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  • CCTV video from a hallway of an apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon, shows a woman being violently thrown out of her apartment and into the railing by the blast wave from the explosion.

    The Yinon plan is […]

    • Israel’s fingerprints are all over this. Lebanon no longer exists. You can call it Greater Israel from this moment on.

    • Quick, somebody call the chiropractor! and.. a cleanup crew.

    • Damn IsraHELL and their Khazarian BS. The world is sick of them but they are protected by big bully, US.

      I trust no media, they are full of trannies and professional liars and that’s why is very important that you @Mark Marek stay on this site because once you sell it, it will become E! .

    • Not going to lie. I kind of really liked the boom! Best one I have viewed was a dude in that bay with a GoPro on a jet ski. He narrowly escaped DEATH by ducking under water instinctively all while captured well by camera.

    • It thought it was Thailand at first since the lady fell over the balcony from the building then he mentioned Lebanon.

    • Too bad guard rail was sturdy

      • Yes, unfortunately, the railing is to code. It’s either 1.25 or 1.0 meters, I’m uncertain. Anyway, nothing more than rough sex equivalent for this privileged girl.

    • That railing may have saved her. That second video with the fake little actress is doing what is called a dry cry. Her face is all sad looking, but there are no tears. Acting!

    • The explosion originated at Beirut port with alarming collateral damage, and then the Lebanese cabinet and prime minister resign. Not exactly a call to arms against Israel.

      A terrible tragedy that could have been easily avoided.

    • Explosions, fires and riots happening all over the middle east all of a sudden and the sheeple would still think this is all just a coincidence. Sometimes I wonder who is the worse the people who keep their eyes closed and let this all happen or the ones doing it.

    • Dumb bish almost got shitted all the way to ground floor…

    • Damn…

      It even knocked her pants off.

    • MY BIG QUESTION (cont.) by bad jonny

      And some say Jesus returned
      For all those who had yearned

      Then took to the sky
      Once thrice crowed the crow
      But they were not there
      So how would they know?

      Pray to your God
      To take away cancer
      Haven’t you wondered
      Why you don’t get an answer?

      Pray on the beach
      While shore waves are lappin’
      But make no mistake
      What will happen, will happen!

      So kneel at the Altar
      Put your money on the lid
      While up in the change room
      A Priest feels up a kid

      Take Adam and Eve
      An apple they did take
      Now the whole World’s ruined
      ‘Cause they talked to a snake?
      Are you sure this is the truth?
      Or could it just be fake?

      So this guy Noah built a boat?
      Kept a million beasts all dry?
      One million beasts afloat?
      Or is it all a lie?

      And if one single animal
      Even dies or gets sick
      The whole species is finished
      It’s over .. that’s it!

    • Disappointed, expected her to get yeeted off the railing…

    • At the :10 mark, she now realized that the camera was rolling and quickly went into her role.

    • As Usual, Jerusalem will gain control of Lebanon like it’s always wanted only to create more comedy clubs and Hollywood towns Jewish people can control, Just booty, yahoodi.
      Long Live Lebanon!!!

    • She usually gets bend over the railing the other way but not today

    • All of you racist fucks are sick. This poor woman was just trying out a dance move. Watch, it’s going to become popular and blow up. It will explode on the dance scene.

    • Dan replied 5 minutes ago

      She’ll walk it off

    • MY BIG QUESTION (cont.) by bad jonny

      God found man being naughty
      Naughty and not chilled
      Man’s sneaky and he’s naughty
      So God had our species killed?

      Except for this guy Noah
      And his wife, or wives
      They must have passed
      Some blind faith test
      So got to keep their lives!

      So Noah got two animals
      Not five, ten or eleven
      But later in the Bible
      The number changed to seven!

      How can this be so?
      We’ve believed it for so long
      Let’s call a spade:
      The Bible is wrong

      So Adam and Eve had one son left
      ‘Cause Abel killed by Caine
      Only three people in the World now
      Is this story sounding lame?

      So Moses went on hill behind tree
      Funny how nobody else could see
      For forty day, and forty night
      This whole story, sounds like shite!

      Came down a mountain
      Said: God’s laws, this is it!
      Two chiselled tablets
      Or was Moses speaking shit?

      Moses said God grabbed them
      From high up on his shelf
      Is this what really happened?
      Or did Moses do it himself?

      Claimed they’re handed to him
      By none other than God
      Aren’t parts of this story
      Starting to sound odd?

  • In the city of Fez in Morocco, a man stabbed his parents-in-law, his brother-in-law and his wife before committing suicide.

    Apparently there was an argument between the 37 year old man and his wife at the […]

  • @illegalsmile55
    Im sorry i missed your comments re: you friend. I havent been on here for a few days.
    My thoughts, and condolences

  • According to the backinfo I got, the incident in the video happened in the city of Jackson, Mississippi.

    Presumably it’s related to the report from three days ago, according to which 26 year old Landius […]

    • The only good nigger is a dead nigger

    • hahaha

      give a monkey a gun.. you see what happend

    • the word nigger really cuts deep dont it

      i condone it

      cut deep nigger

      blatantly a problemful race

      its in the fucking dictionary

      you melt

      you die in war as a faggot dies in war

      wide eyed as a dog boy does

      faggots taking it off niggers are blatantly a retarded brain problem

      they turn into paedos and dress like kids as if to say they are under cover but it really affects their brain

      as if they are niggers

    • blatantly heaven is better than this world so put it to the test


      is just a word

      and attempted murder is not just an action

      you wrong way round retarded faggots

      cut deep faggot

      cut deep

    • Black lives matter indeed. A noble attempt, Mr knight. I’m sure she would’ve jumped straight on your dick if you were still alive.

    • Monkeys with guns. But I’ll never understand why men are willing to kill each other for what’s in between a woman’s legs. Women are a creation of the devil, created in order to make men do sinful deeds.

    • People say I am a racist. That’s a lie.
      If I had money, I would buy one.

