site. Don’t wanna see brutal shit you can always go over to Disneydotcom where I’m sure they’ll have some pussy friendly content for you to watch. God fucking damnit rant over

    • The perks of joining a small street gang seems great.

  • In Brazil, members of what looks like Comando Velrmelho (The Red Command), based on the “V” sign used by the killers, beheaded and dismembered two presumed rivals.

    The nighttime butchery shows the […]

  • Somewhere in Mexico, members of CJNG (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación) decapitated a young man. The video shows a group of armed, masked men stand around the victim who is on the ground in a wooded area with […]

  • On the corner of Abraham Lincoln Avenue with John F. Kennedy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a man was executed by a cop with a shotgun blast in the head for defending a victim of police […]

    • killed by Ángel but hes screaming Diablo

    • +10 points for head shot

    • That guy was heading for the showers…

    • Bit of a headstrong response…

    • “One more step and BLAM!”

    • Thats what happens when they open their lunchbox and realise someone took their milk and bite from their donut. Will put their stick in ur donuthole… OH nevermind… Was not the USA police this time. They are still the same everywhere.

    • idk why this website keeps trying to make us feel sorry for the dumb niggers that get killed/hurt by cops good riddance i say

      • Because a human being does not deserve suffering just for being different from you.
        By the way, YOU are part of the biggest problem plaguing humanity, not this poor nigga.

        • No humans were injured in the making of this film.

        • Hey man, stop being a sympathetic politically correct leftist cunt .. every city in the World that lets in jungle bunnies ends up regretting it, because they are no more than monkeys .. they have a brain the size of a golf ball, and a penis as big as a catfish, because they havent even started to evolve yet.. Keep your leftist filth to your self .. Racist Pig!!

          • You are correct. A majority of them are just as you say. But not all of them.

            You see a nigger and you automatically assume he’s a worthless piece of trash, even if you don’t have a fucking idea of this man’s personal, political, or moral values.

            When I see a nigga waving his gun, that’s enough to assume his worthiness is close to zero.
            When I see a nigga who haven’t done a fuck yet, or even trying to protect someone from obviously unjust brutality, I don’t have a right to judge him yet, neither do you.

            Fuck political correctness, and fuck sympathy. I only care about truth.

            • Okay, very good statement. And very’re not so bad after all.. but please, try not to be another carbon copy leftist, politically correct crawler cunt .. but back to what you said: yes, as both Elvis and Stevie Ray Vaughan said, and it’s the truth: if you wanna kick someone when they’re down, you better have walked a mile in his shoes.
              Most people whether white or black, who turn out to be a worthless piece of shit, were raised by parents who where the same, or raised by no-one at all, because dad was gone, and mom was a druggie or alcoholic. So the little cunt never really had a chance, that’s true.
              But .. if a fat, boring, dumb bitch like Oprah can raise herself up out of the gutter, than so can these pieces of human filth you keep defending.
              Have you watched ‘Cops’?
              These filthy niggers are arrested and given thousands of chances, but they just don’t fckn change.
              A nigger is a nigger is a nigger…..
              I think that was in the Bible.
              Fucken tar-baby niglets!!!!

      • That’s not the point. It’s not WHO the cops are shooting at will; it’s that they can. And you may feel protected because you’re not a “nigger” but they shoot white people just as much. Granted, it doesn’t make the news but it does happen and it could be you one day. Letting the police play judge, jury and executioner when many only have a high school education is like allowing a judge or attorney practice straight out of senior year. That doesn’t happen. People deserve a day in court before better educated individuals than the trigger-happy police.

        • Ohh! You said the N word. I’m telling. Miiss! Miiiss!

          • Let’s be honest. The poor fucker was selling stuff without passing some up. Tax, strong arm, protection, whatever you want to call it, we all have to pay someone for the privilege of earning a living. And they tell us they’re not the mafia

          • ha ha ha…..ha

            • I feel so ashamed, embarrassed, i made the black fella (godfella) laugh, That means my humour appeals to the darkies, the low IQ immature type of humour that sheboons and, niglets and wogs find funny. I mean really silly stuff like “Yo Momma” humour. Shit i’ll have to step up my game.

            • @sloth12

              No hard feelings Pommie, guide yourself with this lead ”How to attract a woman who is not interested” ha ha ha ha ……..

        • Okay, this is the way it works, at least in the USA .. nigger has a smart mouth .. white Freemason cop shoots nigger dead (should get medal, but often doesnt) .. white cop charged and sent to trial ..Freemason trial judge rules no case against, or the jury let’s him off, due to expert witnesses who lie on the stand … Thats it, in a nutshell. And yes, most cops are uneducated swine, who cant event shoot straight, because they are too lazy to pay for a shooting range. But.. keep in mind, these brainless cops are dealing on a day to day basis with unevolved, brutish Tar Babies, who do nothing but sell drugs, fuck, and take drugs .. while their little Tar Baby kids are left unfed and unattended down the hall. So.. fuck jungle bunnies..fuck tar babies!!