    • TV Anchor:
      “Aaaaawww .. Bwack lives matter but … Bwack lives matter …”
      “A Bwack would never be violent now … Dat da white man’s domain, see? ….”
      They are animals
      Always have been
      Always will be

    • LMAO, What the fuck was they doning? some scare tactics they had there. fuckers got guts I say that. well , I’ll be damned, I never saw anything like this. Hell. if they both had shot each other, she would have had a car and 2 firearms. plus what ever cash and crackrock they had in their pocket. That’s what I thought they was gonna do. shoot each other. I bet they both had High Point firearms, the way he missed that dude at 4 feet. Give a nigger a gun, hell they cant make up their mind what to do with it.

    • Black at it again.

    • what a stupid nigger cant even hold a gun

    • Why the fuck did he start shooting his land ape rival in the head? Finally some kill shots at the end.

    • I remember when I use to come onto this site when i was younger years ago most comments were respectful mourning and reflection. There was something about watching someone’s last moments that made us respect our lives and in turn one another. Now almost everyone on here is a racist, hateful bigot, hungry to spread their pain

      • Faggot.

      • Yea, I think it’s a sign that times are not good.

      • Let’s be real here, if most comments were respectful, the comment section would be extremely boring and also wouldn’t feel like an uncensored site, it’d feel like a politically correct/censored Jew owned site.

      • I’ve been here years and I don’t remember the comments or the people making them ever being that nice, lol. Its always been a collection of monks, oddballs, misfits, rogues and hooligans and thank fuck for that because that’s what makes it fun.

      • Or they just concluded that niggers are the most violent, dumbest race on planet. Once again let’s look at the facts.

        Blacks commit 56% of all robbery, despite only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database
        Blacks commit 53% of all murder, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
        Despite making up less than 7% of the US population, black males commit 1 in every 3 rapes. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
        Young black men kill 14X more than young white men. Source: Time Magazine
        Blacks make up more than 50% of all homicide victims. Source: US Department of Justice
        42% of all cop killers are black. Source: 2013 FBI Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed
        Blacks victims of homicide are 93% of the time killed by other blacks. Source: US Department of Justice
        In 2006, blacks made up nearly 40% of the total prison population, despite being only 12% of the general population. Source: Bureau of Justice
        Black males have “mean testosterone levels 19% higher than in whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher”. Higher levels of testosterone are linked to aggression. Source: US National Library of Medicine
        In 2010 59% of serial killers were black

        Some facts on the family dynamic and education achievement of blacks in America:

        73% of black babies are born out of wedlock. Source: US Department of Health Statistics
        67% of black children grow up without a father, compared to 25% for whites and only 17% for Asians. Source: US Census surveys and National Kid Count
        In 2012, the mean critical reading SAT score for college accepted students was 428 for blacks and 527 for whites. For mathematics, it was 428 for blacks and 536 for whites. For writing it was 417 for blacks and 515 for whites. Source: US Department of Education
        At both the grade 4 and grade 8 level, there is a persistent achievement gap between whites and blacks in both mathematics test scores and reading test scores in ALL states. Source: 2007 US Department of Education National Education Assessment

        Some facts on intelligence levels of blacks:

        1) Whites on average have a 15 point higher IQ than blacks, across many different studies.

        > “There is a long-standing 15 point or 1 standard deviation difference between the intelligence test scores of African Americans and White Americans, though it might have narrowed slightly in the then recent years. The difference was largest on those tests, verbal or non-verbal, that best represented the general intelligence factor.”

        Source: American Psychological Association

        2) IQ across different ethnic groups in the US: Blacks have an average IQ of 85, whites of 103, Asians 106 and Jewish Americans 113:

        >The study found that the average IQ for African Americans was lower than those for Latino, White, Asian, and Jewish Americans (85, 89, 103, 106, and 113, respectively; Herrnstein & Murray, 1994, pp. 273–278)

        Source: University of California and University of Western Ontario

        3) Overall, 18% of Asians have an IQ over 120, 10% of whites do and only 1% of blacks. Nearly 84% of blacks have an IQ below 100, which is slightly below the average IQ for whites. The ratio of white Americans to black Americans who have an IQ over 125 is 30:1.

        >The IQ gap between blacks and whites in the United States — 15–17 points — has not changed since it was first measured nearly a century ago. Both races’ test scores rose during the century, but the gap remained as large at the end of the century as at the beginning despite considerable social change.

        Source: University of Delaware

        4) For those who claim that IQ tests are biased against blacks and that’s why they keep getting lower scores, there are IQ tests like the Raven’s Progressive Matrices which don’t have any language and rely entirely on visual pattern recognition. It’s simply finding patterns in visual shapes. Even then there is a marked difference between black and white IQ scores, not only in America but internationally as well, like in Africa between white and black engineering students:

        Source: University of Johannesberg

        5) Harvard psychologists took a look at how black children adopted by well off upper-middle class white families at a very young age perform on IQ tests once they grow up in white families with good socioeconomic conditions. Black children adopted by white parents average 89 on IQ tests at age 17 (slightly better than the 85 average for blacks nationally). White children who grew up in the same households and had white biological parents on average scored 109. Even with the same socioeconomic upbringing, the racial IQ gap remains.

        >The Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study examined the IQ test scores of 130 black or interracial children adopted by advantaged white families. The aim of the study was to determine the contribution of environmental and genetic factors to the poor performance of black children on IQ tests as compared to white children. The studies’ general findings were that the IQs of children of a particular race did not differ significantly depending on whether they were raised by their biological parents or by adoptive parents of a different race. The gap between black and white IQ scores remained even if growing up in the same family.

        Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Transracial_Adoption_Study

        6) East Asian countries have on average the highest IQ scores. African countries have on average the lowest. European countries are generally between the Asian and African countries.

        Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/countries-with-the-highest-lowest-average-iq/

        7) Blacks performs substantially worse in standard school tests than whites.