          • @jbwsin I agree. We’re all in agreement.

            Sorry guys, i’m in a godfather mood today for some reason.
            Gobfella’s feeling all left out. he really wants the white man to like him and it hurts him like hell when reality hits home.

        • *nods in agreement*

      • The way I see humans and race is the way I see animals in general in that some animals have characteristics that makes them lovable and this makes me feel for them whilst some animals are aggressive, dangerous beasts that cannot ever be domesticated because they are wild and feral.

        The nigger belongs to the latter.

        Children cried in droves when Bambi’s mother got shot. Would they have cried like that had Koko the gorilla met such an end?, probably not.

        • @empty-soul yes i agree. We are really animals but some have developed characteristics that make us more lovable. The basic nigger is so emotionally immature that all it can do is react violently whether verbally or physically. This makes people hate them more and it is just a vicious cycle going round and round, they hate us for disliking them and react emotionally, we reject them, they hate us for disliking them and react emotionally. They fail to see that their behaviour is in fact child like and anyone with a degree of intelligence is put off by that behaviour. Apart from young immature girls who mistake the immaturity for confidence and strength which it is not. It is childish. By the time the young girl matures it’s usually too late. That’s why the nignog only goes after little young girls.

          • @sloth12

            Full grown niggers are basically children in adult bodies.

            They don’t like being told what to do, it causes them to throw a fit of anger.

            They’re life long procrastinators. They have no sense of shame. They have no understanding of self responsibility and they blame everybody around them for their own shitty behaviour etc.

            They are quick to anger, even quicker to go violent. It really is like watching an infant in a grown man’s body.

            Whenever I come across the above behaviour in white people it is usually because they have a serious mental retardation type condition which requires round the clock care and a live in carer, which is usually their elderly parents. They also get banned from going out alone in case they end up hurting themselves or others and are discouraged from handling sharp objects etc for similar reasons.

            However. Whenever I come across the above in black people I get told to accept it as perfectly normal behaviour and called a racist for even daring to question it.

            • @empty-soul Yes i know, it’s like when a black person talks loud and aggressive it’s a “cultural” thing. It’s “just the way we talk” a full blown nigger is an attention seeking baby, it’s all about him, they fuck as many women as possible but it’s all about low self esteem and the stupid girl women think it’s all about them. A nigger is a boy in a man’s body but just so there’s no mistake even other wogs hate wogs. For example i was talking to a black fellow and he said he doesn’t trust his “brothers” around his woman because he knows how a brother is. he knows full well that as soon as he turns his back on a black friend he’ll be either fucking his woman or burgling his house.

          • Totally agree … these leftist cunts hate us for hating the nig nogs, and say they get left out of society and disenfranchised, but what they don’t realise it that they behave like an animal lower that a fckn rat .. All a black cunt does is .. sell drugs..fuck..take drugs! And then their kids grow up to be pieces of shit like OJ .. What don’t the lefties get???.. Like that Andrew256 cunt…Fuck him, and the horse he rode in on…

            • @jbwsin I defend your right to be racist. As racist as the blacks, the pakis, the arabs etc etc. White people need to stop being afraid of being racialist. the actual term is racialist but the left changed it to something worse, a very subtle change. See how sneaky they are then over time everyone forgets the word “racialist”

        • @empty-soul White people went crazy over Harambe the gorilla. White people always lose their shit over animal deaths – me too.

          • @itsplaster you mean white city people. But it’s white people that go big game trophy hunting and that’s about as psycho as it gets

            • See what has happened, I don’t know if you all realize, but Freemason cunt Rupert Murdoch controls the so called ‘news’ you see on TV and all the shite you see or read.
              Just like George Orwell predicted, he his doing mind control by forcing this leftist shite so far down peoples necks, on a 24/7 basis, that they have become sheeple, not able to have an original thought.
              We are taught how to act by our pissweak morning news hosts, most of who have never worked out in the real world. They think life is easy, and that everyone gets paid 1/2 million to get dressed up, drink coffee, and talk about nothing all day..
              So.. we’ve become so dumb by allowing these dick turtles to teach us and our kids how to be male eunichs, that when we see a black cunt punch a white cunt in the face for no reason, the first thought that pops into our pea brain is ‘what would the cunt on the morning TV news show do?’ .. and next thing .. we yell out ‘Ya racist’ to the white guy, the one who was innocent, the one who was bashed!! Sound familiar? How stupid is that? It’s the truth, though..
              This Rupert Murdoch cunt does not want parents to raise their kids with their wholesome values, he has re-arranged the whole World so that HE can raise your kids to be as impotent as the morning TV news guys he pays.
              Also .. he is trying to scare us that nuclear war is only weeks away, because his fellow Freemasons Trump and N. Korea Kim are going to start war. So we are all supposed to be scared shitless, and many sheeple are, so his Freemason government can pass even more legislation spying on the people, to give Rupert more control.
              Next thing you know he publishes that the 2 are now best friends and want a Nobel Peace Prize each, so our fear has been taken away by these 3 kings: Murdoch, Trump, N. Korean Kim. But the president & press keep telling us we live in a democracy, right?
              What a bunch of fake shit.. We have NEVER been in a democracy..
              Think of this, in 1970s most Americans believed in rule of law.. So if found guilty of major crime, you do the major time, right?
              Wrong! Freemason Richard Nixon was found totally guilty, but did not one day prison, because new President, Freemason Ford, totally absolved him of any wrong doing, on the basis that he DID do it, but the President should be let off, and not subject to the rule of law that the sheeple are. Sound familiar??
              And .. we’ve become so pissweak, that I have stopped watching TV and listening to radio all together. . I want to hear no more of Rupert Murdochs mind numbing shit!!!