        > From the higher education achievement perspective: In 2012, the mean critical reading SAT score for college accepted students was 428 for blacks and 527 for whites. For mathematics, it was 428 for blacks and 536 for whites. For writing it was 417 for blacks and 515 for whites.

        Source: US Department of Education

        8) From the elementary education achievement perspective: At both the grade 4 and grade 8 level, there is a persistent achievement gap between whites and blacks in both mathematics test scores and reading test scores in ALL states.

        Source: 2007 US Department of Education National Education Assessment

        9) For those looking to pin the lower IQ scores of blacks on socioeconomic factors, IQ is largely genetically determined:

        > Estimates in the academic research of the heritability of IQ have varied from below 0.5 to a high of 0.8. (where 1.0 indicates that monozygotic twins have no variance in IQ and 0 indicates that their IQs are completely uncorrelated) Various studies have found the heritability of IQ to be between 0.7 and 0.8 in adults and 0.45 in childhood in the United States.[6][9][18]


        Wake up

      • This site opened my eyes. Now I hate niggers, gooks, crackers, sandniggers, women, kebabs, muzzies, kikes and what else.

      • So what are you saying : We have evolved ?
        Fuck the niggers
        Fuck the spics
        If it aint white ..
        It aint right

      • You sound like a pussy and a faggot supporter

        P.s. no hate here just comedy and Truth besides the jews,simps,fags and of course…..niggers

    • When you conquer your angers, world becomes beautiful, when gun conquer your angers, you are done with peaceful life you may live till end

    • Black lives matter eh?

      • I was just about to say that in that context
        Thank you @bed1
        Seems like alot of talk, especially when one of their own kills one of their own

      • Burn Loot Murder

        • Bowel Log Movement

          • What’s long and hard on black people? A: Muh dik you white muthafucka B: The ass whooping I’m gonna’ give yo white ass. C: The third grade Enter A, B, or C as your answer

          • BLM or the Black Lives Matter, as the movement is called, is indeed the greatest hoax ever sold to the American people, and the world in general. It’s a hoax because it’s full of contradictions, dishonesty, misrepresentation, and flat out lies and deceit.

            A police officer kills a black citizen, but what the liberal media conveniently leaves out, is that 98% of the time, the officer involved is totally within the right, and his actions are justified. Many times, the suspect has a weapon drawn or is behaving in a manner that puts the officer and innocent bystanders at risk or in imminent danger. But that part never gets reported, because it interferes with an agenda.

            And that agenda is black lives matter. As long as the black community can use that to their advantage, that’s all that matters. Truth in reporting and journalistic integrity pushed to the wayside.

            During the past 20 years or so, the news has become less ‘news’ and more of an opinion editorial. Traits such as integrity and journalistic ethics get pushed to the side, to satisfy an agenda and public trust in the media has suffered immensely as a result (I’m looking at you Dan Rather and Brian Williams). Let’s face facts, the days of honorable and truthful journalism such as Walter Cronkite are gone and not coming back.

            OK, back to the topic at hand. Yes there have been times when deadly or excessive force may not have been warranted, but those instances are indeed few and far between, something else the media hardly, if ever, reminds its viewers

            It’s all a lie to promote the black lives matter propaganda, which is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated against the people.
            Blacks don’t even believe that black lives matter, or they would not go out each night and kill each other, be it over drugs, theft, ‘gang turf’ or any number of reasons.

            The black-on-black crime is an epidemic and nobody ever calls them out on it. And it is a proven statistical fact that blacks are more prone to getting killed by another black, than by any other race, including whites, and if you want proof, just look at Chicago. Look at Detroit, and look at Washington DC for prime examples.

            As a matter of fact, let’s look at Chicago, a city known for it’s gun violence, despite the fact it has one of the most stringent anti-gun laws on the books. Chicago repeatedly makes the news for how many people were killed that day, and most of them are blacks, killed by other blacks. These are proven facts that cannot be disputed, no matter how the liberals want to spin them.

            And a few months ago, an 8 year old girl was shot in her front yard by a stray bullet and died. Nobody looted anything. Nobody robbed a WalMart in response. Nobody did as much as a single protest. And the honest fact of the matter, is even though she was a black child, she was the victim of a gang shooting. She was not newsworthy. She did not serve their agenda.

            The community brushed it off as simply a tragic accident, but since they could not use it to vent their manufactured outrage, she was not worth doing anything about.

            In the wake of the death of George Floyd, countless took to the streets of America, torching cars, smashing windows and looting everything not nailed down as they went on their rampage, which ironically they claimed to do so in the name of ‘social justice’.

            These are the same people who loot and burn their own communities as a sign of protest, which to me makes no logical sense whatsoever. That’s like me burning down my own home, to get back at you, and you’d have to be a complete idiot to think that is a rational and logical answer.

            Just like they did with Rodney King. Freddie Gray. Just like Michael Brown. Just like Treyvon Martin. And just like George Floyd. And if you think the black community gives 2 shits about anyone of them, you are ill-informed. They are just tools to be used to destroy, burn, and loot anything not nailed down.

            And they’re already waiting for the next one

    • C’mon c’mon fight like a man I bet your not so big without that gun (guy proceeds to put gun down and puts up his fist) other guy with gun still in his hand proceeds to feed him lead.

      What a dumbass.

    • agressor is the victim. victim pointed his gun but didnt pull the trigger. victim lowered gun and put on the floor. suspect shot him. victim tries to pick up his gun. suspect shot him again. victim dead. victim nigger. monkey suspect alive

    • Don’t call the cops, niglets. Black lives apparently don’t matter shit. You’re on your own, scumbags.

    • I declare this racist! Can I? I’m white. Somebody call Biden & Harris to confirm.

    • The ethnics never fail to entertain an audience.

    • I just love how everyone in the US and A is armed to the teeth. in any other country, this would have ended with a few fists being thrown.

    • No great loss

    • Black lives matter is just like the other one they use, black is beautiful, as both need to be led by black example in order to be even somewhat believable and presentable to the masses and yet they do not and cannot.