            • @sloth12 I’m not city. I grew up in a town of 3,000 people. And I hate big game hunting. I’m still pissed at that dentist for shooting Cecil the lion. I went vegan because I hate factory farming. Nothing to do with city. My husband was born and raised in NYC and he never even had pets. Now he cares about animals but he didn’t.

            • @jbwsin I haven’t watched tv in over 2 years. I had the cable turned off because I only watched one show. But my father is a Mason so I may be tainted. Ha. I assure you that small town Masons don’t have a clue about the meaning of Freemasonry. It’s just a social club to them.

            • @itsplaster No i wasn’t saying you are a city person or one that likes killing animals. I was just saying it’s mostly city people that like animals. teddy bears and pets. I’m going to tell you something and i hope no one else reads this bit i still have my Teddy bear and it’s very, very old. I just can’t bear to throw it out. excuse the pun. I also don’t eat pork for the simple and childish reason that i like pigs, they’re so cute and cuddly. Yep, i’m no Charles Bronson am i.

        • Good point, Empty, excellent. You are right, humans act just like animals, to varying degrees. With niggers and spics at the bottom of the pile..Always have, always will.

      • Us Hispanic nigs are nothing like American filthy nigs. We may be poor but we are civil nigs with better ideals. Granted we do wear flip flops a lot.

        • Some of the south american black countries have the pakis to deal with. They’re not haters of pinkey. Pakis will act like they’re your friend until they get with other pakis then they’ll just drop you. The black south americans hate pakis because of that reason.

        • The good Hispanic folk will prevail over the corrupt Euro-whites and fucked up Afro-shites, and get our continent moving in the general direction of what-the-fuck it was intended to be.

    • He was the accomplice to the guy selling oranges in the crate on his shoulders when the video first begins… Just trynna make a dollar…

    • That corner was doomed.

    • Just think how much better the world would have been, if he would have shot them all.

      • The world would certainly be a much better place if he shot all indiscriminate racist fuckers out there, with a high probability you being one of them.

        • I got an idea. Put all those feelings on a piece of paper, buy an envelope and a stamp. Send those feelings to someone who gives a fuck. You’re on Best Gore, next time, click on the puppy.

          • Well, I jerk off to the sight of the nigger’s brain being blown out not because I think all niggers should die. Many of them should, that’s for sure.

            But indiscriminately killing someone just because of their race, when you don’t have a slightest idea of this person’s values and ideals, is just ignorant. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            • You are wrong. I have no problem with black people. I hate niggers. Just like I hate white trash and beaners. You assume I am white. Does that make me racist?

              Now I believe we have the same beliefs. Am I wrong?

            • Second thought, you are super lucky that I’m an idiot and don’t know how to friend request people. If I did, we’d be best friends already. Lol!!!

    • ha ha ha Diablo !!!

    • I am beyond caring, i don’t care if black people get killed or white people, jews or muslims, it’s all the same to me, you’re all worthless pieces of shit

      • @sloth12 aww you are such a sweety :3

        • @darkrose Thanks. I think you really mean that. I’ve been bad and i’ve been good. being good is always punished. you like to say stuff but i bet if you were tested, i mean really tested you’d fail.

          • @sloth12 I really do that’s why I love this comunity we have pure and brutal honesty.

            • @darkrose thanks, i appreciate that. Take out the control of pollitical correctness and we discover the reality. In the times that i’ve given it a try in life being good has got me nothing but a kick in the bollox after all, look what it did to Jesus.

      • Lol, a wise man once said, “We all dead, fuck it.”

        • That was a wise man carnage. What difference does it make if we all die together or all die at different times. You seen that man with the sign “The end is nigh” well the end IS nigh for all of us soon enough. As we see on bg very day

          • Yes, exactly @sloth12. And the end is nigh for all of us, as we’re only on this planet for a very short time.. I do refuse to Repent! though, so I guess I’ll “burn in hell” for eternity… oh well, I should fit right in. 😀

        • Or as William Burroughs said .. “The Universe .. in the end.. is just one BIG FUCK”

          ..Burroughs was a junky fag, good writer though!

          • Lol, I’ll have to check into that, BH. Sounds right up my alley… wait… fuck it, you know what I meant. 😉

            • And what’s with this Andrew256 cunt .. calling us all racist n shit? .. I have had 1st hand experience with the unevolved niggers. One night, while working as a guard, some watermelon munchin’ tar baby threw a brick, or lump of asphalt at another guard and it smacked him right in the head. Dropped him like a turd. The impact was so hard, if it had of got him in the back of the head, it would’ve killed him. It nearly got me. And this was all because we asked the tar babies to leave the private property, as they were making a nuisance of themselves.
              So fuck this Andrew cunt .. he sounds like he has no experience AT ALL with brutish unevolved niggers.
              Fucken jungle bunnies.. fucken tar babies!

            • Idk, BH… my grandfather who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s despised niggers. But even he understood there’s a difference between a ‘nigger’ and a ‘nigga’. Even had a close black friend back in the day and loved football and baseball (even though a lot of racists will say it’s all “niggerfied” and won’t watch it). Us whites can be just as violent and arrogant as they are. Pick your aquaintances wisely… me, I don’t have room for hate. When you hate someone you allow them to start living in your head, rent free. Fuck the moochers. 😉 …

              P.S. that doesn’t mean I wont poke fun at them and make racial slurs. I poke fun at everybody.

            • William Burroughs. I’ll check the faggot out, thanks, yes carnage there is a difference between a nigga and a nigger, I do feel sorry for black people who try to get somewhere and are constantly dragged down by niggas. I’ve met some good black people and some shitty horrible white people. All hate does is cloud your judgement. But i’ve had several fights with black lunatics who attack people for no reason other than they’re having a shitty life. Sometimes i got me head broke but often i’ve surprised them and beat the shit out of them. Some of these somalians are nutters, i don’t know what’s fucked them up but they will often attack people for no reason. So i don’t blame people for becoming more racist. you garndfather fought a war i presume. and for what , to see his country handed over to immigrants, that peretuates a lot of resentment carnage, resentmant and hatred. Nope, i don’t blame the white working class. But it is what it is. sdorry for the typos i can’t be bothered to edit trhem i’ve leaned to like them, they’re kind of poetic a bit like jaimaican patour : ))

            • “me, I don’t have room for hate. When you hate someone you allow them to start living in your head, rent free. Fuck the moochers“.

              The problem is though that if you don’t hate the niggers and allow them unfettered freedom you end up with them forcing their way into your country and living rent free, and committing crimes in your country, punishment free.

              If you are going to end up with mooching niggers regardless it makes better financial sense to let them mooch off your head rather than your wallet.

              As for the difference between “nigger” and “nigga”. The actual difference is about as observable and practical as the semantic one.

              Put simply, a nigga is a nigger pretending not to be one. In the presence of white people niggers will often become niggas in order to blend in and be accepted whereas they will act true to themselves around other black people.

              In the black community they call the above “going white” and they often complain about having to go white whilst speaking on the telephone in professional settings and such.

            • @empty-soul, I need a good reason to hate somebody personally, an entire race of people? I just don’t see that happening in my case. I hear what you’re sayin’ but I don’t hate ‘niggers’, I just dislike them. Hate is a strong word, which in a way gives them a little power over you ‘cus they realize you dwell on it and will take advantage of it… trust me, I’d rather see less of them in my country, especially my state. We’ve recently had a wave of both Somalis and Pakis within the past 5-10 years which sucks, but I really don’t see it changing any time soon. Trump is trying his best but it’s not like he can deport all those that are already here, and keeping the future ones out is gonna take a long time, I fear.

            • .. Now this is a thread I am TOTALLY in agreement with… At first I thought you guys were fukn assholes, butt after reading this thread… You guys are just assholes! … Like me… Awesome..!

            • @carnage-2

              For me it’s a simple choice. Look up blacks and London England and you will get the picture.

              I don’t want the rest of England to become like London.

              The above is enough reason for me to hate all blacks in much the same way as some people hate all Nazis, others hate all Jews and some hate all communists etc.

              Commonality with past danger is more than enough to warrant a current level of distrust and anger.

              I don’t have any problem with East-Asians etc you will have noticed. This is because the black bastards have given me reason to hate them over the course of my lifetime and others have not.

              The devil cannot play surprised when his behaviour acts to vilify him.

    • I agree the guy didn’t need to be killed…. but it was better that way.

    • I always suspected it… Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were Dominicans… They came by boat