      The same nigger males who menace and murder each other over anything and everything also prefer whitey women to their own she-niggers and will dump a sheboon for a white land whale every single time.

      I don’t know why the niggers even think they can convince others then when they don’t even believe in this shit themselves.

      Black is not beautiful then. Black lives don’t matter because they have shown me time and time again that this is so by countless self example. For fucks sake the Elephant Man had more beauty and his life more worth than any nigger.

      • Just be grateful you weren’t born a nigger Empty Soul. They’re cursed so they take out their frustration on the world.

        • Yep. That’s what BLM are doing in America and London right now with all their rioting and shit. They’re pulling down because they can’t reach up.

          To destroy that which they cannot partake is the nigger way and is born from the frustration they feel due to their own innate deficiencies as a result of evolutional design from having spent thousands of years longer as hunter/gatherers than any other race and therein becoming biologically adapted to survival in that environment over a much longer period which is why they tend to excel physically rather than intellectually.

          Niggers then are maladjusted to survival in first world society and that difference in ability will not go away any time soon and so they will get more and more angry as they struggle to compete equally with others which will always result in them wanting to be given for free that which they cannot earn by themselves otherwise they burn everything down around them.

        • Like the movie American History X would say I thank every God goddamn day I’m not born as nigger

      • If black is beautiful I just shit a masterpiece.

    • i heard sumwhere that squiddog’s brains are in their unda da sea “afros”

      compelling blog

    • im shocked anyone gives a shit about these squid people.

    • If his car Back Fired, both would’ve been dead.

    • You’re seriously wasting your time, but I might know someone else you’d be interested in ->

    • Drawing a gun for anything and even kill someone over fucking argument is incredible idiotic.
      This people have no brain.

      Did someone says Black Lives matter?

    • This site is kinda racist ngl

    • What an idiot. If the two of you have both pulled guns, fire right away. Dumb ass bluffer.

    • But…but…but…I thought black lives matter.

    • Those niggers hardly look oppressed . That’s the ghetto and every nigger has clothing, has food in their belly(isnt skinny) , has an apartment to live in, every parking space has a car, plenty of cellphones and guns. Anyone else think maybe niggers arent oppressed and maybe need affirmative action because they arent good st anything academically ?

      On the bright side I beat a niggers ass today and exposed a little nigger dick in his pants.

      Remember Always make fun of niggers dicks after beating the shit outta them. Niggers hate that.

      And for those who dont know me I’m lambo aka the Italian stallion and I hate niggers and pussy white boys .

    • Darwin award.

    • faggotry is all you do

      “leave me alone” isnt racist
      “go away”
      is racist

      squiddog niegreths (niggers) are blatantly fucking retarded sto stop feeding dem

      stop feeding dan niggreths

    • That guy deserved that Darwin award… fucking idiot.. almost seemed like he WANTED to get clapped.
      1. Tried acting all tough to a dude with a fucking AK-pistol in his hands
      2. followed him around then PUT HIS OWN PISTOL ON THE FLOOR to “fight honorably with fists”
      3. Tried going back and picking up his gun after the other guy fired warning shots off.

    • How dumbass can a person be to act like that over a dude holding a goddanm gun?! It had to be a nigger, it had to be.

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  • I got no backinfo on this, and there is also no talking in the video to suggest the location.

    What the video shows is an apparent aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. A biker died crushed to the […]

    • there goes a leg! there goes a wing! you want the wing or the leg?! -goodfellas

    • South America

    • His bad luck the truck was loaded.

    • Gotta keep mixing can’t let that cement set up not for something as trivial as a dumb spics life

    • what a mix up, seems like a sticky situation to me

    • Guess he shoulda stayed in bed.

      • Agreed. There are just some days when it would be good to just stay in bed rather than go about your business and die in horrific accidents. If only people knew the day when they should stay in bed, and just breathe in and out deeply and be glad for everything they have in this shitty existence called life.

        • Even it’s very hard to enjoy the luxury of staying in “bed” if the rent or mortgage has to be paid. So I turned to selling drugs to make that easier.

          • That’s the delima getting kids and thugs to stop chimping out.
            Why the fuck would you stop selling drugs to go work at fast food?
            You can make $1K/night selling dope at the parking lot of a 7-11 for as many hours as you like.
            In the US, you can work the first 3 days of the month when people get there free monies and the 15th – 18th when they get their other free monies. Then you’re off the rest of the month.
            Tax free.

            • If I was a criminal with a record, I wouldn’t fucking work fast food or service industry either. Because.. fuck that shit, I need to get paid. Ex-cons know none of them are ever going to ever amount to shit. They get right back in the hussle as soon as they get out, because there’s really nothing else for them to do.

      • Old Soundgarden song. Should of stayed in bed in “The day I tried to live”.

    • Pavement butter.

    • Probably heard some crunching and squishy sounds.

    • Long smear of water and blood, and spots of organ. Lord Be With

    • …..and got a few whiffs of burning flesh.

    • I’ve heard of ripped jeans, but this is ridiculous
      Fuck him!

      • Not surprised his jeans fell apart, he was wearing paper thin skinny jeans which are good for catching and containing a turd but completely useless for protection. It doesn’t matter though because even in moto leathers he would be a smear anyways.

    • Might be beneficial if he takes a re-test.

    • WE CANNOT KNOW by bad jonny

      We cannot know life
      If we cannot know death
      “Aaaaw I can’t imagine
      My fuckin’ last breath ..”

      The TV says death
      Only happens ‘far away’
      Then on to the next story:
      O Joe Biden’s son is gay ??

      “Aaaah everyone at home now
      And that is where you’ll stay ..”
      “Go and join a club, Eugene
      Like the fuckin’ KKK ..”

      You do what you want
      Jonny will look the other way
      Then when he gets sick of you
      He’ll pick up his A-K

      Have a fuckin’ happy day
      Whether you are straight
      Or a dirty fuckin’ gay

      Good luck ..
      You fag

    • That’s one hell of a way of getting your balls emptied.

    • I always wondered what would happen if you put a live human inside one of those concrete mixers…

      • That would be cool, listening to muffled screams giving way to the gloppida-gloppida-gloppida and hanging around watching concrete clumps coming down the chute of the Redi-Mix Truck to the cheers of the gathered crowd.

    • It shows you how the weight nullifies any sensation through the suspension to the driver. The bike guy went under him for whatever, the guy got chewed up leaving a leg and his bike while the driver continued with what was the rest of the guy for 100 or whatever yards without even noticing.

    • I’m pretty sure this is from Argentina,the bike patent is from those that started getting put on new cars since 2016 ( i know this cuz im from that country ),but im not sure where it happened,but probably around Buenos Aires or Buenos Aires City,hope i could helped providing some info

    • Too bad the concrete didn’t spill on him. He might’ve Set Up after a minute or two.

    • I guess these lug-head drivers think dudes would just jar loose at some point. But I’d imagine the dude thought he’d grab and throw the truck off like some comic book clown. Oh and ladies still golden. -951-

    • It looks like he was in no rush to stop. What distance will that be?

    • MY BIG QUESTION PART 2 by bad jonny

      Remember Brittany and Abigail?
      Two girls joined at the hips?
      What an awful way to live!
      Would God allow this?

      Little kids are raped
      And murdered every day
      And God is watching over
      All of this you say?

      Never gets involved
      Never does a thing
      But thousands of years ago
      He helped David with his sling

      No Catholic Church?
      Gee, that would be odd
      Really? Most Popes
      Never believed in God

      But they believed in money
      For that, they’d make a dash
      Relieving all the working class
      Of their hard earned cash

      Hold on, you say!
      You make them sound like mobster!
      Notice how Rome’s Cardinals
      Dine on fine wine and lobster?

    • If paramedics have a needle and thread, they may be able to save his ToreSew.

    • Yes, it happened in Argentina….

    • Well the scooter looks good, might cover the cardboard box to bury him in.

    • And these morons continue to cut up(no pun intended) these massive trucks. It all ends in tears, oh sorry smears!!!!!

  • Makes you wonder what the point is to even get fussy about the FGM, when these days there are women who were born mutilated. Instead of having a healthy looking, beautiful vulva reminiscent of a flower in full […]

    • Does anyone else smells bacon

    • That is just a FAT WHALE PUSSY.. I dont think my horse dick is big enough for that FUPA!!

    • I’m not sure that she does have an underdeveloped labia, Mark. I mean, her pussy’s so fat its impossible to tell. She could have an illegal immigrant hiding inside that and we would never know.

    • Someone should tell him that brass fittings don’t glow red when hot…

    • What in trailer park tarnation is going here. We know yall white people are into incest, but you don’t have to brand your sister, we know she’s all yours and daddies

    • He that forum is all Dutch lol. Maybe I should search for it as I’m curious

    • The branding thing, eh… never understood it. The ‘fat pussy’ thing… oh yeah.
      I was an ER nurse for 25 years (after working as a paramedic for 12 years) and one on the ER docs we had was also a gynecologist who showed us an interesting trick with this type of ‘over weight’ female.

      When she would use a speculum in a ‘fat pussy,’ rolls of fat would literally squeeze between the blades of the instrument, making it impossible to see the cervix. So, she would cut the thumb off a (latex free) glove and place it over the speculum and the glove would keep the fat rolls out of the view of what she was looking at.

      I thought it was a pretty neat trick.

    • I think I’m going blind

    • LMFAO! When camera pans over to her at beginning!!! I thought she would be strapped down ready to go. She looks like she is waiting on roast chicken after eating 4 pizzas LOL!

      Holy hell I dont know if I can make this one. She is vile. Who is paying who? No fucking way on that. Thumbnail ain’t making me wanna dive in on this one at all. I *almost* would rather watch it fuck

    • Bestgore has reached a new low.

      • LOL! I made it but come on man. Why? And I even got sister text at 1 minute mark. “why the sad face?” I stopped video replied:

        I am fine. Sad face was I sent you pic of Jesus holding sad baby dinosaur that said “sorry rex the ark is full”

        She said Oh that’s really cute but that message didn’t come across.

        I said bye and went back in for the finish FML

    • FUUUUUCK!!!!!

      (My safe word)

    • Seen one again yesterday walking with her Sambo and pushing the yard ape and future felon they unfortunately had already created. I wonder what both of their ‘occupations’ were that they were walking around the park at 1pm on a Monday afternoon.

    • My safe word is “these fucking idiots have too much free time and no clue what to do with it.”

    • This woman simply eats too much food. She is indeed a landwhale, lol.
      She just got branded like she’s livestock, lol. That’s how you brand cattle.

    • Does anyone noticed the danger they just havent triggered cuz of luck? Hotobject, Blowtorch, melting and maybe burning fett and Pee aka liquid? You kids dint see that firefighter educational video with the burning deepfrier and the glas water arent you?

    • Why? Just why? Fuck that.

    • Reminds me of myself and the things i would do. Lord Be With.

    • The hilarious part is that these black men always have big shit-eating grins on their faces as they walk down the street with their white land whales. What are they so happy about?. Perhaps its like the movie Shallow Hal in that whitey women cast such a spell over them and their frantically twitching loins that they see the thin Gwyneth Paltrow rather than the fat as fuck version.

      • The pawgs and BBWs are landwhales too

        Google can help you with the acronyms

      • You cant blame the dark skins for wanting to breed up. Been going on for 2 million years. Human nature hasn’t changed in that time.
        Btw, the white race will be bred out of existence. White reproduction is declining, other “races” are overwhelming all you “purebred” whites.

      • @empty-soul
        I’m pretty sure it’s because he knows he has a white slave that sees him as a magic negro and will put up will all of his monkeyshines, no questions asked. Cook and clean for him, be responsible about paying bills, and look after the sprog. Then he can also brag to his homies how he’s bangin’ a white bitch who he keeps in line, while he’s got several sistahs and other druggie white skanks on the side.

    • did it smell like bacon cooking?

    • How do they get a nasty fat body with a reasonably normal sized head? I’ve noticed it lots of times.
      I guess he owns her now. Hes a plimp. A pimp for fatties…

    • This is what it takes for a 3rd Wave Feminist to
      achieve an orgasm. Truly nasty and disgusting.
      I’ll be bleaching my computer after this, lol.
      Imagine if she were branded on that mound, if
      her screams would be more vocal.

    • Sshhhh….no one is supposed to know.
      Fuck you Captain, you promised you wouldn’t tell… suck my stern hole.

    • They should’ve been throwing water on it, not fire.

    • She’s a beast…a pig. No brain. No respect for herself, which means she’s a DemonCrat and will be voting for Joe ” I have Alzheimer’s ” Biden and CamelToe Harris !!! HAAAAHAAAAHAAAA !!!

    • I read up about this
      Apparently shortly after this video was taken she got arrested by the Narcs
      She had 50 kilos of ‘crack’ down her panties
      Hee hee
      hee hee hee hee hee
      Her guy could have sold her for $120 to the local butchers too

    • I’m not sure if that’s an underdeveloped labia, it could be just a bunch of fat that just folded or collapsed over the whole area leaving a little colliding blubber slice?!
      I don’t know, maybe you’re right.

    • Her Labia Majora and Labia Minora will be fully developed. However the reason it looks like they are not even there or have not developed is because this Land Whale has been eating-for-ten for a fucking decade or two… That means that the sub-dermal tissues surrounding her minge has so filled with mechanically recovered Chicken Fat, Cheese Grease and Deep-Fried Potato Paste, that the sweet outlines and contours of the normal female pudenda have been obliterated by the Land Whale blubber which has clotted over her entire body.

      The tits on the She-Walrus have also developed poorly because the massive quan-titties of oily deep-fried Carbs and fatty fast-food meat actually inhibit normal hormone action. Brown Fat does that. It looks likely that she has been eating like this through puberty into adulthood. That kind of diet is stored as Brown Fat. The body just cannot fucking work with it, digest it or do anything useful with the crap. So the body tries to commit suicide by drowning itself in it or making the hopeless eater so fat & ugly (they will smell terrible too) that they are never able to successfully breed or mate. Trying to slide you cock into that fucking Porker will in all likelihood end up with even the horniest, hardest guy squirting his porridge-gun or love custard up into a fold of her slippery, sweaty thigh. You couldn’t get your cock into and up her Fish-Vent if you tried. You’d just squirt your load between two slabs of fatty ham obliterating the Lobster-Trap like a pair of theatrical curtains.

      The whole of this Brown-Fat, carb-based, sub-dermal layer swells up and out over the entire body and obliterates the gentle folds and delicacy of the sweet female flower. It also makes her hands and feet look like bunches of bananas, fingers look like corn cobs. They are simply bursting with ooze and fat slime. The skin is under incredible pressure and swells to accommodate the new and ever-growing payload. It is entirely caused by greed and over-eating. They probably anaesthetised the fucking Beluga Bitch with a bucket of Chicken Wings and half a dozen deep-fried Chimmichangas before they branded it. The weeping clear liquid which is seen shining on her “brand” is pure melted Lard and Beef-Dripping.

    • He Should have branded her with A Charles Manson Type Cross On Her Forehead instead!

    • Stick that blowtorch up her nasty snatch next. I wonder what sound she’d make?…

    • oh jesus h. someone, please, kill me if i ever get above 125 pounds. i’d end up killing myself. looking in the mirror must be like suicide. yuck.

      i agree with the weird asscrack pussy comments, too. what do you even do with one of those things? you can’t find all the parts, so do you just, like, shove your dick in and hope for the best??? can an average sized dick even penetrate with all that fat in the way??? do you need special positions or adaptions? or do you just forget about sex and burn/mutilate yourself for release??? so many questions that i really don’t want the answers to because i’m betting it’s a terrifying trip down the rabbit hole.

      as for the rest? this entire video is just unfortunate. wth is wrong with people???

      🙁 just 🙁

    • you are the reason women go gay! any man that could even think of sex with her ???? men are the most disgusting vile creatures of all. you are a prime example. you are nauseating!

      • Lol. That fucking whore better pray she never ends up in my dungeon. Those guys are clowns. A reducer bushing? I would’ve made her watch me hand craft her custom brand so she will never forget it. I would’ve out her through several mock and practice branding first. The psychological torture is the most pleasurable. 93.

        Hail the church of Luci Feric a satanic sex cult

      • What a bunch of fags. They should’ve hopped on her right then. She was gone. I’ve seen that look before..

    • Check it out. Racist black man murders white doctor in Canada.

    • LMAO what even is this

    • why’d she have to be naked to get this below the knee ?

    • “Park yer, eh, motorbike Sir?”.

    • This is true! At least she doesn’t fuck with black people! I couldn’t do that, I’m white and only sleep with white people! Enclosed I don’t find it so disgusting …. why also, just because it is a bit fat? And now? Especially the people who laugh at them are mostly ugly themselves!

    • And feminist expect us to see land whales like this attractive no thank you.

    • And the point being……

    • a government based pn being offended

    • Those tits are disgusting

      • Agreed. I wonder what would make them mutate like that. Fat everywhere but tits. Odd little torpedo looking things but then given those creases and obvious scarring maybe they have been forced into clamp things. Like how Africans put those rings around their necks

        Few hours from now they will slide back into natural habitat, her armpits

    • ‘Cum sit on my face’ some might say. Hazardous it may seem, some people find this sort of thing rather sexy

    • ^ 5-stars

    • I am sorry

    • Now have “Free Willy” a branding..

    • That’s was hot, her shreik was most satisfying. Pain can definitely cause a full body orgasm. Those on here that do intense physical training know what I’m talking about.
      Now I would’ve choked that fucking whore out as well..


    • Lol. That fucking whore better pray she never ends up in my dungeon. Those guys are clowns. A reducer bushing? I would’ve made her watch me hand craft her custom brand so she will never forget it. I would’ve put her through several mock and practice branding first. The psychological torture is the most pleasurable. 93.

      Hail the church of Luci Feric a satanic sex cult

    • Y’all need God.

    • Dang, Reminds me of breakfast. Reminds me of Bacon and a can of busted biscuits. Pillsbury Brand Biscuits. UMM GOOD.

    • Looks like Bela Fuckin Lugosi sunk his feasty fangs into both areas of mammary development.

    • legalize crack


    • get what?

      ppl still have sex?

      up your game douche

      its the end of the fucking world.

    • niggers reciprocate and share what doesnt come from them.

      they shit snails without us

    • friends, do not fight, enjoy the video and what the best gore page offers us, which is good, let’s be calm, debating bad words, we are all brothers, we should not argue if one is black, white, you have to respect being a good person and look around after blood document videos of blood if given the opportunity to find blood

    • Is that you? What pleasure do you get? This is horrific, get your head examined before you hurt someone

      • @piece my head has been examined. There’s no fixing it. As to hurting someone, well, it’s a bit late for that
        Demons are CREATED not born. Demons are created by man 93
        1/137. MCMLVIII MMXX

    • He wasn’t branding her. That good ol’ boy was just crisping up the skin and searing the crackling on that She-Pig before the real cooking started. The other brother was off boiling up some corn cobs, drizzling them with butter and preparing a honey rubbing sauce for the She-Pig.

      I can smell the sizzling, dripping, honey barbecue roast from the other side of the fucking North Atlantic over here. And the wind is blowing away from Scotland towards Muricka.

    • 0730AM? Must’ve been his last spliff of the day before he gets home and goes to bed. A nigger day starts around 6pm after a bowl of malt liquor and lucky charms.

    • blatantly retarded

  • This video is from the state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico, and consists of two parts. In the first part, armed sicarios are shown barging into a house and kidnapping a man and a woman having a fiesta in bed […]

    • Where is the second part?

      • Yeah. Maybe itll be a satanic telenovela. Next episode they cut that punks hands off. I love that move.
        @natural-selection-2 well done, Sir. Purr.
        The fear in that cunts eyes when she glanced up was delicious. Hail Satan 88. Kicking dirt into her wounds was cringey
        She showed more sac than the punk. Hopefully he gets carved up good in part 2
        Definitely got Me wet.
        Hail Szandor Lavey. 93. 6.626×10~34

        Any translators? I’d love to hear the lies and pleading coming from the cunts mouth

        Hail Luci Feric a satanic sex cult
        1/137 ☆

        • Gotta love the Ironic “88” along with “Hail Lavey(sic)” especially since Anton LaVey was Jewish in blood and was raised in a secular home. In fact, his rebellion from Christian society in the form of “Satanism” was brought about in an extremely early age as he witnessed as a child how the Evangelical Christians viewed everything non-Christian, including other sects like Catholicism as “Satanic”. In the eyes of these Christians, nothing was more evil and Satanic as the Jew.

          So in his rebellion against worshiping of any deity as an actual celestial being, especially Christianity, Satanism fit nicely. Tho Christians couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact LaVey worshiped man above all and was at it’s core as a faith, atheistic.

    • “The woman makes a claim that she’s pregnant, so the leader of the cartel kidnapping them allegedly grants her the pussy pass.

      I guess that means at any given time a woman has an 90% chance of getting a pussy pass.
      Because those bitches STAY PREGNANT.

      • I was thinking the same thing, aren’t mexican bitches pregnant pretty much all the time after about the age of 10 or 11.

        • I guess all those tacos and burritos will make any Mexican women have a gut large enough, one could mistake for being pregnant.

    • They definitely cut the video off before the real action begins.

    • funny is that how they found them? of course sleeping. South Park were always right

    • The second part begins with girl getting neck massage on the pavement, no? It is different girl than pregnant one unless they all are

      I am confused though. Two different cartels? How does that happen? I am just thankful odds of me ever looking out my kitchen window and seeing that are slim to none. What a mess. Walking around with holes through her hands too now. Christ

      Hell I dont know I just reread it. Maybe there is another video

    • Bunch of knocked up chicks. They are players alright. One kid looked 8. The dad lmao

    • I can’t hear the video

      • I couldn’t either but once you figure it out you will wish you hadn’t

        Slide that bar next to horn thing

    • Why do these pussies always fight with guns. Give everyone guns and this cartel shit would be over

    • no deads, i’m not happy

    • Second part comes before the first part.

    • Lord Be With

    • With all that ‘Areeeeeba, Areeeeba’ shit:
      I expected to see Speedy Gonzalez shove a pistola up her ass at any moment

    • The guy after the whore is definitely a retard and his head should be detached from his body straight away for that reason, no negotiation.

    • I think the girl whose eye make-up was in need of a touch-up, got caught jerking off the two dudes that were being slapped around. The cartel guys thought that was so nasty they had to shoot both of her hands and then kick dirt on her bleeding, pencil-dick jerking hands.
      The first part was just a distraction.
      There. ‘Splained it Ricky.

    • Got to hand it too him, he got both her hands with one shot.Very handy indeed!

    • faggot retards

      fucking squiggers

      • The women is a dealer of meth, the guy hurt him because are narcos and they control that area and the guy with a t shirt red is only a drugg addict, and the narco said he would let him go.

    • bruh stfu i always visit that city in méxico

    • The women is a dealer of crystal, the guy hurt him because are narcos and they control that area and the guy with a t shirt red is only a drugg addict, and the narco said he would let him go.
      And the guy with a t shirt green i think he is a girl’s accomplice because he said “she give me” when the narco ask “who gave you the crystal?”

    • Is there even a single good thing in South America? My guess is women with big booties.

    • Mexico! such a disgusting shithole full of dirty, smelly and disgusting “people”. I will always be thankful not have been born on Mexicrap land! No wonder why people flee scared out of that awful country. Undeveloped violent monkeys, that’s what they are, look at those nasty hideous shacks they live in, puaj! Crime is an everyday thing, no cops to be found there… lol

    • This happens when you come up with the brilliant idea of ​​robbing the CARTEL. It seems that they wanted to be clever and the play did not come out very well to say …

    • c:> copy con nul [ENTER]
      (then type this to emulate your DOS prompt)

      (then, to exit the process)

      [CTRL+C] or [CTRL+BACK] or [CTRL+Z and then ENTER]
      Using the nul device, you can also copy files into nowhere:

      c:> copy somefile.txt nul
      ..or even pipe nothing into nowhere (yes!):

      c:> copy somefile.txt nul > nul

    • Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    • Bunch of dirty savages. If I was born in this type of environment why the fuck would i want to procreate. I would literally cut my dick off. What a shithole way of life

    • -Hey, there is no pause, video looks like one, not segmented. If you got it, doesn’t mean that everyone got it fast. Chill out, leave the man alone 😉

    • Mexico is Hell on Earth:
      No wonder there is flood of them trying to escape into United Snakes of Murica.

      -video 1 start-
      0:00 [*Cameraman films as his buddies raid a house*]
      0:03 [Cameraman]: Security… Security.. Security..!
      [*Male victim groans groggily*]
      [Cartel member]: Get on the floor! Fuck!
      [*Woman calmly mutters something*]
      0:20 [Cameraman]: She’s pregnant..! They won’t hit you.. [*now to his buddies*] Okay, take her. Don’t hit her anymore- don’t hit her..! …. Gulf cartel!
      0:35 [Cameraman]: Let’s get the fuck outta here. Let’s go, let’s go! Fast! Ay, ay, faster, homies!
      -video 1 end-
      -video 2 start-
      0:44 [*woman is getting thrashed around by her hair*]
      [Cameraman (to the buddy thrashing her around)]: Whirlwind her! (?)
      [Hitman]: Do we kill you?!
      [Woman]: I’ll tell you the whole truth! I’LL TELL YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH, JUST DON’T KILL ME, PLEASE!
      [Hitman as he pulls back harder on her hair]: *unintelligible* FUCKING BITCH! Tell me, bastard… Tell me [*Member in the back says “Tell us!”*] ! C’mon bitch, go ahead!
      [Woman]: He gave him product, they had hostages/prisoners-
      1:05 [*Cameraman interrupts her by shooting her left hand*]
      [Cameraman]: Tell me, bitch. Tell me, fucking bitch! Tell, me, bitch! Who gave you product?
      [Woman]: Jonathan.. And they locked him up..!
      [Cameraman]: – and where the fuck is fucking Jonathan?
      [Woman]: They locked him up! On the… 6th of July! Because he was carrying the product in his truck..!
      [Cameraman]: And where was he taking it to?
      [Woman]: Here! He was taking it-
      [Cameraman]: How much was he carrying?
      [Woman]: He had… 46 baggies!
      [Cameraman]: *unintelligible* friend, lemme see, put your hands in front of you!… PUT YOUR HANDS IN FRONT OF YOU, SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!
      [*Woman shouts in pain*]
      [Cameraman]: Both hands, c’mon now… My apologies, “I’m sorry.” … Color of the house of Jonathan, the one off *unintelligible* (?)
      [Woman]: It’s orange… He has a hand that’s smaller than the other.
      [*Hitman in backround says something, presumably to cameraman*]
      [Cameraman, towards hitman]: Bring him over here, son of his fuckin bitch! [*Now towards woman*] What’s the homie like?
      [Woman]: He has a small hand..
      [Cameraman]: What cars does he move- what cars does he have?
      [Woman]: Umm, he has, he has like, a gold-ish colored Suburban-
      [Cameraman]: What model year?
      [Woman]: Like, 2000… 2001.
      [Cameraman]: In that suburban, and what else does he drive?
      [Woman]: Just that one, sir.
      [Cameraman]: … “C’mon…” You yourself have been selling product in *unintelligible* to the point to where you have a boss now!
      [Woman]: No-no- but I wasn’t selling anymore! Haven’t since *unintelligible* locked up, sir!
      [Cameraman, as he gets up and starts kicking a bit of dust at the woman]: Put some dirt on your hands so it stops the bleeding.
      [Woman]: Sir! Sir! I stopped selling, I didn’t sell anymore, that’s why he wanted to kill me today, because i wo*unintelligible*!
      [Cameraman]: Dirt on hands so it stops the bleeding. You sell product.
      [Woman]: No!
      2:30[*Cameraman moves towards another held captive who gets beat with a 2×4 by a hitman*]
      [Cameraman]: Alright, you, dude! Lift your face up!
      [*Cameraman and held captive blubber over each other, Cameraman talking, junkie-looking dude crying*]
      2:40 [Cameraman]: Who sells drugs?
      [*More talking chaos from everyone talking at the same time, can’t make out what they’re saying*]
      [Cameraman]: No problem, nothings gonna happen.
      2:53 [Hitman, with rope]: Put your hands behind you!
      [Cameraman]: This dog is just an addict, I’mma let you go.
      [*more word chaos*]
      [Cameraman]: This fool, we’ll throw him out with some shipment, with some weed [*Hitman laughs*]
      3:21 [Cameraman pans around to a captive in a green shirt and the woman]: Ay, what about these two, old man? I’m gonna have to let that dog go.
      [Woman, with hitman’s foot on the back of her head]: I swear this to you, sir!
      [Cameraman]: Go fuck your mother, “men.” [*walks over to the green-shirt captive and lightly kicks his head*] Hey, dude! Lift your face up, lift your face. If you sell it, then why *unintelligible*??
      [Hitman proceeds to belt the captive with what looks like rope or cable]
      [Cameraman]: There ya go, son of your fucking mother.
      [Green-shirt captive]: She gave it to me! [*points at woman*] She gave i-
      -video 2 end-

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